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Chapter Three: Enrage On!

Ben smiled inwardly. It was fun to see Aizawa in a confused mood. He had thought to use one of his speedier forms, but he wanted to create a first large impact for the rest of the class.

However, it was then that he sighed in response to the current situation at hand. If he had just been a little more discreet, he would have managed to help everyone pass. Now, if he wanted to pass the test Aizawa gave, he would have had to give a reasonable tone down to his abilities, otherwise Aizawa would perceive his actions as suspicious to a capital S.

The next few tests went a little more smoothly. The second one was for the Grip Strength Test. Ben decided not to use his aliens for these upcoming few matches, as they required more physical strength and other human like traits. While some of the other students displayed phenomenal ratings due to their Quirks, he noticed that Midoriya seemed to lean more towards the normal category, which actually seemed to worry the green head significantly as the tests went on.

With a grunt, Ben recounted his scores. In regards to all the following tests he had, the first to mention was the standing long jump. He had quite the leg strength due to surviving in the Null Void, even gaining the acknowledgement from those of Aoyama's or Bakugo's, the latter using his explosions to practically fly across the sand pit. There was a similar result during the repeated side steps, which he had done admirably well despite being human. While all of these scores hadn't made much of a splash—especially considering that the Bakugo teen had reached a far better overall score than the majority of the class, it was still enough that it made most of the class' scores shown to be arbitrary…

In a perspective to Bakugo's scores, Midoriya had consistently done the opposite. So far he was sitting at the bottom of the totem pole. He had only managed to pass some of the other scores due to being a male, which granted him a bit more strength during those of the Grip Test.

The green mop of a teen certainly had more muscle in his abs than most of their fellow classmates, possibly more so than even the wild Bakugo. Yet in spite of this, the nervous teen was performing quite poorly. Was it self-doubt? A lacking of clear imagery to focus on the objective? Whatever the case, Ben didn't know for now, but perhaps in the future he would learn.

"That's amazing! She got Infinity!" Sero cheered.

Finally, one of the activities seemed to have Ben's interest. He was drawn from his thoughts as the rest of the class cheered in awe at Uraraka's throw. It was now the fifth test: Ball Throwing.

Everyone knew that reaching Infinity was an absurd number, but Ben supposed that with her Quirk it would be like a chore. She could deny the effects of gravity on an object, which in and of itself didn't fully make much sense, but this was an alternate Earth. Perhaps her Quirk also canceled momentum in some form? Since if something lost its gravitational pull, it would be begin to simply rotate around the Earth. Ben would have to look in about that.

"Tennyson, you're up next." Aizawa called, looking at his check board offhandedly. He wasn't going at the seating order, but he decided to put him after Uraraka after seeing her score of infinity.

The brunet nodded and stepped into the familiar chalk-drawn ring, grabbing the spare replacement baseball from the floor that they had prepared. He ignored a glares that was sent his way from the Bakugo, unwilling to try provoking him further. It failed of course, seeing as his ignorance of said glares only furthered to intensify them. He smirked inwardly, something that Midoriya gulped in response to.

'I think Kacchan's gonna go ballistic at this rate…' The mop haired teen predicts.

"…Go all out on this one." Aizawa tells Ben.

"All out, sir?" He glances at him.

"I know you've been trying to balance your scores in between using your human form and your transformations. It's been giving me this eerie thought that you're trying to help some of your classmates pass." He folds his arms. Ben was a little impressed with his observation, shrugging.

"…Guess I can't help it then. As long as I don't leave the circle, right?" Ben asks him once more. A simple grunt was all he got, but it was more than enough to her in Ben's direction.

'I accept this then.' He grins. Gripping the ball hard, he turns to his right as he began to rock his entire body back.

The moment he did though, Aizawa glares at the kid, his hair floating up as he irises glowed red. Midoriya and a few other of the students noticed this, with the green haired teen's eyes wandering in realization to Aizawa's identity.

'…That red glow, those bandage like weapons around his neck. Is he… Eraserhead?' He gasps. 'He's going to disable Ben's Quirk the moment he—'

While the idea of Aizawa was to neutralize Ben's "Quirk", it had in fact backfired, as when the youth was about to throw the softball, the Omnitrix dial flashed green, the glow blocked by Ben's body. Everyone covered their eyes from the flash, only for several jaws to drop, eyes to widen, and some to almost piss their pants from seeing Humungousaur in his place.

Right before he threw the ball, the Vaxasaurian sextupled in size, with one foot barely still on the circle as the yelled, throwing the ball as hard as he could. The welcoming backlash came in the form of waves of wind that crashing against the people behind him.

From his vision, Aizawa rose an eyebrow in intrigue, and more importantly, shock. He had gotten the idea that his transformations were just that, a Quirk that composed of transforming his body, a Quirk categorized as "Transformation". So why…

'Why couldn't I erase it…?!' He glares at the giant Stegosaur-like creature. Aizawa could only keep silent, if not for his bandages covering his mouth, he was certain that the students would have seen it.

His open jaw of surprise.

This kid, this suddenly appearing shape-shifter, had thrown a softball hundreds of meters using a transformational Quirk that seemed to have been ignoring some law of physics. Even more surprisingly, even as he grew in size, his mobility had practically remained the same as he went on with the gesture.

Looking down to his machine, even compared to the likes of Bakugo and Uraraka, the former and latter taking advantage of physics and supernatural causes, Humungousaur's score was a result of pure, raw, unadulterated strength. From afar, Momo could be seen smirking a little with pride as her teacher looked down.

"876.98 meters…"

"Almost 900, huh?" Humungousaur closes his hand. "…Interesting."

The scary thing was that Aizawa was sure that the brat could have thrown the ball even further. He wore confidence on his face when he first took ahold of the ball, with the grace and skill that even the most prominent of most of the power-developed Quirk users could apprehend to.

This only drew in another question though. This was only of the few forms he showed at the practical exam. If they could all be as useful like this one… Ben Tennyson most likely had the best opportunity to be considered…

'A One-Man army… How many forms does this kid have?' He silently asks as Humungousaur reverts back to Ben, walking back to the other students. They were pretty much swarming him with questions as Aizawa growled.

"Yaoyozoru, you're up next." He calls out.

"Good luck, girl!" Ashido grins. Several other of the students agreed with cheers and smiles, with Ben smiling in response to the friendly nature of his classmates… Now, if only Kirishima, a red haired teen, could stop nudging his head.

Aizawa looked at her with a slight interest as he checked her profile. A Quirk that allowed her to create any non-organic object there was to her knowledge. Someone with a Quirk like that could easily be targeted as someone with any path. She could pursuit in the science departments, or anything she wanted. Her Quirk was perfect for any situation.

She had gotten in his class with a recommendation alongside someone else in his class, Todoroki Shoto. Perhaps she would seek out the boy later on to compare and contrast how they use their Quirks? It would be a smart move considering that—


The screeching echo of an explosion drove Aizawa from his thoughts as he stared back at Momo, or more specifically, Momo's creation. Of all things to be creative with, she certainly took the cake with the fact that she loaded her ball into a missile launcher of all things.

A vastly more reasonable approach as opposed to the method that Ben had used despite the similarities in ideation, yet he could not fault the results. Aizawa took a glance at the numbered result on his tracker.

"707 meters." He calls out. Momo smiles as she wipes her hands. An admirable distance, not quite reaching Bakugo's score, but close enough. They both used explosive power to achieve their goal after all, so it wasn't surprising that the explosion caused by the teen, whose main power was the use of explosions could reach further than a man-made device.

"Alright… Midoriya, you're up." He calls out the young boy. Midoriya quickly retreated from his smiling reactions to his classmates as he gazes at the Pro Hero.

"A-Ah, yes! Coming!" He yelped.

The young Omnitrix wielder blinked and turned his attention to Midoriya, who now stood in the chalk circle and gripping the ball with a conflicted expression on his face.

'What's wrong with him?' He wondered, before hearing Iida's voice beside him.

"It doesn't look good for Midoriya if he continues like this." Iida voiced out, reflecting the initial thoughts that Ben had about the teen.

"Ah? Of course not," Bakugo mused with a grin, drawing a small bit of attention, pointing his finger at their nervous classmate. "He's a Quirkless small fry, you know?"

'Quirkless?' Everyone blinked. This seemed to shock Iida, who stared in disbelief at the claim. "Quirkless?! Are you not aware of what he did in the entrance exam?"

"Ah?" Bakugo in turn showed a confused expression. It appeared that Midoriya seemed to had performed quite the performance then for Iida to be reacting like this.

"What did he do… You know what, I'm going to take a look." He whispered as the Omnitrix flashed. Everyone was paying attention to Midoriya, more than enough attention to allow him to transform and not have his usual flash of green bother anyone.

He was now replaced with another alien form, this one being a bit more humanoid. He was slightly taller than Shoji, had one green eye in the middle of his head with black skin. He had two antennae and a tail each featuring a plug on its tip. He had four fingers on each hand with similar plugs on the tip of each finger. He had only two front toes, with a white and grey stripe going down his chest. The Omnitrix dial was located on his left shoulder.

'Why was it that Midoriya was worried now all of a sudden? Was he not in possession of a Quirk? But how did he pass the Practical exam if he didn't have one? Feedback, come on…' He thought as he began to see things through his point of view. This form allowed him to see a variety of energy like readings.

Before Ben could think of a definitive prediction, the boy had drawn his arm back—and in that moment, Feedback immediately began to read off several highly calibrated markings shouldering off from Midoriya's right arm. It felt like veins of power opening up right as he was about to throw the ball, but…

He then seemed to have thrown the ball weakly, letting it lazily fly into the air only to bounce back on to the floor. Like…a normal throw.

'What was that?' Feedback glares at Midoriya's arm.

There was a presence that he had felt, something that felt extremely familiar to some foes that he use to fight against… No, it wasn't that different, it was vaguely similar. Similar to what though, he didn't know. All he knew was that his tendrils were itching to find out. He smelled something good in the air for a moment.

Midoriya gawks at the lousy performance. The robot recorded the result as a measly 46 meters, something that everyone blinked in confusion at. Why was it so—

"I erased your Quirk." Aizawa reveals, eyes red and his appearance of a Hero truly showing.

"H-Huh?" The green haired boy turned to his teacher. Aizawa narrows his eyes as he goes on.

"That entrance exam was definitely not rational enough…" He muttered, bandages flying over his body as if possessed. While Feedback could not see the gaze that he held from where he stood, he was sure that Aizawa was glaring his heart out based from the withering complexion that the teen had.

