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Chapter 10: Tournament of Quirks

The twenty-four combatants from the previous teams were finally lined up on the monitors for everyone to see, and starting from the left as the names were being written out in the twenty-four placements. The listings were as followed as the students themselves began to look over…

'Alright, who's the unlucky person who has to fight Tennyson…' Aizawa's eyes glazed around lazily towards the screens.

For the first round of the tournament, the first match was between Midoriya and Shinso, and then followed up by Sero versus Todoroki. Iida ended up pairing against Hatsume, the latter who was more interested in her gear despite her opponent trying to get her attention. Between that, the next round was between Aoyama and Mina, with Tokoyami and Momo coming up afterwards.

Uraraka nearly choked on her saliva as she saw who she was being placed against; a certain blond with anger management problems unfortunately. Said explosive user actually rose an eyebrow as he read her name out, as if he didn't even know who that person was.

And humorously enough, someone or something caused Kirishima and Tetsutetsu to be bound to one another. To whether they get crushed together underneath Todoroki's ice sculptures, to even being placed to the same placements in the tournaments. Talk about having a clone or person who supposedly has the same traits as you.

Going on, after those two were Awase and Tsuburara, and Kaibara and Juzo immediately afterwards. The second to last match of the first round was between Itsuka and Kuroiro, the last member of Team Monoma. He was a teen with a completely black colored body and white hair.

And last, but not least…

"Well this is going to be interesting, just my luck…" Monoma glanced at his opponent. "Well, here's to a good fight, Mr. Tennyson?"

"…Likewise." Ben answered. "Just call me Ben."

Monoma brought his hand out to exchange a handshake with him, but Ben knew that he was trying an attempt at Copying his "Quirk". Naturally, he denied his gesture, simply raising a hand in recognition as he nodded. The blond quickly realized his plan went south, and so he merely shrugged as everyone else turned back to Midnight.

"Alright, now that the placements are done and set for the later part of this day, let's leave that alone for a moment for a momentary interlude!" Present Mic announced as the screens began to shift, this time presenting the word "Recreation". "Let's have fun with the Recreational events!"

"Thank you!" Midnight yelled as she gripped her microphone. "First up, we have a Scavenger Hunt! HIT IT, LADIES!"

"YES, MA'AM!" The cheerleaders began to perform a calling as fireworks were launched into the sky, exploding into bright lights as they released cards that contained words on the back side.

The students began to run towards the middle, and various objects were placed onto the backsides of the cards for the students to look for as they picked them up.

"WILL ANYONE LET ME BORROW A BAG?!" Sero yelled into the crowd as he showed his card, revealing the kanji for said word.

"Does anyone have a cat?!" Sato asked.

"A textbook? Hey, can a student throw me a textbook?!" Kaminari flailed his card around for everyone to see.

While some of the cards had objects that were easy to obtain, as tradition, a few of them were a bit obscure to say the least. Speaking of which…

""Back Fat"?!What the—This is impossible!" Mineta shuddered upon grabbing a card from the ground. "Where the hell can I get this?!"

"Hey, at least you didn't get this one…" Ben sighed as he picked up his own card.


"…Ha." The brunet's eye twitched awkwardly. "How ironic."

Monoma rolled his eyes as he leaned against the stadium walls, yawning a little as he spun his card on his finger.

"Ugh… I can't believe that they're getting so serious about these recreational activities." He grumbled as he watched someone drop down a textbook for Kaminari. "Those Class A guys really need to get a clue or something about—"

"—Monoma!" Itsuka called out to her blond classmate, jogging towards him. "If you're unmotivated, come with me!"

"…Huh?" He blinked a few times. "Why?"

Itsuka sweat dropped a little as she revealed her card, which translated to "Perverse Person". As her hands expanded out with the activation of her Quirk, Monoma gave the orange haired girl a sarcastic chuckle as she began to carry him to the goal posts.

"Ha…heheh… K-Kendo, don't you think you've got it wrong?" He questioned her.

"It's fine. You fit this category in a literal sense." She responded.

The Scavenger Hunt continued for a little while longer. Ben somehow managed to get the object he was looking for somehow, the "Alien" in mind being a plush doll given to him by the crowd. Luckily, it was accepted…but as he came back to find another item to look for.

"BEN/TENNYSON-KUN/-SAN!" Several people called out to him.

Raising his face up, his eyes caught the attention of multiple students; mainly Midoriya, Tetsutetsu, Kirishima, Iida, Momo, Uraraka, Asui, and Mina. They all revealed their cards to him, which more or less translated to a description related to Ben.

"Wait, really…? "Someone You'd Want to Fight", "Jack-Of-All-Trades", "Handyman", "Master of Adapting", "Multiple Personalities", "Sarcastic Person", "Colorful Fighter", "Someone You'd Want as a Butler"?! Who comes up with these damn personas?" He gave each card a stern look, all while showing signs and reactions of shock and surprise.

"Well they fit you, don't they?" Kirishima asked, glancing at everyone else. "You can adapt to pretty much any scenario."

"And I'd say you're pretty sarcastic." Asui nodded, adding on.

"And I want to fight him!" Tetsutetsu clenched his fist.

"His personality sometimes changes when he takes on a certain form as well, you can't deny that." Iida noted. "Take Rath for example."

"All of his forms are unique and colorful as well!" Mina grinned.

'And he IS my butler, after all!' Momo nodded, though she didn't dare say that out loud.

"And most of your transformations all take on different appearances and colorations, so that counts as well." Midoriya revealed.

"We really haven't seen him doing anything bad, so I'd also consider him a Jack-Of-All-Trades at the very least." Uraraka responded lastly. "See, you fit all of those parts!"

"…You've got to be kidding me." Ben's shoulders drooped as the Omnitrix flashed.

Blinding everyone for a moment, as the emerald light died off, everyone's eyes widened as Ben was split into eight copies of himself…and presumably with the split personalities as well. They all distributed themselves, joining each of the other students to be brought in; some reluctantly, others being joyful for it.

Ben Prime went along with Momo, the latter giggling all the while. "I didn't think you'd comply."

"…Well. I mean…" Ben sighed. "I guess just wanted to fill in on the fun?"

"Well, that's very sweet of you then." The Creation user nodded as she patted his head. "Come, the Scavenger Hunt is about to end."

'…I feel like I just got played.' Ben mused. "…Right."

After the Scavenger Hunt ended, the event afterwards was that of a Ball Racing Event, or Otama Korogashi. The initial concept of course wasn't familiar to Ben, due to him not really being a denizen of this nation. Otama Korogashi was a relay race where team members take turns, 2 at a time, rolling a huge ball down a field, around a cone and return to pass the ball off to the next pair. The first team to have all members take a turn would win.

Naturally, Ben had to be instructed, and although it was briefly mentioned he quickly got the hang of it. He was randomly assigned to a team with some students that he wasn't really familiar with, but the competition didn't really matter. Plus, with Ojiro and Shoda's heart-breaking speech just before the Recreational Events started, that pretty much broke down the awkward walling the students from every department had for the Hero Courses.

In laymen's terms; the game was fun. Or it should've been, until Ben accidentally pushed the ball he was assigned to too hard as Four Arms, nearly killing Midnight in the process while it was bouncing back and forth inside the stadium. Luckily, no one was harmed, but Ben had to apologize for the remainder of the Recreational period until it ended.

After those events ended, the twenty-four students were given a thirty-minute break to prepare themselves for the incoming battles. If someone were to explain these last few events, it would most likely be explained like this:

'Even if we were told to have fun, those in the tournament couldn't relax. Some would try to polish their strategy ideas against their opponents… Some would try to keep their presence of mind, while some simply prepared to fight. Some sharpened their senses, and others would try to relax their nerves…'

'But as we thought about our respective thoughts for the time ahead, it would be time to start before we knew it.'

Half an hour had now passed.

In the middle of the stadium, a large black tube was seen being placed into the middle, with Cementoss extracting liquid cement through as indicated by a glow of green on his hand. A concrete platform was seen being completed in the middle of the field, with torches located in each of the platform's corners and a concrete throne from where Cementoss would observe the fights during the festival.

Cementoss smiles as he stands up, giving Present Mic a thumbs up from where he sat. "Okay. It's pretty much done."

"Thank you, Cementoss!" Present Mic responds with glee as he picks up his microphone. "Now then…"


With his obnoxiously loud voice echoing through the stadium as he announced his return in actual English, the audience practically went ballistic with cheers and other responses as Cementoss finished the final touches of the tournament platform.

"GOOD! Now, a lot's happened, but now it's finally come to this! We're finally having some serious battles! This time around, you'll only be able to rely on yourself; your guts, wits, smarts, and skills! Even if you're not a Hero, you'll face lots of situations like that!" He said as he continued to drive in the crowd's attention. "Use all of those to secure your victory!"

While Present Mic continued his antics, down in the bottom of the stadium at one of the openings in which the students would come out through…Midoriya stood at the entrance; hand clenched against his chest as he tried to prepare himself.

The pressure was building onto the mop head, but as he tried to calm himself down, footsteps behind him drove his attention over from his emotions to what was approaching him.

"Hey, young Midoriya!" Toshinori rose an arm in greeting. "Sorry I'm late… But you pretty much figured out One For All, right?"

"All Might…" Midoriya exhaled. "Well, a bit yeah… But I'm still worried…"

"What do you mean?" The blond asked.

"…Well, I can see it in my head when I imagine some scenarios… "Imagining the microwave", "Controling the spread"… I can imagine those and how I hit the Villain in front of me, but it still feels like it's unsteady. I can control how much I want to use, but if I don't focus, I feel like it'll immediately break apart." He tried to explain as best he could.

"I see…" Toshinori merely nodded.

"At this point, I can only roughly transfer about up 7 or 8 percent worth of One For All's power within my body without it hurting too much. If I go beyond that, the pain will start to overcome and dwindle my senses." He also clarified.

"I see you've gotten onto the grasp of what you can do. Instead of zero or a hundred, you've tried to release the gauge in which you can clearly observe yourself in. At your level and your body, that's a good estimate." Toshinori explained as he cupped his cheek.

"Oh… Then hearing that, it really makes me feel like I've been blessed with friends and luck." Midoriya's head lowered, which made Toshinori rub the back of his awkwardly in an attempt to clear this foggy situation up. So…

"HIYAH!" The blonde then yelled as he slapped the top and bottom of Midoriya's head, as if trying to place buns on top and underneath him. "Come on, young man! You should just say, "I'll do my best!", you damn prince of nonsense!"

