Chapter 1-5

Oh Hey, An Airship

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Chapter 1-5

Oh Hey, An Airship!

Airfield 1A

After the blue light from the teleportation died down Alphonse and the two women walked out of the terminal.

The sight that greeted them would make almost any Earthling shit themselves.

Before them was a fantasy/steampunk inspired airfield; there were griffons, drakes, wyverns, giant birds of prey, and pegasi with their riders; a couple squadrons worth of Winged-folk, alongside a couple squadrons of Aerial Combat Sorcerers.

The Aerial Combat Sorcerers of LDE were basically Sorcerers that fought in the air...hence the name...anyways. Their uniform closely matched that of the Riders in the Air Force. A light grey jumpsuit, combat boots that come up to the knee, a scale or chainmail vest with a leather or metal breastplate, and an overcoat that has fur around the collar.

Each Sorcerer had a battle-staff with a nightstick as a sub-weapon. The weapons wielded by them were magic items that amplified their magic. If they wanted however they were allowed to have a glaive or other bladed weapon as the main or sub-weapon.

While the Riders wielded a variety of two-handed weapons such as; halberds, spears, and staffs. Their sub-weapons were for if they had to fight on the ground, they were swords, maces, axes, etc.

All member of the Air Force that are Aerial Combat roles have the same fully encompassing helmet. According to Lore the visor has been enchanted to mimic a HUD that helps with targeting, has a mini-map, shows the amount of mana left in a Aerial Combat Sorcerers Backpack or how much the wearer has, etc. The helmet also has a air filter/respirator installed.

The backpacks that the ACS wear holds two small air-tank like objects that hold aether. The aether that is held in the tanks powers the [Fly] enchantment that is present on the ACS soldiers boots. Whilst on a high grade equipment the enchantment might not need the extra aether to power it, on lower grade equipment it is necessary for the ACS so they can stay in flight for longer periods of time, as well as control their movement speed.

While Alphonse was thinking over the Lore and equipment of the Air Force, Lumia was intently watching a certain thing brand new Rider Cadets were performing.

"Ah the Riders Rite of Passage a ceremony in which it bonds the Rider Cadet to their Mount. It's a necessary Ritual to go through for one to get the Rider Job Class. It's split into groupings based on which Mount you contract. It holds a double meaning for Mounts that have a Humanoid form." Alphonse explains lightly after seeing Lumia watching the ritual.

"The double meaning to it being slightly obvious as it's alluding to marriage." Lumia states as she, Zaria, and Alphonse make their way across the airfield.

'It is still hard to believe that all that hard work we put into building this place is paying off like it is. If only you all could have seen this, I'm sure you'd be just as shocked as I am.' Alphonse thought to himself. 'We really went all out in the Background Lore of our Nation didn't we? Now that I'm thinking about it I really need to go over almost every book in my study. Need to make sure I find every piece of Lore that we wrote into this place so I don't get surprised at an inopportune moment.'


On the far side of the field was their ride.

One Light Cruiser with an escort of three Interceptors and two flight squadrons.

The Light Cruiser, if you could call it that, had a running length of 680 feet, was 110 feet at her beam, and her draught was 60 feet. She was christened The Andromeda.

She had seven, magically run, turbine like engines. Two on each side to control ascension and descending, and three at the tail to control the speed the ship travels. The engines were made with magical and non-magical metals and alloys, constructing it this way helped keep costs and maintenance down.

Believe it or not some magical alloys require a lot more nitpicking than non-magical alloys.

On the underside was a gondola that ran almost the whole length and width, it was a dark silver in color with windows all around it providing a 360 degrees view from it. Whilst it might not look it the entire structure is sea worthy and can work as a naval vessel if necessary.

Not noticeable from the outside and on the ground, The Andromeda has cloaking enchantments that render it invisible to enemy radar and the naked eye when activated.

It's armaments include two forward main battery's, two secondary battery's directly in front of the gondola, a secondary battery on either side of the gondola, and a after main battery behind the gondola. All battery's are twin type turrets, main battery's are 1.75 times larger than the secondary battery's, and what is shot through them is either normal large arms rounds or magic rounds.

On her top was enough space for the three Interceptors to land and take off with ease, it also had clamps to hold the smaller aircraft in place whilst it was on there. There was also a type of airlock entrance that was used by the crews of the smaller aircraft to safely enter the larger airship. The ACS would either enter through the airlock on top or the one that is in the back of the gondola.

