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Chapter 1 Summary: Ichigo is a gamer! Tutorials are long and annoying! He fought in a buffed up tutorial fight and got some sweet secret loot for completing the tutorial. While in school Ichigo unlocked the Observe ability and found out Ishida's a Quincy. Weird! Then Tatsuki came up to him looking for favors.


Chapter 2: Tekken Baseball Field Tournament

Ichigo was torn, ever since his mom died when he was nine he and Tatsuki had drifted apart. Sure they weren't antagonistic toward each other, but they had gone from best friends to barely friendly acquaintances. They never said more than a sentence to each other, they never hung out outside of school, they rarely worked together on team projects in school! It was fucking weird that she was even initiating a conversation with him! But there would always be the fact that out of everyone Tatsuki knew him the best, she knew things about him he barely knew about himself and that always made him uncomfortable. To be honest it was the biggest reason he distanced himself from her so much. How was he supposed to be a badass when this short little thing of a girl could always make him smile and be happy? He had to be a brick wall, for himself and his family; and Tatsuki would have made that process… difficult.

The day Ichigo quit karate lessons Tatsuki was very mad, but by as night descended upon Karakura little Tatsuki was very sad. She knew even then that something huge had changed in her friendship with Ichigo and looking back Tatsuki wished she had done more. Unfortunately nine year olds aren't well equipped to deal with grief and to console someone dealing with grief might as well be an impossible task. It was an everyday occurrence that she would look at Ichigo lament the death of their close friendship, she refused to wallow in it, but it did make her sad even now. Even now as she looked up at him she thought, 'He's so different…' Where was the crybaby that she always had to protect from bullies? That would spend hours playing with her on playgrounds? He had become so cold, he always seemed angry and even when he was around his friends he rarely cracked a smile. Him and Chad clicking so well made all the sense in the world to her, they could just fight and be stoic together, like machines. On really bad days she would lie in bed alone with her thoughts and cry. She knew why he did what he did, why he acts the way he does, 'He's still so hurt, Oh sweet Kami I wish I could help him.' But she could not, because he would never let her, or anybody, and school would go on like normal. She knew that the biggest motivation behind her friendship with Orihime was because she had simply transferred her feelings from Ichigo to her. It was obviously not everything and she absolutely loved her like a sister, but every so often she would feel a twinge of guilt that she was just using Orihime to feel better about herself. But all of these thoughts was why she rarely approached him for conversation, because she would think all of them every time and it was a depressing spiral that she loathed.

"Uhh Tatsuki? You wanted something?" She had gone quiet for almost a minute and Ichigo could easily tell that she wasn't there with him.

Tatsuki almost jumped at the sound of his voice, she had been so far gone and she never knew, Ichigo could have left and she would have been none the wiser. 'Dammit!' Sending him a slight glare she crossed her arms and looked at passing crowd of students leaving the school.

"Our school's karate club, of which I'm the president, is going to be part of an illegal tournament at the baseball field across town with a bunch of other high school's clubs tonight at around six. But it seems that the fights started a couple of days ago because a bunch of my best guys have been injured in "mysterious" accidents." She couldn't help the frustration leaking into her voice. "I know you're strong Ichigo, so I'm asking you please. Can you help me?"

'Tatsuki saying please? She's practically begging! This tournament could be a great way level up, but I really wanna see her squirm' So Ichigo said nothing. He waited a full minute and just as Tatsuki seemed ready to explode he said, "Sure."

Anger became confusion which became relief which ended on annoyance that Ichigo had been so obviously teasing her. She never doubted him though, he's too much of a bleeding heart to turn down someone in need.

"Good, good. Unfortunately we don't know exactly this will go down since we agreed to decide when everyone is there. And… try to bring Chad along." And she walked off.


Baseball Field Tournament!: Tatsuki needs your help! Someone has been sabotaging her club and now only the dregs and slackers will be able to attend. At this rate her club is sure to lose and your attendance might just sway things to her favor.

Objectives: Attend the Tournament, Win a fight

Bonus Objectives: Bring Extra Help, Win Several Fights, Win the Tournament

Rewards: Mildly Increased Rep. with Tatsuki Arisawa

Bonus Rewards: Greatly Increased Rep. with Tatsuki Arisawa, ?, ?, ?

Quest Failure: 100 Exp., Severely Reduced Rep. with Tatsuki Arisawa

'Hmmm, I don't know… this quest is all about Tatsuki which is kinda weird. But those bonus rewards might be sweet. And I guess I already accepted by saying yes to her… whatever, gotta go find Chad.'


Chad was easy to find since he had a tendency to ruminate in the wonders of nature or as Ichigo liked to call it, act like a goddamn hippie. El Gigante wasn't even a block away from the school where Ichigo found him just staring at a bunch of baby chicks in a nest.