"G-Gaaah…" The green head grunted as he coughed a few times.

"Is the image of the Hero you're trying to be really all that flimsy, young Midoriya?" Toshinori asked as he placed his hands on his hips. Midoriya grumbled a little before opening his eyes in his direction.

"Listen. It's in the times when you're scared or worried that you should deal with the problem with a smile on your face!" He proudly explained as he puffed into his Hero form with a thumbs up. "You've made it this far, so it's fine if it's a bluff! Just stand proud!"

"A-All Might…!" Midoriya's eyes widened with a growing sense of confidence.

"Don't forget that I have high hopes for you!" All Might grinned, with Midoriya nodding as he began to turn around. "Now get out there!"



"The finals that you've all been waiting for are finally about to start!" Present Mic announced as the commentator's room appeared on the monitors. "So, let's introduce our contesters! Match number one—"

"Ha! Even though he's done so well so far, what's with that goofy look on his face! From the Hero Course—Midoriya Izuku!"


"Sorry to say, but he hasn't really done anything to stand out yet! From the General Studies—Shinso Hitoshi!"

As the flames of the stadium platform flared up, the two students began to walk out from their perspective entrances. Shinso had a calm demeanor on his person, while Midoriya still looked like a small push could topple him over. At least he wasn't as bad as before though!

"So, the rules are simple! Force your opponent out of bounds, or immobilize them! You can also win by making your opponent say, "I give up!" as well!" Present Mic explained the rules long enough for the two to enter the ring.

"Now, bring on the injuries, because we've got our very own Recovery Girl waiting on standby! Put aside your morals and ethics, but of course, anything life-threatening is crap! That ain't allowed! Heroes should only use their fists to apprehend Villains!" He also added as Cementoss took his seat.

"And so, I'll be here to make sure that things don't go too far." He reassured the crowd.

Midoriya breathes in, stretching his arms. However, it was then that Shinso repeated the words that Present Mic announced. ""I give up.", huh?"

"…!" Midoriya answered, but didn't dare to actually respond.

"This is going to be a fight to test the strength of your spirit. And so… If you know what you want for your future, then you can't worry about appearances." Shinso then uttered as he gritted his teeth.

'…What does he mean by that?' Midoriya thought as Present Mic started the countdown.


"…That monkey was going on about his pride…"


"…But don't you think that he was dumb for throwing away the chance he was given?"

"…!" Midoriya's eyes widened upon realizing that Shinso was pretty much insulting Ojiro for his actions, even so that he was even starting to get angry to the point that he began to grit his teeth aggressively as he began to charge at Shinso.


"And that's hook, line, and sinker."

Everyone watched as the aggressive mop head suddenly stopped in his tracks. Ojiro in particular noticed this strange set of movements as he stood up from his seats, flabbergasted by what he just saw as he ruffled his hair.

"Crapbaskets! I went through the trouble of warning him about his Quirk too!" He said in a self-annoyed matter.

Toshinori himself flinched as he watched his prized pupil stop in his own tracks as Present Mic and Aizawa looked over this match's suspicious build up.

"Huh? Hey, hey, what's the matter?! It's the important first match! Liven things up, you two! Midoriya, why're all frozen all of a sudden?!" He called out to the teen as some of Class A's students began to stand up in confusion.

"What's going on?" Uraraka wondered.

Ben squinted down, and merely sighed as he slapped his face. "Ah… He got caught."

"What? What do you mean by that, Ben?" Momo asked her butler.

"He's got a blank look on his face and isn't moving a muscle! Is this Shinso's Quirk? He didn't stand out at all, but could he actually be someone amazing?! Will the bottom climb to the top?!" Present Mic was absolutely livid about this growing problem, but Aizawa sighed as he watched.

"…See. This is why I said that the Entrance Exam wasn't as rational as one would think." He began to say.

"Huh?" Mic turned to his friend in question. "Whatcha mean, man?"

"See, take a look at this." The Erasure Hero responded as he brought out two slips of paper, with a portrait of Midoriya on one and Shinso the other. "This here is some basic data on the two of them. Since it's individual matches from here on out, I had someone compile them for me."

"So… What?" Mic then asked again, still confused as ever.

"Shinso failed the Practical Exam for the Hero Course, but he applied for General Studies probably knowing that this would happen. His Quirk is a very powerful one, but the Practical Exam consisted of the Mock Villains. That gave an advantage to those whose Quirks were those with physical attack power." He revealed.

"Wait, so what you're saying is…" Mic's eyes widened slightly.

"Shinso wouldn't have been able to rack up any points with his Quirk. However, in this kind of scenario…" Aizawa summed up the explanation he gave earlier.

"…You're lucky that you've been blessed, Midoriya Izuku." Shinso said as he gave a Midoriya a look towards the out of bounds line. "But I win…"



"Turn around and walk out of bounds."

Once again to everyone's surprise, Midoriya began to unconsciously comply to Shinso's orders, and turned around accordingly. Though the movement that Midoriya exhibited was very robotic and slow looking, it didn't take much to fill some of the Class A students with dread.

"Huh? Whaaaaaat?! Midoriya's being so obedient!" Present Mic responded with an alerted tone.

"Midoriya-chan?" Asui looked down with concern.

"Deku-kun? Why?!" Uraraka also added.

"If you go out of bounds, you'll be disqualified from the match!" Iida yelled out as he swung his arm in his typical way.

'…T-That Quirk… Don't tell me…' Toshinori gulped as he gripped the wall he was leaning out of.

"…Allow me to explain then, Yaoyorozu-san." Ben yawned as he crossed his feet. Several other students that were close to Midoriya turned to him as he cleared his throat.

"Shinso-san was placed into the General Studies Department not because he was a bad student, but because his Quirk wasn't the kind that was suitable for the Practical Exam." He started.

"Then what kind of Quirk does he have?" Asui asked, anxious to know.

"Ah… Well, let me assure that my memory is correct." Ben said as he cleared his throat.

"Shinso Hitoshi; his Quirk is known as Brainwash. It allows him to assume control of anyone who responds to one of his statements, forcing them to do as he says. It's willingly activated by Shinso, who otherwise can hold normal conversations with other people without having to brainwash them. Records have shown that he can control more than one person at once, but this has to be done individually as brainwashing multiple targets simultaneously is beyond Shinso's capabilities due to him needing to concentrate on his desired target in order to activate the Quirk."

"Wait, brainwashing?! Now that's totally something like in a manga!" Kirishima expressed with a mild amount of disbelief as Ben began, taking a long intake of air.

"Yes… But victims will feel dazed when being controlled, and will remain largely aware of their current state of being brainwashed, despite looking completely spaced out. They are rendered essentially caged in their own bodies and feeling helpless all the time, until the Quirk effect breaks. Those who end up brainwashed will be forced to follow all of Shinso's commands, however, any orders that require them to think or talk will not work. Brainwash is implied to not work on non-living entities, which can justify his's failure in the U.A. Entrance Exam." Ben ended, coughing a few times to moisten his throat.

"Ugh… I felt like I read off a manual or something…" He grumbled.

'…In the Fitness Test that I proposed on the first day of school, Midoriya scored pretty low for the average Hero Course student, but even in tests where he didn't use his Quirk, he did better than Shinso.' Aizawa thought to himself as he took note of the stats the slips revealed.

'I figure that Midoriya probably has a better body than Shinso, so of course if they were to fight normally, Midoriya would win. Well, if he somehow manages to overcome Shinso's Brainwash or not, this fight's gonna end quickly I reckon.' Both Ben and Aizawa then stated as Midoriya crept closer and closer to the edge of the arena.

'A-A-AH! Y-Young Midoriya, what're doing?! You can't come over here!' Toshinori began to sweat marbles as Midoriya's figure became clearer and clearer as he approached him.

Midoriya could only look at his own body as he cursed at himself mentally. 'G-God damn it… My body's moving all on its own… It's like my head's filled with fog…! No…! Damn it… Stop! Stop! Even though Ojiro-kun warned me…! Shiiiiit…!'

"Well this isn't looking good…" Ben mumbled.

'Shit…! Damn it all…! Even though… Everyone's counting on…me! In a place like this…'


Right as Midoriya was about to step out of bounds…he looked into the dark entranceway that he came through. While it was filled with nothing but darkness, as his eyes drifted through his foggy vision, it was then that he thought he noticed something. A…sparkle. No, not just one, not just two… There were more, around eight shining sparkles of light that brightened up, as if they were linking themselves with his sight as Midoriya's vision was filled.

Blinking once through his tranced state, the sparkles of light that filled his vision soon opened a clear pathway, revealing what appeared to be…silhouettes of some sort. Ghost-like apparitions with differently colored eyes seemed to be staring straight at him, with a mixture of lights suddenly invading Midoriya's mind as he felt One For All's power beginning to surge through his entire body without his consent.

'…W-What… What is this?!' His mind was in a complete jungle as his entire body began to glow, the reminiscent coloring of Full Cowling beginning to curdle around his person as his foot was about to step out.


"…You probably don't understand, but even with a Quirk like this, I do have my own dream." Shinso uttered as he gave Midoriya another grim look. "…Now then, lose for—"


With the twitching of his right foot, One For All surged suddenly, and as Midoriya's entire body sparked with Full Cowl's green coloration, he stomped just millimeters before the white boundary line, sending off a powerful shockwave.


Everyone nearby suddenly gasped as they blocked their faces from the incoming dust. Midnight's eyes widened as she looked over towards Midoriya, who was now sweating like crazy as he began to breath in heavily.

"W-Woah there! Midoriya's stopped!" Present Mic nearly fell off from his seat, making the crowd explode as Midoriya's friends all cheered for his sudden recovery.

"MIDORIYA-KUN!" Iida cried out.

"I'm… I'm so glad!" Asui ribbited as she and Uraraka grasped each other's hands.

"M-Me too!" The Zero Gravity user smiled.

Ben was genuinely surprise as well as Aizawa, even as much as sitting up from his seat and even looking down. "…Now that was unexpected."

'Wait, his foot…!' The two of them then saw that part of Midoriya's pants, the lower right in particular was shredded, revealing a bruised marking underneath. 'Did he remove the Brainwash effect by making it explode?'

As the shockwave finally cleared up, Midoriya finally got his breathing out of control, looking back over his shoulder and giving Shinso a eerie expression. Ojiro nearly fell over as he sat back down, placing a hand on his chest.

"O-Oh my gosh… That's crazy." He admitted.

