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Ultimately this is a Bleach fic and I hope you guys, readers old and new, enjoy what I do with the story. I put a lot, A LOT, of time and effort into research so that I can stay true to a character's personality. This is mostly so that I can change it in meaningful and reasonable ways. I will admit, my knowledge of Bleach is not nearly as vast as my knowledge of Naruto or Dragonball, so please! If shit don't seem right tell me so that I may correct it.

OH! THIS STORY STARTS OFF SEVERAL MONTHS BEFORE CANON. For specifics I'm pretty sure the time-skip is only 17 months during which Ichigo goes from 15 to 17. Since his birthday is July 15th I'll be saying this story starts in october~ish.

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Chapter 1: It's Time to Play!

Ichigo Kurosaki woke up one crisp October morning expecting a completely ordinary day, or at least, as ordinary as you can get when you can see ghosts and are constantly fighting with local gangsters. Unfortunately for him Ichigo's normally extraordinary life was about to flipped on it's pretty little head.

You've had a full and restful sleep in your bed. Your HP and RK have been restored to full.

The bright, light blue screen held Ichigo's gaze for a full five minutes before he slowly closed his eyes and counted to ten.

'I'm dreaming.' He thought. 'I'm going to open my eyes and this pop-up is going to go away.'

Sadly, the screen did not go away. It simply floated a few feet in front of him, seemingly taunting his with its very existence.

'This is some bullshit… I get the whole "you are what you eat" saying, but I do not play nearly enough video games for my life to BECOME ONE!' Already frustrated by the seemingly impossible situation he woke up to, Ichigo mentally dismissed the screen. To his surprise, it worked.

Like a bucket of ice water the reality of the situation crashed into Ichigo. "Oh sweet Kami this is real isn't it?" He did not expect the blue screen appeared.

You bet your sweet ass it is.

Ichigo was stunned. There were no words to describe how disturbed he was by the fact that he got an actual answer from the… whatever it is. 'Oh who am I joking? This is a game, my life's become a game.'

It has. Would like like to look through the tutorial?

Defeated and just a little bit scared Ichigo simply nodded his head in acceptance. A new, much larger screen then appeared in place of the other.

Hello Player and Welcome to The Game! Ver. 3.6.1

This is the tutorial, here you'll learn the very basics of the game so that you don't die immediately! Here we have the contents page, please select a topic that interests you!

The Menu

Player Statistics and Utility Bars

Combat and Abilities

NPC Interactions


(maybe some more?)

Ichigo wasn't a stereotype, particularly if you judge him by his looks and circumstances, but like many he wasn't the type to give two shits about a tutorial. "Bah, I don't need this! Imma just go out and find some mobs-" He looked at the alarm clock that woke him up, "after school and feel shit out." But before he could dismiss the screen another, smaller one appeared in front of it.


Ichigo blinked. "Well, damn… okay. Tell me about the menu."

~The Menu~

By simply calling for the menu it will appear before you. From it you can access your character page, abilities page, relationship page, inventory, quest log, and the options. The appearance of the menu will be as follows: On the left side of the screen, spread evenly from top to middle, Character, Inventory, Quests, Abilities, Relationships, and Options will be displayed. In the center of the screen the player's title, name, and class will be displayed. Slightly below that a health bar, colored red, and a reiryoku bar, colored blue, will be displayed with numerical values placed directly above it (HP at the moment)/(Total HP). Just below the bars the date and time will be displayed and finally, the player's available currency will be displayed. On the right side of the screen a model of the player will be shown (with current armor) taking up most of the screen and at the very top the player's total armor value will be displayed by a small shield. Along the bottom of the screen a green bar representing experience will be shown split into tenths. (Total XP)/(XP required to level up) will be displayed above it.


~Character Page~

The initial character page shows the player their statistics and yours looks like this:

Title: The Gamer

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Race: Human~ish (?)

Level: 8

HP: 160/160 [Vit*20] [Red Bar]

RK: 2,200/2,200 [(Vit+Wis)*20] [Blue Bar]


Str: 8

Vit: 8

Dex: 8

Int: 6

Wis: 3

Luck: 4

Charm: 3

Active Quest: Tutorial Time!

