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When he reached the camp many of the scouts were pacing about. Harrison moved towards them with a sigh. Whatever was bothering them he needed to take care of it now otherwise he wouldn't be able to relax.

Matt a young scent seeker but one with the strongest nose was the first to notice his approach. He was a plain-looking boy with mousy brown hair and brown eyes. The animal that was his other half was a brown wolf that had silver on his paws. All scent seekers had strong noses but this boy had no equal. Even with him. It was the reason he led the scouting group despite his youth.

Not all of the scouts were wolves. One was a mouse. Another was a falcon. They were all strong and skilled in what they did. They were eager to prove themselves to him.

Matt greeted with a tired grin, "King welcome back. How did your meeting with go with the Blue King?"

Harrison replied easily, "It went well. My father seems to care about my well-being. Though there was an unexpected meeting with someone from my past."

"A wizard?" Growled one of the others.

Harrison replied his eyes going cold, "At least two. Barty Crouch Jr. and Benjamin Nott they want me to enter an oath of neutrality."

"Neutrality in what?" Came a Nero's voice.

He along with the council had come upon them. Harrison turned to face them but grabbed Matt before he could fade away. Confused brown eyes met his own blue ones.

Harrison said in a low tone, "There is someone at the edge of the territory. I'm sure they are watching for those coming and going."

"I'll go put a watcher on them."

Harrison nodded and released Matt's arm. That was what he wanted anyway. If they could read what he wants in so few words just as well.

Then to the Council, he said, "Let's go to our tent. This might take some explaining."

Looks were exchanged but no one objected and they went into the tent. They grabbed water bottles and took their seats. One thing he regretted about not staying close to magic was butterbeer. That was a drink he enjoyed on occasion.

Once they were settled he said, "Barty Crouch Jr. before last year was thought to be dead, having died in the Wizarding prison Azkaban. He along with three other members of the Death Eaters known as the Lestranges had tortured a pair of Light members. They were tortured into insanity leaving a young son to be raised by his grandmother."

"What happened to the son?"

Harrison sighed, "Hs is Gryffindor in my year at Hogwarts. A lot of Gryffindors don't think he belongs because they don't think he is very brave."

"Is he?"

For a moment before he said, "He is brave when he puts his mind to it. He's not afraid to stand up for his friends or what he believes is right. It's only his lack of confidence that holds him back."

There were a few nods of acceptance. They would hold off on judgment until they could judge for themselves. At least in this person.

Then Harrison continued, "This man had been something of a mentor for me during my last school year. He didn't use his true face during the time. I didn't know until the end that he had been the one to put me in a dangerous tournament. So that I could face his Lord."

A sneer crossed his face at the thought of the Dark Lord, "That is who wants an of neutrality. I'm not sure if I want to make such an oath. Even if I get an oath that he would not attack us."

Leo asked, "Why does this Dark Lord want you to swear an oath? Why did you need to face him?"

That reminded him that they did not know of his fame. The very fame he would rather not have. So he explained about his life leading up to when he found out who his father was. The looks of shock flashed through each of the Council.

When he got to the meeting with his father and the words exchanged there were dark looks. A few dark mutters were given and one even wanted to go after Crouch himself. It caused Harrison to smile slightly. Despite not trusting him in the beginning they had become protective.

The news of Dumbledore and his men had not been welcome. Not by Harrison or his clansmen especially once they understood what Remus Lupin was. A werewolf. While he hadn't had a problem with the man before his abandonment hurt. They saw the abandonment as a betrayal. To them, nothing was more important than the pack.

Finally, Leo said, "You are right. I wouldn't trust this Dark Lord further than I could throw him. However, I wouldn't trust Dumbledore either. Both seek to use you. However, if you mean to stay out of the war your best bet seems to be with the Dark Lord. I say you both make an oath with careful wording."

The others nodded and Anne said, "Your orders for Matt were good ones. We should set a rotating guard so that way if one of the group decides to make an appearance we will know."

Harrison acquiesced, "Agreed. Is there anything I should know?"

There were shakes of the others heads. It had been quiet for the most part. No one wanted trouble. They simply wanted to be left alone. Whether it was the outside world or the clans. For his part, Harrison just wanted a normal life.