Shinso however was shocked beyond belief, gritting his teeth at this truly unexpected result. "H-Huh…? What? Why…! You shouldn't be able to move freely! What did you do?!"

Immediately, Midoriya covered his mouth as to not answer as he tried to understand what the hell just happened. 'A-Alright… Somehow, I managed to discharge my foot… But I wasn't the one who moved it. What happened? Wait… Those people from before. Those people that I don't know suddenly came into my line of sight all of a sudden and for a second…that sight suddenly made my mind clear!'

'That was…' Midoriya's eyes glared at Shinso as memories started to echo in his mind, Toshinori's words at that.

'…One For All. It was passed onto me like a sacred torch.'

'Wait… So then those people…! The presence of the people who've spun together this power… Did that save me? Is that even possible?!' Midoriya mused in disbelief as he looked down at his swollen foot.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" Shinso roared, bringing him out of his trance.

'…No, right now, even if I think about it, I won't find the answer.' Midoriya growled as he shook his head. 'Later… I'll go do the thinking later!'

'Grr… He isn't answering… Did he figure out the weakness behind my Quirk?' Shinso thought to himself as Midoriya turned to face him. 'No… He probably heard from that monkey from the beginning.'

Shinso's only option was to make Midoriya talk. "So, you can make that giant shockwave with just your foot? I'm so jealous!"

However, Midoriya knew better. Activating One For All once more, he began to dash at Shinso despite the pain in his foot. 'Yes… I felt the same way as you did in the past…'

"Thanks to my Quirk, I've been behind from the start!" Shinso continued, sweat dripping down his face. "Someone who's been blessed like you couldn't possibly understand, can you?"

'I DO understand though! But it's true… I have been blessed…!' Midoriya gritted his teeth as his eyes began to glow.

"Someone like you who was born with the ideal Quirk! Someone who can reach your goal!" Shinso was now getting desperate, raising his voice louder.

'I've been blessed by others!' He bit his lips as he activated Full Cowl.

Grasping onto his shoulders, Midoriya began to push him back, irritating Shinso even more.

"S-SAY SOMETHING, DARN YOU!" The purple haired teen growled as he quickly balled his fist and slugged Midoriya in the face.

The sudden movement was enough to make the teen growl in pain, but he still wasn't going to respond as his entire body began to glow. Full Cowling was now active, but not at 3%...

'…But that's why…!' He merely gave Shinso a glare as he turned his face back.

"…!" Gasping, Midoriya's strength suddenly took its toll on Shinso as he began to get pushed back. Widening his eyes, the Brainwash user glanced back to see the boundary lines getting close. 'This guy…! Is he trying to push me out?!'

Pushing his arm out of the way, Shinso growled as he noticed his damaged leg. Kicking his shin, Midoriya cursed in pain as Shinso turned him around and began to push him back towards his own boundary line.

"You've got to be kidding!" He yelled. "You get out!"

As Shinso was about to push him out, he grasped Midoriya's collar. However, it was then that the green haired teen noticed that he was in the perfect position. So right as he did that, he took hold of Shinso's arm with a tight grip from his left, and quickly skid around on his left foot as he grasped his shirt.


Countering Shinso's last move of desperation, Midoriya performed a quick shoulder toss, slamming Shisno down onto the ground and out of bounds. The purple haired teen coughs as his entire body got swatted onto the hard floor as Midnight raised her hand as an indication that the fight was over.

"Shinso-kun is out of bounds! Midoriya advances to round two!"

The crowd began to cheer loudly. With Midoriya looking down on his opponent, he was beginning to breath heavily as Present Mic's image appeared on the monitors once again.

"In the finals, the first person to advance to the second round is Midoriya Izuku from Class A!"

"Ooooh, that was so stressful…!" Uraraka gave a hard sigh of relief as she and Asui drooped down into their seats.

"Yes… But turning the tables around at the last moment! As expected of Midoriya-kun!" Iida praised the green head.

Kaminari nodded, but turned to Bakugo, who had an unruly face of remembrance. "Hey Bakugo, didn't he do that shoulder toss on you before too?"

"Shut it, Dunce Face." The red eyed blond retorted as he glared down at Midoriya.

'That damn piece of… He was definitely aiming for it. He led that fool right into it!' He growled.

'Using his power on part of his body like at the Fitness Test, and the shoulder toss from the Combat Training… Rather than calling it the best use of his experience, it was like he was using any experience he had to force the flow of the battle into this favor…' Aizawa observed what happened in his own explanation.

"YAHOO! Now, even though it was kind of a boring first match, we should all pay our condolences and praise them both for a bravely fought match! Give these two fighters a round of applause!"

And that was the thing that the crowd did as Midoriya and Shinso began to return to the middle of the ring. As expected, Shinso had a look of disappoint on his face as he faced Midoriya, the latter leaning on his left leg to withstand the pressure from using One For All at whatever higher percentage caused him to get out Shinso's Brainwash.

Midoriya thought of the words that Shinso yelled at him during their match. Shinso thought of him as a person who had been blessed… A person who can actually reach their goal.

"…Shinso-kun. I just want to ask… But why do you want to be a Hero?" He asked after an awkward pause.

This made the purple haired teen raise his face, widening his eyes slightly for a moment before turning around and retracting himself to his stern expression.

"…Well, you can't help but long for the things you want, can't you?" He answered vaguely as he began to step off the ring.

'Wait…' That answer was more than enough however to make the green haired teen realize everything. '…That's exactly so. I felt the same way before I inherited One For All…'

'But… I guess no matter what I say right now…'

Shinso sighed as he drew closer to the exit way, but before he could fully do so, he heard several voices calling out his name from above in the audience. "Shinso! Hey man, you were really cool out there!"

"...Eh?" He blinked, looking up to see several of his fellow General Studies classmates waving at him with smiles and grins.

"Good job!" One girl called out.

"I was really surprised man! You almost took out one of the guys who won the entire obstacle race!" One guy grinned.

"You're the star of the General Studies students!" Another yelled.

"And besides—Take a look behind us!" Another then gestured behind themselves.

There were a bunch of Pro Heroes sitting behind where the students were standing. Amongst them was a beastly one who wore a skull helmet, another had turquoise hair and wore an orange bandanna. One of them behind that person was a man wearing a sea creature like helmet and a bodysuit; there were even those who looked robotic in nature that were wearing suits.

However… There was one thing that they had in common; and that was they were speaking about Shinso and his performance.

"That kind of Quirk… It could work extremely well against Villains. Hmm, I wish I had it." The beastly one admitted.

"Yeah… But it seems like U.A. isn't being very smart if he's being placed in the General Studies, right?" The bandana user questioned.

"Well, they have a ton of people applying always, so it can't be helped that some of them have to be placed in there." The darkly armored Hero behind her responded.

"I guess it was the difference in combat experience, huh?" One of the robotic looking Heroes asked his partner.

"Yeah, it ends up making a big difference, especially in competitions like these." The other one nodded. "What a waste."

Hearing the comments they made, Shinso's classmates grinned down at him. "Ya hear that, Shinso?! You're amazing man!"

The man in question stayed silent…but a smile grew on his face as a result. His rough expression turned into a snarky grin as he glances behind his shoulder to look at Midoriya.

"…Depending on our results, they'll consider our transfer into the Hero Course. Remember that. Because even if it didn't work out this time, I definitely won't give up. I'll get into the Hero Course, get certified, and I'll definitely become a better Hero than you guys!" He promised.

Midoriya's eyes widened…and even he couldn't help but respond. "…Yeah!"

And of course… Midoriya got bamboozled by Shinso as the latter activated Brainwash on him. 'Aw crapbaskets! Even though the match is over, what's he…?'

Shinso probably noticed the expression behind the now blank look on Midoriya's face, snickering a little. "You know, there aren't many people that'll just casually talk to me. They're usually very wary."

Releasing his hold, Shinso turned around and gave the mop head another grin. "Only someone like you and Tennyson would do something like that… But at this rate, if you keep being susceptible to things like that, someone'll trip you both up in no time."

"…!" Midoriya blinked wildly as he got control of his body again.

"So, at the very least… Don't lose in an unseemly way." He asked of him.

And of course…

"…Yes, I won't—"

He got Brainwashed again.


'Ah, son of a bitch…'


Now in Recovery Girl's temporary infirmary, the nurse activated her Quirk on Midoriya, healing his leg to its normal condition. Toshinori was now inside with the two of them as well as Midoriya wiggled his toes around to get the feeling in his feet back.

"Alright, that should do it." The Youthful Heroine nodded as she tied a thin layer of bandages around his foot. "Just a half an hour or so worth's of rest and it should be back to a 100%."

"…I know you said to smile All Might, but in that match with Shinso-kun, I couldn't smile at all." Midoriya admits.

"…Hm. Well, I suppose that his cries back then hit pretty close to home for you, huh?" Toshinori guesses as he scratches the back of his head.

Midoriya nods, but looks up at his teacher. "Yes… But that didn't mean that I could lose. That's what it means to aim for number one, right?"

Those funny words made Recovery Girl sigh, knowing that Toshinori probably said something to him again. "Oh, you poor thing… Toshinori, you must've placed some kind of weird pressure on him again, did ya?!"

Elbowing his right rib, Toshinori wailed in pain, all while trying to apologize.

"I-It was necessary! O-Ow…" He chuckled.

"Wait… Speaking of pressure." Midoriya then blinked as the thoughts he had during the match resurfaced. "All Might, did you ever have a… I don't know how to describe it. I had a vision I could say?"

"H-Huh?" The blond looked up while clenching his aching side.

"There were eight…or nine people… I'm not sure how many exactly. But when it felt like my mind was being filled with fog from Shinso-kun's Brainwash, that vision appeared, as if to drive away the fog. It felt like I was barely able to move by body for a moment." He tried to explain.

"Hmm…" Toshinori hummed in interest.

"A-Also… There was someone with eyes like you too, All Might." Midoriya also added. "Was… Was it the people who had inherited One For All who did it?"

"W-What the heck? That's scary!" Toshinori sweated a little in response, something that Midoriya wasn't expecting to say the least.

"W-What?! I thought you'd know something about it!" The mop-head panicked.

"N-No! I mean, I also saw that kind of thing before too, back in my younger days." Toshinori clarified.

"T-Then?" Midoriya asked again as the blond calmed down.

"Ah… That means that it's a clear sign that you've got a better grasp on One For All as a whole." Toshinori then answered, leaning against Recovery Girl's desk as he folded his arms.

"Er… What does that mean?" Midoriya asked, still a little confused.