"… Even a kid like you was accepted." He grumbles.

"You erased my Quirk—?" The young teen widened his eyes and drew himself back, narrowing his eyes on something on Aizawa's person as if he had come to a realization he previously had. "Those goggles… I knew it! You can erase other people's Quirks with your Quirk just by looking at them… You're the Erasure Hero: Eraserhead!"

'… Erase Quirks?' Feedback frowned. That's a pretty useful ability to have. If someone were to fight a user that primarily relied on their Quirk for combat, most likely the latter wouldn't have much experience with CQC.

"Eraser? I don't know him."

"I've heard of him… He's an underground hero."

Midoriya had shouted that last bit out, so the majority of their class had learned about their homeroom teacher's identity. Despite the murmuring however, Feedback could only focus on a fact that he had forgotten.

He hadn't notice until now, but Aizawa tried to erase his "Quirk". Realizing that he couldn't disable his transformations probably curved his expectations to an uncontainable degree.

"From what I can tell, you can't control your quirk, can you?" Aizawa asked, drawing the alien from thoughts once more. It appeared that the teacher had hit his mark as evident from the step back that the teen had taken. Even from here he could hear the jittering of his bones.

"Do you intend to become incapacitated again and have someone save you?" He glares at him.

"T-That's not my intention—" He was cut off when the bandages lashed forward and dragged Midoriya closer to him.

"I wasn't finished speaking." The Hero interfered. Aizawa's glare, with his hair flying wildly above him, most likely a side effect to his Quirk perhaps? Maybe the bandage thing was also a side effect? "Whatever your intention, I'm saying that it's what those around you will be forced to do."

Midoriya widened his eyes.

"In the past, there was an oppressively passionate hero who saved over a thousand people himself and created a legend…" Aizawa proclaimed, "Even if you have the same reckless valor, you'll just be docked and turned into a useless doll after saving one person."

"Midoriya Izuku. With your power, you can't become a Hero."

As the deafening silence filled the practice field, Feedback saw the despair and confusion that wrought across the nervous Midoriya's face as he gloomed down… Emotions of most of the students across the crowd also steeled in response, not wanting to incur his wrath…

Feedback did not like this.

The silence that enveloped the class was suffocating. He could not help but narrow his own gaze at the teacher, whose bandages had let Midoriya drop to his feet and wrap themselves back around him.

"I've returned your quirk, you have two turns for the ball throw." He said, turning and walked back to his original stationary zone, "Hurry up and get it over with."

First, the unreasonable punishment of expulsion. And now the denial of a student's ambition. Just what was going in their teacher's head? What was Aizawa's goal? Feedback grits his teeth, but…

He couldn't just go and interrogate Aizawa. He was just a student of the school, not someone of equal standing. Perhaps after the assessment test, he could try to drive out an answer, however, that might be a bad idea, seeing as how irritated Aizawa was at his earlier actions. He certainly could've taken a fight with him if he wanted to, but that would prove to be nothing but a waste of time.

If he couldn't act, then all he could do was think. Feedback tuned out everything, even the discussion that his classmates had around him in favor of the muttering teen.

He could tell that Midoriya was nervous, he appeared close to retching, but above all he was afraid… and yet, despite all of that…why was it that he couldn't help but feel that the teen was not going to break?

'Do we have a go-getter in our ranks?' He surmises as he watches him. Everyone seemed to had discussed their own version of the situation, immediately looking back Midoriya took a step back with a determined expression, far more so than when he had initially thrown the baseball.

Rearing his arm and beginning to throw, everyone watched with hawk eyes as Feedback began to feel the familiar power coming back. He smelled it, that familiar scent once more, and It came from Midoriya. He could feel the power not radiating from his entire arm, but the moment that the teen was about to throw the ball, at that very frame, Feedback could sense a tinge of power from the tip of his finger as—


All previous thoughts were blown out of the water, a gale wind vaguely reminding Ben of one of his forms, one as strong as one of Four Arm's claps echoed across the field as the ball flew to the sky, breaking past the low hanging clouds before landing somewhere after the seven hundred mark. It was miraculous, thrilling…but.

'What in the world was that?!' Everyone gasped as they recovered from their shock.

Feedback let his now curious eye drift to Midoriya, the latter's arms still outstretched from throwing. However he had a keen eyesight alongside his other senses, so it was no surprise when he saw Midoriya's broken finger…

"…Backlash?" He muttered. There was humungous strength, but the durability of a newborn's egg shelling. Like a filled glass cup that was about to crack open and flow out completely.

A Quirk that allows immense strength at the cost of a limb. No wonder Midoriya was always nervous. With a Quirk like that, he had the potential to do more harm than good, especially since the overall harm applied more to himself than to others. But, Feedback realized that Midoriya planned to use only his finger, rather than his entire arm.

"Aizawa-sensei…" With a slightly triumphant smile on Midoriya's face, he faced Aizawa gripping down on his fist, blatantly ignoring the searing pain he no doubt felt. It spoke of endurance and determination. "…I can still move!"

The Erasure Hero bore a grin unlike any other. Which was when Feedback finally realized why he was doing so.

He was testing Midorioya. Testing him to prove his worth.

Midoriya's situation was different from everyone else. While Ben himself had a "Quirk" that would be considered lethal and dangerous, it could be trained and used non-lethally as well, as he did so many times in the past. Midoriya's Quirk on the other hand was almost self-destructive in nature, almost as if he had never trained in its use whatsoever. Add in the super destructive power that it no doubt possessed, he would be a danger to not just himself but all of those around him—be they villains or civilians. That was what Aizawa was looking for, to see if Midoriya had the potential to control this awe-shattering power of his.

"He got over seven hundred meters?!" Kirishima gawked in surprise. "Awesome!"

"Finally! A Hero-like record!" Uraraka cheered.

"But his finger's swollen though…" Iida blinked. It wasn't just swollen though, it was broken. The sheer force of backlash from Midoriya's stunt broke the bones in his index finger, leaving it with a horrendous coloration. "That was exactly like during the practical exam as well. What a strange Quirk…"

While everyone seemed to had reacted with more or less positive results, Feedback notices Bakugo sweating with shock as he reverted to Ben. The blond teen seemed to be in denial of what he was seeing. Ben's eyes widened as Bakugo's palms started to explode, dashing right towards the green haired Midoriya.

'Oh no you don't…' He glares at him, dashing in hopes of getting in front of him while the Omnitrix flashed.

"HEY! Tell me what's going on, Deku, you damn bastard!" Bakugo yells with a hinge of murderous intent.

"No. You tell me what's going on. You." Ben, now as an alien, coldly said to Bakugo as he suddenly appeared between him and Midoriya.

"Wha—" The blond grits his teeth as he bumps into the figure. In front of him was a yellow, crystalline rock monster with green eyes. He wore the Omnitrix on his chest. "Get out of my way, stone face!"

"You should remember that you're here to become a Hero. Settling a personal vendetta like this just reeks of villainy." Ben calls out.

Ben, I'm not sure that's a great i-idea," Jiro yelled in worry. Momo was nearby too, nervously sending glances between both Ben and Bakugo, however, she was standing prepared to stop a confrontation as she had her hands ready for Creation.

"I'm not telling, Bakugo. I'm just suggesting." Ben tried to reason, not eager for conflict this early in the school year, despite holding in his own growing emotions. "If you do this, then it'll be harder for you to become a Pro. Calm down."

Suddenly, Bakugo was wrapped up in bandages. A look sent to Aizawa and could see the signature glowing red eyes of the teacher.

Bakugo struggled and gritted his teeth in confusion at the sturdiness of the cloth. "What in the–! Why are these bandages so hard…!?"

"They're weapons for capture made of carbon-fiber woven together with metal wire made of special alloy," Aizawa claimed, giving the transformed Ben a glance as he turned back to Bakugo.

"Jeez… Don't keep making me use my Quirk over and over…" Aizawa's eye twitched, "I have dry-eye, for Christ's sake!"

'It's such a waste, since his Quirk is so amazing!'

That's what everyone was thinking as Aizawa continued to restrain Bakugo. A little later, he sighs as the bandages unwrapped from Bakugo and returned to him, "We're wasting time. Move on to the next test in the gym."

He turned and walked away, but Ben could not help notice something about Bakugo… In his eyes were anger, hate, frustration, surprise…even betrayal to a degree. He sighs as he turns away, reverting back to human form.

'He's got to learn to control his temper. I don't know the history between those two, but if it's so bad that he'll attack him… Maybe I should find out about this for myself.' He thought with an interested expression growing on his face.

Fortunately for the class, Bakugo had calmed down somewhat. Ben stood among the rest of the students on the track field after the Ball Throwing Test concluded.

The next trials went a little more smoothly, and without much conflict. Ben had achieved a somewhat above average score in the sit-up challenge in his human form, as he presumed that it would be a little awkward to be doing exercises in his alien forms. Aizawa himself had spot him, due to the fact that there were no other students to do so. It was due to this proximity that he heard him complain about having a non-even number of students in a class.

Next event was the seated toe touch, which he did above average in. His body was flexible to aid in his freestyle form of fighting and if necessary, adapting to other techniques.

The long-distance run was a little funny to be, but that was mainly due to the fact that instead of running full power from the start, he had merely jogged his way at a steady pace towards the finish. Aizawa didn't complain, but he had to put some effort into putting himself a steady ace

He was also sure that a certain wheezing earphone girl sent him a dirty look at that, and not just her as well. Many of the students learned that they did not have stamina levels compared to Ben. Iida and a few other students were a few exceptions, but the Omnitrix couldn't blame them. Surviving in the Null Void was like living life to the death the entire time.

After the tests were over, Aizawa yawned as he looked down at his device. Okay, I'll quickly tell you all the results. The total is simply the marks you got from each test. It's a waste of time to explain verbally, so I'll show you the results all at once."

Ben glances at Momo, who merely smiles with a shrug. That meant that there was nothing to worry about then. For anyone in that matter.

Aizawa then pressed a button on the device and the scores were displayed in a holographic chart.

Ben had ranked fifth, just one above his fellow classmate, Tokoyami. The teen with the bird head was someone he got fairly along with, as Ben felt it was cool somewhat that his appearance was as it was, which surprised the latter.

He turned to glance at the rude teen, noticing the surprising fact that the blond bore no smirk. Bakugo sent Ben a small glare and turned away to focus on something else. He smiled. Luckily the teen wasn't going to start anything so soon after he was restrained by Aizawa, but he hoped that behavior to change soon…hopefully. If it were to get worst…then, it'd be a problem.

