No response came from any of the three figures.

"What happened?"

Still, no response.

"Listen up," Taz said, a tough ferocity edging her voice, lifting her fist, "you will tell me what is going on right now or you will take a walk off my knife, comprender?"

"Well, Taz... the thing is... we don't know what happened," Up confessed in a whisper, "we don't know what is going on, what happened, why it happened... we don't know."

Taz was shocked. Saying nothing, she lowered her fist and quietly stepped back into the shadows of her room.

Something or someone had been able to make their way onto the Starship and do... whatever the heck this was to three of her teammates.

And nobody had noticed.

Something exciting could've happened, and she had missed it. They all had.



This could ruin the reputation of this Starship, she thought bitterly, or... or mine.

She couldn't risk it.

Whatever "it" was.

But still, there was something... alluring about the entire idea.

This opened a door, gave a chance to actually do something for a change.

What should she do?

Because both sides of Taz wanted something.

Both sides wanted a different "something."

Risk everything. No safety.

Or stay safe and risk being bored to death.