"In my perspective, I'd say it's like a trace of something that all of the people who inherited it left in One For All as a whole. It's not something with intent that can interfere with you, and you yourself can't interfere with them as well. In other words; that vision you had isn't the thing that got rid of young Shinso's Brainwash. It was that when you saw the vision that your strong emotions allowed you to overcome its effects, just long enough for you to move your leg… I think." Toshinori fully explained, taking a long breath afterwards.

"…That explanation's not satisfying at all though…!" Midoriya sighed awkwardly.

"Oh, come on, don't get too hung up about it!" Toshinori barked in response. "But more importantly, don't you want to see who'll fight you in the next round?"

"Wait, oh yeah!" Midoriya then stood up. "A-AH! Thank you very much!"

Dashing out the exit, he quickly gave the two a bow before closing the doorway, leaving the two Heroes alone as he began to run back towards the stadium.

However, as Midoriya's footsteps echoed in their ears, Toshinori gave another heavy sigh as Recovery Girl repeated some of Midoriya's words.

"…He said that you were there too, in that vision of his." She repeated.

"…Yes. That's a good thing." He admitted with a low tone.

"Aaaah…! Gotta hurry!" Midoriya muttered to himself as he entered the audience's seating for the students. Several students from Class A could hear his footsteps as they glanced back.

"Oh, Deku-kun!" Uraraka waved out to him. "Nice job!"

"We saved a seat for you!" Iida gave a thumbs up as he gestured a seat next to himself.

"Ah, thanks!" The mophead smiled. Before he could step down though, he noticed Ojiro giving him a smile. The two exchanged nods as the former went down and joined his fellow students.

"So… How the hell did you get rid of Shinso's Brainwash?" Ben asked right away.

"E-Er… Well…" Midoriya stuttered.

"AH! I was also wondering about that!" Mina leaned over from her seat. "He basically took control of your body, right?"

"There would've been no way to regain control either, so how did you do it?" Tokoyami asked as well.

"Umm… It's hard to explain. I guess you could say that…my willpower allowed me to subconsciously activate my Quirk and force me back to reality?" Midoriya nervously answered.

Most of the students rose an eyebrow, including Ben, but their time for questioning ceased to bear fruit as the flames of the stadium arena brought their attention back down to the middle.

Present Mic's face appeared on screen once again as the crowd began to cheer. "THANKS FOR WAITING, EVERYONE! NEXT UP IS THESE TWO FELLAS!"

A moment later, the screen transitioned to show both Sero and Todoroki's portraits, the tape user on the right and Todoroki on the left. Ben and everyone else then looked down and watched as both students entered through their respective entrances…though not many could tell that Todoroki's expression was anything but normal.

'…Why does he look so irritated?' Ben wondered as the two approached the middle of the stage.

"He's good! He's good, but what's with that plainness that he just can't get rid of? From the Hero Course—Sero Hanta!"

"Hey, that's pretty mean!" Sero gave Present Mic a sarcastic smile as he began to stretch his arms.


"Taking one of the top places in the Obstacle Course AND the Cavalry Battle! You're way above in the food chain, kiddo! He wasn't admitted into the school through recommendations for nothing! Also, from the Hero Course—Todoroki Shoto!"

"…" Todoroki remained silent.

"And now, for the second match of the first round!"

"I have a feeling I'm not gonna do too hot…but." Sero grinned nervously as Present Mic began his countdown.


Immediately, right as Present Mic alerted the start of the match, Sero quickly skid back and released two alarmingly fast strands of tape that ensnared Todoroki. He quickly snips off his left elbow's strand of tape and does a quick 180 in an attempt to throw the Half-and-Half user out of bounds.

"I don't feel like losing either, Todoroki!" He growled.

"OH! A surprise attack aimed to push his opponent out of bounds! Don't you think that was the best choice for this situation?!" Mic yelled out. "Seriously, get'em, Sero!"

"Holy moly!" Mineta yelped. "Is this how it's gonna end?"

"This is happening way too fast!" Sato frowned.

"I don't care! It's just a flinging of surprising events!" Mina squawked. "And I like it!"

"T-Todoroki-kun!" Iida yelled out of concern.

"…Uh-oh." Ben blinked as he began to lean down.

"Ben?" Midoriya, Asui, and Momo watched as his body suddenly flashed into Heatblast, blinding everyone for a moment. "What're doing?"

"…Oh. Just wanted to let you know that Todoroki's gonna use a giant ice attack." The fire alien casually said.

"Eh?" Kaminari looked down. "What do you me—"


Suddenly, Todoroki stomped his right foot on the ground, spreading ice all over the surrounding area. This caused the momentum from Sero's attack to halt to nothing as the ice trail froze his tape and began to venture off towards the tape user in question.


With a loud growl, the ice trail suddenly expanded, forming Todoroki's infamous Giant Ice Wall, though this variation was taken to the extreme. It was large enough to shake the entire stadium, and long enough to completely stagger out of the whole building. Luckily for Class A, Heatblast's presence and a fire blast from said alien managed to melt away the ice that was about to hit them.

"…Holy shit!" Midoriya actually cursed as the front row students all huddled behind Heatblast.

Aizawa and Present Mic were shocked beyond belief as well. Everyone's eyes looked down to see Todoroki, now seeming a bit calmer. His right side was pretty much covered in frost bite as he exhaled a cold trail of breath. Grunting, he shattered Sero's now frozen tape as he looked over onto his opponent.

"H-Hey… Don't… Don't ya think that was a bit much?" The Tape user uttered. His entire body, safe for his face and upper chest, was frozen, with the Giant Ice Wall behind him.

Midnight was also partially frozen as well, as she was unfortunately standing partway in Todoroki's massive attack. "…Sero-kun. Can you move?"

"O-Of course not…! O-Ow…!" He winced due to the coldness.

"Sero-kun is immobilized! Todoroki-kun advances to the second round!"

The crowd was also devastated. Some Heroes even started to have a majoring growing of sympathy for Sero to the point that they repeatedly kept calling out "Don't mind!"; the phrase echoing through the entire audience as Todoroki began to approach Sero.

"…Sorry about that. I went overboard." He admitted.

Placing his left hand on Sero's chest, Todoroki began to activate his left side, heating up Sero's body with an apologetic and sad look. "…I was angry."

Heatblast quickly began to melt away the rest of the ice in front of the class. Unfortunately, the water that formed as a result began to drip down onto the audience below, but fortunately they didn't really mind all that much. While the rest of the class seemed visibly disturbed by what just happened, Heatblast chuckled.

"…Ha, talk about a devastating ice-olation."

"Alright everyone! Thanks to some staff and student support, the stage is finally dry! Now then, onto the next match!" Present Mic yelled with glee after a couple of minutes later.

As the flames of the arena erupted once more, this time, Kaminari and Ibara entered.

"The assassin from Class B! Pretty things have thorns, you know! From the Hero Course—Shiozaki Ibara!"


"The Sparkling Killing Boy! From the Hero Course—Kaminari Denki!"

Ibara frowned upon hearing her new nickname as Present Mic continued with the introductions however. "Now, we'll have another super flashy battle this time too—"

"U-Um…!" Ibara then called out.

"Eh?" Present Mic looked down.

"Umm… Please excuse the interruption. What do you mean by "assassin"? I have only come to find victory in this festival, not to take my opponent's life." She quickly yelled out with a concerned expression.

Present Mic actually flinched, realizing he may have said something stupid. "A-AH! I-I'm sorry! It was just a slip of the tongue!"

"In the first place, I wished to enter U.A. Academy not for wicked reasons, but for the salvation of others…" She continued.

"T-That's why I said I'm sorry! My bad, okay?!" The Voice Hero sighed.

Ibara nods, bowing afterwards. "I thank you for your understanding!"

"…Huh. I guess Class B has people like this in there too, huh?" Kaminari looked over this scenario with an awkward smile. 'She's got a pretty face and big eyes, but it looks like she's really strong from what I heard from Ben. So, I've gotta discharge all of my electricity here, huh?'

'…But now that I think about it, she's pretty cute. Maybe I should try asking her out sometime?' He then thought as he took another look at Ibara. '…All right!'

"Huh. Guess the nickname that the other me gave her wasn't that bad after all." Ben tilted his head in wonder.

"…Achoo!" Jiro suddenly sneezed.

"Oh, gazuntite." Hagakure responded.

"…Why do I have this feeling in my chest?" Jiro grumbled. "…Tch, it's probably Kaminari's fault."

"A-Anyways! Are we ready?!"

"Yep! All set!" Kaminari nodded.

"As am I." Ibara nodded as well.


"So, what say we grab a bite to eat after this is over?" Kaminari proposed as he took a few steps back. "If you'll let me, that is."

"…Hm?" Ibara blinked.

"Because this match'll probably be over in a second!" The blond then yelled as his entire body began to spark.

Everyone watched as sparks of electricity began to appear around Kaminari's body. Smacking his hands onto the ground, he released his electricity in Ibara's direction.

"...Idiot." Ben sighed.

"Indiscriminate Discharge: 1,300,000 Volts!"

Blasting his energy right at Ibara, the vine girl however simply turned around. Commanding her vine-like hair to burrow into the ground, she quickly created a shield of vines to block the waves of electricity, making them simply zip pass her.

"Uuuzahwat?" Kaminari blurted, now in his dumb-ified state.

While his electricity was still ongoing, the barricades of vines that Ibara summoned began to surge under the stage, eventually erupting underneath Kaminari and wrapping themselves around his body in one fell swoop as they took him off his feet.

"Well folks, this match was decided in an instant! I'll say that once more; an instant!" Present Mic announced.

"Kaminari should've known that grass is a well-known insulator for electricity." Aizawa scolded as Midnight raised her hand at Ibara.

"Shiozaki advances to the second round by the immobilization of Kaminari!"

Ibara sighs with joy as the crowd begins to chant for the student. "Oh… I'm glad that I was able to make the most of the opportunity that I was given.

"All right, Ibara!" Tetsutetsu roared. "Nice work!"

"Those vines are wicked!" Mineta yelped. "They must be prickly too!"

"Ugh… That dumbo." Jiro sighed.

"Ooooooh?!" A familiar annoying voice came along next to Class A's row. They turned to see Monoma peeking out through the opening…though he seemed to be struggling so. "What's that? Didn't he say that he'd settle it in a second?! That's so strange, seeing that he was defeated in a second, wasn't he?! Class A is supposed to be better than Class B, so isn't that weird?! HAHAHAHAH—"

"—Alright, that's enough, you rascal." Itsuka then came over, knocking him out by chopping his neck. "Sorry about that!"