The three Interceptors were all of the same make and model. The overall appearance of them was similar to an airplane. Only the most of the wings were replaced with smaller turbines similar to the ones on The Andromeda, they could also swivel slightly to perform advanced maneuvers. The total length was roughly 70 feet and the wingspan was 35 feet with the cabin being 15 feet wide. The total height of the airships are 15 feet.

They were manned by a six person crew; the pilot, the navigator, two rear gunners, a gunner up top, and a gunner below. The ship also had a decent size cargo hold in case it needed to transport something.

The Airships of LDE would be named either by the first captain, crew, or decided between the two groups. The ship The Andromeda was named by her first captain along with his crew. The first crews of the Interceptors named them; Oh Look, An Airship | Lightning Feline | The Drunken Goose, the ones who named the first airship definitely had family in the LDE Allied Marine Corp (LDEAMC) because that humor would fit right in.

Making their way across the airfield, all the soldiers made sure to give a salute as they passed by which Alphonse and Lumia returned with a wave of the hand or salute. Once they reached the open airlock doors of The Andromeda they were greeted by the captain and his crew. After a firm salute between the groups the captain welcomed Alphonse, Lumia, and Zaria onboard.

"Welcome to The Andromeda sir. I am Gallius Revven, the Captain of this airship. We'll commence our voyage in roughly fifteen minutes sir. If I may suggest the view from the bridge, the Observation Deck, and the top are the best for scenery." The greying and slightly grizzled man said as he brought his arm down from his salute.

"I think I'll take you up on that offer Captain." Alphonse said as he followed him into the ship as the crew gathered the rest of the crates off the airfield and into the cargo bay of the airship.

Following the Captain to the bridge they passed by the galley, and the crew quarters before they made it to their destination. After the last crate had been loaded and strapped in place the crew went about lift off procedures.

"Start the engine." Captain Revven said as he stood at his station in the bridge.

"The beacon from Fortress Luminaria is on sir, we have our coordinates." The navigator said as he sent the coordinates to Captain Revven to see.


"Adequate thrust has been achieved sir, beginning ascent." The pilot said as he pulled a lever down, causing the ship to slowly ascend.

(Cue Music: Flight of the Silverbird by Two Steps From Hell)

As the mana engines lifted the four Airships off the ground, the Airships angled themselves so they could depart Nythelond Umaren. Slowly gaining altitude the four Airship Navigators plotted the course toward Fortress City Luminaria.

"Course plotted Captain!"

"Good, now lets finish getting to altitude and then head there." The Captain says as he watches the scenery out the bridges window.

After fifteen minutes they gained the necessary amount of altitude to look like birds in the sky to normal surface dwellers. They then began their journey.


10 Kilometers above the New World

Thirty minutes into the flight Alphonse excused himself from the bridge and makes his way to the Observation Deck on the underside of the ship. Seeing the view the miasma from above reminded him of oceans with the ripples flowing through the fog like waves in water. The undead fish-like beings jumping out above the fog in schools, only served to add to the allusion of flying over murky waters.

Feeling the presence of Lumia and Anthurium, Alphonse turned to greet them. As the two ladies walked into the Observation Deck they returned his greeting as they looked at the world below them. Anthurium with a pair of magic binoculars, which the other two didn't need since Lumia and Alphonse have better eyesight being Dragons. After a few minutes Anthurium asked;

"Guildmaster, how many fish like Undead do you know of?"

"There's the Ghoul Guppies, Silverfins, Skullfish, Una-Minnows, Ripper Fin, and a few others that I've come across in YGGDRASIL. Why do you ask?" Alphonse answers then poses his own question.

"Just wondering, I didn't really go to Undead Dungeons a whole lot. Just the above ground ones like the graveyards and such." Anthurium says as she continues to watch the miasma.

"Ah I see. I like to think of myself as well travelled in the realms of YGGDRASIL." Alphonse says before looking back down and seeing a Undead he knew wasn't from YGGDRASIL.

"Now that's something new."

"What?" Anthurium and Lumia ask at the same time.

"See that bipedal deer down there?"

"Yes." "Yeah!"

"That's a Wendigo." Alphonse says as he mentally brings up what he knows of the Undead being.

"I thought Wendigos were a type of Werewolf?" Anthurium says.

