So...first things first...I wasn't the biggest fan of Love Hina. I didn't laugh about Keitaro being sent flying by Su, Naru, or Mikoto, or hit by Sarah. You know why?

Because I was abused at my first Middle School by staff there.

I was in Keitaro's shoes...powerless. Everything turned against me. The school's law team prevented my mom from getting any would have caused us to go broke if we they got away with it. Even now, mental scars mind latches on to negative things about me like glue and any positive traits about me are rinsed out of my is a viscous cycle that I am working to overcome... Sorry for the rant...

Still, I see the helpless guy whose only talent is a...(probably Ki based) powerful durability. Unlike with my experience...I can play in the sandbox and improve his odds...and remember...

"Even the nicest people have their limit."

Disclaimer: Love Hina is owned by Ken Akamatsu, and Star Wars is owned by George Lucas/Disney. Things in this are also inspired by my PS2/X-Box One game "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed", namely "Skills", "Combos", and Power Crystals.

Broken Chains

Ch 1: Fractures

"Why me..." Keitaro sighed dejectedly as he limped back into the Hinata-Sou after another impromptu "Vile-Male lesson in pain" by Naru and Motoko...for catching Shinobu when she tripped on an empty Sake bottle left by Kitsune when she was drunk, which lead him landing in an ally.

"You could show them your true power...give in...let the anger that you keep festering within you out." A sinister female voice seemed to echo in the wind and he repressed the urge to shiver. There was a reason that he refused to learn the offensive kata's of his family's martial arts...that he stuck only to defense. It was because he was afraid of what he could become. Of what had happened when he was young.

Ever since he was young, he could do...unnatural things. A book out of reach would fly into his hands. He could seemingly perform a second jump or short dash in midair. He could understand the language of any tourist without taking lessons, he could sense danger...He was brought out of his musings as his senses screamed at him and he ducked under a stab of a Yakuza's knife. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a metal cylindrical device about the size of a flashlight wrapped in a black katana grip design with a silver button blending into it, brown leather wrapped near the top, and a black elongated structure above it with an opening (Rahm Kota's Lightsaber).

This was an artifact found by his family; held before the famed cursed Hina blade, which had it's origins lost before their family history began. However, this was no ordinary device. Keitaro's thumb pressed the button as his grip on the device tightened, and a white blade of light extended emitting a green glow. He sliced upwards, cutting through the Yakuza's knife like if was butter. The attacker stumbled back as Keitaro turned; all sense of clumsiness gone as adrenaline filled him. The Urashima Emeraudo Hikari no Ha (Blade of Emerald Light) pointed directly at the attacker as Keitaro schooled his features. He could feel that strange power from when he was young filling his body, and he subconsciously fought against it. He stood up and sighed in relief seeing the thug run off as he pressed the button again and the glowing blade was seemingly sucked into the metal handle that he tucked back into his pocket.

"You don't need to be afraid. The Force is a part of you, and you are a part of the Force. The Force is fluid, and light and dark are just directions." A fatherly voice said within the wind. He stood against a wall as he recalled the incident when Kanako was a little girl; soon after her adoption into the Urashima family, where he had accidentally killed a burglar who held his sister at gunpoint. He recalled the burglar being held in the air grasping at his throat and then, being blasted back through the wall of the family's sweet shop as fear for his sister gripped his heart. If the crushed ribs from the sudden push hadn't killed the burglar; the impact on the cement had.

Though his family had praised him for saving Kanako, Keitaro had been shaken emotionally by the sight of the dead burglar. He swore to never use that strange power again, to never act in offense.

Shivers went down his spine as he recalled the burglar being carried off under a white sheet. The investigators had called it a freak accident, but Granny Hina's knowing look to him made him want to hide under a rock. "Don't try and fight it. Embrace it." That fatherly voice seemingly whispered and Keitaro sighed before sitting down.

"Why?" He asked in that empty ally, getting nothing but the sounds of wind blowing garbage around in response. He placed his right hand on the brick wall of a building as events and words flashed through his mind. "Jakuzankūsen (Lesser Air-Cutting Flash)" He heard Motoko's voice cry as her bokken was slammed down upon him. "HENTAI NO BAKA!" He heard Naru's voice as she saw him holding Shinobu after catching her. A strange feeling flowed through his body, making him heat up and grit his teeth before he realized what he was feeling.