Summary: Ichigo Kurosaki lost his mother at the tender age of nine when he tried to save what he thought was a suicidal young girl. He still doesn't know exactly what happened, but since then he became a very brusque young man. Due to his unique orange hair color he often fights with local thugs and is assumed to be a delinquent, while in reality he is quite studious. He has dedicated his life to protecting those he cares about and those in need. Oh, and he can see ghosts too.

XP: 300/1,200 [Green Bar]

That was the statistics tab. On the left side of the screen several other tabs could be found below the statistics tab. They are: Buffs/Debuffs, Titles, and Perks.

At the moment you have no Buff or Debuffs. Buffs and Debuffs are almost always temporary and if you have more than one they will be ranked, from top to bottom by severity. Buffs are on top of the Debuffs, if the list grows too long you will be able to scroll.

You have two titles at the moment. The currently selected tab will be emphasized from the others take up a small amount of space on the left side of the screen. Your titles tab looks like this:


The Gamer

Congratulations your life is a game which is pretty damn awesome.

Acquisition of this title gives the player the special perks [Gamer's Mind] and [Gamer's Body]. Equipping this title gives no extra benefit.

The Protector

Your life is one dedicated to making sure those around you can be safe and protected be they family, friend, or stranger.

When equipped the player has 50% increased relationship gains with those above level 2 familiarity.

If equipped during combat all stats are multiplied by the number of people they intend on protecting plus one.

If equipped during combat all allies within 50 feet of the player that are above level three familiarity will have their morale doubled.

'Wow… I'm equipping the protector right now.'

Titles can be gained in a myriad of ways from quests to special events, they usually have positives benefits for the player, but only one title can be equipped at a time.

Perks are essentially permanent Buffs, they will be separated by normal Perks, and Special Perks. If the list grows too long you will be able to scroll.



You walk the walk and talk the talk and everyone agrees: you'se a thug.

+20% damage to humans

-50% reputation gains with humans

Studious Student

You spend long hours every day studying and doing school work and your dedication shows positive results.

+25% experience while learning from books or in a classroom

I see dead people

You can see dead people and maybe something more…




Special Perks

Gamer's Mind

Your playing a game so you've got to think like a gamer.

Immune to all psychological effects

Ability to repress emotions once they become overwhelming

Gamer's Body

Fuck stamina bars this ain't Dark Souls! You're a video game character now.

No fatigue

Body damage (scars, obesity, etc.) don't happen except in special circumstances



Much like titles perks can be gained from a myriad of situations such as quest rewards, special actions or events, and defeating certain enemies.

That's all for the character page, specific information can be discovered by simply asking.

"Hey, uhh… what's with the question marks?"

Question marks denote information that player needs to learn before they have access to it. Do not fret, all benefits are provided.

"I guess I can live with that… lets see the Inventory."

~Inventory Page~

The inventory is your typical inventory, just a bunch of empty boxes. It can be sorted at the player's will.

Character equip can be requested, at which point all equippable armor will be available and a player model with space denoting where armor can be placed will appear.

~Quest Page~

The quest page will have expandable tabs on the left side of the screen. The tabs will be Main, Faction, Side, Tasks, and Complete. Upon selecting one of the tebs it will expand showing all quests of that type that you have yet to complete (excluding Complete of course). The majority of the screen will be dominated by the quest description which includes Quest Giver, Location, Summary, Potential Rewards, and Mystery Bonuses. Other descriptors such as Specifications, Restrictions, and Time Limits will only appear when necessary.

Quests can be given in all sorts of ways from divine intervention, to finding an old note on the ground, to prompts from NPCs, and even quests you put upon yourself. Always be on the lookout because quests can only benefit you… 99% percent of the time.

~Abilities Page~

From inane abilities such as cooking and reading comprehension to life-saving skills such as blink and healing all of your abilities can be found here. Specific abilities can be requested so an in depth view can be given, put normally this page will function with simple pull down tabs. Pressing Combat and then Passive will show you all of your passive combat abilities and so on and so forth.