"No, I read it in the library once that Wendigos are the spirits of cannibals that eat their family members during a harsh winter. They then die during that winter and come back in the form of a emaciated bipedal deer. There's also the superstition that if you say the word 'Wendigo' out loud then you will be haunted by it...or was it the name of the person who become the Wendigo? I'd have to look at the book again." Lumia informs Anthurium as she taps her chin trying to remember all the details from the book.

"I'm not sure on the haunting thing either but it would make sense for it to be it's former name for the reason it haunts you." Alphonse adds.

With that silence once more graced the deck as its occupants looked out into the world below. It wouldn't be until an hour later that Anthurium asked a question about the Guild.

"How many Guilds and Guild Bases do we have as allies? I know of the Fortress City Luminaria and I think the Great Tomb of Nazarick owned by Ainz Ooal Gown is one of our allies since you've spoken of them as such. But the others, I haven't looked into it but now I feel like I should."

"Hmm, well our three main allied Guild Bases are Fortress City Luminaria founded and lead by Duchess Luminaria, the backstory behind it is that it started as a mining colony for LDE and then became wealthy enough to become a vassal state.

The Holy City Cazzdailia founded and lead by Saint Artemis, it's a similar story for that city only it's a agricultural colony and houses the highest amount of Holy Knights and Holy Guardians in all of YGGDRASIL...unless you include Seraphim who is also a stalwart ally of ours and trade partner, although there are disagreements on how we view Ainz Ooal Gown but we don't let too much of that bother us. The [Saint] Job Class is one of the few classes that only nine Players can obtain, Artemis happens to be one of the five that I know of to obtain this Job Class, and one of three that I know personally.

Thirdly there is the Fortress City of Orion, The Artificer Alvarado is the ruler of that Guild Base. That's where we acquired most of our parts for the Airships and guns, we can produce them ourselves but not at the same capacity that Orion can. His title 'The Artificer' isn't just a nod to his work, he also has that legendary Job Class. He's the only one I know to have it as well.

The inside joke for these three guilds is that they are LDEs 'offspring' guilds seeing as how the founding members of those guilds are former members of LDE. It's also why we call them the Three Dukes, even though Luminaria is a Duchess, majority rules.

There's also Dracon's Keep, it houses the Dragon's Inquisition Guild. Like us they are very in depth role players but they don't have as many Guild members as we do. We normally trade wines and beers with them, but cheese is also a commodity that is high on the list for them to order in the trade caravans if the paperwork is correct. I'm going to miss Gabriel and Alisha, they are very good conversation and sparring partners as well as friends, both in game and out.

Funny thing is that the Dragon's Inquisition were notorious for how well they performed in combat yet they weren't active participants in the Tournaments in the different realms of YGGDRASIL. They instead used that talent to punish those who PKed Heteromorphic Players for shits and giggles. That doesn't mean they didn't go after other PKers, they were just noted for their efficiency in taking down those who killed for fun, that happened to target Heteromorphic Players."

"They fought for equality, justice, and tolerance between all the races, whether they be humanoid, demi-humanoid, or heteromorph." Lumia adds.

"Yes, they did so. But there were still plenty of Butthurt Players who PKed Heteromorphic and Demihuman Players near where they believed Dracon's Keep was located. Needless to say they did get their asses handed to them." Alphonse says, before he can go back to answering the question on hand Anthurium interrupts him.

"So they are similar to our Guild in our founding principles but are more militant about it?" Anthurium asks.

"Aye, I remember hearing somewhere that some of the members of the Player community made a joke about the Dragon's Inquisition being the YGGDRASIL equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition. I'd prefer to just call them The Inquisitorius and be done with it. But yes our two Guilds founding principles of equality for all three groups of races is the same, we just had different methods of going about it." Alphonse says as he thinks back to a conversation he overheard in a pub once.

"Going back to your question about our allies, the other Guild Bases that are our allies are a few other city-state/nation-building type guild bases, merchant cities, and a few forest type dungeons. I'd need a list of them to read to you since I don't remember all fifteen of them right off the top of my head. So sorry about that."

Alphonse says as he scratches his chin, continuing to look at the changing landscape below them.

They've passed over a small mountain range and are just getting over the second mountain range. The valley between the two ranges held plentiful forests and a few villages and towns spread across the region.

