Shawn put his hands up to protect his head as another kick came to his abdomen.

"Years I've had to deal with this guy disrespecting the badge!" Lassiter yelled, kicking out again. He paused for a moment as Shawn whimpered.

"He lives for making a mockery of everything we stand for!" he continued, striking twice in succession.

"Let go!" the detective shouted as the psychic grabbed his leg in a desperate cry for mercy.

Shawn chocked in pain as he struggled to bring air back into his lungs.

"Feel better?" their hostage taker asked, watching the whole scene in silent amusement.


"So what's your plan now?" the criminal asked.

"Give my gun back and we can start talking business."

The captor looked at the man on the floor, noticing something in his hands.

"Hey!" he marched forward angrily.

"Now, Spencer!" Lassiter yelled, diving for cover.

Shawn whipped his arms up, aimed the gun, and took the shot.

The criminal fell back, a single hole in the middle of his forehead.

"And that is why you always carry an extra gun." Lassiter quipped.

Shawn rolled his eyes and looked into his shirt at the bruises that were already forming. "Right".