Intermediate Karate Lv: 45

Many years you have trained in the art of self defense and your enemies have every right to cower in fear. You're not quite a master, but your no novice either.

+45% damage while using hand to hand

Intermediate Backstreet Brawler Lv: 32

You're quite familiar with tussling while in the backstreets and use every part of your body as a weapon. There is no honor in this.

+32% damage while using hand to hand

+3% chance to critical hit while using hand to hand

Intimidating Presence Lv: 6

Your reputation precedes you and your toned physique is nothing to laugh at. Most civilians instinctively cross the street when you're near.

3% chance for enemies to flee from combat

-6% rep gains with civilians





? Lv: ?




Abilities can be gained in a myriad of ways be it you learn them from an instructor, it was something you were born with, a quest reward, and even random events from special actions. Abilities are critical to your day to day survival so always try to get more, but never forget: Feared is the man who has practiced a single move a thousand times than the man who has practiced a thousand moves once.


The relationship page is organized in a simple manner, those with the highest relationships with the player are on top while the the lowest are at the bottom. There is a separate tab for area relationships as well as faction relationships.


Karin Kurosaki Lv: 5

Yuzu Kurosaki Lv: 5

Isshin Kurosaki Lv: 5

Sado "Chad" Yasutora Lv: 4

Tatsuki Arisawa Lv: 4

Orihime Inoue Lv: 4

Keigo Asano Lv: 3

Mizuiro Kojima Lv: 3


Karakura Town Lv: 1

Karakura Town High Lv: 1


Karakura Town Gangs Lv: -3

Relationships are important since they can affect everything from teamwork to potential quests. Relationship rankings are pretty straightforward ranging from levels -5 to 5. A character that the player as a relationship of -5 with will always attack on sight and seek to murder you. Adversely a character with whom the player has a level 5 relationship will never be antagonistic to the player even under threat of death. Relationships also encompass general reputation with an area, for example, Karakura town. If the player were to have a -5 relationship with any area they will be hunted down and either killed or thrown out by the locals while a level 5 relationship may cause the player to be paraded about on a palanquin. This also affects vendor prices.


This may be a game, but it's also real life, as such options are extremely limited. The only things you can change are the color of the screens and switch about some of the organizational specifics of the menus.

"Argh! This is taking forever! Listen game, I'm going to to school, I promise I won't fight people until I finish looking through this okay?"

Fine, the game has now been resumed.

Ichigo breathed a deep sigh of relief. There was seriously way too much information to take in. "Finally!"

A quick jump off of his bed and some desperate undulations later Ichigo was dressed in his uniform and ready to go.

Through a special action you've earned the ability [Fast Equip].

[Passive Utility] Fast Equip lv. 1

Nothing special really, you are now able to get dressed a little bit quicker.

+1% increase to equip speed

"What? That's… good? Maybe I can just get a bunch of abilities for doing normal stuff… huh."

Dismissing the text boxes Ichigo ran downstairs, devoured some of Yuzu's breakfast, dodged a flying tackle from his old man and got onto the road.

"Ugh finally, one day I swear I'm going to end up killing that old man."

Through a special action you've earned the ability [Dodge!]

[Passive Combat] Dodge lv. 24

It's all about timing because if you can dodge a car you can dodge a giant monster who wants to devour your soul!

Chance to dodge an attack: (Your Dex - Opp. Dex + 24)%

"Argh I said leave me alone! Actually… Game. Unless it's vitality important keep a log of the abilities I gain for the next… let's say day. And then let me see them before I go to bed. Can you do that?"


"Awesome." A quick scan of his surroundings revealed no more blue text boxes letting a very relieved Ichigo to go to school in peace.


Unfortunately for Ichigo peace was the last thing he was going to get today. Not even five minutes away from school Ichigo found himself surrounded in the alleyway he usually cuts through while traveling to and from school form his house. Four thugs, no doubt looking for some revenge from the last time he beat their asses had lain in wait for the perfect moment, which was apparently now.

"Oh c'mon. I don't have time for this bullshit! I promised the Game I wouldn't fight yet!"

A gangly teen, probably around eighteen years old, wearing a bandana, a wife beater, and an absolutely ridiculous bleached white afro took a step toward Ichigo.

