(this chapter is in her pov all the other will not be in here pov else I have it inhere or anyone else's pov. )

So me and the avengers have a day where we just hang out around the tower and we'll be lazy. We are missing a few like Thor, he is the one at Asgard with Loki, Bruce is on a special assignment, and then everyone else is here. We all set down and watched some TV. We do it a day before the first day of school. We watched a lot of Disney movies and some action movies also a little bit of horror movies. Steve stood up and started talking " Hey let play a game! like a nerf battle it will help us train and we will have some fun." Steve said. yeah we will have two teams. they split up into teams. My team went to hide in my dads lab and hid and to wait for them to come then we will attack. Suddenly we heard a war cry and the first shot was made. We spent the next hour playing with the nerf guns. We ate lunch and then they got called out to a mission. I spent a hour to take a shower and to get ready. I decided to call peter and ask him if he wanted to hang out.

phone conversation:

P-peter T- Taylor

T- Hey Peter i just wanted to ask if you wanted to go somewhere and hangout because my family just left.

P- Sure do you want me to come to your house or do you want to hang out somewhere.

T- Lets just meet at Central Park because im not allowed to invite anybody over here yet I might be able to someday.

P- Ok, ill se you then bye.

T- se ya bye!

End converation.

I left to meet Peter at the park hoping not to run into any creeps on the way to the subway.

Skip ride to the park...

i got to the park and saw Peter standing there i walked up to him, Oh my gosh Peter how long have you been waiting for me. " i haven't been waiting that long he said as he hugged me. What have you been up to I havent seen you since school let out." Peter said. Well my family went on a trip to another state so I went with them that was almost all summer. What about you what did you do during the summer. " I went to Oscorb during the summer to take a tour of the place and i stayed with aunt May. I also got a job at a pizza place so yeah that was my summer." Peter said. We walked around and talked for a while it was getting late so I went to the subway to go back home.

Skip to Stark Tower...

I walked inside and no one was home i got ready for bed so I can get up tomorrow hoping they will be back.


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