The months seemed to fly by as Grace became more into her pregnancy. She loved being pregnant and she took every moment she could to rest and take breaks during work thanks to her wonderful husband for allowing her to have a flexible schedule. That helped her to find time to sit in on Molly's homeschooling during the day. Molly has really been progressing so well with her reading and writing that they decided to meet with Molly's teacher at the end of April too see if she could go back to school in the fall. Grace hoped beyond hoped Molly was able to get back into a classroom.

One Friday after school at the end of April Grace and Oliver went to Miss Evans class ion to discuss about Molly's progress. They were both nervous and excited st the same time it would b gr s to have Molly back in school in a normal classroom with other children her age. As Grace and Oliver entered the classroom Miss Evans gave them each a quick hug and welcomed them to sit. Oliver went first.

"Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today. Molly's homeschool teacher and grace and I have seen a huge progress in Molly's reading and we think she's ready to come back to school as soon as possible."

"From what I have heard from Molly's teacher she is doing extremely well but we want her to continue with homeschooling until the fall so she can start off fresh with the other students."

Grace was relieved to hear this she hugged Miss Evans tightly.

"Thank you Miss Evans we both appreciate this and Molly I'll be so thrilled to come back to school with her friends! Thank you again from all of us."

They all got up sook hands and left the room. Grace couldn't wait to get back to the mansion to share the wonderful news with Molly. When they got back to the mansion grace found Molly in the kitchen with Annie eating cookies .

"Hi girls! I can see you two made cookies!"

Annie got up to hug her mother.

"Yeah we did! We helped Mrs. Pugh bake them have one!"

Laughing, Grace patted Annie on the head

"I will in a bit dear do you mind if I talk to Molly alone?"


Grace gestured for Molly to stay where she was. She smiled at her daughter to let her know there was absolutely nothing wrong.

"Hey baby do you remember how me and daddy had a meeting with your teacher today?"


"Well me daddy your homeschool teacher and Miss Evans have noticed how well you have been doing with your reading and writ8 g and we've decided to let you go back to school in the fall!"

Molly immediately jumped up from her seat and ran to give her mother a huge hug and kiss. She couldn't me more thrilled and Grace was beyond happy for Molly.

"Really Mama? I can go back to school with my friends?!"

"Really baby you have been doing so well and were all so proud of you!"

"Oh boy! Thank you mama I love you and I will keep working on my read g over the summer so I can be better at it next fall."

"That's my girl. Do you want to help me pick out a theme for the baby's room this weekend?"

"Ok! Me you and Annie!"

Grace was glad Molly was over being jealous of the new baby and could finally be excited. She was happy the one on one day helped. There were still some nightmares and tears here and there but Grace was always there to comfort Molly and reassure her that she was loved and will never ever be forgotten. Annie even got into making Molly get excited for the new baby and they would both help out with grace when the baby came. Molly was excited to be a big sister!

The following Saturday grace Annie and Molly went out shopping for the baby. They decided on a zoo theme for the nursery since they didn't know the gender of the baby yet they wanted to keep it gender neutral. Even Molly helped pick out the bedding, blankets and a few stuffed animals. They bought some bottle, clothes, diapers and a new rocking chair. Both girls couldn't wait for the baby to arrive so they could show them the nursery. They then decided to get some lunch, catch a movie and ice cream before heading buck to the mansion. Both girls really enjoyed themselves and grace was glad to spend time with her girls before the baby arrived.

As they unpacked the stuff they bought and started setting up the nursery Grace asked the girls what they would name the baby. After a moment of thought Anne said ,

"I like Margret Sarah for a girl or David James for a boy after our birth parents."

Molly nodded in excitement at the name ideas. .

"Yeah I really like those names! What about you mama?"

"I love them! Now you can honor your birth parents by naming your sibling after them."

Grace got up and hugged her daughters. She was so touched that they wanted the baby to be named after their parents to who birthed them. Nothing could ever break the bond of a birth mother and Grace loved Annie for coming up with the idea. Just at that moment Oliver walked into the room.

"Mind if I ask what's going on here?" Grace got up to kiss her husband and pulled him into the room.

