YGGDRASIL a D-MMORPG that began in 2126 AD and will end this year in 2138 AD. A game with over 2 million players. For its twelve year run it dominated the D-MMORPG market. With its extremely high level of player freedom from avatar appearance, race, classes, weapon appearance, armors, map data, guilds, and NPCs. Also for the hardcore 'role players' or 'explorers'/'adventurers' the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. With the expansive maps of each realms and dungeons still being discovered for the first time well into its twelfth year, players of the game YGGDRASIL thought that it would last for another ten years atleast. For the players who took up a production styled class some found hidden secrets to boost their fame and be asked to join top tier guilds. The combat specialized players were also sought after for top tier guilds. Hidden quests were sought after with zeal, chain quests lead to untold treasures, and those who discovered hidden classes that could only be obtained by chance were the envy of all. But sadly all good things come to an end.

For the last month that the game has been online newer players have tried to max the level of their avatar, some for personal satisfaction, others because this game had been one of their most important places to be. Others that had formed guilds, 'Leeroy Jenkins'd' other guild bases because 'well the game was going to end, so why not go out with a bang' attitude. The solo players did what they did best and traveled seeing as much as they could, savoring every bit of scenery and detail they could. The Bards of YGGDRASIL decided to practice together for a final performance that would last the entire last week of the game, no matter their renown, fame, or status.

Upon the last week, players that were fed up with the company for shutting down YGGDRASIL many threw out their entire inventory and in game currency in the streets of towns a cities in the game. Players that were there that didn't do the same collected what they could from the ground and deposited it into their bank or treasury. Some of the more die-hard fans tried purchasing servers so they could keep the game running.

Well into the last day the Bards of YGGDRASIL played the contents of their hearts out on the stages that spanned the Nine Realms. Some famous other less known, some level 10 Players who joined just so maybe they could play their music and have people listen to it. Other joined in the festivities or launched last minute guild base raids on other guilds.


"Are you sure that's what you want to do?" a doctor asks a youth that is seated in a DiveMount, seeing the mans reaction on the screen he then switches the machine on and logs the youth into the system. "I hope your last moments in their are filled with joy, Mr. Monte."

With that the doctor bows out of the hospital room that is filled with the gentle hum of the machine. Closing the door quietly behind him the doctor makes his way to a staff room. Reaching one he immediately notices a few other doctors and nurses there.

"How's your patient Jeremy?" asked one of the male doctors.

"He wants to spend a few more hours in that game before he dies, can't blame him paralyzed from the waist down and can't move his neck or speak. At least in that world he can do almost everything he wants." Jeremy answers as he grabs a coffee.

Inside the room a nurse sighs and mutters, 'I wish I could play that game too' and let's out another sigh as they get up to go check on their patients.

Looking back into the room the youth is sitting in the DiveMount and moving his fingers alittle while working the controls for his avatar. Looking at the screen on the side of the machine you can see the symbol for the game YGGDRASIL.