Bakugo had talent in using his Quirk, that much was obvious. Anyone could tell from the innovative movements he made during the first assessment test. All he really needed to do was work on that attitude.

While it wasn't much of a surprise to see Midoriya at 21st place, Ben was surprised how his other friends were. While Jiro wasn't as athletic as the rest, she made it fairly into the leaderboard, Ojiro too.

A glance sent Midoriya's way revealed the teen staring down at his closed fist in defeat. Ben didn't really didn't understand why Midoriya seemed to look so downcast, perhaps he had misheard what Aizawa said? They had to be last place in all of the tests. Midoriya was certainly not last place in the ball throw.

Aizawa smirked and pressed the button again to retract the final scores.

"By the way, I was lying about the expulsion." He blurted out, a crazed grin followed soon after that. "It was a rational deception to draw out the upper limits of your quirks."


"Of course that was a lie. It should've been obvious if you just thought it through." Momo folds her arms. "You didn't really think he would do such a thing on the first day of school, did you?"

"It was kind of obvious, if you think about it." Todoroki simply says. Ben glanced over to get a good look at him. His hair was half white, half red, with a burn mark on his left side. He had heterochromia, blue on the left, black on the right.

While the majority of the students cheered quietly in relief and started some small talk with one another, Aizawa shoved the device into his pocket and applied eye-drops. "With that, we're done here." He then made to walk away, "There are handouts with the curriculum and such in the classroom. When you get back, look over them."

Turning to leave, he first took a slip out of his pocket and handed it to Midoriya.

"Midoriya, have the old lady fix you in the nurse's office." Midoriya grabbed the sheet, which prompted the man to turn away. "Just a reminder though, tomorrow will be packed with even more rigorous tests. Prepare yourself," He sent a slight look to the rest of the students.

"That goes for the rest of you too."

Once he was out of sight, everyone sighed in relief. Kaminari and Kirishima were chuckling a little as they began to talk with one another. Some of the other students took this time to properly get accounted with each of other.

"Oh, I thought I was gonna die…" Uraraka sighed. "I'm not the type of girl to excel in physical activity."

"It is good if you invest in it though!" Iida insists. "A Hero must always be able to be on the move. You never know when something might attack you. For all you know…it could be something underneath your bed!"

"…I have a hard time believing that." Midoriya said while smiling, holding his finger.

Ben looked down at the broken index finger. Cupping his chin, he looked around for any secluded area. After spotting one such area, while everyone was busy chatting, Ben came and tapped the green haired teen on the shoulder.

"Hey, Midoriya. Got a second?" He asks. The teen turns from Iida and Uraraka, blinking in surprise.

"Ah, Ben. You really surprised us during the Ball Throw, you know?" He smiles. Iida nods in agreement as he adjusts his glasses.

"Especially during the 50 Meter Dash! How did you get a time of zero seconds?! I must know!" He insisted as he began to shake Ben's shoulders. The brunet sighed a little with a smile, but then turned back to Midoriya.

"Well, maybe another time. Midoriya, can I speak to you for a second?" He asks again.

"Oh… Sure." He blinks.

The two gathered at the gymnasium. While some of the students, including Momo, were a little curious at the duo's get together, they eventually paid no heed to them as they stood in the shade.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Midoriya asks. He was genuinely curious. Someone, whose "Quirk" was the ability to transform into various creatures, wanted to talk to him.

"Well, first. About that injury." He points down to said hand.

"O-Oh, what about it?" He gulps a little. Ben noticed his tinge of slight nervousness that showed itself for a second.

"Ah, don't worry. I'm just offering to help heal that finger." He smiles.

"Huh? How?" Midoriya responded with a curious look. Ben shrugs. "Do you have a form for that?"

"Well…sort of. Don't tell anyone though, alright? I don't want anyone to figure out about this." He whispers. The mop head gulps, before nodding in response. "Alright then."

With the flash of the Omnitrix, Midoriya covered his eyes on reflex, opening them again after a second to see Ben replaced by another form. He was now a robot-like alien with skin that was made of copper, with black stripes and a transparent piece of green circular glass on his chest, revealing gears inside of him. He wore a black and white shirt, with the Omnitrix dial located on the glass on his chest.

"A-A robot?!" The green haired teen stated. "How many forms do you have?!"

"That, Midoriya, is for you to discover as we proceed through the school year." Ben says in a German accent. "You may call me Clockwork in this form."

Clockwork explained his name, and then asked Midoriya to hold his broken finger up. The teen reluctantly did so, and after so, Clockwork held his hands between it. Phasing a green energy between his arms, a few seconds later, Midoriya's eyes widened. There was no longer any pain in his finger. He even moved it a couple of times to make sure.

"W-What did you do? Did you heal it?" Midoriya asked with a gleaming smile. Clockwork his a finger up in denial.

"No. I merely restored that finger to a previous state. I reversed the time in that particular area to the time before you busted it with your Quirk." He explains. "That's why I named this guy Clockwork."

"…Chronokinesis. This is the form you used during the 50 Meter Test!" Midoriya realizes. Clockwork smiles.

"Keep it a secret though, alright?" He asks. "Aizawa is already suspicious about me."

"Sure! Um… Oh, I know! How...H-How about I tell you a secret about myself then? I feel bad keeping information that could be bad to tell out." He proposes. Clockwork reverts back to Ben, with the brunet raising an eyebrow.

"Uh… Alright then. What are you proposing to tell me then?" He asks.

"…It's about my Quirk." Midoriya looks down. "If you're going to be telling me about the traits of your Quirk that you want secret… I'll tell you about mine!"

That was surprising. It was only the first day and already Ben was getting to know a secret of a friend. He wasn't sure about this, but he decided to dwell into Midoriya's proposal. With a slow nod, the green haired teen gulped.

"Well… First of all, I used to be Quirkless." He reveals. That wasn't that surprising to Ben. He exhibited traits that proved otherwise. "This Quirk, the one I just used…I inherited it from someone."

"Wait, what? I thought Quirks were genetic, that it was unique to one bloodline through generations?" Ben blinked in confusion. Now he was interested.

"Yes. Typically, that is the case. However, the special thing about this Quirk, is that the previous user can transfer it. The name of this Quirk…is called One For All."

"One For All…" Ben echoed the name. Just the name reeked of power.

"One For All allows the user to access stockpiled power, which grants the user momentary superhuman strength at destructive levels, increased agility, increased hearing, and superhuman speed." Midoriya began, as if quoting someone.

"…That reminds me of a certain Hero." Ben admits. Midoriya nods.

"And I request that you keep this part a secret at all costs Ben. Please." Midoriya pleaded a little. Ben nodded seriously, with Midoriya smiling in response. "Thanks."

"You see..."

"I was surprised though." Ojiro admits with a smile. "I didn't think you of all people would interfere with Bakugo-san's rampage."

"I seriously thought you two were going to fight." Jiro jokes. "That would've been something interesting to see."

"Well, I suppose…" Ben smiles a little. If that continuation were to commence, most likely he and Bakugo would've likely fought. He was sure he could take care of the explosion user, but there was the risk of possibly revealing multiple transformations to Aizawa. He had already revealed four of them to him. Diamondhead, Arcticguana, Humungousaur, and his most recent transformation; Rocks.

It was a little over noon since it was technically supposed to be an Orientation day. Ojiro and Jiro asked Ben if they could accompany him to the nearby station. However, he replied to them that he lived a little closer, so there was no need.

Jiro's smile fell and she nodded, "I see. Well, alright then. What about you, Ojiro? Your home nearby too?"

He shook his head, "Nope, I can go with you–"

"Hey! Isn't that Ben-san, Jiro-san, and Ojiro-san!" A familiar bubbly voice called out from behind the three. This time, they all collectively turned to face the figure of the ever happy Uraraka, with Iida and Midoriya behind her a few feet.

Jiro widened her eyes, "Oh wait, weren't you the Infinity girl?"

"Yeah! My name's Uraraka Ochaco, nice to meet you!" She smiled as she grabbed her hands. "Wait, why are you all referring to me as such?!"

Ojiro smiled. "Because of that time during the Ball Throwing Test. It was a thing to see, wasn't it?"

"Indeed…" Iida agreed. Midoriya and Ben could only chuckle in agreement. Everything seemed to be nice and sturdy, until…


Uraraka clapped her hands, ignoring the monstrous sound that was her stomach before looking at everyone gathered, "I was going to go home straight away and eat, but since we're all here…I guess I can bring all of you too!"

"…To where, Uraraka-san?" Ojiro tilts his head.

"I don't believe we follow. Could you explain further please?" Iida added in as he stood next to him, head tilted as well.

"Well…around where I live, there's this really yummy all you can eat sweets shop!" She giggles. "I was thinking we can maybe we can all go there since we burned up quite the amount of calories!"

"Sure I can, it's basically free food too if you eat your amount!. Who can turn down sweets?" Jiro said. Ojiro chuckled. "What?"

"You know, if Kaminari-san were here, he would joke about you having a feminine side to yourself." He says. Uraraka and Midoriya giggle a little as Jiro's face goes a little red.

"W-W-What?! That sparky head said that?! Oh that's it, I'm kicking his ass in the next class tomorrow!" She barks. "I'm going to need the energy. LET'S GO!"

Iida smiles. "In that case, I see no problem then. Relaxation at such a time is certainly welcomed, especially if Aizawa-sensei has a similar lesson planned for us tomorrow. It would do well to learn about each other vividly."

"Learn, huh?" Ben and Midoriya smile at each other.

Uraraka nodded, not really having understood what he said but went along with it anyways. "Great! Follow me! It's near the station down the road."

"This place feels fluffy." Ben immediately says. The scenery had changed a little bit. Trees grew out of the sidewalk as only a few people leisurely walked about in peace. It was quiet area, despite the time for students leaving school to be around now.

"This is it~!" Uraraka bounces a little as everyone looks up.

In front of them was a store named Rabbit House. It was a comfy, cozy looking café with a curved roof and a hanging sign with a rabbit engraved into it. The front was shown to have two windows with wooden boards that can be opened and a single oval window at the very top which seemed to lead to an attic.

Entering the shop, a jingle was heard. The café's floorboards were made of a dark and old type of wood. Most of the booths are also made of wood besides the main island that connected to the bar. There are also a few pieces of art created by various individuals, hanged and posted in frames.

"You're right. It is kinda fluffy." Midoriya agreed with Ben as they entered.

