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Once the wizards left he was alone with his father. Reisi took the vacated seat across from him. His eyes were glazed over with thought. Harrison left him to his thoughts as he considered his options.

What he told Crouch was true. He had no intentions of returning to England. Nor did he have any intentions of making the oath either. Trusting the Dark Lord to keep his word was practically suicide. An oath would have to be made with strong loophole free wording. Something he wasn't very good at making.

Then Reisi said with a frown, "I don't think that is the last you will see of the British Wizards. Especially since I was alerted to the fact three wizards from Britain entered the country yesterday."

"Which ones?"

His father pulled out his phone and accessed the Scepter4 database. A moment later three pictures were pulled up. A sneer twisted across Harrison's face as he recognized one of the three.

Remus Lupin. While he had liked the professor during his third year the man hadn't kept contact. Both he and Sirius had taken off immediately after his third year. While he could understand why Sirius needed to leave the lack of contact hurt. Both men were firmly under Dumbledore's thumb and that meant that they couldn't be trusted.

Harrison had no idea how Sirius would react to learning that he was not a Potter. That he was a child of a King and was in fact a King himself. No doubt he would say that Harrison was just confused and that he should return to England.

Yeah that wasn't happening. Not unless they drugged him and doing that would lose any latent trust that remained. Avoiding the man however would be more difficult than anyone else the old man could have scent. Hiding one's scent was difficult. Even in his scent seeker form he would still give off the same scent.

Instead of bringing up his concerns he pointed to Lupin and said, "That's Remus Lupin one of James Potter's best friends. It will be difficult to avoid him outside of the protective wards. He's a werewolf. I don't know the other two."

His father began tapping out different things on his phone. The frown deepened the longer he worked.

Then he said, "Nymphadora Tonks and Mundungus Fletcher. Both are half bloods and members of Dumbledore's group."

Harrison questioned suspicion clouding his eyes, "How do you know this? I didn't realize Scepter4 kept track of wizards."

Reisi looked up their eyes meeting as he realized that he was on thin ice, "You're right. Normally we do not keep track of wizards coming into Japan. We leave that up to the Ministry for the most part. With the revelation that you're my son and the fame of "Harry Potter" I decided to be alerted if wizards came from Britian. This only works however if they come in legally. Like these three did."

Which also explained how Crouch and Nott did not come up. They had likely come in illegally. Damn it. The old meddling bastard was trying to find him.

Harrison questioned coolly, "Do you have a plan to derail them?"

Reisi was typing into his phone again as he said, "I'll have one of the discrete squads follow them. If anything new comes up I'll let you know."

Harrison sighed, "I probably should return then. Less likely they will catch me without a guard."

Reisi gave him a sharp look as he demanded, "I'll walk you back. You shouldn't go anywhere alone until they leave. They might try something and a portkey would be easy enough to force you back to England."

"You don't have to do that," tried to reason the boy.

"Of course I do," replied Reisi sharply, "You're my son and there are those who want to kidnap you."

Harrison glared, "You're not coming in."

"That's fine," conceded the older King.

And so he did much to Harrison's annoyance walk him back to their forest. He waited just outside watching as the boy disappeared into the fog. A part of him wished he wasn't in his civilian clothes as he felt eyes upon him. Then again it could work in hi favor.

Attacking someone out of the blue for just watching would not look good upon his clan. He was not part of HOMRA who could get away with such violence. Even still his aura fluctuated dangerously in clear warning. Do not come any closer.

Whoever was watching must have read the silent warning for they retreated. Reisi glanced again into the forest wanting nothing more than to go after his son. Despite knowing that it would be futile and he wouldn't get anywhere near their camp. That would also lose any trust he had built up.

So instead he headed back the way he came then to the Scepter4's offices. All the while the feeling of being watched never left.