Cans were floating in the Force around him, and the brick wall had cracks forming from under his hand across with sparks of electricity forming on his left. He smothered his feelings deep down and moved to leave the ally, but stopped and stared at the cracks in the wall. He knew deep down that what the tenants were doing wasn't right. That violence was not the proper first response...That if they didn't overcome their problems, they would never fit in with society...or worse...end up in jail. Even now, he would subconsciously flinch when a female approached him. It wasn't his fault...mostly...that his constant attempts at separating himself from the Force affected his coordination!

To his horror, part of him felt satisfied by that thought of his attackers imprisoned. Soon, dejection flowed over him as he realized that the two worst offenders would just divert blame to him...again. His heart wrenched in agony at that thought. He did everything he possibly could for them...for his promise...only to have it basically spat back in his face; Naru even taunting him occasionally with the notion that the "Promise Girl" had already graduated and moved on. The Promise Girl from his childhood was the one mocking him. He froze mid step at that memory, hands clenching as a nearby trash can crumpled in on itself like a ball of aluminum foil. As he saw this, a "crack" formed in his emotional armor.

Letting the ruined trash can drop to the ground, he shoved his hands into his pocket, his right hand feeling the Emeraudo Hikari no Ha, and continued the long trek back to the Hinata Sou.

His arrival was met with a snort of disdain from Naru. Another crack formed in his emotional armor as Motoko brushed past him without a word.

"W-Welcome back Sempai." Shinobu's quiet voice cut through the tension. Keitaro then sensed Su approaching him quickly and pretended to drop something, ducking down just before Su's foot made contact with his face. Kitsune covered her mouth to prevent a laugh from coming out and Keitaro stood back up and she gave him a slight nod, which he shook his head at. Both of "the Fox's" eyes opened briefly, before she made a motion towards his Aunt Haruka's tea shop, which he nodded at.

"I trust you are alright, Shinobu-Chan?" Keitaro said, kneeling down as he felt Naru and Motoko glare at his back.

"Au...I'm sorry you got hurt because of it." Shinobu meekly said, covering her face in time to miss Keitaro's frown. Kitsune stood up and, making a brief excuse about a possible story for her freelance journalism, exited the building.

Not that anyone knew it, but Keitaro was grateful for Kitsune being at the Hinata Sou. There was a reason she wasn't paying rent after all. She was Granny Hina's "inside woman". Kitsune was born a year after Keitaro was; and was briefed by Hina about Naru and Mutsumi promising Keitaro to go to Tokyo University together after being taken in by Granny Hina. Mutsumi had stood aside and let Naru claim the spot as the "Promise Girl" of the one she loved...

And Naru had completely forgotten about it! She was going as far to taunt him about his promise;and promises were something the Urashima Clan took very seriously.

Naru trusted Kitsune, having been friends watching each other's backs. Sure, she liked to have fun by teasing men in public and tricking them out of their money; but that-in reality-was to weed out the untrustworthy men away from Naru. Now, she was subtly trying to get Naru to remember the promise that this strange, almost alien power Keitaro had, constantly showed him a dream of.

The problem Kisune was having was that the resident kendoka and cram student of Hinata Sou had developed hair-trigger violent retaliations for even the slightest offense...and now expected the teasing behavior from Kitsune. She felt horribly guilty about inadvertently leading Keitaro to sudden flights through the air, but Keitaro waved her worries off as he knew that behavior was needed in order to keep her cover.

Hence why she drank so much Sake. It dulled her guilt and made it easier to slip into the role of the trickster. A "public" display of the fox tricking Keitaro into giving her money and the deception was set...not that they know she always gave it back in least to help pay for the repairs.

"Well, look what the Fox dragged in." Haruka said with a lit cigarette in her mouth as she closed the tea shop upon seeing Kitsune.

"Sorry about the sudden arrival, but Suga is close to unleashing." Kitsune said, and Haruka's face took an unnaturally serious look to it; one not seen since Seta broke her heart.

"Let me guess. Naru-chan." Haruka said as she sat down with a loud sigh.

"Earlier she mocks his dedication to his promise, then sends him flying with Mikoto-chan after he caught Shinobu when she nearly tripped and fell." Kitsune said, before taking a swig from a Sake bottle. "Perhaps it's time for the contingency plan." She said with a little hope in her eyes, as a small smirk spread across Haruka's face.