"Pssh, I don't who da hell Game is but we'se is gonna whoop yo' ass right here, right now, ya strawberry ass lookin' muthafucka'.

"Oh christ." A quick look at the HP bars above their heads revealed that the fight wasn't going to be as easy as he hoped.

Gang Leader

Ishio Ieyoshi Lv. 11


Gang Lieutenant

Kawachi Magbei Lv. 10


Gang Member

Yoshizaki Makoto Lv. 8


Gang Member

Masuko Ikku Lv. 8


Special Encounter Initiated!

For being an entire gang the Aura [Strength in Numbers] has been activated. All enemy damage will be doubled. There is also a chance for gang members to revived their downed teammates if given enough time.

Annoyance quickly became horror as Ichigo realized that there was a very real chance he would lose this fight. "That's… no… what the fuck."

Then Ishio cackled in glee at the face Ichigo was making, "Hahaha, you get it now dontcha? We've gotten a lot stronger since the last time we fought and this time you don't have your little Mexican boyfriend to save yo ass. Yo ass is dead!" Unwilling to wait any longer Ishio charged our intrepid hero.

With nowhere to hide Ichigo had to go in. Luckily Gamer's Mind was in full force.

"Don't make laugh." Ichigo dodged the wild swing by ducking under inward. A devastating punch brought the fight to a standstill. Critical! "You might be stronger, but I've been fighting for a long time. You're still wimps to me!"

Before his assailant could recover from getting the breath knocked out of him Ichigo kicked the back of his knee sending him to the ground. "Don't fuck with me." He punctuated his statement by brutally kicking Ishio in the face… repeatedly… until he stopped moving.

Gang Leader

Ishio Ieyoshi Lv. 11


For the defeating their leader so soundly the Aura [Strength in Numbers] has been broken.

No he's not dead, for living enemies you will be presenting the option to kill them once their health has reached 0.

Do you wish to kill [Ishio Ieyoshi] ?


"Oh shit! Hell no!"

Ichigo hated the constant interruptions to his life that the various gangs and thugs of Karakura Town caused. But he could never wish death upon them. Unfortunately for Ichigo the lieutenant took his distraction as the perfect opportunity to lay him out.

"Don't fuck around bitch, just because the boss is out for the count don't we are right boys?"

-30 HP

Due to the rousing speech the Aura [Strength in Numbers] has been reactivated.

Encouraged by Kawachi's success Yoshizaki and Masako went in to get their own pound of flesh. This time Ichigo was ready.

Successful Dodge!

Successful Dodge!

Taking the opportunity Ichigo tripped one of the level eight fools and ran further down the alleyway to a group of trash cans. He then grabbed two lids to use as weapons.

"Bring it fools."

"Grrr, Yoshi! Let's get this guy. Masuko! Wake the boss up!"

"Well that's no good." Ichigo muttered. Realizing he could not play to defensively Ichigo rushed into the level eight and level ten, surprising them enough to knock the wind out of them.

Gang Lieutenant

Kawachi Magbei Lv. 10


Gang Member

Yoshizaki Makoto Lv. 8


He then rushed the ignorant level eight knocking him out with a heavy blow to the temple.

Gang Member

Masuko Ikku Lv. 8



Turning around quickly Ichigo was dismayed to find out he hadn't been quick enough for he took a glancing blow from the lieutenant to head.

-25 HP 125

Luckily for him he didn't lose his footing and was able to retaliate with a kick to Kawachi's right knee. A brutal crunching sound could be heard right before Kawachi screamed and crumpled to the ground. Debilitating Strike

Gang Lieutenant

Kawachi Magbei Lv. 10


"You FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!" A certain madness could be seen within the lieutenants eyes.

Berserker Rage has been activated by enemy Kawachi Magbei.

A red aura flared to life around him as he stood up in spite of his badly broken knee. "YOU'RE DEAD!

The alarm bells in Ichigo's head were nigh deafening as he immediately turned to run away, only to be stopped by the last level eight standing. But ever the optimist Ichigo grabbed the very confused teen and put him into a headlock to use as a human shield.

