A/N here's my last chapter of The Warbucks Girls! I had so much fun writing this and I hope you all had just as much fun reading it! This chapter takes place 6 years after the movie which makes Annie 17 and graduating from high school Molly 12 and Maggie 6.

Grace could not believe how fast the time has gone! Annie was just about to graduate high school and go to college at the Rochester Institute Of Technology to be an American Sign Language interpreter. Grace couldn't be more proud if the path Annie was taking and loved seeing the little energetic girl turn into a mature sophisticated young adult. She even received a scholarship for interpreting and was going to work at a deaf camp in Connecticut for the summer! Molly was entering 7th grade. She was still shy but a lot more talkative and outgoing than she used to be. Grace was so proud of Molly and she has come such a long way with her dyslexia and was able to keep up its her classmates. She was even participating in school plays and was on the field hockey team. Grace couldn't believe the wonderful teenager Molly was becoming. Little Margret Sarah(Maggie) was a happy energetic 5 year old and she loved her big sisters! Molly and Maggie were nearly inseparable and were just as close as her and Annie were and still are. Grace love the special bond her three daughters had together. Grace and her daughters were still as close as ever even Annie still liked to snuggle up with her and talk just like she did when she was younger.

A week before Annie's graduation they decided to have a huge party for her at the mansion. Annie was so thrilled at the idea so Grace went on to plan her party. Grace remembered the first time she ever planned a party which was Annie's 12th birthday and now she was planning a high school graduation party! She couldn't help but to cry a little and just at that moment Oliver walked into the study where he found Grace crying softly.

"Oh darling what's the matter? Did som thing upset you?"

Not knowing Oliver walked up behind her, Grace gave a little gasp of surprise so see her husband in the middle of crying and quickly wiped her tears away.

"Oh no nothing at all I'm just remembering the first time I planned a party for Annie for her 12th birthday and now I'm suddenly planning a graduation. I can't believe ho fats she's grown up."

"Me neither one minute she's a tiny strange orphan staying in my house for two weeks now she's our little girl all grown up going to college."

"I can't think but to miss her already Oliver."

"I know Grace but she's only a few hours away and I'm sure shell be coming home on weekends and holidays and we still have Molly and Maggie at home."

Remembering her to other daughters grace smiled at her husband and gave him a tight hug and kiss on the ear.

"You're right I love you Oliver Warbucks."

Oliver kissed his wife and left the room to let her finish planning th party.

Grace knew this was going to be a happy but emotional tom for everyone. Grace was glad Molly and Maggie still had each other to talk to when they needed it. When Grace went to Annie's room that night to kiss her goodnight she found Annie looking at a photo album with tears running down her face. Grace gently sat on th bed and put a comforting arm around her oldest daughter.

"I know this is an emotional time my sweet baby girl is growing up so fast and daddy and I are so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. Never forget that you're still my baby and you can have a snuggle with me any Tim you feel like it alright baby?"

Annie wiped her tears from her cheeks and snuggled into her mother's side just lik she did when she was younger.

"I'm just so excited to start a new chapter but I'm going to miss my family and sisters so much it's going to be so hard not having them right down hall from me and having me to snuggle with when they're scared or upset."

"I know baby it's gonna feel so different without you in the House all the time but always think of us when you feel homesick and all the fun times we've had together and you're going to make so many grits friends and you're going to make an amazing interpreter! All those deaf lpeople will love having you."

"Thanks mom I love you daddy and my sisters more than anything and maybe once I get my schedule figure out I can have the girls sleep over my dorm!"

Grace smiled at the idea and how thoughtful Annie was of her sisters.

"They would love that baby just let us know ok? Goodnight baby girl."

"Oh mom? Can you sleep with me tonight like you used to?"

Grace smiled at this and greatly got not bed with Annie and snuggled her just like they did when she was a kid and grace loved every moment of it. They fell peacefully asleep in each other's arms and grace would remember this for many years to come.

Finally Annie's graduation day arrived. The whole Warbucks family including Grace's sisters niece and nephews took up the first row in the h gym where the graduation ceremony would be held. It was a beautiful ceremony with the national anthem a few speeches and essays and lastly names were called to receive their diplomas. When it was Annie's turn her wole family nearly jumped out of their eats and cheered. Annie had a huge smile on her face as the principal announced.

"Congratulations to the class of 1939!"

At that everyone stood up and clapped and cheered as the seniors threw their caps off.

The party was a huge success. All of Annie's school and orphanage friends were there along with the whole Warbucks family and the staff as guests. There was lots of food games hugs tears and laughs. Grace loved celebrating her oldest daughter and couldn't wait to see what her college journey had for her. Grace saw Annie moly and Maggie having s little heart to heart and could sense what they were talking about. Grace loved the bond between Annie and her little sisters and didn't want to ruin their little moment together so she decided to let them be.

After the party winded down and everyone started to leave grace decided to have s little talk with moly and Maggie in her room.

"So girls I saw you to having a little heart to heart with Annie. I know it's going to be so hard having her away at school and not right down the fall from us every day."

Molly's eyes tears up and hugged her mother tightly and Maggie did the same.

" yeah mama it's gonna feel so weird she was the closest thing I ever had at the orphanage and now she's leaving I'm going to miss her so much. But she did promise us that once she got everything at school figured out she'd invite us for a sleepover at her dorm!"

Grace smiled at that and was glad Annie made that promise to her sisters she put both her youngest daughters into her lap.

"I'm going to miss her too but I'm glad I have the two of you and of course you can sleep over when Annie gets settled she'll give us c call as soon as she can."

At that Maggie pipped up

"Mommy what's sign language?"

Grace explained gently to her youngest daughter

"It's a very special language used by someone that is deaf. They can not hear with their ears so they use sign language to speak to other their hands and Annie is going to school to learn how to soak with people who can't hear and help them to know what others who can speak and hear are saying. That's called an interpreter."

"Wow I went to learn sign language!"

Grace loved her youngest daughters curiousness of everything and eagerness to learn new things.

"I'm sure Annie would be glad to teach you baby."

The rest of the summer was spent as a family going on as many t ops and spending time together before Annie had to move to school in August. Grace loved getting the opportunity to spend one on one time with all of her daughters this summer.

By the time they knew it the end of August came and of course they celebrated Maggie's 6th birthday with her kindergarten friends. Then they moved Annie into her dorm at RIT her roommate was another interpreting student named Cheryl and Annie couldn't sit to meet her. When they arrived at the dorm the Sunday before school started everyone helped unpack Annie's things and set up her room.

"Thanks fo helping me move in guys. Wow I'm on my on now it feels so funny."

Grace and Oliver hugged and kissed her tightly.

"Were still here for you baby you can call us whenever you feel like it."

Maggie and Molly then went to Annie and hugged her as tightly as they could.

"I'm going to miss you girls so much but remember I promised I'm going to call mom as soon as I have everything figur r out and gave you too over for a sleepover."

Maggie lifted her arms to Annie and Annie scooped the o her youngest sister and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Annie can you teach me to talk with my hands?"

Annie laughed at this and gave her another squeeze.

"Of course I will! I'll teach both of you all the fun cool signs I learn!"

Annie hugged her family once more before they left the dorm and headed back home. Grace couldn't help but let the tears roll done her cheeks. Olive gave her a kiss and squeezes her hand. Her baby was really and truly her own and couldn't sit to hear all about her experiences and couldn't wait to spend time with her two youngest daughters. For now grace has her three Warbucks Girls always and forever.

The end! I love the idea of Annie being an interpreter nd going to RIT(which wasn't even around then but in my story it is!) look out for a sequel!