"Nah, it's fine." Ben shrugged, though the rest of his classmates all sweat dropped at Monoma's dialogue.

'…What was that?' They all thought.

"Of course. Now then, time for an explanation!" Ben smirks as he stands up. Midoriya's eyes shine as he brings out a tarnished notebook.

"Please, Sensei!" He awaited this.

"Ahem… Shiozaki Ibara; her Quirk is named Vines obviously. It grants her controllable thorny vines in place of regular hair. The vines can be manipulated for various purposes, such as binding foes, snatching objects and creating defensive barriers. The vines can also be cut off from her head, albeit Ibara still retains control over them. Once Ibara cuts off her vines, she becomes bald. To regrow the vines, her head must be soaked with water and bathed with sunlight, similar to an actual plant. Because her vines don't conduct electricity, she has a natural advantage against electricity, as seen by Kaminari's futile attempt. While tough, the Vines can be cut however. And though her vines are thorny, the thorns don't seem to do any damage."

"…Alright, how the heck does this guy know about everyone's Quirks?" Jiro asked around. "Ben, seriously."

"A-Ah… Kaminari's Quirk is supposed to be strong, but Shiozaki-san's Quirk is the one that granted her 4th place in the Entrance Exam. So it's called Vines? It's very similar to Kamui Woods's own Quirk. Binding type of Quirks are really strong. I hardly see anyone breaking out, so it'd be impossible to get close while avoiding all those vines, so you'd either have to break them off like Ben said or tear through them… Oooh but in order to keep you from doing that she'd probably go after your hands—"

"Oh boy… You just finished your own match, but you're already thinking of countermeasures, huh, Midoriya-chan?" Asui smirked.

"AH!" Said teen flinched out of his phase. "Oh, no! It's just, I mean… This is pretty much my hobby…"

"Hobby?" Uraraka asked.

"It's not every day that I get a chance to observe amazing Quirks outside of those in our class… Oh, speaking of which, I've also started to compile a list for Class A as well!" He suddenly revealed as he revealed a page compiling a bunch of notes on her.

"Nice!" Ben nodded.

"Wha… Deku-kun, you've been really amazing since I've met you, but the Sports Festival is making me think that you're amazing all over again!" She admitted.

"Right?" Asui also said.

"Huh, what do you mean by—"

"Now then, it's time for the fourth match! We're gonna keep rolling along! Read heads up towards the top!"

"Alright. Now then… It's my turn." Iida smiled as he stood up. "Wish me luck!"

"Go get'em, Iida!" Kirishima grinned.

A short while later, Iida emerged, as well as Hatsume, the latter who seemed to be decked out with a new set of equipment. The flames erupted once more as Present Mic introduced the two students.

"It's like he's the epitome of the middle of the pack! Our speedy menace! From the Hero Course—Iida Tenya!"


"Equipped with a plethora of Support items; from the Support Course—Hatsume Mei!"

"He's up against that Support Course girl, huh?" Jiro observed.

"I wonder how this fight will go out?" Asui also wondered.

"Wait, what's that thing that Iida's putting on?" Sato then pointed down to their classmate.

"…Is that a balancer of some sort?" Ben cupped his chin as they watched Iida place on some sort of back-pack like equipment, as well as some thinly made exoskeleton equipment down the rest of his body.

"Iida-kun! That kind of equipment generally is prohibited for those in the Hero Course." Midnight alerted the Engine user. "Those who use equipment needed to petition beforehand."

"Wha… Oh no! I forgot about that! Aoyama-kun wore a belt, so I thought it was fine!" Iida admitted to his fault.

"Yes, but he submitted a petition." Midnight answered otherwise.

"I humbly apologize then!" He immediately bowed in apology. "…However, my heart was moved by my opponent's sportsmanship. Even though she is from the Support Course, she said she wanted to make this an even match since she made it this far. She said she wanted to fight fairly, so she gave me this equipment! I did not think I could ignore her fighting spirit!"


"Wait, so it's fine?" Present Mic asked.

"Well… If they're both agreeing to it, then it's within regulations… I guess?" Aizawa answered.

'Wait… is Hatsume-san really someone who'd say something like that?' Midoriya wondered.

"…I think she's going to use him to advertise her stuff." Ben flat out said, making him do a spit take.

"I-I was just thinking that!" He retorted.

"Well, since permission's been granted, let's go ahead and start the fourth match!" Present Mic decided.


Iida blasts off towards Hatsume, who adjusts a microphone attached to her headset. She even simply stands there in awe of her own invention as he drew closer.

"Isn't that acceleration just wonderful, Iida-kun?!" She smiled.

"A-A mic?" Said teen uttered.

"Wait, what?" Present Mic looked down. "Why?"

"She's wearing speakers?" Aizawa guessed.

"Don't you feel that your legs are lighter than usual?"

"Well that's only to be expected! Those leg parts are helping the wearer's movements along!"

And just as Iida was about to close the distance, from Hatsume's own equipment, a hydraulic rod extended out from her backpack that caused her to dodge to the side on its own, causing him to trip.


"And I can easily evade with my Hydraulic Attachments as well!"

While Iida was busying balancing himself, Hatsume's eyes seemed to zoom in on a row of seats high above the regular audience. She seemed to be looking at some individuals who were observing her equipment.

'The Support companies are all looking! Oh, they're also biting the bait! I've got 'em!' She grinned.

"Wait, what's she doing?" Momo asked.

"Like I said, advertising her equipment. To Support companies specifically. See her looking around?" Ben pointed down.

"What, does she know who she's looking for or something?" Bakugo actually asked.

"Yep. That's due to her Quirk." Ben smiled as he sat up. "Allow me to explain once more."

"Ooooh!" Midoriya once again opened his notebook to record while several students next to them all sweat dropped.

"Hatsume Mei. Her Quirk is called Zoom. This Quirk grants her eyesight that can zoom far away, allowing her to clearly see distant people and objects. By focusing her eyes into a particular spot, Hatsume is capable of seeing up to 5 kilometers. Her eyes also feature unique crosshair-shaped irises, which attribute as a physical feature of the Quirk. She mostly uses her Quirk to search for people that might be of her interest, like potential investors, but she also can use them to peek into the interiors of her inventions as well." Ben explained once more.

"Why you…!" Iida muttered as he recovered and began to turn around.

As if by itself, Hatsume's backpack beeped as Iida got into a close proximity, activating once again to dodge the teen.

"Since I've got sensors in every direction, I can even deal with attacks from behind!"

And as expected, Iida managed to trip on the hydraulics. However, right as he was about to topple over and fall, the backpack equipment on his back began to activate. Several small devices located on the sides began to spew out air to rebalance his body, forcing him back up to an upright position.

"W-Whoa, whoa!" He cried out. "What the?! What're planning?"

"And did you see that?! Iida-kun changed course adeptly! It's thanks to the Auto-Balancer that I developed as well! The leg parts detect the wearer's brainwaves to predict movements, so there's no need to worry about time lag!"

"I… I can't even commentate on this." Present Mic admitted.

"…She's very good at hard selling." Aizawa sighed as Iida attempted, and failed to get Hatsume again.

"The Auto-Balancer is equipped with a 32-axis gyro sensor, so it will be sure to keep the user from falling unless they have a desire to do so!"

"I-I thought you were going to fight fairly!" Iida barked.

As he was about to charge at her for the umpteenth time, it was then that Hatsume's boots glowed. Two gears located at the ankles of both boots began to spin as she then jumped high into the air and began to hover gently.

"And take a look at this! What do you think of this lightness?! These Electro Shoes use electromagnetic induction on both feet to allow for instant evasive action!"

"G-Grr… I suppose I'll have to get her when she lands!" Iida decided as he turned around, aiming for where Hatsume was going to assumingly land at.

And she did actually. However, she quickly turned around and twirled a sidearm from a holster on her hip. Blasting out a white circular projectile from its barrel, it opened up to reveal a large, magenta colored netting that caught and wrapped itself around Iida.

"W-What is this?!" He growled as he struggled to escape.

"And this here is a Capture Gun, used to apprehend Villains! The capture nets are in cartridges, and you can fire up to five of them until you have to reload!"

"And who developed all of these items? It was none other than me: Hatsume Mei!"

"Everyone from the Support companies, your choice is clear—Hatsume Mei, Hatsume Mei—Hatsume Meeeeei!"

"W-What is she, a politician?" One of these scouters chuckled.

"And now, I'll talk about my next Support item!"

"There's still more?!" Another cried out.

Hatsume's entire performance took a rough estimate of ten minutes to get through all of her items, at least the ones that she wanted to at least. A lot of people were shocked to say the least about someone who could speak in such an abrasive way for such a long time… But some people, like Ben for one, were impressed about everything.



After getting through her final item, Hatsume gave off a satisfied smile as she walked off stage on her own accord. "Aaaaah… I presented each and every item that I wanted to show. I have nothing left to say…"

Midnight blinked several times, before raising her hand.

"U-Uh… H-Hatsume-san is out of bounds. Iida-kun advances to the second round!"

"YOU TRICKED MEEEEEEEEE!" Iida roared out.

"…Yes. I'm sorry. I used you." Hatsume admitted shamelessly as Iida began to sputter out hateful words in her direction.

"W-Well, Iida's so earnest, so she probably said some things that sounded good to get him on board." Midoriya guessed. "Hatsume-san is also not honest, and she'll use any means to get what she wants…!"

"Iida is a gullible person." Ben flat out said again. "But those inventions were pretty cool though."

"…Please, I've heard enough technical talk for a lifetime." Momo rolled her eyes.

A short while later, the fifth match started, with Mina and Aoyama fighting against one another.

"And so, we're gonna just continue on with the next match!" Present Mic called out as the two students got on board.

"Even though he's wearing a belt, he's not gonna transform for you all! From the Hero Course—Aoyama Yuga!"

"Bonjour, everyone!" Aoyama smirks across the audience.


"Is something gonna come out of those horns of hers? Well? Anyways, it's gonna be a delight of pink! Also, from the Hero Course—Ashido Mina!"

"He he… This first match is gonna be a piece of cake!" Mina snickered joking as she pointed at Aoyama.

"And I'll return those words right back at you!" Aoyama smugly responded.

"Go for it, Mina-chan!" Asui cheered.

"AOYAMA, GET HER!" Mineta suddenly screamed though.

"Huh?" Midoriya turned back.