"What kind of sweets do they serve here, Ochaco-san?" Jiro settled down with Uraraka and Ojiro, with Iida, Midoriya, and Ben on the other.

"Oh, all kinds! Just take a look at the menu!" The Gravity user quirks around, showing the earphone jack user her personal favorites! "They have this as today's special, OH, and I definitely recommend this one as well and—"

The guys could only sweat drop at Uraraka's composure. As Ben and the others took their time to look around the menu, the Omnitrix wielder noticed something out from the corner of his eye.

'…Is that?' He frowned a little, not in annoyance, but in surprise. Iida and Midoriya caught his glance, looking in the same direction and reacting similarly.

"Yaoyozoru-san?" Midoriya calls out to the Creation user, who sat a few tables across from them. His mistress practically choked from a cheesecake as she turned to them in surprise.

"H-Huh? Oh… Midoriya-san." She wiped her mouth. "And the others too. What a coincidence."

Uraraka smiles. "You like this place as well, Yaoyozoru-san? The cheesecakes are so sweet!"

"Indeed!" She answers. Momo then noticed that Ben was giving her a smug grin, as if saying 'I thought you were going to go straight home'. She responded with a little cheerful whistling as she began to dwell herself into her talk with the Gravity Quirk user. It was an enjoyable place to be in until everyone went back home for tomorrow.

The next day was surprisingly normal for the morning. Instead of being thrown into a series of sudden exercise tests and other threatening exams by their homeroom teacher, Aizawa actually proceeded to take attendance and proceed like a typical homeroom teacher.

However, the lingering thought of the "harder trials" that he was talking about the day prior still echoed in every student's mind. Midoriya and Ben specifically were a little more suspicious of his wording of the idea, the two wondering what he had in mind for today's Hero Basics Training.

And speaking of mornings, Ben had quite the experience with the English Class taught by Present Mic. Being an English speaker himself, he excelled in that class, even more than Momo. The Omnitrix's Universal Translation gave him the ability to interpret any language, and even to its written counterparts to an extent. He enjoyed the time during this, correcting everyone that made a mistake with a shit-eating grin the entire time. The whole Class of 1-A had even deemed him as the "English Demon", a funny remark he had to admit.

The cafeteria was humungous. Dubbed as "Lunch Rush" as tribute to the Hero who served the food there, it was a large food court with many venues for students to buy their food at low prices. There were several long tables, each with ten chairs to sit on. Chinese-themed decorations and large double doors were located, giving the place a unique look as compared to the rest of campus.

Said Hero even came to ask the various classes about their opinion on his food. Midoriya, Uraraka, Iida, Ben, and Asui were currently sitting together.

"White rice is comfort food, is it not?!" He gives them a thumbs up.

"Mmmhphmmmpmhmhmpmhm! Mphmmhmpm…!" Uraraka muffle talked in response to her question. While Midoriya was busy fanboying over the Pro Hero in front of him…

"Do…you require assistance, Tennyson-san?" Iida asks Ben with a sweat drop rolling down his cheek.

*Clink…* *Poke…* *STAB!* "…Stupid chopsticks. How do you even eat like this…?" Ben grumbles as he tries to use a pair of chopsticks. He attempted to grab a piece of tomato with the chopsticks, trying to follow Iida's instruction on how to use them.

"Er… You must hold the sticks in a way that causes an inverse directional confronta—"

"Ah. Screw it. I'm doing this in my own way." Ben drops the sticks as the Omnitrix flashes green.

Everyone turns to see him transformed into a creature resembling a humanoid toad/hamster hybrid. He had swampy-green skin, tanned stomach and muzzles, black digits and black-green spots on his tail, limbs, and bumps on his back. His eyes were now sharper and green. He also had whisker like lines. His teeth were now more aligned with visibly sharp canine teeth, and he possessed a short that was straightened. He wore a black open-front suit with white over-sleeves and white bands around his legs and white padding under his three-toed feet, with the Omnitrix symbol on his left hand.

"Oh, that's a new—Oh. Oh my." Midoriya was about to record this new form, only to be visibly shocked by what he just saw. Iida and Uraraka reacted similarly, but Lunch-Rush…

"…Wonderful! I've never seen someone eat my cooking in such a matter! Oh, this is exhilarating!" He sings. "Thank you for the inspiration!"

What Ben had currently done, was literally swallow the bowl that contained his food, whole. Out from his giant mouth, four green adhesive tongues came spangling out, devouring the entirety of the plate. Ben burped, before spitting the plate out intact, clean and absent of any germs. Lovely. At least to Lunch-Rush as he ran back into his kitchen.

"…I just witnessed something disgusting, but also amazing. I can't decide which is worst." Midoriya comments. Uraraka faints, with Iida catching her while staring at Ben.

"You truly are mysterious, Tennyson-san." He simply says.

"Whatever." Ben rolls his eyes. "That's what Upchuck is for! And hey, that food was pretty good too, so I'm not complaining, you know?"

"He makes a fair point though." Asui simply says as she sips on a cup of tea. "That's a pretty nice group of tongues though."

"I am honored to be praised, Tsuyu-san." He bows. The frog-like girl pats his head.

"Tsu-chan, Ben-chan." She insisted.

It was now the afternoon. The standard class curriculum had ended and it was time for the course classes to take hold. Namely, the Hero Basics Training that everyone in the Hero Department of Class 1-A was looking forward to. Whether if it was out of fear or excitement, it was still going to occur regardless.

It would certainly be an interesting class. Being able to learn the basics that were cultivated by time, simulations of various situations in the real field of being a Hero. Several generations of heroism could not have gone past without someone at least writing down such knowledge, but there was also a need to practice in real time.

As every student sat in their seats, they all began to become excited from just hearing a specific set of footsteps. Midoriya seemed to be particularly pumped for this. Ben knew the reason…because it was none other than—

"I am…"

"…Coming through the door like a normal person!" An extremely bulky man appeared. Ben's practical image of an almighty Hero couldn't really describe the weirdness he was feeling, but he could at least say that his grandfather would have a grand expression at the entrance of All Might.

His resembled a typical western comic book superhero. He had short blonde hair with two distinct bangs that stand up over his head. His hair often casted a dark shadow over his face, hiding everything but his the colors of his eyes. His costume consisted of a silver age outfit: A skintight jumpsuit of red, blue, and white. The top was primarily red with white stripes wrapping around parts of his torso. His lower half was blue, with white squares circling on his thighs. Wearing golden yellow bracers, belt and boots, a grand blue cape finished his outfit.

'So… This is All Might. The one who…' Ben turned to Midoriya, deciding to put his thoughts away for the time being.

"It's All Might!" Kaminari cheered.

"He really is a teacher!" Another student, Mineta Minoru yelled. He was smaller than the rest of the class, even from the likes of Ben. He had a big head, with his hair resembling grapes.

"That's a costume from the Silver Age, isn't it?" Ashido and Asui say at the same time, the former jumping up in excitement.

All Might stepped onto the stage jovially and faced them all with a smile, or rather, his signature face expression. Ben couldn't not help but not notice the aura he exuded, being similar to that of Midoriya when he activated One For All, but as a massively larger presence in All Might's case. He was reminded once more of an intergalactic villain he once fought, though he wasn't quite at the same level but somewhat similar in a way.

All Might scanned the room, eyeing the various individuals. He smiles a bit upon viewing Midoriya, but as his gaze went towards Ben…

'So this is the young man that Principal Nezu told me about. I'm getting the strangest of vibes when I gaze at him...' He notes, before turning back to the class as a whole.

"I teach Hero Basics Training." All Might said. "It is a subject where you train in different ways to learn the basics of being a Hero. Your grades depend more on this subject! Let's get right into it! This is what we'll do today…!"

He drags a card out of his costume. Upon reading it, Ben felt slight tension creeping into his left arm as a wide grin formed on his face.

The card said "Battle".

"Combat Training! Aaaaand to go with that are these—" All Might then declared, throwing a finger to the plain and empty wall.

As if on cue, the wall near the blackboard extended out, It revealed suitcases with neon green numbers upon them. It was the most noticeable feature that everyone had been waiting for. It was over the top, yet signifying the budget that the government had for Hero Courses in general.

"These are costumes made based on your Quirk Registrations and requests you sent in before school started!" He revealed. Ben then glanced at Momo, who sat on seat 20. She simply gives him a smile, making the boy wonder what kind of design she had constructed for him for his own costume.

A giant cheer was heard from Ben's classmates, all of them excited to don their specialized clothes. Ben himself was not as excited, but he could see what made it so exciting to these teenagers. Up until now, they must have only daydreamed wearing such things. Ben was somewhat already used to this with his forms having their own uniforms generated by the Omnitrix.

"After you change, gather in the Ground Beta!" All Might states as he leaves the class room in a zip. Everyone immediately starts to stand up and squabble towards the lockers.

Ben stood in the back, waiting with a few other of the more rowdier students to get their costumes. After around a minute or so, the last couple of students, Iida, Midoriya, Asui, and Ben, walked up to their respective lockers. Ben could hear Asui ribbiting in joy a little as she took her outfit out.

'Seems like she likes how it turned out.' He smiles, before opening locker 21. Inside it was…

'…Huh. Somehow, I was actually thinking about some of these…' He blinks, taking the first part out and checking the back of it. '…And she made sure to include those…awesome.'

Ben was going to enjoy this.

It fitted perfectly. Much like everyone's costumes, they were designed based on personal preference and the like.

Inside the guy's locker room, everyone was seen interacting with their lockers, placing on parts of their equipment, and so on. Ben was a little surprised by some of them. While of them, like Ojiro and Tokoyami, kept simple designs like a gi or simply a cloak in mind, some of them, like Iida's, Sero's, and Bakugo's, were a little more fancy.

Ben's costume consisted of a skintight black suit with the Omnitrix logo on his chest. Wearing a black and green utility belt, there was a slot on his hip, containing various supporting substances He wore black boots that had green soles, with green and black knee guards present. Wearing a short black top, glowing luminescent lights were shown to be located on his shoulders. His left sleeve was equipped with a small device that was covered by a green shelling, with the Omnitrix exposed just underneath. On the back of the upper top was a small, magnetic backpack.

To finish the outfit, he wore a green visor that came attached with a pair of communicator headphones. It would allow Ben to scan various objects in the vision of the battlefield.

"Wow, all black and green, huh?" Kirishima grins as he slaps his back. "Wait, whoops."

"Careful…" Ben sighs, picking up a small, circular disk.