"Errr, hey Chad? You wanna help out in a tournament at the baseball field at around six?"

Without looking at him Chad answered, "Sure Ichigo, I'll be there."

Chad didn't say anything else so Ichigo just stood there desperately looking for something to say to break the absurdly awkward atmosphere, but couldn't think of anything relevant. So he just shrugged and said goodbye.


Yuzu and Karin didn't get out immediately after Ichigo so he had half and hour to kill, but as he was passing by Karakura High again he remembered Ishida's absurdly high level.

'I wonder if I could get a guy like him to help out?'

Figuring he had nothing to lose either way Ichigo went looking for the knitting club and it's president. It only took him a minute, but man, popping his head in for even a second could seriously hurt his street cred, he had to make this quick.

Opting to quite literally pop his head in Ichigo quickly scanned the surprising number of members before finding the pair of glasses he was looking for.

"Yo, Ishida! Come out here I want to talk to you." No matter what he did Ichigo knew he would probably never shake the delinquent stigma that clung to him like a toxic cloud, after all it was a perk he had, but in this case he hoped it would be useful. 'Ishida might not have a reason to be scared of me, but all those Hufflepuffs in there will probably pressure him into going for fear of his "safety" if he just ignored me. Funny.'

True to form Ishida came out not even a minute later, he was clearly cross.

"Heyyyyy Ishida, buddy…"

"What on Earth could you possibly want with me Kurosaki?" said, Ishida clearly wanting to be done with this conversation.

"Well, believe it or not I know you're a pretty strong dude and-"

"What are you talking about? You know nothing about me, much less how "strong" I am. So if you're looking for a fight I suggest-"

"But I know you're a quicky, or uhh, a Quincy or whatever."

Silence. The typically mild mannered Ishida's face went from blank to rage filled during which Ichigo found himself desperately dodging punches.

"Woah, woah, woah! Chill out! The fuck you doing?"

"If it's a fight you wanted Kurosaki, you've got one now." Ishida said when he took a breath after realizing he had stopped when the ginger punk had mentioned his race.

"Cut it out! I'm not looking for a fight! Seriously, I actually want your help with something!"

Taking a much deeper breath to calm the rush of adrenaline in his veins Ishida observed Ichigo with a critical eye.

"Why do you need my help?'

"Like I said, you're a pretty strong guy and Tatsuki, from class, the chick with the short hair, tomboy, needs help with a tournament at the baseball field across town at six. So…"

"I could help I suppose, but only if you tell me how and why you know I'm Quincy. Swear it and I'm there."

Now this posed a problem, no way was Ichigo going to tell him about the Game, but his help could be valuable… and he wanted those bonus rewards dammit! Confident he could come up with some convincing bullshit Ichigo agreed.

"I swear. Tomorrow at lunch meet me at the roof, I'll tell you everything. Can I trust you to be there?"

"Fine Kurosaki, I look forward to our conversation." Ishida then entered his clubroom leaving Ichigo alone in the hallway.

"Huuu… what the fuck? Who knew talking glasses of all people would be so stressful. And i bet he coulda hit me if he wanted to, after all his Dexterity is almost double mine." 'Huuu, I wonder if there's anyone else I can get to help?'


There was someone else he could get! But he was extremely hesitant to ask her. For two reasons actually. One, she might already be going and two, Tatsuki might get mad if he brought her. But really none of that mattered, because she would increase his bonus reward.

He found Inoue just skipping along the sidewalk with nary a care in the world. She clearly wasn't paying attention to her surroundings because just as Ichigo was going to talk to her, after finally tearing his eyes away from her beautifully bouncing boobies, she slammed head first into a crosswalk sign.

"Ow, Ichigo you distracted me!" She complained as she rubbed her forehead. Being all cute and shit.

Ichigo was so loss. "H-How did I distract you? How'd you know I was here?"

Realizing her slight tongue slip Orihime clammed up and went red in the face.

Knowing he wouldn't get a response from her if she was like this Ichigo decided to ignore her… quirks, and get to the point.

"Well anyways, Tatsuki's short on fighters for a tournament at six and I was wondering if ya' could help out."

That certainly snapped Orihime out of her embarrassment induced coma, "What!?"

"Ah, so she didn't tell ya' huh? That girl… the fight's at six so you've got two and a half hours to be at the baseball fields across town ok?"

'That girl… why wouldn't she ask for my help?' Composing herself and achieving a stern attitude Orihime bowed deeply to Ichigo. "Thank you Kurosaki-kun, I'll be there." She then marched off to he house at an impressive click.

"What an… interesting girl. Well it is three thirty and…" Ichigo's eyes widened in horror, "I forgot about Yuzu and Karin!"


An exhausted Ichigo arrived at the middle school his sisters go to just in time for the after school activities to let out. 'Kami be praised, I wasn't late.' Once again he surprised himself because mere moments after leaning against the wall to relax he felt like he was at 100%. 'Man, this Gamer's Body is broken.'