Yoshizaki quickly proved his uselessness as Kawachi simply decked his underling across the jaw, clearly breaking it and knocking him unconscious.

Gang Member

Yoshizaki Makoto Lv. 8


Only one member remains conscious thus Aura [Strength in Numbers] has been broken.

Dropping the limp body Ichigo desperately backpedaled away from the clearly overpowered monster of lieutenant.

"YO ASS IS MINE! GET OVER HERE!" In an inhuman display of strength and tenacity Kawachi jumped far enough to land on Ichigo, but Ichigo rolled to the left just in the knick of time.

"ARGH!" He didn't go down, but Kawachi was definitely staggered by the damage he was causing to his broken knee.

In that moment Ichigo knew what he had to do. He felt bad for it honestly, absolutely vile, but if he was going to survive this encounter he had to. Without standing, Ichigo twisted his body around and kicked Kawachi's already broken knee inward. The leg crumpled to the ground, now at a ninety degree angle… sideways. The sound that came out of Kawachi's mouth… Ichigo knew he'd never forget it. The lieutenant screamed for an entire minute before the red aura disappeared and Kawachi crumpled, unmoving.

Gang Lieutenant

Kawachi Magbei Lv. 10


It took Ichigo a good minute to finally recollect himself and stand back up. He had been in a ton of fights, far too many given his tender age of 15, but never had a fight ended in such a… disturbed fashion. A necessarily short look at the level eight he used as a shield revealed that Kawachi had not only broken his jaw, but shattered it completely. It looked less like a jaw and more like a sack of skin and teeth just laying on his throat. It was quite obvious he needed to be rushed to a hospital. But it was then that Ichigo realized he still hadn't gained any reward from the fight. Surveying the alley the possible answer left Ichigo with a sick feeling in his stomach, at least, sicker than he already felt.

Gang Member

Masuko Ikku Lv. 8



Accepting the inevitable Ichigo walked over to the downed youth. Looking at him, he was definitely the youngest of the group by far, probably his own age or younger. Closing his eyes he set to work.

Gang Member

Masuko Ikku Lv. 8



Gang Member

Masuko Ikku Lv. 8



Gang Member

Masuko Ikku Lv. 8



Gang Member

Masuko Ikku Lv. 8


"Gah!" Disappointed at his awakening Ichigo steeled himself and kicked the kid's head. Critical

Gang Member

Masuko Ikku Lv. 8


He then turned around and used the wall to support himself as he barfed.


Do you wish to end the lives of your opponents?


"Fuck off! You know I don't. Fuck… Just…" What little strength he had left failed him as he slumped against the wall. In all of his life he had never been as tired as he was right now. Maybe a quick nap would help…



You have completed the tutorial! That in conjunction with your unexpected victory has granted you absolutely massive rewards!

Quest Tutorial Time Complete

Objectives: Read Player Walkthrough, Fight in Dummy Battle

Bonus Objectives: NA

Secret Objectives: Fight Hard Mode Tutorial Battle

Rewards: Basic Katana, Hado #1: Sho, 1,000 Exp

Bonus Rewards: NA

Secret Reward: 15,000 Exp, Asauchi

"Really? Is that really how you're going to play this?" Unfortunately for Ichigo's depressing, introspective slump Gamer's Body was kicking in and he already felt good enough to finally get to school. "Ugh… fine. The fuck's an Asauchi anyway?"

When no answer came Ichigo begrudgingly opened up his inventory and selected the Asauchi looking for it's item description.

Asauchi Lvl. 1/?


Damage: 1 + Dex*1

Req: ?

"What the hell? This was a secret reward! Why is it so shitty? I bet it's something dumb like it has infinite levels or a really high level cap and it ends up out-scaling everything else. I guess I can dig that. What's the Katana looking like?"

Basic Katana Lvl. 1/10

Description: A completely normal katana of above average make.

Durability: 40/40

Damage: 20+Dex*2

Req: Str-10 Dex-16

"Hmm… well… what's the Katana really looking like. Equip Katana in primary weapon slot and Asauchi in the other one." In an almost unnoticeable flash of light the two weapons appeared on Ichigo's hips, the Katana on the left and the Asauchi on the right. "Alright!" Drawing them both to compare he found that they were exactly the same length at around 65 cm. Then a blue screen appeared.