"Alright, enough with that." Ben sighed as he morphed into Big Chill and shot a beam of ice at Mineta without even turning around, freezing him solid. "Let him out when the match is over."

"…That was cold." Kirishima sweat dropped.

"A match between Aoyama-kun and Ashido-san. Considering their Quirks… Aoyama will probably attack from a distance with his Navel Laser; so, this match will be decided by how well Ashido can slip between her attacks. But there's nothing to use as cover on this stage…" Midoriya mumbled. Sero could only chuckle as Present Mic got ready.

"Now, why don't we get moving along! For the fifth match!"



"The early bird gets the worm!" Aoyama yells as he fires off Navel Laser at Mina.

"Oh, sorry!" The pink haired girl grins as she slips by his aim easily.

As she landed, she began to run at his side while releasing acid from the soles of her feet. Thankfully, while the Sports Festival didn't allow students to wear their full Hero costumes, they could at least wear part of them. Mina's shoes allowed her Quirk to be secreted out without damaging the material, so she essentially began to skate on the ground using her acid.

"Oui?" Aoyama blinked.

"Since we were on the same team for the Combat Training, I know all about your Quirk!" Mina reveals as she continues to dodge laser after laser.

"Well, same goes for me!" The blonde barked back as he continued firing in short bursts.

"However, there's just one thing that's different! At the Fitness Test, you carelessly revealed the weakness of your Quirk!" Mina suddenly yelled as she practically danced out of Aoyama's continued barrage.

'Oh… Right. He did mention that by accident, didn't he?' Ben recalled.

Y-You're… Persistent!" Aoyama admitted, now realizing his mistake as he began to fire off lasers close to a second long, all while Mina got closer to him. "O-Oh no… My stomach…"

"Now!" The moment that the stomach pain started to kick in, Mina saw her chance.

As she got within Acid throwing distance, it was then that she quickly conjured up an orb of acid and threw it straight at the core of Aoyama's belt, causing it to melt quickly within seconds.

"Oh no! My precious belt!" He cried out as his pants dropped. "Oh nooooo! And my pants! My belt can't hold them up!"

Now distracted by his rising problems, Mina began to create the final acts for this fight. Sliding right underneath him, she gave him a cheerful grin as she rocked her arm back.

"And now… This'll finish it!" She yelled as she gave him a righteous uppercut, knocking him down to the floor and out cold. "Booyah!"

Midnight also grins as she raises her hand to announce the end.

"Aoyama-kun has fainted! Ashido-san advances to the second round!"

"Aoyama has been K.O'ed! Ashido's easy victory is nothing but indisputable!" Present Mic called out as Mina began grinning with cameras going wild over her.

"Woah. Those were some nice moves." Ben nodded. "…I wonder if I can do that with my own forms? She has really nice form…"

"That's because Mina-chan's great!" Asui ribbited.

"Wow. That's the first time I've seen you praise someone that much, Ben." Momo giggled.

"Yeah… But it's your turn next, Yaoyorozu-san." Ben then gave the Creation user a smirk, making her look away slightly with an awkward motion.

"The match unfolded as I expected, but I misjudged Ashido-san's physical strength in the matter…"

"M-Midoriya?" Ojiro looked at his classmate.

"Even during the Quirk Assessment Test, she placed tenth out of everyone, including the boys. It wasn't just because of her Quirk—she herself has excellent physical abilities!"

"Now then, we've got no time to lose! Let's move onto the sixth match!" Present Mic quickly got the crowd out from their cheering.

Tokoyami and Momo quickly approached the ring as Aoyama was escorted out with a stretcher. The two exchanged high fives with Mina as they exchanged spots, and they soon quickly filled the ring.

'Good luck, mistress. Tokoyami's going to a hard pick for you.' Ben mused.

"He's got both offense and defense in one body! The dark samurai accompanied by the elusive Dark Shadow! From the Hero Course—Tokoyami Fumikage!"


"The mistress of All-Purpose Creation! She was admitted into U.A. through recommendations, so her abilities are no doubt to be certified! Also, from the Hero Course—Yaoyorozu Momo!"

"So, Ben, Midoriya. How do you think this match will play out?" Ojiro asked the two.

"I think time will be the key." Midoriya answered.

"Time?" The blond asked.

"Well, it's just like what Present Mic said. Tokoyami has both an Omni-directional sense of offense and defense. In addition, Dark Shadow can be brought out without any time lag whatsoever, so first strikes will go to him." Ben then answered.

'If I create a simple shield that doesn't take much time and block Tokoyami-san's attack, I might be able to make a weapon in time to—'

"And here we go! The sixth match and halfway of the twelve first rounds!"


"Go, Dark Shadow!" Tokoyami ordered as Dark Shadow emerged from his body.

"Got it!" It responded as it blasted forward.

"Oh, forget it!" Momo growled as she ran forward. 'I'll just do what Ben would do: adapt!'

As Dark Shadow came by to attack with its claws, Momo quickly generated two shields; one on each of her forearms. She managed to block the first swipe and was pushed back a little, but she managed to dodge the second and began to charge at Tokoyami himself.

"Dark Shadow!" Tokoyami called.

"I won't let you!" Momo yelled as she glanced back.

From her lower back, her lower top of her P.E. uniform was torn a little as a dozen or so grenades…no, flashbangs erupted, and they were already pulled. Tokoyami quickly shut his eyes as they exploded, with Dark Shadow taking the full impact.

"So bright!" It wailed.

It didn't last long though. Even though the damage to Dark Shadow was great, Tokoyami managed to cover his eyes long enough for the effects to waver off. Before Momo could get close, as he opened his eyes, he was barely able to dodge roll in time to avoid a shield bash to his face.

"…Once again, a clever maneuver." Tokoyami complemented her as Dark Shadow slowly returned to his body.

"A flashbang?!" Midoriya and Ojiro cried out. "Of course!"

"Yaoyorozu-san usually thinks her way through a fight…but I bet if she's forced to do whatever she has to do to win, she can think of some ideas on the fly." Ben responded with a smug smile.

"You're defenseless!" Momo growled as she threw her shields away, this time replacing them with a shinai.

"I might have less power without Dark Shadow, but that doesn't mean I can't fight on my own." Tokoyami took a stance, being weary of Momo's distance from him.

This was now turning into a brawl of sorts. Momo slowly sneaked her way little by little towards Tokoyami, but the latter continued to back off, as he was waiting for something to happen.

This continued for a little while longer, until Momo noticed that Tokoyami was at the edge of his boundary. Not wanting to waste this opportunity, she striked.

"Go down!" She ordered as she swung her bamboo sword straight down onto his face.

"…HA!" However, surprisingly enough, Tokoyami crouched and caught the blade with his hands before it could strike him. "It's not going to be so easy."

"Grr…!" The two continued to push against one other, but as time went on, it was then that Momo noticed that a cloud began hovering over the stadium, providing a shadow…

'Wait… Shadow…? Oh no!' Her eyes widened at the sudden realizing.

However, it was too late. Before she could finish the match, Tokoyami suddenly stood up and twisted the shinai of hers into a different direction as Dark Shadow's hand emerged from his chest and grasped her.

"Dark Shadow?!" She looked down. "Ugh… I can't move!"

"Sorry, but this is the end." Tokoyami then muttered as his Quirk dragged her out of bounds. Midnight raises her hand as Momo sighs, releasing her shinai.

"Yaoyorozu-san is out of bounds! Tokoyami-kun advances to the second round!"

Releasing its hold on her, Dark Shadow's arm returned to Tokoyami's body as he gave the Creation user a bow. "It was a well fought match."

"Well, you didn't give me that much time to think." Momo couldn't help but smile. "I managed to surprise you though, didn't I?"

"Very much so." Tokoyami nodded as Dark Shadow came out. "Just take a look at how timid Dark Shadow is."

"The Light of Destruction…" It cried out. Dark Shadow was almost as small as a small crow in comparison to its normal form.

"Hehe… Sorry about that." Momo giggled as the two gave each other a handshake. They then exited the stage as Present Mic announced the next match.

"Huh, what'd I tell you?" Ben gave a satisfied smile.

"Wow… I thought that Dark Shadow would have an easier time with Yaoyorozu-san." Ojiro admitted. "What made you think that she'd do that well?"

"…Call it my intuition." Ben simply said. Midoriya and Ojiro glanced at each other, wondering what he meant as Present Mic began to announce the next match.

The next round was between Kirishima and Tetsutetsu, and as fate would have it…

"Next up, the seventh match is between these redundant Quirks!" Present Mic announced as the fighter's images popped onto the screen, and humorously enough they were both posing in the same matter.

"With manly and passionate Steel! From the Hero Course—Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu!"

"Hell YEAH!" The Steel user roared. "Bring it!"


"With manly and passionate Hardening! From the Hero Course—Kirishima Eijiro!"

"Aw damn it all… Even our intros are the same thing?!" The redhead cried out.

"Go for it, Tetsutetsu!" Itsuka called out. "Win like Ibara did!"

"Go for it, Kirishima!" Sato called out. "Win like Midoriya did!"

"Let's start this passionate seventh match!"


"ORAAAAA!" Both Kirishima and Tetsutetsu activated their Quirks as they ran at each other, their enhanced fists smashing into each other with equal force.

"TAKE THIS!" Kirishima growled as he quickly backed off. Going from underneath, he then gave Tetsutetsu a hard right.

"THAT WAS NOTHING!" The Steel man roared as he returned a blow right back at him.












Ben and the others watched as Kirishima and Tetsutetsu continued their fight. As Midoriya took a break from his note taking, it was then that he finally noticed that someone was missing; Uraraka, who was sitting right next to him of all people.

"Huh? Hey, where's Uraraka-san?" He asked around.

"Well, if you didn't notice during your note taking phase, Uraraka went out; presumably to wait for her next match." Ben answered.

"Wait, really? Why would she…oh. Right." Not even needing to answer him, Midoriya then stood up. "I'll go check on her."

"I'll go with you as well then. Yaoyorozu-san should be heading back as well, and since Iida isn't back, she might be with him." Ben yawned as he got up. "Let's go. Tsu-chan, can you let us know what'll go on with this fight?"

"Go for it." Asui nodded as she watched Kirishima elbow Tetsutetsu in the rib. "Oof, a rib attack."

"Yeah, okay." Ben chuckled. "Come on, let's go."

"R-Right…" Nodding, the two began to trace back to the interior of the building, or more particularly, the Player Waiting rooms.