"The city-state/nation-building guilds that are our allies are The United Kingdoms of Othana, Blackleigh, Drachenberg, and The Holy Principality of Ituvia. The United Kingdoms of Othana are three Tomb-Style Dungeons that have a large castle town above the entrance much like Nythelond Umaren. Now, Anthurium, do you remember how if you clear certain conditions a single Player is allowed to own a Dungeon?" Seeing Anthurium nod Alphonse continues.

"The three dungeons/cities, or kingdoms if you will, that make up the United Kingdoms of Othana are owned by three separate Players. They were a clan/guild in all but name. They succeeded in the trials for a single Player to each own one of the dungeons. Then they became allies of each other and called themselves the United Kingdoms of Othana. To build their castles and cities they hired architects from us and thus became allies and trade partners.

"They as well disliked the racism that was abundant in YGGDRASIL and did similar things as The Dragons Inquisition did. Albeit on a smaller scale.

"The first kingdom of the UKO is Lothianga, ruled by King Seiveril Leí Û'Quella. A Elf Player who has the Job Class [Knight of Alfhiemr] which can only be held by full blooded elves. He is an adept swordsman as well as being a well versed Druid. His city is one built in a forest like most Elven cities only his castle happens to be made from and around an YGGDRASIL Sapling. Don't ask me how that's a racial secret of Elven Druids.

"The second kingdom is Thegh Lodihr, ruled by The Saint King, Eragon Raphael Razeth. He is a Lunar Draconian who obtained the Job Class [Saint]. He mainly uses Healing Magic because it coincides with his baptismal name of Raphael who happens to be the Saint of Healing. But don't let that fool you he is quite the powerful offensive Holy Magic Caster as well as a capable swordsman.

"His city happens to hold similarities to the Holy City Cazzdailia in architecture and over all planning. Which too some that may seem kind of rude but the two cities were made close to the same time by the same group of Players.

"Naz Vulbon, also known as the 'City Of Demi-Humans' for its overwhelmingly majority of Demi-Humans to the other two groups. King Klazrug Glazoor, or his nickname 'The Azure Ogre', is the ruler of the city. The city has a rather large library which some might say contradicts the culture normally associated with Demi-Humans.

"I personally prefer the libraries in Nythelond Umaren, but I won't deny that the library in Naz Vulbon is indeed an establishment worthy of recognition.

The other two are castle towns are similar to Nythelond Umaren but were not built over the entrance of a Tomb-style dungeon. Blackleigh belongs to the guild Blackriders Order and Drachenburg belongs to the Moonlight Brigade. Both are based on romanticized Knight Orders. Those two guilds had their own architects so we didn't become allies through that way. No we became allies with them through good politics and fighting alongside each other."

"Now, The Holy Principality of Ituvia, the ruler of the nation is the NPC Elven Princess. The four Players that built the Guild Base Role Played as Holy Knights under that banner. The leader of the band of knights and guildmaster of them is the only one still left playing. He follows the Goddess of War, and the Goddess of Flame and Rebirth. His name is Valindra Daermaethor, he is of the Elven race. I've only met him a few times but he's a very good fighter with Holy Magic and swordplay, we've never took the time to spar though."

"The merchant cities that I can remember are Sousborn, Windshire Fortress, Felsaluna, and Mil Thurim." Lumia says as she sits down on one of the benches in the deck.

"Ah yes those ones, Sousborn is a port city and is ruled by Baron Romulus von Lupin, a Werewolf Player who role played as a Nobleman who is skilled in swordsmanship and magic combat. He's also a good friend of mine and was once part of the LDE guild member roster until he started the port city with some help. His nobility rank in LDE is Baron, if it wasn't obvious enough.

Windshire Fortress is primarily a mage centric city with most of its populace studying magic and its applications therein but you can also find a great many blacksmiths, artisans, alchemists, and warriors. Not every mage is capable in close combat situations.

Take Momonga for example; he's an extremely powerful magic caster of the unholy and necromantic arts. But put him in a situation where he is limited in his spell usage and unable to teleport then he loses his combat effectiveness. He prides himself on being able to summon a great many Undead at a time and use them proficiently in battles of attrition but take away his summons and that leaves him with a sizable dent in his spell repertoire.

The city itself is run by Players in a Council like fashion.

Felsaluna is a Elf city in a forest next to a mountain. Here there are a great many products that you may not find else where even in Nythelond Umaren. The city is run by a council of two elves from four factions; Forest Elves, Dark Elves, Moon Elves, and Sun Elves." Before Alphonse can say more Anthurium asks

"What are Moon Elves and Sun Elves?"