Due to not meeting the stat requirements to wield the [Basic Katana], its damage has been reduced by 70%

"Dammit. At least that's an easy fix. Stats."

Title: The Protector

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Race: Human~ish (?)

Level: 15

HP: 160/160 [Vit*20]

RK: 2,200/2,200 [(Vit+Wis)*20]

Stats: 35

Str: 8 +

Vit: 8 +

Dex: 8 +

Int: 6 +

Wis: 3 +

Luck: 4 +

Charm: 3 +

XP: 700/4,200

"If this fucked up fight showed me anything it's that I'm going to need to be able to take some hits so…"

Title: The Protector

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Race: Human~ish (?)

Level: 15

HP: 160/160 [Vit*20]

RK: 2,200/2,200 [(Vit+Wis)*20]

Stats: 13

Str: - 10 +

Vit: - 20 +

Dex: - 16 +

Int: 6 +

Wis: 3 +

Luck: 4 +

Charm: 3 +

XP: 700/4,200

"And what the hell, my other stats are way too low. I'm much wiser than a three." Thought the fifteen year old high schooler.

Title: The Protector

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Race: Human~ish (?)

Level: 15

HP: 160/160 [Vit*20]

RK: 2,200/2,200 [(Vit+Wis)*20]

Stats: 0

Str: - 10

Vit: - 20

Dex: - 16

Int: - 10

Wis: - 10

Luck: 4

Charm: - 5

XP: 700/4,200

Have you completed your level up?


"That looks good. Yes."

Title: The Protector

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Race: Human~ish (?)

Level: 15

HP: 400/400 [Vit*20]

RK: 6,000/6,000 [(Vit+Wis)*20]{*10}


Str: 10

Vit: 20

Dex: 16

Int: 10

Wis: 10

Luck: 4

Charm: 5

XP: 700/4,200

"Now, NOW I can finally get to class." Poking his head out to survey the street Ichigo saw nothing to indicate someone had watched his fight. But walking to school he found that he was getting even more weird looks than he usually did. It wasn't until he arrived to class a whole ten minutes late that a certain short haired ass-kicker pointed out the obvious.

"Ichigo." Tatsuki said, rubbing her temples in frustration of Ichigo's unending ignorance, "You've got blood all over your face."

Ichigo blinked. He had felt no pain and he definitely wasn't actively bleeding… a gentle touch to where the lieutenant had clipped him revealed some torn skin.


Tatsuki's tenuous hold on her emotions burst, "Then go to the bathroom and wash up you degenerate! Kami above how dumb are you?"

"Jeez fine, if you insist. I'll be back Ms. Ochi."

Flabbergasted at the insanity this delinquent insisted on bringing into her classroom Misato had no problem with Ichigo tidying up. "You do that Kurosaki, and please don't come into my classroom bleeding all over the floor again?"

Ichigo laughed, a full belly laugh that finally broke the tension he'd been feeling at the insanity that he had called his morning. "Sorry Ms. Ochi, No promises."

Aside from that nothing of interest ended up happening the rest of the school day for which Ichigo was immensely grateful. Lunch was bland and classes were mind numbingly boring and easy, actually, they felt just a bit easier than they had the day before, but he chalked that up to his Intelligence increase. And while nothing crazy happened Ichigo did get an important skill.

The only thing getting him through that particular day was looking around at all of his classmates levels which were floating above their heads. The vast majority of teachers and students were uninteresting; even Muiziro and Keigo didn't have any titles. Chad was cool. He was level ten which would have had Ichigo fuming if he hadn't hit fifteen thanks to the tutorial. Even his title was cool [El Gigante], Chad had taught him a couple of words in Spanish so he was pretty sure it meant the giant which was certainly an apt title. Tatsuki had [Karate Queen] which seemed over the top, but made a lot of sense. Ichigo certainly felt smug at the fact that she was just level seven. Though par was around level four so it was impressive in comparison to all the nobodies. One title was outright disturbing.