"What is that?" Sero asks.

"Something that I've kept for a while. I've incorporated it with my costume." Ben smiles as he places it on his back. The guys here it snapping in place as Ben checks the rest of his outfit.

"He's always full of surprises, isn't he?" Midoriya chuckles. Iida nods in agreement as he places a silver helmet on himself. It covered his entire face save for his eyes, which gave him the appearance of a knightly figure.

"It will be soothing to see us all in action." He states. "Let us go!"

"YEAH!" All the guys, excluding Bakugo, Todoroki, and some of the other quiet students yelled. They all left the room together, with Midoriya last with Ben. As they began to walk out towards the exit that led to Ground Beta, before Ben and Midoriya crossed, the Omnitrix wielder looked back to view his costume.

It was hilariously obviously on what it was based on.

It was a green full-body unitard with a red belt, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves, along with his red boots. He also wore a mask with long ear-like protrusions that resembled All Might's haircut, and a respirator with a smile on it.

"Midoriya…" Ben's expression turns to a silly smile.

"H-Huh?" He stumbles a little upon seeing him crack up a little. "What is it?"

"I know you're a fan of All Might, but try not to make it so obvious!" He chuckles, slapping his thighs. "I bet he's gonna snicker a little upon seeing it."

Midoriya gawks, tugging on his ears. "I-I guess so… Well, it just shows how much I've appreciate him and all that he's done for me."

"Yeah… I can see that." Ben resumed to his neutral look. "Anyhow, what I wanted to say was…about your Quirk, One For All…"

Immediately, the teen tensed a little. "Oh no, I'm just going to give you a suggestion for it since that time I saw you using it during the Ball Throwing Test."

"Oh… Sure then." Midoriya calms a little. Ben holds up a single finger with his left hand, letting the teen gaze at the Omnitrix as he visor covered face smiles.

"Try to circulate all of that energy into your body, instead of just at the time you need it. Like a buff from a video game."

Turning back to face the exit, Ben began to stroll through, leaving Midoriya by his lonesome as he gazed down at his hand. He squeezes it a few times, trying to register the words that his fellow classmate just said.

'Into my body as a whole…and not just when I need it?' He repeated.

"Yes! You are all here!" All Might voices out with his gallant tone. "You know… They say that the clothes make the man, ladies and gentlemen!"

"Because out here, be fully aware that from now on… You are now HEROES!

Aizawa wasn't here for this session, but if we were here, no doubt he'd send a few odd looks towards the costumes towards some of the students. The costumes that other students had eye-catching traits in Ben's, yes, but some less than others, for various reasons.

"That's great, everyone! You look as cool as the shining sun!" He compliments on everyone's outfits. "Now then, let's begin, you zygotes!"

As All Might came across the excited faces of his students, like Ben had predicted beforehand, albeit not in a serious remark, he had sent Midoriya a not so subtle stare, covering his face slightly to snicker.

'Ah… He did do so.' Midoriya chuckled in his mind sheepishly. He turned to Ben, who merely shrugged.

"Those are some nice outfits, you two." Asui calls them out.

Her costume consisted of green and black skintight suit with yellow linings, which imitated a frog's skin markings. She also wore goggles, gloves, and boots with a frog-like design. Despite her boots being shaped like frog feet, Ben and the rest of the class knew she had ten toes.

"A-Ah, thank you, Asui-san…!" Midoriya blushed a little while rubbing the back of his neck. Ben smiles in response to her compliment while leaning close to the teen.

"Hey, do you have a crush on her or something?" He genuinely asked. Midoriya's face exploded from the question, his respirator almost snapping off.

"I-I don't dislike her! I-I'm just not that good with girls, you know?" He hastily responded. Ben responded with a shit-eating grin as Asui tilted her head.

"Ribbit?" She blinked.

All Might puffed his chest out, "Now, it's time for combat training!"

"Sir!" Iida asked, raising a hand. "This is a battle center from the Practical Entrance Exam. Will we be conducting urban battles again?"

"That's a good question, young Iida!" All Might points at him. "However, we are not having urban battles from like before."

"So what are we facing then, sir?" Kirishima interjected. All Might gave him a thumbs up.

"I'll be getting to that in a bit, young Kirishima!" All Might exclaimed. "Now then… Most of the time, fighting villains takes place outside, but if you look at the total numbers, atrocious villains appear indoors at a higher rate." He began explaining. "Imprisonment, house arrest, backroom deals—In this society filled with heroes, truly intelligent villains hide in the shadows!"

'Well, not if you're an intergalactic warlord that doesn't even need to do so.' Ben joked, reminding himself of Vilgax.

All Might glanced at all the students, clearing his throat. "For this class, you'll be split into villains and heroes and fight in indoor battles. It will be a 2 vs. 2 scenario, but for one of them, it'll be a 3 vs. 2 due to an odd number of students we have."

"Without basic training?" Asui asked, placing finger on her chin as she pondered the question.

All Might shook his head. "No. This will be like a real battle to understand those basics—! In a controlled environment where we dictate what is acceptable, the key in the battles this time is that there will be no robots to defeat."

"Then how will the battles be conducted?" Momo proceeds to ask.

"Can we go and beat the crap out of them anyways?" Bakugo goes.

"Will we be facing an expulsion if we fail to succeed?" Uraraka gulped.

"How will we be paired up?!" Iida ASKS?!

He couldn't continue to last long as students from Class A as they began to bombard him with questions. Despite being able to hear their pleas, he would not be able to handle the onslaught of questions due to the speed in which they asked.

"U-Uhh… Guys?" Midoriya tries to get everyone's attention. Ben could see Almight sweating a little as he tried to process everything.

"I-I'll answer all your questions! But first, listen here." He sighs.

Everyone looks as he takes a small slip of paper out from his costume, which they all assumed was some sort of script for today's class session. He begins to read off of it as he opens it up.

"The situation you all will reenact is that the Villains have hidden a nuclear weapon somewhere in their hideout. The Heroes are trying to dispose of that. The Heroes need to either catch the villains or get the nuclear weapon back in the allotted time. The Villains need to protect the nuclear weapon for the whole time or catch the heroes."

Placing the sheet away, he then smiles as he brings out a small orange box that was labeled "Lots". "And for the teams, we'll be determining those by drawing lots!"

"They're being decided so haphazardly!?" Iida asked scandalized. Some of the other students reacted similarly, but All Might chuckles.

"P-Pros often have to create makeshift teams with heroes from other agencies, so maybe that's why?" Midoriya explained, loud enough for all to hear. Iida glances at him, nodding in understanding.

"It'll be cool to see how we team up with. Since it's random, there's all kinds of possibilities!" Kaminari proclaims.

"Yeah! You don't know what pairs might work best with one another!" Kirishima added.

'Pairs or not, the one who gets three members on their team will have the strangest battle of all.' Ben however thinks. An additional member to any team can change the outcome of situations in all sorts of bizarre ways.

All Might laughed to himself. "It's fine. Let's do this quickly!"

It took a bit over a few minutes but the teams were decided. Team A consisted of Midoriya and Uraraka, with Team B being Shoji and Todoroki. Team C was Mineta and Momo, and Bakugo and Iida for a one sided nervous Team D. Team E paired up Ashido and Aoyama, while Sato and Koda were on Team F. Kaminari and Jiro came as one for the pairing of Team G, while Team H was the bird and frog combo of Asui and Tokoyami.

And then came the last pairs. The first was Team I, the three man team consisting of Ojiro, an invisible girl named Hagakure, and Ben. The last team was Team J, which made Kirishima and Sero a team.

After all of that, All Might nodded, both of his hands stuffed in black and white boxes labeled VILLAIN and HERO respectively. "Then, the first match will commence, with these two teams!"

He rose his hands out, holding two balls. "These guys!" He held out a black D ball and a white A ball. "Team A will be the Heroes, and Team D will be the Villains!"

'It had to be them…' Everyone turned to Bakugo and Midoriya.

"Everyone else, head towards the monitor room." All Might then instructed. "We shall be observing the match from inside.

This was probably going to involve conflict very early into the match. Ben and the rest of the gang knew of Bakugo and Midoriya's hate-hate relationship, and since Ben knew that his green haired classmate was having a bit of trouble with his Quirk, no doubt it was going to end in a destructive finish. Even with the things he said to them, it was highly unlikely that Midoriya would show progress on the first match.

"Something the matter, Ben-san?" Hagakure asked as the rest of the students made to follow the teachers into the monitor room to watch the match. The brunet spared a glance to the two teens, sending each other hardened stares.

"No, it's nothing, Hagakure-san…" He muttered as he walked to the monitor room with her and Ojiro. The Tail user who could that Ben was thinking about something though.

After around 10 or so seconds, they arrived inside the monitor room. The room was dark, with the only source of light being the multiple screens that were displaying the environment and the match that was about to begin. It was a tad bit crowded in the room, but luckily since every student wanted a good view of the screen, they pushed themselves so close to it that the area near the back was practically empty.

Ben took his place near the back, transforming into Humungousaur so he could see from the back, allowing everyone else to crowd the front to see. His teammates, had taken their spot in the middle ground.

"Now then, let's see how this first round goes off!" All Might says as he places a communication device into his ear.

"Alright, All Might here!" The Hero speaks through the microphone located in the monitor room. It broadcasted to Bakugo and Iida, who were currently inside a three floored building. "In five minutes, the Hero team will break in, and the battle will start. Prepare yourselves!"

Iida and Bakugo were currently on the fifth floor. The main feature was that of a large black and red bomb. Inspecting it though, Iida learned that it was merely paper-mache, but still a goal for the Hero team nonetheless.

"It pains me to act as a Villain, but I suppose we need to know how they think in order to truly learn." He recalls.

"…Hey!" Bakugo yells from the entrance, turned away from Iida. The Engine user turns in response.

"Deku has a Quirk, right?" He asks. Iida frowns, placing his helmet on.

"Well, you saw that monstrous strength he had right? We all did. It seems to carry a lot of risk though. But…I have to ask, why are so fixated on Midoriya-kun for, becoming angry from just the mentioning of him—"

"…None of your business, four-eyes." He growls.

Iida was about to retort against him, but the calling of All Might shuts them up as his voice is heard through the building. "Now then, let's start the first match of the indoor person-to-person combat training. Teams A and D; begin!"

All Might recommended for everyone else to watch, but their attitudes quickly dropped. Immediately as he started the match, Bakugo had left his teammate and began hunting down Midoriya, leaving Iida alone to guard the "weapon".