"Ichi-nii!" Came the voice of an exuberant eleven year old.

"San-shi!" Echoed the voice of a noticeably less exuberant eleven year old.

"Karin! Why do you always do that! It's not funny!"

"Bah, it's funny, and it's your fault for being so peppy about it."

Finally the sister duo got to their older brother. "Ugh. Hi Ichi-nii!"

"San-shi." whispered Karin.

He could hold in his laugh as he hugged Yuzu and twirled her around. "And a hello to you Yuzu, and you too Karin." Though Ichigo had his bad boy exterior that he refused to let Tatsuki mess up his little sisters absolutely melted him, if only for bit.

With his new strength he barely felt Yuzu as he held her on his hip and despite Karin's tight squeeze on his hand he didn't feel any pain. Every moment in the game was a marvel, it even made class fun! Or at the very least more beneficial than usual. He let the idle chatter of little girls wash over him, answering with the minimum required of him, these were the moments that he was happiest. His sisters were his world and with the Game in his life he felt even more confident that he could protect them no matter the situation.


By the time they got home Ichigo had forgotten his father's customary surprise attack. He was far too deep in a fantasy of in which he reached levels never seen before and slayed dragons in the name of protecting his little sisters. So when Karin opened the door and Ichigo took a kick to the chest without flinching everyone stopped.

Karin and Yuzu were floored. First, Ichigo did nothing to protect them, then their father had attacked Ichigo in spite of their presence, and finally their big bro didn't budge when taking a full body kick to the chest! They had no words.

Isshin on the other hand was quite perturbed by the unexpected turn of events. (spoilers for like… 2008 seriously if you haven't finished Bleach, or at least gotten close to the end before giving up on the garbage fire it became, or at minimum finished the Aizen arc, why are you here?) While he might no longer be a shinigami or, even more damning, incapable of sensing reiryoku he had a good handle on his son's physical prowess. He was perfectly capable of wiping the floor with the snot rag, but he worked hard to reasonably challenge him to encourage growth well beyond what is normal for a human. This attack was a dodging attack so it was stronger than normal and Ichigo should have sensed that it was and thusly, dodged. Red flag number one. Though nowadays it might be rare every once in a while Ichigo will get hit by a strong attack he was supposed to dodge, it's not the end of the world for him, but the large and painful bruise left behind is a constant reminder to the boy to be on his toes, i.e., he should have been laid out by that attack. Thankfully he wasn't because Ichigo was carrying Yuzu and Isshin would have never forgiven himself if he had hurt her. The fact that he took the hit, and moreover took the hit like it was nothing, was red flag number two. But above all else, the fact that Ichigo didn't seem to be attacking him was a huge red flag. To make matters weirder his boy seemed to be in shock and awe of something.

Oh, Ichigo was shocked alright. He apparently hadn't gotten a good look at his dad in the morning because he wouldn't have forgotten his level. He also wouldn't have been able to instinctively observe Isshin which is exactly what he did.

Title: Shiba Clan Head

Name: Isshin Kurosaki

Lvl: 84

HP: (1,000/1,000) 500/500

RK: (2,620/2,620) 5/5

Stats: 80

Str: (85/2) = 42.5

Vit: (50/2) = 25

Dex: (70/2) = 35

Int: 75

Wis: 81

Luck: 36

Charm: 23

'Dad… what the fuck dad… dad… dad what the fuck!' It took Yuzu poking him to snap out of his shocked haze.

"Dad! What the hell?" I'm with the girls why the f-heck would you decide that I needed more training right now?"

"Ah, well… you see…"

"Blah, blah, blah… seriously dad you had to see us coming in order to surprise me so…?"

"Well, actually… funny you say that…"

"Nonono, no. Don't ffffriggin tell me you waited here all day for me to get home just so that you could attack me."

"Well… not all day…"

"You know… I don't even care." Finally Ichigo put Yuzu down. "Why don't you two head on in."

The girls complied, though, with some hesitance. After all the back and forth between father and son was kind of hilarious.

Once they were out of sight Ichigo got personal.

"Listen up Goat-chin I got important shit to do later, so don't ya' run around annoying me ok?"

Isshin Shiba was calm man, it took a lot for him to get angry and even then he usually wasn't violent, but right then he almost beat the ever living shit out his firstborn. Unfortunately his coping mechanism for his wife's death left him a rather headless head of household. The only time his kids ever took him seriously was during a medical emergency which was rare, so his hands were tied.

"Fine, fine, go do your homework or whatever I'll just be here saving lives." Deciding upon a pathetic, dejected state Isshin went off to ponder his son's newfound strength.

'Dad of the year ladies and gentlemen. Now let's get to work.'