It took them a minute or two to find the room, and on the way, they encounter Tokoyami and Momo. The latter was actually fine about losing, which was a load of concern lifted from Ben's shoulders. After departing from them, they soon saw the room they were looking for.

"Haah… I got played." Iida sighed as he entered the door, a minute before Ben and Midoriya would arrive. Unexpectedly, Uraraka was waiting inside the room.

"Oh! Good work, Iida-kun." The brunette congratulated the Engine user.

"Oh, Urarak—Eh? What's the matter?! Your brow's all wrinkled!" He suddenly yelled.

"My brow?" The Zero Gravity user questioned, before blinking back to her usual expression as Iida closed the doorway. "O-Oh… It's just my nerves. Must've reached my brow."

"Ah… That's quite understandable in your case. After all, you're going against that Bakugo-kun." Iida chuckled nervously. "You've got a rough time ahead of you."

"Well… Not just that." The brunette sighed a little. "But even if I somehow managed to win, I doubt that I could win the upcoming battles. I'm just…scared of what's coming up, I guess."

"Hmm… From what I could tell before my own performance against Hatsume-kun, the winners so far consisted of Midoriya-kun and Todoroki-kun. Whoever would win between those two will have to face a hard time afterwards." Iida started to remember.

"Yeah… But you know, after seeing a match like yours, Iida…" Uraraka then looked up with a small growing smile.

"Like mine? All I was doing was being scapegoated into Hatsume-kun's advertising though." The Engine user admitted with a little shame.

"Yeah, but you still gave it your all!" Uraraka argued.

Before Iida could respond once again, the two heard the door behind them opening, revealing Ben and Midoriya.

"Uraraka-san!" Midoriya called out.

"Deku-kun! And Ben as well?" The Zero Gravity user responded with a mildly amused look.

"Huh? Don't you two want to watch the others' matches?" Iida asked the two as they entered the room.

"To be honest, most of them ended pretty quickly. Kirishima's now facing Tetsutetsu for the seventh round at the moment." Ben explained as he closed the door. "No biggie."

"Then the next is…" The brunette tensed up again. "It's almost time."

"But still, I don't even Bakugo-kun would use a full-powered explosion on a girl." Iida tried to protest, though Ben and Midoriya quickly shook their heads.

"If you think that for a moment that he'd hold back, you'd be surely mistaken, Iida." Ben first said.

"Yep. He definitely would." Midoriya muttered, which made Iida and Uraraka shake a little. "Everyone's trying to become number one in order to make their dreams come true. Even if it's not Kacchan, no one would think about holding back in such a competition like this."

"So…" Ben then nudged Midoriya, who them cleared his throat as he showed her his notebook. "What this guy's come up with is…"

"Uh… W-Well… Over this semester, you've helped me a bunch, Uraraka-san. That's why I thought that I maybe I could help you a little." He offered. "A plan to use your Quirk against Kacchan—It's a bit out of place, but it should help in the long run."

"You did such a thing?! Uraraka-kun, isn't that great?" Iida applaud the duo.

"Well… Thanks, Deku, Ben." Uraraka thanked, though she seemed to be a little reluctant. "But… It's fine."

"Huh?" Both Iida and Midoriya blinked.

"That's the thing about you three. Deku, you're amazing most of all out of what I've seen so far honestly, and me and the others keep seeing more of those amazing sides."

And Uraraka breathed in.

"During the Cavalry Battle, I thought that it would be better to team up with friends, but then I learned that instead of just teaming up, I felt now that I must've been just relying on you. That's why… When Iida-kun said that he'd challenge you, it actually made me feel a little embarrassed." She admitted as she stood up.

"Embarrassed?" Ben asked.

"…I didn't know, Uraraka-san." Midoriya was a bit speechless by her honesty, as was Iida.

"That's why it's fine." The brunette then smiled as she began to walk pass the trio of guys. "Everyone's facing the future and trying their hardest, so that means we're all rivals, right? So… Let's meet in the finals!"

"…Girl, you're shaking." Ben gave the brunette a smirk as Uraraka's expression was revealed to be full of anxiety and excitement.

"H-Hey! Don't make my all inspiring speech go to waste!"

"Kirishima-kun and Tetsutetsu-kun are both knocked out cold! In the case of a draw, after they recover, the winner will be determined by a simple contest, like arm wrestling!"

That was what Midnight said as Ben, Iida, and Midoriya returned out to the audience. They could see Kirishima and Tetsutetsu both with bloody noses and lying unconscious as they were being carried out by stretchers, which served to be a bit amusing if anything to Ben.

"Their abilities were the same, too?" One Hero in the audience chuckled.

"Hey, I like passionate guys like those. They're inspiring. I'd like a sidekick like that, wouldn't you?" Another asked one next to him.

"So, while we wait for Kirishima and Tetsutetsu to recover, let's start the next match!" Present Mic announced as the monitors flickered to show the next match up.

"Here we go…" Midoriya mumbled as Bakugo's and Uraraka's portraits appeared.

"This might be the most disturbing match we see yet." Asui said in a low tone.

"Sheesh… I almost don't want to watch." Jiro admitted as she shook her shoulders. "I'm getting goosebumps."

"So, here we have the eighth match of the twelve of the first round! Let's introduce these fine folks!"

"He was kinda famous in middle school, and hey, this isn't the face of a normal person! From the Hero Course—Bakugo Katsuki!"


"This gal is the one that I'm rooting for, our floaty surprise! From the Hero Course—Uraraka Ochaco!"

'Uraraka-kun…' Iida gulped.

'…Do your best!' Midoriya also gulped as Present Mic started the match.



"…You're that girl that makes things float, right, Round Face?" Bakugo asked in a seemingly menacing tone.

"R-Round?" The brunette sweat dropped.

"If you're going to withdraw, you should do it now." The blond called off. "Because if you don't, you're not going to walk away from this with just a simple "ouch", you hear me?"

This struck Uraraka a little of course, but she instead managed to keep her cool, just sweating a little while maintain a small glare on her opponent.

Back on the seat, Ben turned to Midoriya. "Hey, Midoriya. What was the plan that you were going to tell Uraraka-san to use against King Explosion Murder?"

"King Explosion Murder?" Midoriya was at first confused, but soon realized who he was talking about. "Oh, you mean Kacchan. Well, it actually wasn't much."

"What do you mean?" Iida wondered.

"Well, Kacchan's strong, no doubt about that. In a real close combat fight, he has almost no openings to exploit." Midoriya started.

"And the more he moves, the more he sweats. That adds more power to Explosion." Ben added.

Midoriya nodded. "Yeah. And he's pretty creative with his Quirk. He can use the blasts from his explosions to move around in the air…but if Uraraka-san manages to touch Kacchan and make him float, then she would have the upper hand."

"…That's going to be hard for her though." Ben simply said as they then looked down at the match.

Lunging down, Uraraka began to dash at Bakugo from the get-go with her arms ready to slap when she got close.

"A swift attack? Now that's unexpected!" Present Mic yelled.

"Well, withdrawing ain't a choice, ya know!" Uraraka barked.

"Yes! Even if it's by accident, if she can touch him, she can make him float!" Midoriya smiled nervously.

"Indeed! Bakugo won't want her to get close to him!" Iida agreed.

"That's why Kacchan won't want to evade. He'll want to counterattack!" The mop head then said as Bakugo aimed his palms.

"…If that's how you want to go, then so be it." The blonde then exhaled as he began to swing his right arm back.

'…There! If I can dodge his right then—'

Before Uraraka could get close however, instead of just sending a blast forward, Bakugo instead swung his arm in a low angle, sending an explosion in an arc that blew her away.

"Uraraka!" Both Iida and Midoriya yelled in concern.

"…You know he can take advantage of different angles and other kinds of attacks, right?" Ben retorted.

"D-Did he blast her at full-throttle?!" Mineta cringed.

"Even against a girl, you'll still fight and show no mercy, will you, Bakugo-chan…" Asui noted.

As the explosion's effect began to die out, Uraraka grumbled as she quickly got up from the shockwave. "Grr… Even if I knew the timing of his attacks, I couldn't react in time."

"Come at me if you can! I'll take care of you…" Bakugo challenged.

Dashing out from the smoke and headed towards the blond, Bakugo thought he saw Uraraka, so he immediately grabbed whatever came out and pushed it to the ground with an explosion.

"Don't underestimate me!" He roared.

As the second wave of smoke cleared out, it was then however that his eyes widened upon feeling what he pushed down. It wasn't Uraraka herself—It was her jacket! Quickly glancing back, Uraraka appeared out of the smoke with her arms ready to strike.

"Holy! She made her jacket float and used it as a decoy! She did it in an instant as well!" Present Mic said with a tinge of surprise.

'If I can make him float now I'll—'

"Not good enough!" Bakugo however growled as he did a 180, spinning on his foot as he blasted her back with another explosion.

The brunette, while suffering from the shockwave, did manage to roll and recover quite quickly as she got back up to her feet within moments.

"He moved right after she saw her come out?!" Sero yelled.

"With that reaction timing of his, even a smokescreen doesn't do jack…" Kaminari added with an equal expression on his face. "With Uraraka not being able to activate her Quirk without touching him directly, she's at a direct disadvantage against his crazy reflexes."

"Again!" Uraraka growled as she dashed again.

"Too slow!" Bakugo however yelled again as he began an explosion.

Arcing his hand to swung in an underhand toss-like motion, his explosions dug into the ground for a second, before sending off a powerful shockwave that blasted Uraraka back once more.

"Ooof…" Ben had to admit.

"…Where is she?" Bakugo muttered to himself as he tried to watched for any more sudden movements in this newly created smoke field.

"HOW ABOUT THIS?!" Yelling as she suddenly appeared at his back again, Bakugo in returned the gesture with another explosion. The crowd was beginning to get a little afraid of Uraraka's safety.

"Ochaco-chan!" Asui yelped in concern.

"Nope! I can't watch this anymore!" Jiro covered her face in fear.

"…Bakugo, don't tell me your interest run in that direc—"

"Shut your face, pervert." Ben, now as Four Arms, punched the midget away as he continued to watch. "Just take a look."

Everyone watched as Uraraka continued to come close to Bakugo, with the latter continuing to damage her and send her back with heartbreaking explosions. Little by little, the stage was getting destroyed, and the crowd more and more worried.

"U-Uraraka keeps attacking without rest… But this…ain't this…" Even Present Mic was getting worried.

"HEY!" A Hero barked from the audience as he stood up. "How can you say that you want to be a Hero if you're being like that?! If there's such a huge difference in your abilities, then hurry up and send her out of bounds!"