Keitaro was an interesting guy in her books. Sure, the way he arrived at Hinata-Sou was a little unorthodox (Granny Hina has a weird sense of humor by not telling her grandson about his inheritance's change to an all-girls dorm as a prank), but he was generally a nice guy. More than once, he had pulled her out of the hot springs when she was completely wasted and helped her to her room. It was better than the alternative-boiling or drowning when she passed out. Still, this usually had Keitaro ending up being sent into Low Earth Orbit. Sure, he was really clumsy and had accidents; but both Haruka and Granny Hina said something as a child traumatized him (they wouldn't say what) and he actively fought his own power. This would put him off balance as his body both accepted and rejected that power.

Haruka solemnly stood up and walked away, returning with a wrapped bundle she dropped on the floor; revealing bokkens- one of them strange as it was shaped like a Bo with a practice blade on each end. "I take it you motioned for him to come here when he could." Haruka said with a firm expression. A mischievous grin spread across Kitsune's face at one-upping the resident kendoka. The Urashima's seven forms of bladed combat was something even the Aoyama clan respected, having tales about one of Keitaro's ancestors wielding the Emeraudo Hikari no Ha in key battles; switching from one style to the next and single handedly turned the tide of battle against an opposing army.

It was this connection to the strange power, that...Force...a power that bound good and evil, Yin and Yang, light and dark, man and woman, and even night and day together that made his ancestor so dangerous with the famed light blade. He used that power to develop the seven forms used by the Urashima even today without that special blade. Yet, anyone who had a strong enough connection to that power would be lead to where the blade would be rested after it's previous user passed away.

As of right now, Granny Hina and Haruka were the last knowledge keeper of that Force. She had listened to her family's tales, and told them to her adopted daughter. Unfortunately, Keitaro's parents dismissed the lesson; but Keitaro and Kanako would listen to the tales with awe and wonder. Keitaro, according to Haruka, had been making decent progress with the bladed combat forms after growing his power with the Force.

Then the incident occurred, and Keitaro swore off offensive arts, limiting his rare sword practice to Urashima Form 3: Kame no Michi (Way of the Turtle). Each form was different in it's own way, Kitsune mused. She had learned about each form (not how to perform them) from Haruka in case a contingency plan they made with Granny Hina was needed, and Keitaro was convinced to start practicing the offensive combat arts again.

Urashima Form 1: Sogyo no Michi (Way of the Foundation) lived up to it's name; being the equivalent to the basic katas of the later forms.

Urashima Form 2: Ketto no Michi (Way of the Duel) was an elegant style that focused on precision over power.

Urashima Form 3: Kame no Michi (Way of the Turtle) was the only form Keitaro would use in his rare practices; and it only focused on defense; turning your blade into a "Shell" of protection to wear down your attacker.

Urashima Form 4: Moretsuna Taka no Michi (Way of the Swooping Hawk) was a form based on deflection and constant movement. As soon as a user got in an area with wide open spaces, they could become a whirlwind of destruction "swooping" from foe to foe like a hawk bearing down on its prey.

Urashima Form 5: Burrofisshu no Michi (Way of the Blowfish) was a form that turned the user's defense into offense.

Urashima Form 6: Fokkusu no Michi (Way of the Fox) was an unusual form that had been developed using a Bo. It took fighting with the Bo or a long handled spear or sword and combined it with the use of the Force. According to the tale of the ancestor who created the style, he had been ambushed at his home while bathing, and had picked up a long stick as a staff and fought the attackers to a standstill before his allies arrived.

Urashima Form 7: Akuma no Michi (Way of the Demon) was the most feared form among the Urashima bladed combat forms; even by the Urashima themselves! The story behind it's creation also served as a warning to anyone wanting to learn it. During a lull in the war, the ancestor-after creating the previous six forms, left one night to meditate in a nearby forest. While he was gone, enemy assassins killed his brother and parents. When he returned home, the assassins were forced to flee from the building, and he was filled with sorrow and rage. He poured these emotions into this final form, and stormed the enemy stronghold the assassins came from. This new form drew power from his rage; and constantly spurred him to continue fighting as he relished in the thought of slaying his foes.

He fought for three days straight, only stopping once he had slain every single person in the stronghold down to every man, woman, and child in rage. It was then he mourned the innocent he had slain and given this form it's dreaded name.