It took Ichigo a surprisingly short amount of time to complete his homework which left him with about an hour of time to kill before the tournament. Just as he was lying back to relax a blue screen popped up.

Would you like to view the notifications you ignored today?


Ignored seemed harsh since he had specifically requested them to be put aside for a moment like this, but now was as good a time as any so Ichigo hit Y.

The notifications will be listed in chronological order

[Dodge] has leveled up!

[Passive Combat] Dodge lv. 26

It's all about timing because if you can dodge a car you can dodge a giant monster who wants to devour your soul!

Chance to dodge an attack: (Your Dex - Opp. Dex + 26)%

Through a special action you learned the ability Speechcraft.

By paying attention in class all day you've gained 2 Int.

[Passive Utility] Speechcraft Lvl. 2

The art of talking is a life skill like no other. Be it for seduction, coercion, convincing, or just plain lying to someone a silver tongue will always come in handy.

(2+Charm)% chance to convince someone to your point of view

This skill is matched against an NPC's Charisma

[Dodge] has leveled up!

[Passive Combat] Dodge lv. 27

It's all about timing because if you can dodge a car you can dodge a giant monster who wants to devour your soul!

Chance to dodge an attack: (Your Dex - Opp. Dex + 27)%

Through a special action you have learned the ability Intimidation.

[Active Utility] Intimidation Lvl. 15

You're big and bad and you wanna make sure everyone knows it. Through a combination of words and physical prowess you can send all of the sheeple running.

(15+Speechcraft Level+Str)% chance to intimidate

This skill is matched against an NPC's Wisdom

Intimidation Failed!

By completing your homework in a timely manner you gained 1 Int.

'I guess the intimidation failing makes sense, even if I don't like it. But Kami above dad's stats are ridiculous. I'd love to find out why, but there's just no way he'd let slip why he's as strong as he is…' As if the world was listening a blue text box appeared.

[Quest Alert!]

The Mystery of the Bum-ass Father

Isshin Kurosaki is clearly much more than meets the eye. What's the deal with his title? Why is his level so absurdly high? If he's so capable why has he acted the way he has all these years since your mom died? Why are his absurdly high stats being slashed? The answers will change your life forever.

Objectives: Learn the secrets of Isshin Kurosaki

Bonus Objectives: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Rewards: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Bonus Rewards: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Quest Failure: Ignorance of your true self, Death to you and all those you know and love



'Death to everyone I know and love… and me too? But look at all those rewards! And let's be real, how hard will it be to find out goat-chin's secrets? Yeah I accept.'

The Main Quest has been Accepted

Good Luck Bitch You're Going To Need It

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS GAME! You know what? No, I don't care. This is very clearly a roleplaying game I can just fuck around doing whatever the hell I want, so FUCK OFF!" Realizing he was talking aloud and must sound like a psychopath Ichigo turned his thoughts inward once again. 'I wanna see if my Intelligence actually went up. Stats'

Title: The Protector

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Race: Human~ish (?)

Level: 15

HP: 400/400

RK: 6,000/6,000


Str: 10

Vit: 20

Dex: 16

Int: 13

Wis: 10

Luck: 4

Charm: 5

XP: 700/4,200

"Oh shit… I'm not all human. Dammit I bet Dad's not human."

For making logical connections and coming to reasonable conclusions your Int and Wis have gone up by 1.

"Nope, not dealing with it. Imma just put on some sweats and go to the fight. At least there I know what's going on."


At six sharp Ichigo arrived at the baseball field to find a surprising number of people gathered. A quick surveillance revealed there to be around sixty fighters and for the most part their levels were ranging from eight to ten.

'Bullshit, are you telling me I might have lost if I came here yesterday? That's ridiculous.'

"You idiotic Strawberry!" Ah, the dulcet tones of a maiden most divine. "Why the fuck did you tell Orihime to come?"

"Oh just chill out Tatsuki, I know you've trained her a bit and just look at her," Orihime was decked out in a karate Gi and black belt as she went through some warm-up stances, "she's all pumped up to help you out. She was actually mad you didn't tell her anything soo…"

Their lively exchange alerted Orihime to their presence inciting the peppy girl to bounce on over to them.

"Hiya Kurosaki-kuu~uun, and Tatsuki-chan…" Her face dropped. "Why didn't you tell me about this? You know I could help, you trained me yourself! We're not little kids Tatsuki-chan!" While there was no true anger behind her words they certainly rang true with the tomboy.

"I-I know and I'm sorry Orihime, it just… I'd hate to see you get hurt you know?"

"And how do you think I feel? Who knows what could happen today! I know you're a great fighter Tatsuki, but look at all these people!" Orihime swept her arm at the crowd to emphasize her point. "So please, just ask for help. You're my best friend."