The Last Quincy

Uryu Ishida Lvl. 28

"The fuck's a quincy? And why is his level so damn high? I thought he was just the president of the knitting club. Fuck me." It was then a familiar blue text box appeared.

Congratulations! Through a special act you have gained a skill!

Observe Lvl. 1

Observe allows the player to see the basic description of the people and items around them. Right now the player will be able to see another character's Name, Level, Title, HP, and MP. Characters with levels far above the player's will only show their name and title unless they have been intentionally hidden. Inaccessible information will appear as ? where numbers or words normally would. This also allows you to see an enemy's health while in battle.

I was being nice when I let you see your enemies' health earlier.

"That's nice I guess…" Ichigo's curiosity was too great for him to ignore so he immediately got to using it.

Title: El Gigante

Name: Sado "Chad" Yasutora

Level: 10

HP: 400/400

RK: 420/420

Title: Karate Queen

Name: Tatsuki Arisawa

Level: 7

HP: 160/160

RK: 220/220

Title: School Idol

Name: Orihime Inoue

Level: 7

HP: 200/200

RK: 220/220

Title: The Last Quincy

Name: Uryu Ishida

Level: 28

HP: 400/400

RK: 800/800

'He's got pretty high Reiryoku, maybe Ishida knows how to use it? Oh wait! Active Combat Abilities.' he thought. There was only one.

Hado #1: Sho Lvl: 1

The most basic of Kido spells taught to ? in training. A small amount of Reiryoku is gathered upon the casters finger and expelled creating a small force. An inability to do this spell suggests that perhaps the user should give up on becoming a ?.

RK Cost: 5

Cast Time: Instant

Damage: 1 + Int + Wis

A cruel shit eating grin spread across Ichigo's face. 'Hohoho, it might be weak, but damn I can spam the fuck out of this guy. Uh, about… 1,200 times that's like 25k damage before I'm out. I probably can't do that in one shot, but damn that's awesome. Forget Glasses, I'll go try to grind this after school.'


Constant use of Observe got him through the day, by the end of it he had gotten Observe up to level 5 so now he could see the stats, which seemed ok. Just as he was packing leaving to pick up Yuzu and Karin to go home Tatsuki walked up to him looking uncharacteristically nervous. Already worried that he'd have to deal with some bullshit Ichigo further emphasized his scowl thought this did nothing to stop the Karate Queen.

"Uhm… Ichigo? Can I ask you for a really big favor?"


Again, I'm so friggin sorry to you who have read my other stories. They ARE NOT abandoned, far from it, it's just that I don't have a dedicated editor and as such CANNOT put out the redone chapters. And if I can't put up the redone chapters then I definitely can't progress the stories… except for my Percy Jackson fic, I could update that one I think. Either way I will update those eventually, I swear it. I just had to write this.

Now this fic exists thanks to another one called A Game of Blades which has unfortunately been taken down due to a very silly violation. When it gets I would suggest you give it a read, it's very high quality and has some pretty badass ideas. If you have already read it you'll probably recognize the upcoming quest, though I'll definitely be altering it a good amount. Multiple elements will be pulled, but know that this is intentional and with permission from the author.

Trust when I say that this will go places! Like I hope you guys go wtf! With what I have planned. Unfortunately you might find it pulling cliches from other fanfics, but I feel like that's unavoidable.

Usually this is full of overanalyzations and explanations of less obvious things in my stories, but even this story took me a couple of sessions stretched out over a month so not everything is ready in my brain. I am jumping right into the next chapter so I won't have any feedback to work with so I'm sorry for any of you thinkers.

OHOHOHOHOHOHOH! I wanted desperately to make Orihime's title some sort of joke, but I couldn't figure it out and I went for something obvious. So please, if you can think of something hilarious, but not detracting hit me up. I won't be calling her the Bimbo or the Great Breast or anything. It has to be true to the character, funny, but ultimately supportive and something that could give her a unique perk.

One last little bit is about the fact that I have no editors which means I'll never be content with my content. But please point out big mistakes and flaws so I can continue to get better with them. Hell even writing and plot issues.

Thx ;)