"Moon Elves have a disposition that allows them to cast unholy, dark, and astral magics a lot better than other Elf breeds and they are more powerful than other spells used by other races if they are in the moonlight. They can also perform Holy and light based magics but they aren't as strong as the former magics." Lumia answers without missing a beat.

"Sun Elves, much like their Moon Elf cousins, have a disposition that for being able to cast powerful magics. Only there's is Holy, Light and Astral in attribute and they don't normally use Dark or Unholy magic. They also have better constitutions for being warriors than their cousins. If you have more questions about them I do have a book that has their Lore and Mythos written down as well as stories of their people. It should make for a good read if you like research books." Alphonse says as he pops his back and peers down at the land beneath them.

They are currently crossing yet another mountain range, they can also see mountains to the north. Below them they can see a few more villages but they are closer to the mountain.

"Mil Thurim is a Dwarf and Goblin settlement that, like Felsaluna, happens to be built in and around a mountain. It's a gathering place for fine craftsmen and miners. They have enough farmland to feed their people, but the types of crops they can grow is limited. So they trade with us and a few other Guilds to expand their food pantry in a sense.

The leadership of this city is a council of twelve elders, six from the goblins and six from the dwarves. They decide on things like taxes and where the money for the taxes goes like for roads and infrastructure for the mines and such in the city. As well as laws for the citizens to follow.

I have a set of armor that they forged for me in my personal armory, it's mainly for ceremonial purposes as it is rather flamboyant in style but for opponents under level 50 it is a capable piece of art that can be considered a weapon." Alphonse says.

By this time they had been flying for a few minutes over two hours and were about an hour away from where the beacons signal was showing. As they continue on their journey Alphonse takes out a spyglass and looks to the north.

"See something dear?" Lumia asks as she looks northwards as well.

"Yes," Alphonse said as he hands her the spyglass. "There's a citadel like structure built into the mountain there, it has a fourth tier illusion barrier on it. It does not appear to be inhabited but I do think paying it a visit will show otherwise."

"I see, perhaps we should tell the captain so he can mark the location so we can come back to it." Lumia suggests, giving Alphonse back the spyglass.

Anthurium is using her binoculars to look at the structure.

"I'll go." Anthurium says as she flies out of the room with her wings leaving a trail of Faerie Dust behind her.

"That was nice of her." Lumia says with a smile.

"I'm sure she just thought that we might need 'alone time' in here." Alphonse says placing extra emphasis on 'alone time' and earned a playful hit in the arm from Lumia.

"Oh stop, we have plenty of time to ourselves as it is. But some extra time is always appreciated." Lumia says with a playful smirk.

'Aye it is always appreciated.' Alphonse thought as he stretched his arms and put his left arm around Lumia and pulled her a bit closer.

Causing her to blush and lean into him and let out a content sigh.


6 Kilometers above the New World

"We'll be landing soon." Alphonse mutters to himself as he watches from the bridge.

Watching the crew go about landing procedures was an interesting affair. But it didn't last for long as they landed within four minutes from when Alphonse muttered to himself. As Alphonse, Lumia, Anthurium, and Zaria prepare to disembark the ground crew for the Luminarian Airfield went about setting up the 'red carpet' welcome...with a blue carpet.

Alphonse stepped off first then helped the ladies out before turning to the man responsible for greeting them.

The man looked slightly weathered but that could be expected for someone of his age and years of military service. The man before them was David 'Pappy' Boyington he was 1/2 elf and 1/2 human. He's served in the Lunar Dragon Allied Marine Corps for over fifty years and still refuses to retire, his rank is Major.

"Major Boyington" Alphonse said saluting after Maj Boyington had as is custom.

"Emperor Lusolth, Empress Lusolth, Lady Anthurium, Zaria." Major Boyington greeted in order. "Allow me to welcome you to our proud Fortress City, Luminaria."

With a gesture of his arm Major Boyington motioned towards the city, the airfield was outside of it. If one were to look from above the current position of Alphonse and his merry band of individuals are near the Eastern Gates of the outer most wall.

The city itself was made to appear welcoming to friends and visitors but had enchantments that made it look foreboding towards those who wish to try and conquer it. With three sets of walls that encompass the entirety of the city, minus the airfield, it certainly earned its title as a Fortress City. The castle in the center of the city was smaller than the one in Nythelond Umaren but it was nonetheless beautiful.