Tears, hugging, reconciliation, Ichigo was ready to barf, but he was interrupted by the nasally voice of some chick that puberty hadn't been the nicest to.

Title: Otaru High Martial Arts Club President

Name: Masako Kogo

Level: 12

HP: 300/300

RK: 200/200


Str: 15

Vit: 15

Dex: 18

Int: 5

Wis: 5

Luck: 2

Charm: 0

"How adorable Arisawa, unfortunately we're not here for a tea party. The other club presidents are this way."

"Ugh, Kogo, fine. C'mon Ichi, Orihime."

"What you need an entourage, scared of us are ya?"

"Oh shut up Kogo, Just because you're a senior doesn't mean you're better than me. Let's just go."

Ichigo had no problem following along, it seemed like these Club Presidents might present an interesting challenge. Soon the group of four reached another small group of four whom Ichigo assumed to be the leaders of the other schools, a couple quick observes proved that assumption to be true.

Title: Shimoda High Martial Arts Club President

Name: Hitoshi Tezuka

Lvl: 12

HP: 360/360

RK: 380/380


Str: 25

Vit: 18

Dex: 11

Int: 1

Wis: 1

Luck: 3

Charm: 1

Title: Takaoka High Martial Arts Club President

Name: Terao Kunda

Lvl: 11

HP: 200/200

RK: 240/240


Str: 15

Vit: 10

Dex: 15

Int: 10

Wis: 2

Luck: 1

Charm: 2

Title: Iwata High Martial Arts Club President

Name: Orinosuke Nobusawa

Lvl: 15

HP: 200/200

RK: 320/320


Str: 18

Vit: 10

Dex: 16

Int: 8

Wis: 6

Luck: 7

Charm: 10

Title: Yuzuwa High Martial Arts Club President

Name: Yukari Otomo

Lvl: 18

HP: 300/300

RK: 420/420


Str: 20

Vit: 15

Dex: 20

Int: 10

Wis: 6

Luck: 4

Charm: 15

'Well shit… this will be very hard, those thugs didn't know how to fight… this will be very, very hard… damn.'

As the groups merged Yukari spoke up, "How nice of you to join us Tatsuki. The boys and I were just discussing about how we have all of these lovely people here and that it'd be a shame to exclude any of them. So we were thinking about making this a two part tournament. First will be a round robin where everyone fights everyone, then we'll have top eight fighters and do a traditional elimination tournament. How does that sound?"

"Oh that's sounds awesome." Ichigo could already see the levels rolling in.

Tatsuki hadn't been in favor of such a thing given how she had the smallest number of participants, but Ichigo's enthusiasm did give her a semblance of hope that maybe they'd come out of top.

"Sure, I think that'll work."

Yukari's gorgeous face lit up with a beautiful smile. "Oh how wonderful! Give me a few minutes to organize it and we can begin!" And with that she sashayed away.

"Ok then… I'm glad we're doing this. My club is a pretty big so not everyone gets to fight in formal competitions. It'll be good way for them to gauge their skill levels and practice a whole bunch." Said Orinosuke.

"Bah, who cares about that crap! I'm just glad that I'll be able to pummel so many punks." Interjected Hitoshi as the bear of a teenager tried to intimidate everyone else with ridiculous poses.

"Uhh right. I just hope I can get to the final tournament fighting so many people will be absolutely exhausting." Noted Terao trepidatiously.

"Oh that's totally true. Tatsuki-chan how are we going to fight so many people without fainting?" complained Orihime.

"Oh, well… Yukari isn't an idiot. I'm sure we won't be fighting our own members and there has to be some kind of fairness so we can't fight each other without some sort of supervision so there will have to be breaks. Right?" Tatsuki said in an effort to calm Orihime… and herself. 'God why'd I say yes so easily? No matter what happens Orihime is right, this will be exhausting.'

Ichigo knew he wouldn't have that problem, so in an effort to get some sort of secret objective he put forth his own idea. "Well, if it's a problem of supervision we can try to do ten or so fights at a time that I can referee and once everything is said and done I'll fight everyone in a row."

That turned heads.

"Ichigo that insane!"

"Oh I like your style buddy"


"I may not know you sir, but I find it difficult to believe you'd be able to do that."

"It's not a terrible idea, but we couldn't possibly let you do all that."

"Hey, hey, hey. I mean what I say when I say that it'll be fine. My only request is that I fight you guys at the end."

"Oh that's so sweet of you." Sang Yukari startling everyone with her sneaky appearance. "I was going to do that exact thing, but since you're so willing~."

Something about the way she said it, or the way she seemed so happy about it made Ichigo falter in his confidence. 'Do it for the secret! But what if it's not a secret… Dammit too late now.'

"O-Of course. But how will this be organized?"