Luckily, Iida had practically total freedom to roam the room that he guarded, given the fact that these close quarters were easily able to be zoomed by his Quirk. This ultimately left Midoriya's team at a disadvantage. Their only heavy hitter being a nervous glass cannon, which left Uraraka on her own to deal with Bakugo's teammates after Midoriya had prompted them both to flee, granted he would break his arm again after using One For All.

Time seemed to pass from the position the students stood in, until around the second floor, which consisted of a maze like interior, Bakugo ambushed Midoriya and Uraraka.

"Sheesh, a surprise attack? That's not manly at all!" Kirishima barked.

None could fault Midoriya's performance though. He had managed to counter the first attack and was able to subdue Bakugo for a little while, allowing Uraraka to disengage from the duo as requested by Midoriya. Bakugo began an assault on the green Hero in training, with the latter blocking and occasionally countering his moves as his teammate vanished from the area.

As Bakugo rocked his arms back to propel himself, Midoriya saw this and ran from the scene, leaving the explosion boy to follow with an impatient growl. Avoiding him at turn by turn, eventually Bakugo began to purposely use his Quirk in hopes of taunting Midoriya to come to his person by himself, destroying doors and other places he thought the mop head might've been hiding.

By the time Uraraka had reached the fifth floor and encountered Iida, around 9 minutes of the 15 given had passed. Gasping at this, Midoriya stood up from his position, and was about to run when—"

"…Deku…!" Bakugo growled. His appearance was consisted of a fitted black sleeveless V-neck tank top with an orange X with the top half borders his shirt collar. His costume also had a seemingly metallic neck brace fashioned and used as a collar with three holes in both sides. His sleeves reached from within his large grenade-like gauntlets to his biceps. His belt, which also carried grenades, held up his baggy pants with knee guards. He wears a mask that had large, flare-shaped cloth.

"K-Kacchan!" Midoriya turned. One of Bakugo's gauntlet pulsed red, something that Ben didn't take lightly for.

"…These are loaded, just saying." He says, lifting his grenade gauntlets up. "Now then, why don't you use that Quirk of yours…? Are you saying you can win even without using it?!"


"Are you underestimating me, Deku?" He smiles eerily. Midoriya shakes a little as he takes a roll of white capturing tape out, giving the blond a fixated look as he fully turned to face him.

'Control… Focus on control… Power, on the entire body… Imagine the microwave…' He muttered several things in his mind as he faced Bakugo. "I-I'm not scared of you anymore!"

Bakugo grits his teeth in response to his words, before calming down and grinning. "Well then, I supposed I won't have to tell you this if you already know, but I'll do so anyways."

He points his right gauntlet in his direction, clocking it in place with his left arm. "My Quirk, Explosion, lets me sweat nitroglycerin from my palms and allows me to detonate it at will to create explosions. The more I sweats, the stronger my explosions become…"

"Wait a minute… Uh-oh." All Might blinks.

"What's the matter, sir?" Ojiro asks. Everyone could see All Might's expression dropping a bit as a pin reveals itself from Bakugo's grenade gauntlet.

'A grenade… Wait a minute…!' Humungousaur's eyes widened. 'He's not planning on—'

"If they made this the way I asked, then these gauntlets will store the nitroglycerin in my palms to an absurd amount, and…!"

"Young Bakugo, stop!" All Might yells. Bakugo however grins as he pulls the pin, the barrel of the gauntlet beginning to light up.

"If he dodges, then he'll survive! If I don't hit him, then it's all GOOD!" He pulls it out completely. Out from the barrel of his gauntlet came out a monstrous and powerful explosion, something that made Midoriya almost piss his pants.

"Oh crap!" Midoriya jumps to the side, leaning against the wall as the explosion tore through the building, crashing out from the building and shaking the entire field ground.

"Young Midoriya? Young Midoriya, respond!" All Might calls out. He could hear the green haired teen panting frantically as he got up from the floor, his mask torn out and his right sleeve shredded.

"For the love of All Might! Is that even legal to own?!" He yells as he stands up, turning around to view the destruction caused by Bakugo's weapons. He frowns as he sees Bakugo's left gauntlet pulse. "Son of a…"

"Come on, use your Quirk, Deku…" Bakugo says as he emerged from the smoke.

From atop the fifth floor, Uraraka attempted to snag at the target, but was intervened by Iida, who had begun to take his villainous persona to a hilarious level.

Midoriya began to analyze Bakugo's equipment as the blonde tried to taunt him into using One For All. He quickly went for Uraraka, learning of the current situation. A vein of anger popped onto Bakugo's head as an eye twitch.

"This son of a…" He was going to use his other gauntlet, however…

"Young Bakugo. The next time that you use that, I'll be stopping the fight, and your team will lose." All Might called out, making him frown.

"Huh?" He holds his ear.

"To use an attack on that large of a scale is practically inviting the destruction of the stronghold you should be protecting. Whether if you were a Hero or a Villain, it would be a foolish move! You'll be losing points for destruction."

"Grr… Then we'll be settling it with our fists then!" Bakugo roars as he blasts himself to Midoriya. The green haired teen gasps as he ends the transmission in an attempt to counter attack, but it was then that the blond drew another explosion out to dodge his incoming punch, and then blasting Midoriya's back in quick succession.

"He changed his course!" Momo noted.

"He did so by using a blast that doubled as a smokescreen, using that momentum to do so again and blast the green haired guy's back." Todoroki properly explained.

"Yes. Getting that fine of a hit by going against inertia meant that it required adjusts to the powers of his explosions." She then concluded.

"Even though he seems to be a loud heart, he's a genius in according to instinct and battle." Humungousaur concluded. It was then that everyone flinched slightly upon sensing the presence of the dinosaur alien.

"Come on, Deku!" Bakugo yells as he runs in, slamming his arm in a big right swing. He then grabbed Midoriya's right arm, and used explosions to quickly spin around, smashing his back like a whip onto the ground.

"GaaaAAaaah!" Croaking as he landed on the floor, Bakugo growls again.

"You're below me, damnit!" He barks.

As Midoriya struggles to get up, he began to think of what he could do. It was obvious that at this point, using One For All was his best chance at ending this confrontation once and for all. Thinking of what All Might taught him and what Ben said, as he glares at Bakugo before running to the edge of one of the nearby windows.

"Hey, what's he doing?" Kirishima cocked an eyebrow.

"You've been like this ever since we were kids… Have you been underestimating me since all the way back then, you piece of shit?!" Bakugo screams as he begins to walk in Midoriya's direction.

"Sir, you should stop this!" Tokoyami says.

"No… That's not it…" Midoriya responds with a low voice, before yelling. "It's because you're such an amazing person! That's why I want to beat you, you big DUMMY!"

"...!" Humungousaur's eyes widened slightly upon seeing a change in Midoirya's expression. Focusing on his figure, he flashed and transformed into Feedback once more.

'…What are you going to do this time, Midoriya?' He wonders.

"Don't give me that crap, you goddamn NERD!" Bakugo returns the gesture as he dashes off.

Feedback focuses his cyclopean eye as he begins to see the same energy signature emitting off from Midoriya. This time, however…it wasn't just concentrating on his right arm. It was vague…but a tid bit of One For All was beginning to surge into his body as a whole, like a thin spread of empowerment.

All Might gazed at both their faces as Midoriya ran off to join Bakugo. 'These are the first passionate emotions he's shown, other than "I want to be a Hero!". This will be necessary for you to progress through the future…but…!'

Through the screen, the students could only see Midoriya and Bakugo running through the hall to slam at each other, but Feedback saw something else. One For All was seeping into Midoriya's entire body, not just his one spot that he wanted to release it from. He was…

'Imagine the microwave… Control the spread…! FOCUS…Uraaaargh…!' He screamed in his mind.

Midoriya was feeling pain. Pain, surging through his entire body. While his arm was more or less filled with more of the stockpiled power provided by One For All, the rest of his body had become engrossed in it, even if it was just by a little smidgeon. Instead of placing all of that concentrated power at one point in his body, he had taken the advice of Ben. It was obvious in a way, since All Might's own body was a prime example.

All Might was a perfect example of speed and power. His tone body was balanced by speed, allowing precise blows and enhanced reflexes. Midoriya was only thinking about the power that he held. If there was a way to not do that, but instead try and circulate the power of his Quirk throughout his entire body, similarly to All Might, then it might've been possible to—

"…?!" All Might's eyes widened slightly. He was not sure if anyone but Feedback was able to see it, but… Midoriya… His body, coming out from it were…

'Little sparks? Of turquoise?' Feedback mumbled in surprise.

'One For All: Full…Cowling…!' Midoriya dubbed this feeling as his speed increased ever so slightly. Rocking his arm back, he closes his eyes for a second as a large explosion begins to form in Bakugo's hand.

'Midoriya, you—'

"Sir, this looks bad! Stop it, please!" Kirishima protests. All Might's hand was shaking as he said so. The Hero wanted to do so so badly, but—!

'Sorry Ben, but… Detroit…!'

The two began to violently yell. Right when the two were going to make an impact, All Might decide to go for it—

"Both of you, sto—"

"URARAKA-SAN, NOW!" Midoriya yells, interrupting the Hero. All Might gasps as he and the rest of the students looked back onto the screen depicting Uraraka and Iida.

"I got it!" She yells back, grasping onto a nearby pillar that supported the building. Iida bore a look of confusion as she did so, with him wondering what was going to happen.

"What're—" Iida tried to yell, however.


Instead of going head-on with Bakugo, everyone watched as Midoriya aimed his arm up for an uppercut, releasing the power of One For All up towards the ceiling. It didn't take long for the powerful attack to completely smash through all the ceilings until broke through the fifth floor, leaving a giant hole in the entire building.

On said floor, Iida desperately held onto the "weapon", unaware of the attack until he turned to see the sudden gale of wind.

"What in Ingenium's name?!" His jaw would've dropped, but his mask prevented him from doing so.

"Alright!" Uraraka grins. Activating her Quirk, she disables the gravitational pull of the now broken pillar, and as she eyes the countless spectacles of debris in front of her.

"Improvised Special Move: Comet Home Run!" She yells as she whacks them all towards Iida like a baseball player. He frowns as he begins to block the rubble, silently thanking the developer of his armor as they bounce off him like mosquito bites.

"Ow! Gaah, son of a… You really call that a homerun, Uraraka-san?!" He yells, only to see her jump across the chasm between him and her by using her Quirk on herself.

"Wait, oh no!"