Bakugo responded by sending Uraraka back with another timed explosion as more and more Heroes began to agree and speak out.

"Stop bullying and messing with the poor girl!"

"Yeah! Stop that!"


"Don't you have any honor?!"

The audience was even starting to boo the Explosion user, something that Present Mic began to notice. "There's a bunch of booing from the crowd… But, I honestly feel the same wa—OW! An elbow?! What're doing?!"

"Hey… Was that a Pro saying that Bakugo is fooling around?"

"Eh?" Mic, as well as the crowd, was surprised to hear this teacher calling out to the crowd.

"How many years have you been a Pro?"

"If you're saying that with a straight face, there's no point in you watching anymore, so go home! Go home, and look into changing careers!"

"A-Aizawa-sensei?!" Midoriya was shocked to hear him say such things.

"Ha… This guy gets it." Ben smiles as he leans back on his seat. "Just listen to him."

"Bakugo is being careful because he's acknowledged the strength of his opponent who has made it this far into the competition. It's because he's doing everything he can to win that he can't go easy on her or let his guard down."

"…Round Face." Bakugo narrowed his eyes as his most recent smokescreen dispersed, revealing Uraraka. 'She's still going… She's still not dead!'

"…I… I have to give it to you, Bakugo-kun." Uraraka said in between intakes of air. Her body was all bruised up and littered with smut and dirt, but Bakugo could still see a fierce look in her eyes as she stared back.

"However, I think… It's about…time." She then said, which alerted Bakugo.

"…For what?" He dared ask.

"…To thank you. For now letting your guard down…" She answered as she began to bring the palms of her fingers together.

"Huh?" He tilted his face.

"What does she mean by that?" Itsuka wondered. In turn, Monoma of all people smiled as he folded his arms.

"Well, it can't be helped from where Bakugo is, but it's embarrassing for a Pro in the stands to start booing without noticing." He started.

"…She kept her body low as she advanced, making Bakugo concentrate attacks onto the stage's ground…storing weapons." Ben added from the other side with Class A.

"And then, she narrowed his field of vision with relentless attacks…to keep him from noticing the ever-so-growing rain that's right above him." The blond then looked up, as did his classmates.

"W-What the?" Mina stuttered. "All of those…!"


Pressing her fingers together, Uraraka's expression softened slightly as she released Zero Gravity. The crowd could only watch with awe on their faces as all the rubble that resulted in Bakugo's explosions began to rain down on the stage right above him. Both Class A and Class B, minus Ben and Monoma, were shocked to see what seemed to be a meteor shower raining down onto the stadium.

"A-A METEOR SHOWER?!" Mic yelped.

"You've should've kept notice of what was happening, you idiot." Aizawa scolded.

"She had that kind of desperate plan up her sleeve?!" Midoriya exclaimed. Even he was surprised to a T as to what the Zero Gravity user did.

"…Now!" Uraraka gritted her teeth as she ran for Bakugo again. 'With this much debris, whether he's evading or counterattacking, this time there will be an opening! And in that moment, I'll get close!'

Activating Zero Gravity on herself, she pressed her foot on the ground just long enough to give her a pushing start.

'I'll win! I'll win and be like Deku and the others!'

That was what she thought was going to happen.


"…Sorry. That's a good plan you made together, but it ain't gonna work on me, Pinky."

Aiming his left hand into the sky, Bakugo actually gripped his arm with his other one as his entire arm began to pop. Right as Uraraka was about to draw in and secure the kill, Bakugo released what appeared to be his most massive explosion yet.

It was so strong that it completely blew Uraraka away. That, and it pretty much decimated all of the incoming debris that was going to rain onto his head. The shockwave that occurred from this explosion was powerful enough to reach all the way to the stands, pushing people back down to their seats, and even some people beginning to fly off from the sheer force of this giant explosion.

Landing a few meters away from the boundary lines, Uraraka automatically released Zero Gravity as she struggled to get up. Panting as she did so, she began to hear Bakugo's footsteps coming forth from the giant smokescreen in front of her.

"…Since you're friends with Deku, I thought that you were up to something." He revealed.

"W-With…one…shot…!" The brunette uttered with disbelief.

"B-Bakugo delivers an alarming explosion! He boldly blasted through Uraraka's secret plan!" Present Mic finally recovered from his shock, even if by slightly.

"But…" Bakugo exhaled as his gripped his left arm, which was actually shaking as a result of the explosion's retaliation. "…That was close."

"…E-Even so…!" Uraraka growled as she stumbled to her feet. "Even if you weren't fazed by my plan…"

"…Good. Good! I'll acknowledge you, Uraraka! Let's get serious!" Bakugo grinned with excitement as he began to run at her. "Come!"

'If it was what he would…do…to…'

Uraraka began to turn around to meet his gesture with a balled fist…but, after all this time, the fatigue and damage finally got to her as her eyes began to blank out. Bakugo was about to slug her with another explosion in the face, but his eyes quickly noticed when her knees began to give out.

Catching her in his arms, he could feel her entire body shaking as she struggled to even move just a little.

"Oh?! Uraraka's down! But Bakugo caught her before she could fall, such a gentleman after what just happened!" Mic whistled.

"You…" Bakugo looked down at the brunette.

"No… My body… Won't do… What I want it to…" She grunted as she tried to reach her hand towards his face.

"Uraraka-kun…" Iida uttered under his breath.

"She passed her limited a long time ago…" Midoriya noted.

"And it's finally coming to her now." Ben ended.

"I…I also… I can still…! I'll become… a… Hero…!"

Bakugo could hear her utter those words as she finally caved in. Her body went limb as her head leaned into his chest, her eyes closing as her bodied ceased to move.

Midnight then stepped to the stage as she took note of this. As she walked over to Bakugo, the blond kept her up as the Hero checked her pulse and condition. Luckily, the Hero smiled as she gave him a thumbs to signal that she just fainted.

Standing up, Midnight then raised her hand to signal the end of the match.

"Uraraka-san is out of commission. Bakugo-kun advances to the second round!"

Unexpectedly enough, the audience began to cheer for the blond, despite what just happened. Bakugo continued to hold Uraraka in his arms until the stretcher came over, in which he carefully placed her onto.

"Take her to the old lady." He told Midnight.

"Of course." She nodded as she sends the stretcher robots out.

"Geez… That was one heck of an eighth match… Oh, right. Bakugo advances…" Present Mic announced with a sigh.

"If you're gonna do it, do it properly." Aizawa scolded as he whacked him with another elbow.

The last few matches went by pretty quickly as well. Ben himself decided not to watch these few matches, as he pretty much knew who was going to win, which came as a surprise to most of the other students.

The Omnitrix wielder simply decided to wait until his match came. The reason being so is because he wanted to see and plan out the match as a whole. That…and the possibility of Monoma and him.

Monoma's Copy Quirk was that; copying the Quirks of others. However, assuming that the likes of Quirks were between that of evolutionary traits developed by humans over a period of time, they could in turn be in a way similar to how that of how the Omnitrix's alien selections worked. The creatures stored inside its database are basically creatures that developed natural abilities over time, much like the humans in this universe and their Quirks here.

He couldn't take any chances…but the opportunity to experiment was also just as painstakingly attractive.

And so…during which the match came to be, Ben decided to put these thoughts of his into action.

Positioning himself in his tunnel way, he waited for the announcement of the twelfth round to commence as Present Mic and Aizawa began to their commentary once again; the stadium flames erupting at the same time.

"Okay! We're finally at the twelfth and final match of the first round! Are you all excited, everyone?! Let's welcome our last two contenders!"

"…I better not see him messing around." Aizawa grunted in notion for a certain brunet.

"I wonder how this will play out!" Uraraka smiled. She had not returned to the stands with some bandages on her body. Her eyes were a bit puffy for some reason.

"I'm curious as well." Ojiro added. "We've got a guy who can transform into who knows how many forms, and another one who can copy Quirks."

"So what, Ben's gonna keep swapping forms as the match goes on?" Jiro guessed.

"We can only see! I'm excited though!" Hagakure nodded.

Exiting the tunnel ways, Ben and Monoma both walked up onto the stage, the latter nodding in recognition. Ben did the same as he began to stretch a little.

"The winner of both the Obstacle Course and Cavalry Battle! The one-man army of the decade; can anyone stop this guy?! He's way too strong! From the Hero Course—Ben Tennyson!"


"He's caused quite the storm himself! While not as flashy as one would expect, you could say that you've met your equal when you cross this guy! From the Hero Course—Monoma Neito!"

"So… Here's to a good match?" Monoma smiled.

"…Likewise." Ben returned the exact same gesture; a fake smile.



Watching from above, the students from both the Hero Classes witnessed as the two fighters stood still for a moment, noting each other's slight movements as they tried to skid ever so slightly towards one another. The first question from everyone was obviously; what's the first form that Ben will take? Can Monoma even get the opportunity to copy that "Quirk" of his?

Needless to say, Ben decided to start things off as he grinned.

"So… Here's a question." He suddenly said as the Omnitrix flashed.

Monoma shuddered his eyes for a moment as the audience watched Ben take on a new form. As he opened them, the blond gave him a stern look.

This form was a green alien made of a sludge like substance. Ben's body contorted into a large figure with a long neck, limbs that sunk onto the floor, and had several whisker-like appendages around his back. He had small, glowing green eyes, with the Omnitrix dial located on his chest as his body grew.

"What? You're trying to prevent me from touching you by turning into something disturbing? Not like it matters really." Monoma taunted, though everyone could tell he was visibly disgusted by this form.

"Oh, Sludgestrike is the form I turned into, but what I'm hoping to do is…" The transformed Ben grinned as his body began to change once more.

Closing his eyes, his form began to curve into a humanoid shape. Not long even after that, Monoma started to notice some…familiar traits coming from Sludgestrike as his morphing continued.

"Wait… What?" He frowned.

"Is he…?" Momo looked down. "Oh no… He's messing around again."

A few seconds later, and Aizawa and Present Mic frowned upon seeing Sludgestrike turn into a complete copy of Monoma; features and everything. It was literally like looking into a mirror.

"Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Okay, got the voice down." Sludgestrike said in Monoma's voice. "Think I got the tone of it too."

"WHAT THE HELL?! He transformed into a form that turned himself into a copy of Monoma? What is this Quirk?!" The blond commentator yelled at his partner.

"Beats me. I've never seen this one before." Aizawa simply said.

"Er… Well, anyways! Let's get this match started!"

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