"Oh yeah, I have just the thing." With a wave of her hand two of her club members brought forth boxes full of paper and pens. "I brought a crate of multi colored pens so each school will be using a different color. The goal will be to get the signatures of your opponents and whether you won or loss. I just need from each of you how many members you have and we can tell everyone how many signatures of each color they'll need on their paper. Obviously we won't be fighting within out groups. Then some quick math to find the eight people with the highest win ratios and boom we're onto our final tournament. Of course this relies on an honor system but everyone will be watched by a crowd so lying will be easy to catch. And I heard what you said about ten simultaneous matches Mr. Strawberry Man and I like it so let's do that. And… I think that's it!"

While it was a lot everyone agreed that it wasn't a terrible idea.

"Alrighty! Then can you guys tell me how many people you brought along?"

"Well, I brought everyone available," said Terao, "So I believe that's fifteen people."

"I'm assuming we all did," added Orinosuke, "which means I brought… twenty guys."

"Twelve." grunted Hitoshi.

"Uhh I think I have sixteen people?" was Masako's answer.

"Well we only have four, Chad's here right?" Tatsuki asked Ichigo.

"He should be, but I also brought that Ishida guy." answered Ichigo.

"Ishida… you mean that glasses guy who's the president of the knitting club? Seriously Ichigo? That guy couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag much less throw around his weight here. What the hell!"

"Calm down Tatsuki. Trust me, that guy is really strong."

"Hmmm…" She growled. "I'm trusting you to do a lot today…"

"Yeah yeah, but you'll see."

"Fine we have five."

"Awesome, that leaves me with ten making sixty-two contestants, how fun!" exclaimed Yukari.


The round robin tournament went off without a hitch. With Ichigo as referee there were very few forfeits due to low blows as the fighters were too scared of him to dare provoke his anger. Exactly as he foretold Orihime did good work in the tournament winning about seventy percent of her matches. Chad was laying down some serious pain and barely seemed to tire, his only losses were to the presidents and even then he beat Masako and Terao.

"Holy shit Ichigo! You weren't kidding about glasses guy!"

Uryu was the big upset of the tournament. While most contestants were wearing comfortable workout clothes or gis Uryu arrived in this absurd, pure white getup that looked about as functional as a teddy bear for a weapon. He then proceeded the decimate each an every opponent with the finesse of a brain surgeon. He didn't strike particularly hard, but he was never hit and every blow he landed counted. Even Yukari lost to him which almost turned her club members into an angry mob, but she stopped them before things could get out of hand. In the end everyone was in awe of this nobody who ended the round robin without any losses.

Finally came the time for Ichigo to fight.

"Alright everyone!" shouted Yukari, "The final contestant will be our lovely referee, please give him a round of applause for all of his hard work! He will be fighting everyone without rest so that everyone can have a break before the final round. Do not hold back!"

The announcement shocked most of the club members, but slowly hope filled their chests. Surely even the great Strawberry Thug of Karakura would tire out eventually and one of them were sure to walk away with the ability to boast about getting one over the feared delinquent. With a roar of a approval a line was made and the fights began.

"Let's go!" screamed Ichigo.

100 Exp

100 Exp

100 Exp

150 Exp

100 Exp

300 Exp

150 Exp

200 Exp

100 Exp

100 Exp

On and on it went. Fifty two scrubs, with the odd non scrub thrown in there, rose and fell before Ichigo's mighty fists of fury. All the while Ichigo made sure to stick to his Karate since he had quickly realized that now was a great time to grind the skill. He didn't have to forfeit a single match which no matter what the quest said, felt like an accomplishment. With every victory the crowd grew more and more shocked, they were witnessing an absolute monster in action! At the end he was barely breathing hard! Silence fell along with the last fighter as no words could describe what everyone had witnessed! Luckily this worked in Ichigo's favor.

In the course of defeating fifty-two opponents you have gained 9,200 experience points.

Congratulations You have leveled up twice!

Title: The Protector

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Race: Human~ish (?)

Level: 17

HP: 400/460

RK: 6,800/6,800

Stats: 10

Str: 15 +

Vit: 23 +

Dex: 20 +

Int: 14 +

Wis: 11 +

Luck: 6 +

Charm: 5 +

XP: 700/5,800

'Wait… how did my physical attributes go up? Is it like when I did my homework and paid attention in class? OH SHIT! I could hit the gym, for like a whole day, and get huge gains! That also means I can save my points for huge boosts if I need them. Or so that I can huge specific weapons like what happened this morning.'

For making logical connections and coming to reasonable conclusions your Int and Wis have gone up by 1.

'It doesn't stop! This is becoming more and more awesome by the second! Huuu. The big fight will no doubt be Uryu so if I want to have a chance at beating him I'll need to match his… thirty dexterity. It sucks to put them all in one stat, but I'm going to win! Hey look at that, Chad, Tatsuki and Orihime all leveled up, but they only got physical stats, but that makes sense I guess.'