"Release!" The gravity user yells as she touches her fingers. She smiles with relief as she grabs onto the mock weapon like a Koala. Iida yells in sorrow as she successfully captured the objective.

"Success…!" She cheers.


As Iida's cry of defeat echoed down to the floor Bakugo and Midoriya were on, the blond could only look up in anguish as his body shook from irritation.

"That's what… From the start, you were… YOU ARE UNDERESTIMATING ME, AREN'T YOU?!' He roars at Midoriya as he looks back at him with a hysterical look, only for it to dissipate slightly upon seeing his body.

"…I wasn't…going to use it." The green haired teen mumbles.

From the aftereffects of the Detroit Smash, Bakugo could see his classmate down on the ground. His right arm was broken, and his costume was torn to shreds. He could see blistering marks all over his body as he struggled to stay on one knee.

"I wasn't…going to, because… My body can't handle the impact…" He slowly explained. "Aizawa-sensei told me about it…too, but—"

"Deku, you…" The expression on Bakugo was immeasurable. Shock, hate, confusion…

"—This was…all I could think of…to win…!" He held in the pain. His left arm was used to mitigate the damage from Bakugo's attack, leaving it almost charred.

Bakugo was able to say another thing, but from both teams' ears, as Midoriya fell to the ground as a result from the pain…a timer goes off. All Might slowly revealed…

"…Hero team, wins!"

"They lost the battle, but won the war…" Tokoyami surmises the entire situation.

All Might watched from inside the building as a robotic stretcher was brought in to bring Midoriya out from the premise. As it passed him, he gazed down at his body, monitoring his injuries.

'His arms, his legs, his face…everything.' He noted. Looking around, he sees Bakugo standing in shock as he looked down at the hand he used to detonate an explosion on Midoriya.

'My right… That damn nerd…predicted it.' He growled. 'And on top of all that, he found a way to win the exercise…'

'No…that means… If Deku and I were to go all out, would that mean he would…?!' Panicking and heavy breathing was about to bring him down. Right when he was about to collapse though—

"Young Bakugo." All Might places a hand on his shoulder, bringing him out from his phase. "Let's go back. It's time to review the results. Whether you win or lose, looking back and learning from your experiences is a part of life."

A few minutes later, All Might returned with Iida, Uraraka, and Bakugo in tow. Bakugo stepped back into the room, but instead of joining his assigned team near the front, he took to the back corner, the far opposite. His eyes were downcast and his hands seem to lack the usual clenching that he'd have.

Something had to have happened in the match, at least emotionally. What exactly did happen, Feedback, now reverted to Ben, didn't know. From the lessons that they shared, the Omnitrix wielder knew that a silent Bakugo wasn't a happy Bakugo.

"…Well, even if I say that... The MVP for this battle was undoubtly young Iida!" All Might called the situation back. Ben's ears dragged back on as he began to listen into the review.

"Huh? Me, sir?" Iida blinked in surprise.

"It's not Ochaco-chan or Midoriya-chan?" Asui asked. All Might places his hands on his hips as he lets an interested hum out.

"Hmm, well now… Why is that? Can someone tell me precisely why?" He yells. Immediately, Momo dragged Ben with her and raised her and his hand.

"Uh… What?" He looks at her with dot eyes.

"I have to make sure your paying attention." She whispered. Ben rolled his eyes as All Might pointed to them.

"Ah! Young Yaoyozoru and Young Tennyson!" He smiles. "Tell me then!"

"This is because Iida-san adapted to the context of this situation's training." The Creation user started. Everyone could tell that All Might was already surprised by her answer as she pinched Ben's neck.

"Ow… Well, according to the live footage from the match between Teams A and D, Bakugo was obviously acting out on his usual vendetta of getting into trouble with Midoriya. And as All Might proclaimed earlier, his grenade gauntlets caused too much collateral damage to the building and his overall surroundings." He went on.

"O-Oh… I see. Well—"

"And that's not it!" Momo intervenes, making the Hero flinch. "In the same way, taking into account the self-inflicted damage that he took, Midoriya-san's plan was also quite foolish."

'Wow, way to be blunt, mistress…' Ben sweat dropped. "Er, I'll continue."

"B-Ben…!" Momo gawked.

"Regarding Uraraka-san, she got too distracted by Iida's humorous outtake of his attempt of acting like a Villain. That was kinda funny by the way, Iida." Ben smirked.

"Er… I suppose so." He chuckles nervously.

"Continuing on… Uraraka's final attack was a bit reckless. Had the weapon been real, she would've detonated it, killing everyone in the vicinity. She was only able to go out with the plan Midoriya went out with because this was a simulation." He finished.

"Yes! Iida-san was prepared for his opponent's arrival and assumed that it would be a fight over the weapon—"

"—Which is why he cleared the room of every object that Uraraka could've used as a weapon and…"

"…I am beyond words to condone how happy I feel right now." Iida says as he faints as tears start to come out from his eyes.

"…Whoa." Ashido blinked. "Didn't think I'd hear a pep-talk from you two."

All Might nodded in his head. 'They said way more than I expected…and now I can't explain anything else!'

"Well… I have to say…that was correct!" He gives them a thumbs up. Ben could tell that All Might lost his chance to properly get into the explanation, but he was paying more attention to the pride that Momo was exerting.

"We should always start with the basics to develop a depth of training. We must strive to devote ourselves entirely and wholeheartedly, otherwise we cannot become Pro Heroes!"

"Well… Let's begin the next match then, shall we?" All Might, in a desperate attempt to switch the topic, brought the balls back out. "We're going to be changing locations for this one!"

Fortunately for everyone else, the next matches went a little more calmly. The next battle was at Building C, which consisted of Team J being the Villains, and Team G as the Heroes.

The crowd fell silent as they turned to face the screen, showing their classmate Sero trying to escape the coordinated assault of Tokoyami and Asui. Actually, it quite funny to see that Kirishima got slammed into the floor like a nail by the bird teen's Quirk.

Tokoyami's Quirk was called Dark Shadow. This Quirk allowed him to host a "shadow like-monster" that he could materialize from his body and contract it back freely as a sort of extension. Dark Shadow was sentient and capable of speech, being always protective of his master no matter in which state it found itself. Tokoyami used this shadow being for a number of purposes, such as attack, defense, mobility and support. As Dark Shadow can extend very far from his body, he tended to have an advantage in terms of range. Because it can hold objects, Dark Shadow could function as a third arm as well.

By nail, it meant Kirishima was a hard nut to break. His Quirk was Hardening, and it was quite simple. It gave him the ability to harden any part of his body, making it tougher than even metal. However, it didn't stop Dark Shadow from slapping him silly into the ground.

Dark Shadow was used to distract Sero as Asui went through the fifth floor, which was littered with Sero's tape. However, being as agile and flexible as she was, it was like watching a cat—I mean, frog-burglar robbing a priceless artifact.

The next match after that was that of Team C and Team G. With this scene, everyone learned about Mineta's perverted attitude. Not only from Momo herself, but he could've sworn he felt hatred coming from another location. That, a sudden sense of bloodlust.

Jiro had used her earphone jack to locate the two, with Kaminari using his Quirk; Electricity, to destroy the ceiling above them. Momo and Mineta unfortunately did not expect this, and fell entirely flat on their bottoms as the other team quickly captured the point.

The fourth match was that of Team F and Team E. Ashido made quick work of Sato and Koda by using her acid. After Aoyama shot a laser that destroyed the ceiling, the two screamed the entire way down, as the pink haired teen had melted away all the floors below that. Feels bad for them.

And finally…

"And so! The last match…will be between that of Teams I and B!" All Might didn't bother to bring the balls out for this one. "And for this scenario… Team I will be acting as the Villains, and Team B being the Heroes."

Ben grouped up with Hagakure and Ojiro. While he bumped fists with the tailed teen, he was unsure where to look at the invisible girl. He knew her Quirk was Invisibility, but since she was only wearing gloves and boots…

"Hey, Ojiro?" The two leaned into each other's ears.

"Yeah?" He replied.

"I never asked this until now, but…is Hagakure-san actually—"

"Hush… My sweet summer child." He covers his mouth. "Let's just go along with this for now, alright?"

"I suppose…" Ben scratches his head. Hagakure pops up between them, causing them both to blush a little.

"Whatcha guys talking about?" She asks.

"Uh… About stuff. Er…guy…stuff." Ojiro chuckles.

While the three were chatting away, Shoji and Todoroki gathered together. The white and red haired teen looked in Ben's direction, a strange feeling he was getting when he gazed on his body.

'Well, this will certainly be interesting… But regardless, I'll be winning.' He promises.

Building B, the one next to the place that Midoriya and Bakugo destroyed, was the location for the final battle.

Standing on the fifth floor, the Villain team examined the object that they were supposed to protect. Like the others, it was simply hollow, a fabrication. It didn't stop them from thinking it looked lethal though.

"How do you think Shoji and Todoroki are going to come at us?" Hagakure asks her teammates.

"Well… It depends on their Quirks." Ojiro replied. "Does anyone know about their Quirks?"

"…Todoroki's costume gives off one possibility." Ben says, placing his visor on. It wasn't activated yet, so the other two could see his face through it. "He had ice on one side, right?"

"Oh…right. His Quirk may be the use of Ice—"

"—Well, regardless about that, let's get serious!" Hagakure says as she strips herself of her gloves and boots. "I'll get them when they come in!"

Ojiro and Ben sweat dropped. As Ben pressed a button on his headset and activated his visor, he immediately gasped from what he saw.

"OJIRO, HAGAKURE, GET ON THIS—NOW!" He yells, swiping off the disk from his back. Throwing it at the two, it opened up to become a long circular hoverboard.

"Wait, what's going—"

"—I was right! Todoroki's using ice on the entire building! Get on, now!" Ben barks as the Omnitrix flashes. Ojiro and Hagakure get on hastily, their faces (well, one of them visibly) showing shock at the technology that they were just riding on.

As the flash dissipated, the two could see Ben replaced by a magma-based lifeform, whose body was composed of a bright yellow inner magma body covered by a dark red rocks. As a fire-based entity, his body radiated high amounts of heat. His feet had a slight oval-like design with only two toes and one back toe. The Omnitrix dial was located on his chest.

"Ahhhhh… So warm…!" Hagakure says as she and Ojiro hover over towards Ben. They could see the surrounding ice melt away from the heat he exerted.