"We were talking about baby named we really like Margret Sarah and David James after the girls' birth parents it was Annie's idea and I absolutely love it."

"Those are lovely names I love both of them and I love the three of you!"

The rest of the weekend and next few months was spent getting ready for the baby and putting the nursery together. The girls did spend a week in Chicago with their cousins and had a blast. The whole family was getting more and more excited as the months came closer to Grace's due date. They decided to have another family trip to the beach again in August before the baby came and school started again. This time around there was no nervousness and both girls were excited for school and Annie could t wait to start middle school and Molly couldn't wait to be back in a classroom with her friends. A lot of the summer was spent together as a family and getting ready for the baby.

Soon August finally arrived and grace was already 8 months into her pregnancy. They decided to have their trip in New Jersey just in case the baby decided to make a surprise appearance. They planned to stay for two weeks at a beach house similar to the one the6 stayed in last summer.

The girls stayed on the beach since the day they arrived. They loved the beach and the ocean and couldn't sit until their new sibling was old enough to share it with them. They all had fun swimming, looking for shells, crabs and other treasures, building g sand castles and grace couldn't wait for th baby to enjoy all this too.

One night around 4am a few days into their trip Grace felt a sharp pang in her stomach. Thinking nothing of it she went back to sleep but the pangs kept coming and getting worse and worse. Then she realized she was in labor! The baby was co I feel now and right in the middle of their vacation! She shook Oliver awake.

"Oliver wake up! The baby is coming!"

"What!? Now!? It's too early."

"Well the baby is coming now we need to get to the hospital. Should we get the girls up?"

Oliver quickly got out of bed and started packing a bag for Grace to take to the hospital.

"They'll be fine we'll leave them a note I'll come back to get them after the baby comes."

Oliver helped grace out of bed and after writing the girls a quick note they headed out to the car to drive to the hospital. Grace's labor pains became more constant and closer to each other and by the time they got to the hospital she was literally about to push the baby out. Luckily they were able to get into s room so Grace would deliver

. A healthy baby girl Margret Sarah was born at 515am and grace and Oliver didn't mind at all that she interrupted their vacation. Grace was so happy that she had three beautiful healthy daughters and could r wait for Annie and Molly to meet their new sister. Grace loved Margret the very minute she lay eyes on her. She was beautiful and perfect and couldn't wait to have a relationship with her as special as Annie's and Molly's.

Oliver kissed his wife and new daughter.

"I love you grace and the new baby I can't wait for the girls to meet her. I think we should cut the vacation short so we can get you and the baby settled in at the mansion."

"Ok I'm just happy she's here and healthy and I have my whole family to celebrate her birth with."

"We're going to have quite the story to tell her when she's older! Of how she made a surprise appearance on our family vacation!" Oliver teased kissing his wife once more before heading back to the house to get some more things and the girls to come back to meet the baby.

Just an hour later grace could hear running feet coming from down the hall and figured it was Annie. She nearly burst into the room with excitement.

"Mom! I got another sister! Oh boy oh boy!"

Grace laughed at how excited Annie was and Molly soon came in with Oliver. She suddenly became a little shy and hung back st Oliver's side. Oliver gently pushed Molly towards the bed.

"It's alright Molly go see mama and your new sister."

Grace patted the spot next to her for Molly to sit. She greatly snuggled next to her mother and looked at the baby in awe.

"Wow mama she's so little! What did you name her?"

"Margret Sarah."

"I love you Margret Sarah." Molly whispered gently to the baby in which she turned her little head and smiled up at her new sisters. Annie then asked

"Can I hold her?"

"Sure baby just be gentle with her alright?"

Grace gently handed Margret over to Annie in which she held and spoke softly to. She then put the baby into Molly's arms. She was a bit awkward with holding her head at first but Grace helped her carefully lift the baby's head. They then spent the day holding and cuddling the went back to the mansion a few days after leaving the hospital so the baby ans Grace could get settled in. Even though the girls were disappointed that their vacation had to come to an early end they were beyond excited to show off their new sister to everyone back at the mansion.

Grace's family was now complete and couldn't wait for the many new memories to be shared with all three of her beautiful Warbucks daughters.