Made mostly of Starlight Saphire Granite it gave off a soft heavenly glow in the night and appeared a warm deep blue during the day. It had three main floors to it; the first floor held meeting rooms to greet merchants and common folk as well as guest rooms and the guards barracks. The second floor held rooms to meet foreign and domestic nobles in and guest rooms for those, as well as the dining hall and ballroom, this floor is also where the Luminarian Throne Room is which has much of its grandeur based off of Nythelond Umarens'. The rooms for the castles staff are in the second floor as well. The third floor houses the library, a room to meet royalty in and their guest rooms, Duchess Luminaria's room is here as well.

The treasury is enclosed in a space that is unreachable unless you hold a certain item, much like how Ainz Ooal Gowns and LDEs Treasury was designed.

The castle has a nice large flower garden in which many small Faye chose to adopt as a home. During times like a Solstice or Equinox if one is in the garden they can see the sprites, faeries, and other small Faye dance in the air in intricate patterns that are exceptionally rare to see out in the wilds of YGGDRASIL. The flowers are tended to by the Faye and a couple of Dryads that had their trees moved to the garden.

The three sets of walls that encompass the city are forty-five feet tall and twenty feet thick. This is so the bulkier members of the Luminarian Guard can traverse the halls and top without issue.

Set on top the walls are magi-cannons which either shoot prefabricated magic cannonballs or just regular cannonballs. There's also magi-ballistae which are similar to their magi-cannon counterparts just differing design and are mainly used to launch piercing rounds at the attacking forces rather than the blunt, and AoE rounds that the magi-cannons mainly use.

Whilst not visible from their position at certain points in the outermost wall are magic stones that power a shield. It's main purpose is to protect the inhabitants from severe weather threats like tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic ash, etc but it is also able to protect them from low tier magic attacks from the enemy forces.

'That's enough thought about the small details of Fortress Luminaria. Best I speak with Major Boyington about the current situation with the civilian populace.' Alphonse thinks as he tears his gaze from the city and back towards the Major.

"Would you mind telling me how the civilians of Luminaria are taking this...Metastasis Event? Alphonse asks trying to think of what to call the 'World Transition' like event.

"Many were worried as it was so sudden, both military and civilian, but Duchess Luminaria calmed most of us down. She certainly has a way with words. When she had told us Milord was visiting it certainly helped the rest of the populace calm down and set about their day to day activities with ease, I thank you for that Milord." Major Boyington said as he lead the entourage to the carriages that were prepared for them.

"No thanks is needed, for what is an Emperor or Lord without his subjects." Alphonse said with a wry smile, and a giggle from the girls.

Each carriage was pulled by a team of two Alfhíemr Azure Unicorns. Instead of the regular white coats of hair their hair is colored dark blue whilst their manes and tails are a lighter blue. Their hooves are stark white and the coloring of their legs gradually change from white to dark blue starting at their hooves traveling upwards.

They were left unarmored symbolizing that it is a time of peace.

The carriages themselves were humble looking but to the trained craftsman eye they could see the wealth they took to make. The seats were filled with down feathers from angels (curtesy of various angel race Players of the Guild) and the cushion is made of blue velvet, with silver trimmings on the sides.

The wood for the carriage was made from White Oak from the Forest of Beginning in Alfhiemr. The doors had the LDE insignia engraved on them. Every Guild Base that was Allied to The Lunar Dragon Empire has carriages like this for Alphonse and the other Founding members to travel in. They also have enough carriages with the insignias of all the members of the alliance, so that each member Guild has their own carriage.

Opening the door for the carriage was the coachmen. The coachman for Alphonse and Lumia's carriage was a Dark Elf dressed in a suit that was reminiscent the 1700s from Earth with his light blue jacket with golden embroidery. The coachman had a small shoulder cape that had the Luminaria Dukedom insignia on it, a sword in a shield with a griffin head holding a blue orb in its beak on it.

The coachman for Anthurium and Zaria's carriage was a High Hobgoblin wearing the same clothing as his fellow coachman.

Major Boyington climbed onto his mount, a draconic looking horse with dark green scales. The breed of the mount is a Terran Enpian, a type of Earth Drake that can withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold. It was draped in dark brown barding with the symbol of his military company, a black sheep.

"I see that your fathers and grandfathers squadron is in good hands." Alphonse said with a gentle smile.

"I have much to live up too, I am thankful for your kind words Milord."

With that the group entered the city.

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