Title: The Protector

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Race: Human~ish (?)

Level: 17

HP: 400/460

RK: 6,800/6,800


Str: 15

Vit: 23

Dex: 30

Int: 15

Wis: 12

Luck: 6

Charm: 5

XP: 700/5,800

'And look at that, Intermediate Karate hit sixty-five and Dodge hit thirty-five. This is just great.'

"All right, this punk has gotten enough of a rest! Let me at 'em." proclaimed Hitoshi.

"I'm good, let's go." answered Ichigo.

Hitoshi rushed in confident that his strength would break through the weakling's absurd win streak. He was wrong.

Ichigo watched the human gorilla barrel towards him in boredom. 'Man this is what Ishida felt like when fighting these guys? They're just so… slow." When Hitoshi got close enough Ichigo doged left of his swing and delivered a brutal strike to the gorilla's exposed head. Critical

Shimoda High Martial Arts Club President

Hitoshi Tezuka Lvl. 12



Unfortunately that didn't put him down, but Ichigo wasn't worried in the slightest as he went in for a flurry of blows to his stunned opponent.

Shimoda High Martial Arts Club President

Hitoshi Tezuka Lvl. 12


Shimoda High Martial Arts Club President

Hitoshi Tezuka Lvl. 12


Shimoda High Martial Arts Club President

Hitoshi Tezuka Lvl. 12


Shimoda High Martial Arts Club President

Hitoshi Tezuka Lvl. 12


Shimoda High Martial Arts Club President

Hitoshi Tezuka Lvl. 12


Shimoda High Martial Arts Club President

Hitoshi Tezuka Lvl. 12


Shimoda High Martial Arts Club President

Hitoshi Tezuka Lvl. 12


He ended his attack with a crushing kick to the chest which sent his opponent flying.

Shimoda High Martial Arts Club President

Hitoshi Tezuka Lvl. 12



1,000 Exp

"Hmph. Next."

Hitoshi's club members dragged his body away to give the poor boy a chance to recuperate. Terao came forward next.

"I concede." he said and walked right back into the crowd.

50 Exp

"Uhm… ok I guess."

Masako came forward, but the struggle was evident on her face. "I… I also concede."

50 Exp

"Ha! Bitch!" was Tatsuki's delighted reaction.

Orinosuke stepped forward and tightened his gi, settling into his Judo stance. "I'm not like these other fools. You'll have a hard time taking me down!"

"Eh? Isn't that a little too cliche?"

"Who cares? Let's go!"

Iwata High Martial Arts Club President

Orinosuke Nobusawa Lvl. 15


'He's probably a better fighter than gorilla boy, but he's so squishy I doubt I'll have a problem.'

Ichigo approached carefully so he could bait out a grab before retaliating. The two combatants circled each other for a full minute before Orinosuke lunged for a leg grab, and missed. Ichigo flipped the script by slamming the president into the ground and wailing on him while on top.

Iwata High Martial Arts Club President

Orinosuke Nobusawa Lvl. 15


Iwata High Martial Arts Club President

Orinosuke Nobusawa Lvl. 15



1,200 Exp

'No kill prompt? The game probably knows death was never an option. This fight was almost easier.' Ichigo laughed as Orinosuke's club member dragged him much like Hitoshi's before. "That leaves you Yukari-chan!"

Yukari Otomo was a very beautiful woman. As a senior in high school she could boast have already been offered jobs at ten different modeling agencies. Unfortunately for them she was more interested in becoming a lawyer than showing off her gorgeous body for the whole world to see. She couldn't even do it on the side because her Muay-Thai training took up so much of her time, after all she could boast an eighty percent win-loss ratio despite most of her opponents being grown men who had been training for years. Every single day was a fight to maintain her perfect grades and looks and the absurd balance between running a club, school, homework, training, and trying not to fuck something to stay true to her purity pledge! There was no fucking way some thug off of the streets was going to beat her!

Yukari stepped forward already, worked up by her thoughts, and settled into her Muay-Thai stance.

"No one liner for me? Ok." Confident in his victory Ichigo rushed in, before screeching to a halt a few feet away from her.

Yuzuwa High Martial Arts Club President

Yukari Otomo Lvl 18

HP: 600/300

Given her astounding need to win this fight the Aura [Resolve] has been activated. All stats are doubled. If the character has reached zero health they will regain half of their max HP and the Aura will fade.

A quick observe revealed this fact to be true.

Title: Yuzuwa High Martial Arts Club President

Name: Yukari Otomo

Lvl: 18

HP: 600/300

RK: 840/420


Str: (20*2) = 40

Vit: (15*2) = 30

Dex: (20*2) = 40

Int: (10*2) = 20

Wis: (6*2) = 12

Luck: (4*2) = 8

Charm: (15*2) = 30

To the common observer it seemed as though the sun quite literally shone out of Yukari's ass. Ichigo genuinely had to look away for a second because her beauty seemed to radiate off her body in waves. Yukari went in for a blow.


