A/N here's chapter two as promised! This ones for Alicia Morton's birthday! Happy birthday Alicia! haha I added in My Favorite Things from the Sound Of Music because Audra did such a great job at that song in the live version! I have no rights too the song

Grace would never forget the day Molly started calling her Mama. The best four letter word she has ever heard in her life. Even though the field have been with the Warbucks family for a little over two months now Molly still couldn't grasp that she was here to stay and called Grace Miss Grace and Oliver Mr Oliver. Grace's heart just about brow when she heard Molly say those words. She just wanted her youngest to know that she was theirs forever and always.

Grace decided to try again with getting Molly to call her Mama as she was putting her to bed one night. Grace gently tucked her youngest into bed and gently kissed her forehead. Before the little girl drifted off o sleep Took her tiny hand into hers and said

"Molly baby I want you to know that you are here forever and always and aren't here for any temporary time. Yay can call me Mommy or Mama or anything you want I love you ver much darling. You and Annie both."

"I'm really here forever?"

"Forever and ever baby"

"I love you so much mama"

Grace couldn't believe what she just heard Molly utter. She finally called Grace Mama! She couldn't believe her ears tears started spilling down her cheeks. Molly was a bit concerned at her mother's tears.

"I'm sorry to make you upset Mama. I didn't mean to make you cry honest!"

Grace squeezed her daughter in her arms

"Oh no baby I'm just so happy at what toy just said."

"Really? Is it ok if I call you Mama? That's what I called my first Mama and it'd mean a lot to me if I could call my second mom Mama too."

"I would love to be your Mama I love you sweet Molly Jane.. more than you could know."

"I love you too Mama good night"

Grace gently kissed her youngest one last time, making sure she was comfortable and left the room leaving the door slightly open just a crack.

Aw Grace was walking out of Molly's room and about to head to Annie's to check in her and kiss her good night she almost bumped into her husband who was standing right out in the doorway.

"Did Molly call you Mama?"

"Yes she did and I love that very much."

"I love you Grace Farrell I'm so lucky to have you and the girls in my life."

"I love you too Oliver Warbucks I'll be in bed in a minute."

Grace kissed her husband and went into Annie's room where she was unsurprisingly still up in bed reading. Grace lived how much Annie loved to read but now it was time for bed.

"Annie darling it's bedtime!"

"Aww gee this book was getting good!"

"Well it's bedtime now you can finish reading tomorrow."

Annie reluctantly put her book down and climbed under the covers. Grace gently put th blankets around Annie and kissed her on the forehead.

"Goodnight Annie I love you very very much. More than you'd ever know."

"I love you too mom and daddy Warbucks too! Oh did Molly call you mama tonight?"

"Yes she did I loved it very much. Did she tell you beforehand?"

"Yeah she told me a week ago but she was afraid to come to you about it."

"Well she has nothing to be afraid of I love you two girls both from the bottom of my heart now let's get some sleep shall we?"

Annie then gently drifted off to sleep. Grace shut the door and went quietly back to her and Oliver's suite. Grace got dressed into her nightgown and tucked herself into bed then drifted off into a peaceful sleep. That is until around 2:30 am when she was awoken by the faint sounds of a little girl's cries. Figuring it was most likely Molly she walked down the hall to Molly's room where indeed her youngest daughter was sitting upright in bed tears streaming down her cheeks clutching a pillow.

"Oh my sweet Molly what's the mater? Did you have a bad dream?"

Molly just nodded her head and started sobbing harder.

"It was the bad chicken man, Mama! He came and tooked me away from you and wouldn't let me see you or daddy or Annie again and I was all alone in the orphanage with Miss Hannigan and the chicken man!"

The chicken man thought Grace who could she be talking about? Then she remembered Miss Hannigan's crook brother Rooster who almost kidnapped Annie on chridtmas! Grace went to Molly's bed and gathered her youngest in her arms and held her tightly.

"Oh baby girl nobody is ever ever going to take you or Annie away from us and Rooster is locked up in jail for good!"

"Really mama? You're not mad that I had a bad dream? You're not sending me back right?"

Grace was shocked to hear her daughter say that!

"Molly Jane listen to me you are here forever and always and I would never ever be mad for having a bad dream it's a part of life you are never going back to the orphanage."

Molly sniffed and rubbed her tear streaked eyes and leaned her head into her mother's chest.

"Sleep with me mama please don't leave."

"Of course baby I'd never love you alone now let's get some sleep."

"Sing to me Mama" was the little girls last request before nearly drifting off for the second time that night.

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with string

These are a few of my favorite things ….."

Grace gently sang the sweet lullaby her mother sang to her once long ago as a small child and has been her favorite ever since. Mother and daughter both fell asleep in each others arms.