"Heads up, you two." Ben says. "Don't stay too close to me though, or else Todoroki might—"

"…A fire form now, huh?" Speak of the devil…

Walking through the frozen entrance across the room, Todoroki appeared. His costume was composed of a simple white dress shirt, white pants, white boots, and gold-colored combat vest. He also had ice covering his left torso and arm.

The ice user observed the body of Ben. His ice was melting just from it being near him. He also took notice of the two behind him, whom which survived his first attack by hopping onto the hoverboard. He narrowed his eyes as he held an arm up.

"So…what will you do now, Todoroki…?" Ben says. "Will you try to go through Heatblast, or regroup with your partner?"

"…Neither." He replies as he stomps on the floor with his right foot. Immediately, a torrent of ice began to creep its way towards Heatblast, the latter standing still as he did so.

Ojiro and Hagakure quickly dodged and hid behind a pillar, but peeked their heads out. Unfortunately, that was the wrong move, as the minute they did so, they were almost roasted by a wave of fire. Todoroki's eye widened as he quickly formed a giant wall of ice to cover himself. After Heatblast ended his attack, he was about to go over, only to gasps upon seeing the Pyronite's fist go straight through his wall.

"…Tsk!" He grunts.

"Ojiro, Hagakure! Protect the objective!" Heatblast orders as he lunges at Todoroki.

"As… IF!" Todoroki generates another wall, only for it to be destroyed by a simple swat from Heatblast.

"…You rely too much on your Quirk, Todoroki." He says. "You should also focus on close combat!"

Punching him straight in the gut, Todoroki grunts as he is sent down to the previous floor. The ice user glares at the fiery lifeform as he stands up. Clicking his tongue, he quickly dashed and generated a slide of ice. This caused him to speed up as he took out the capturing tape.

"Capture? Please…" Heatblast aims his palms at the teen. Todoroki's eyes widened as he rolled off his ice slide, avoiding a flamethrower that came out from his hands. Heatblast begins to rush at the teen by propelling himself similarly to Bakugo.

"You'll have to do better than that!" He barks, smashing into his body and destroying a pillar behind him as he crashed through.

Todoroki was beginning to think about this situation. He had seen this form, as well as Ben's previous forms. It was practically impossible to get an advantage on him if you didn't catch him by surprise. As he got up and avoided a fatal blast of flames, he grunted as he went for his ear.

"Shoji!" He yelled out. "Back attack!"

Upon hearing that, Heatblast glances back, hearing glass shatter from atop of the fifth floor. Taking this advantage, Todoroki grits his teeth as he slaps his right arm onto the ground. Generating a gigantic block of ice, Heatblast turned his eyes, only to get smashed and trapped inside a giant glacier of ice that took up the rest of the room on the floor.

Standing up, Todoroki pants a little as his right side began to slow down. As if his face was showing reluctancy, he focuses on his left side…which began to generate flames and maintain his body temperature. Upon balancing it out, he looks up.

"…That should hold him until we—"

"—Get the objective? I think not." A sudden chill went down Todoroki's back. Turning around, he gasps at the sight of a fist that went for his face. He groans in pain as he is sent a few feet back, using ice to support himself from falling.

"So, you can use ice and fire." The voice revealed. Todoroki didn't like this one bit. As he stood up, he observed the new creature in front of him.

Heatblast was now a humanoid, moth-like alien. He had four wings and two antennae. His body was black with cyan patches on a majority of his body parts. Like Heatblast, he had four fingers, and two toes in front, and one in the back. Wearing black and white unitard, the Omnitrix dial was located on his chest.

"What's wrong, Todoroki? Got a… Big Chill?" He snickers as flies at him.

Todoroki immediately generated ice as he slammed his foot, giant ice spikes sparking in Big Chill's direction. However, right as they were about to hit, his eyed widened upon seeing the moth-like creature's body becoming a blue phantom. Flying through the attack like a ghost, he formed back as he reached his person. Landing in front of him, Big Chill aimed his palm at him, shooting out an ice beam.

"What?!" Todoroki dropped to the ground, limboing out from the range of the attack until it reached the staircase to the next floor. He quickly turned back, only to have his arms grabbed by Big Chill.

"Let's have you go back down then, shall we?" He grins as he becomes transparent, with Todoroki as well as they both seeped down into the floor.

It was obvious, but everyone in the monitor room was visibly surprised, All Might especially. No one knew how many forms Ben had, and whenever he did show one, it displayed superhuman traits of at least one kind. The students watched as Big Chill brought Todoroki to the first floor, already captured by the tape everyone was given.

"Woah…! That's freaky!" Ashido jumps. "A fire guy, and then an ice moth?"

"It's crazy, right?" Kirishima noted. "It's like he has a form for practically every situation!"

"…I wonder if he has a frog form? Ribbit." Asui wondered out loud.

Back on the first floor, Todoroki looked down on himself with mild dissatisfaction as he sat down on the floor. Big Chill reverted back to Ben, the latter smiling a little.

"…You really have a form for everything, don't you?" He looks up towards the green and black youth.

"Well…it's something I grew up with to survive. Sorry about all those punches. Here, let me have a look." He says, going into his pouch.

"No…Go and finish the training mission first. That takes first priority." Todoroki denied him. "These injuries aren't that bad to begin with anyways."

"You sure?" Ben asks. Todoroki nodded. "…Alright then."

Acknowledging his request, Ben transformed into Big Chill and flew up into the ceiling. As he watched him, Todoroki closes his eyes as he grits his teeth for a second, before sighing.

"…Fire and ice… Should I use his power? No…I won't." He growls.

"Right, Ojiro-kun!" Hagakure yelled as she held onto her classmate's back.

"W-Whoa!" The tail user panicked. Not just from riding Ben's hoverboard, but…from something soft on his back. He slid across the walls of the fifth while avoiding another punch from Shoji.

The buff teen's Quirk was called Dupli-Arms. It was a bodily characteristic of his figure. Unlike a normal person, he possessed six arms that were attached by skin-like webbing. His Quirk allowed these tentacle like arms to have the ability to replicate parts of his body, such as his mouth, ears, and eyes. He could even duplicate his dupli-arms. The thing about these duplicated parts was that they appeared to be enhanced versions of the originals.

Swinging his three left arms, he narrowed his eyes slightly as the duo narrowly avoided his attack once more. Ever since Todoroki had him crash in through the building's windows, he had been trying to pass by them to get to the objective. While Ojiro had difficulty controlling the board, he would circle around the point, preventing Shoji from getting closer.

'Well… This is getting tedious.' He had to admit.

After a while though, the gi wearing teen jumped off with Hakagure. The board began to fly off and bounce off the walls, until everyone heard it being caught by a familiar Omnitrix wearing youth. Shoji turned to see Ben standing behind him.

"Ben! You got Todoroki?" Hagakure asked. "That's great!"

"Truly…" Ojiro smiles. Shoji was a little surprised. He heard Todoroki's grunts and cries of pain from his communicator, but he wasn't expecting him to lose this quickly. What the heck did Ben do to him?

"Alright then… One down, and one to go. Shoji, what will you do?" He asks with a smile. Shoji had initially proposed to fight, but in this situation…

"…There's no point in fighting." He replied. Everyone was surprised to hear him speak, but nevertheless chuckled a little. "This was a little fun while it lasted though."

"I'll say!" Hakagure giggles as she wraps the capturing tape around one of Shoji's wrists.

From All Might and the student's screen, they all reacted with wonder as All Might announced the end of the match. Moments later, Ben and the others helped to treat Todoroki's injuries that he dealt to his face. Luckily for Ben, his specifications for vulneraries and other small medical supplies made it through.

All Might blew into a whistle. Standing with the Class 1-A students, they were right in front of the exit to Ground Beta. He gives everyone a thumbs up as the battles come to a halt.

"—Good work, everyone!" He salutes all of them. "Other than young Midoriya, none of you sustained any major injuries. I admire your nature of taking this seriously. You all did a good job on your first training!"

"It's quite surprising to have a proper class after Aizawa-sensei's hair pulling class…" Asui admitted, poking her face once more. "…It's a bit a bit anticlimactic…"

Everyone nods to that, no disagreement there. All Might though spreads his arms out gallantly. "Of course! We're all free to have proper classes, as well!"

Zipping towards the back, All Might bares all a fare thee well. "Well then, I must review the results with young Midoriya. Change and return…to the classroom!"

With a burst of speed from One For All, All Might blasts off through the exit, leaving a gale of wind in the faces of the surprised students. Once he left, they all dusted themselves off from the resulting dash.

"…God damn! All Might's so cool!" Kaminari grins, fists clenched in admiration.

"Wait, why was he in such a hurry for?" Ojiro wondered.

"So cool…" Mineta croaked.

Ben had a look on his face that Momo knew all too well. Sighing in response, she stood in front of the class, generating a whistle in her hand and blowing into it. The loud noise brought everyone back to Earth as she did so.

"Alright everyone, let's return to the locker rooms and meet up in the classroom after changing. Step up, step up!" She says.

"Come on, Ben-chan, let's—" Asui was about to turn her back to face the Omnitrix wielder, only for everyone to hear a flash of green, and a trailing zip of speed passing by everyone.

"Whoa, that was even faster than All Might!" Sato blinked. "Was that Ben?"

"Definitely. Sheesh, what's he in a rush for?" Kaminari dusted himself off.

Indeed, the class was full of mysteries. However, the first and biggest mystery, was that of Ben. Midoriya had One For All, which was seen as a mysterious glass sword Quirk by his classmates. But Ben? His transformations were seen as the strangest, coolest, or freakiest "Quirk" they had ever seen.

Would they eventually learn the origin of his powers?


Well, like I said. It was a bit hard to write the Todoroki and Shoji fight, but I suppose I did an adequate performance on the matter. Regarding Ben's Hero Costume, I made a Deviantart for it, so check it out!

Well, a few more things I wanted to talk about:

1.) One For All and Midoriya. I…kind of found it strange that Midoriya wasn't able to conceive of One For All: Full Cowling beforehand. It should've been a little obvious from observing All Might. And yes, while Toshinori was able to grasp and adapt the Quirk quickly to his own body, Midoriya should've taken a quote from that as well. So, I decided to speed that up a little.

2.) I like where I'm going with Midoriya's and Ben's friendship going on. I believe he can help him to develop his abilities with One For All, as well as interact with him during his misadventures in the later Arcs.

3.) Bloodlust aside, where do you think would be appropriate for Ben's cold and calculated nature to come out? I wanna write a chapter with a savage and/or violent Ben sooooooooooooooo much…!

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