-80 HP

That sure as hell woke him up. 'This is some bullshit.'

She attempted to follow up, but Ichigo had finally remembered that dodging was a thing and jumped away from the knee on the way to his stomach.

Wiping the faint trickle of blood Ichigo spoke, "Damn bitch, if you wanted to get fucked up so badly you should have just said so." In spite of his big talk Ichigo knew he was in a bad spot. Unlike the gang members from this morning she was well trained, very well trained if the level disparity between her and everyone else was anything to go by. He'd have to pull something crazy out of his ass if he wanted to win.

After the first clash Ichigo and Yukari spent some time sizing each other up which was exactly what Ichigo needed.

'C'mon think! I'm playing a game there has to be something I can use… the reiryoku. If I can… feel it I guess? Maybe I can reinforce my punches with it or something.'

A quick exchange of blows left Ichigo down another forty health points while only dealing fifteen damage to his opponent.

'Dammit, it's do or die. Let's try this out.'

-1,000 RK

Through a special action you have created an Active Combat Ability.

Reinforcement Lvl. 1

By manipulating the reiryoku found naturally within you, you can coat various body parts and harden them to increase their damage output and defense. The increase depends upon the amount you use in the technique and is split up between the limbs used.

Damage Increase/Reduction: 1 per 10 RK

Activation Time: 1 second per 10 RK

Duration: 1 second per 1 RK

'Hell yeah! That's what I'm talking about. My damage is huge right now and if I take her hits with my arms I'll take literally no damage. Kami this is fucking awesome. It also must have given me a pass on the activation time since this is my first time. That's nice. It's also nice that she hasn't attacked me yet she must be waiting for me to drop my guard.'

So in a move that shocked everyone Ichigo dropped his guard. And while it might have been an obvious trap Yukari knew that it would be a race to see who could land a hit first and she was sure she could win. Dashing in Yukari went for an overhead knee hoping to end the fight in a single blow. Even if Ichigo blocked it he should have broken a bone.

"What the hell?" asked a wide-eyed Yukari, the incredulity clear in her voice.

Ichigo didn't even flinch from the abnormally strong attack since he used both arms and their total of one hundred defense beat her eighty damage.

"Oh ho ho. I got your number bitch."

Having had his fill of theatrics Ichigo decided to throw the girl off of him forcing her to roll away. He then immediately followed up with a hammer fist to her back as she tried to stand.

Yuzuwa High Martial Arts Club President

Yukari Otomo Lvl 18

HP: 455/300

The blow sent her back into the ground face first. Having way more fun than he should be Ichigo decided to let her try and stand using the time to spend another 1,000 RK and reinforcing both of his legs.

At the two minute mark she finally stood, even with the long rest she had before this fight Yukari was still a bit fatigued and it was beginning to show.

"Oh you poor thing you." Taunted Ichigo. "Why don't you just give up now and save us both a lot of trouble."

But his words merely rehardened her resolve. "I refuse! I've worked long and hard for my strength, I will not lose to you!"

"Fine by me." And with that Ichigo took the offensive.

He landed a blow to her head with one hand while catching her attack with the other.

Yuzuwa High Martial Arts Club President

Yukari Otomo Lvl 18

HP: 390/300

He pressed on following up with an uppercut to her jaw. Critical

Yuzuwa High Martial Arts Club President

Yukari Otomo Lvl 18

HP: 260/300


It was easy as pie landing two more critical blows when his opponent was stunned bringing her health down to zero.

Yuzuwa High Martial Arts Club President

Yukari Otomo Lvl 18

HP: 0/300

But she got back up.

Yuzuwa High Martial Arts Club President

Yukari Otomo Lvl 18

HP: 150/300

Health has been restored, thus the Aura [Resolve] has been broken.

' #!$#$# !$# !$! Huuu… at least that dumb as fuck aura went away.' " Come on now Yukari-chan. Surely you've got more in ya' than that."

Yukari was swaying at this point. "You bet your sweet ginger ass I do! Bring it on!" With that final battle cry Yukari charged Ichigo.

Ichigo laughed, it was too easy at this point! A simple kick to the head was all it took to put down the beauty for good. Critical

Yuzuwa High Martial Arts Club President

Yukari Otomo Lvl 18

HP: 20/300


3,000 Exp

'Hell yeah! That's a level.'

All was still for a moment as everyone absorbed what they had just witnessed. Then the silence was broken by the elated cheers of Tatsuki and Orihime as they rushed Ichigo with Chad not far behind. The outburst also snapped Yukari's club members, and fanboys, out of their stupor and into action helping nurse the bombshell back to health. After all they still had a tournament to fight in!


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