Every Urashima would start with mastering the Sogyo no Michi and then learn the basics of all of the forms while specializing and mastering two of them. Granny Hina had admitted to her (having already told her family) that in her youth, Hina specialized in Ketto no Michi and Moretsuna Taka no Michi. Now, burdened by age, she replaced Moretsuna Taka no Michi with Kame no Michi.

While Keitaro had vowed to be defense based; his adopted sister Kanako had no such hesitation. She was a natural with the dreaded Akuma no Michi; focusing her rage into protecting "her Onii-chan", and Moretsuna no Michi.

"The trouble is encouraging Suga to pick a second form since he would only defend himself." Kitsune said as Haruka messed with a worn, yellowed piece of paper. "Wait. What is that?" With a grin, Haruka turned to see something he had drawn as a child. It looked a lot like someone had taken the Emeraudo Hikari no Ha, changed it's color, extended it and added a second emitter on the bottom. It resembled more of a Bo with light blades than the sword.

Underneath that picture, in a childish scrawl, were the words "Ni~Tsu Buredosutaffu (Sun Blade Staff)". Underneath it, was an x-ray of his design, featuring machines and parts that seemed pulled from a science fiction movie. A collection of two teal crystals were closest to the center, while a yellow crystal was closest to each emitter. "When he was young, Keitaro dreamed of making a staff version of the family's Emeraudo Hikari no Ha. He managed to find, hidden away, two yellow crystals he called Kyber Crystals and two teal crystals he called Rubat- which supposedly the Emeraudo Hikari no Ha has underneath a green crystal that amplifies it's power. I think you know what this represents." Haruka said as a blush spread across Kitsune's cheeks.

"Fokkusu no Michi..." She whispered.

Upon entering the Tea Shop, Keitaro's cheerful smile and gleam in his eyes were gone, with another couple of bruises as his Ki and the Force worked on accelerating his healing.

"Again?" Haruka sighed as she lit up another cigarette and Kitsune sipped at some tea.

"Sorry." Keitaro said with a small, melancholic smile, "Old habits are hard to break."

"It's alright." Kitsune said, frowning a bit when he flinched after she put her hand on his shoulder.

"Hina heard about what happened." Keitaro stiffened at Haruka's words. "It's time for Operation Broken Chains to begin."

Force powers/ability stats:

Force Push: 3/3

Force Lightning: 2/3

Force Grip: 3/3

Force Choke: 1/3

Lightsaber Throw: 1/3

Lightning Shield: 3/3

Force Repel: 2/3



Vitality: 2/3

Force Focus: 2/3

Force Affinity: 2/3

Fortitude: 3/3

Resilience: 3/3

Saber Mastery: 2/3

Defense Mastery: 3/3

Battle Meditation:1/3

Combo Mastery: 1/3

Overall: 34/48 (possibly 54)

...Personal belief, low Jedi Knight level/Low Sith Warrior level. Nowhere near Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Darth Vader, or even Kylo Ren...but more skills then Leia has shown. Maybe around the level of Kazdan Paradas in "The Force Unleashed". These stats were what I had built up after a run through of the Apprentice Difficulty trying to build a "Keitaro" version of Starkiller from scratch. This involves working on keeping Keitaro's gentle core personality, and adding a spine and no-more abuse take on things.

On other topics...I have no idea what the pairing should be. If it's a single pairing, I'm either leaning Keitaro/Mitsune (Kitsune) or Keitaro/Mutsumi. Or, if readers want, I could do a SMALL (3-4 MAX) harem...I am excluding Naru (for her violent tendencies...seriously, punching your groom with the Naru Punch AT YOUR WEDDING?!), Su, Shinobu, and the later three are underage. I don't know about the Japanese marriage laws in the year this series takes place-1998. Even Motoko is iffy for her perversion of the Bushido code she "follows". Seriously, I've studied Bushido...she breaks most of it's rules.

I know Naru has fans, and I will admit that she IS pretty...but I personally wouldn't be able to stay in a relationship as a punching bag.

So, I based the Urashima combat forms after the 7 lightsaber combat forms, in matching order to! Shii-cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Djem So (Shien), Niman, Juyo.

As I said, Urashima's master the Way of the Foundation before specializing in two or three other forms. Keitaro already chose the Way of the Turtle, and Kitsune and Haruka think he might be good at Way of the Fox...but would you also like to see him use Way of the Blowfish?

I am open to any advice on episode/chapter orders. Right now, only know that it is before Mutsumi arrives.