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Chapter 9: Ongoing Battles

'So, it's going to be like this… Great.' Midoriya sighed internally as his and Todoroki's teams stood off from one another.

"I didn't think I'd have to wait long to have a confrontation with him. Seems like I was right in that regard." Tokoyami commentated. "He seems to think highly of you, Midoriya."

"Yeah… But we only have half the time left. We can't stop moving, not now!" Midoriya agreed, but said otherwise. "Prepare for moving!"

"Iida! Forward on!" Todoroki immediately retorted as he gripped onto Iida's shoulders. The engines on his calves began to start up and blast his team forward as the ice and fire user turned back to Momo. "Yaoyorozu!"

"Yes!" The creation user looked up.

"Please prepare to guard us with some materials that'll knock off the conductivity of electricity." He ordered.

Nodding, as she rolled on the skates her feet were on, she began to generate a plethora of objects from her body.

"Good. Kaminari, you'll—"

"No need to explain! I just need to do what I do best!" The blond sweated a little as he responded with a half nervous, half excited grin. "Let's do this!"

Midoriya's plans changed as he began to look around. Not only was Todoroki's team now pursing them from the front, but from the side, Mineta, who managed to lose his headband through the time their teams weren't against each other, began to charge at his team with Shoji's back now open and ready for grabbing as Asui got ready herself. Hagakure's team was also in the chase as well.

Other teams were also beginning to charge at them too. One was Itsuka's team, which consisted of herself and three other girls from Class B; Kinoko Komori, short girl with light brown-colored hair styled in a bob cut that reaches slightly below her shoulders, which blunt bangs that completely cover her eyes. Another was Reiko Yanagi, a taller girl that had short gray hair with a side bang that covers her left eye. The final was Setsune Tokage, whose eyes and teeth resembled that of a snake's or reptiles.

The other Class B team was a duo of guys which consisted of Awase and Jurota Shishida, the latter who looked like a humanoid beast. He had shaggy hair that was nearly shoulder length and had fur covering most of his body. He had a big jaw and big canine teeth, with the teeth of his lower jaw sticking out of his mouth. He also wore small rectangular glasses as he ran on all fours.

"Oh crap… Watch out, guys! It's not just one group that's coming after us!" The green head warned.

"You better watch out, ya better not cry…" Kaminari gritted his teeth as Momo finished constructing her objects; a lightning rod and a protective blanket for repelling electricity. "You better not tell 'cause I'm telling you why…!"

"Wait, what?!" Midoriya's eyes zipped back.

As it stabbed itself onto the ground and grinded on it, Todoroki quickly swapped the blanket over his team as Kaminari began to charge up.

"Indiscriminate Discharge: 1,300,000 Volts!"

As the name suggested, Kaminari began to let out a large discharge of electrical waves, that of which began to zip and zap around everywhere, regardless and indiscriminate of anyone in his vicinity. Unfortunately, the other four teams that were nearby got the worst cases of the shocking. Jiro seemed to be glaring at the blond as her eyes almost went bloodshot in anger.

"Kaaaaminariii!" She roared out. "I'm sticking my jacks into your BALLS after this!"

Right before Midoriya's team got zapped, Dark Shadow managed to absorb all of the damage, leaving their team mostly intact as Todoroki uncovered his team.

"…Only six minutes left in this." He said in a quiet matter. As he began to activate his right side's powers, he took hold of the lightning rod and began to channel his cryokinesis through it, freezing the ground and those around him as well. "I'm sorry everyone, but you'll just have to bear with it."

"OH COME ON!" Jiro scowled.

"Oh, what did he do?! Todoroki took care of some teams behind him in an instant with the help of his team?" Present Mic said in a startled matter.

"He froze them after Kaminari's initial attack caused them to stop. Compared to how people avoided it from the obstacle race, he made sure to make them viable to being frozen." Aizawa explained.

"…Nice commentary!" Present Mic smiled, responding with a thumbs up.

"…Now if only our ragtag team of transformers could do something exciting." The Erasure Hero said otherwise.

As many of the teams began to recover from the electrifying and ice-cold assault, Itsuka and the others gasped at the knowing that Todoroki swooped in and took hold of their headbands.

"Sorry, but I might as well take these as well!" He shouted from afar.

"Really?! Like you didn't do enough damage already!" She shouted, pouting in return as Team Todoroki went after Team Midoriya once more.

"Alright, we managed to block Kaminari's attack, so let's try to get out here again!" Midoriya noted to his team as Todoroki began to construct an ice barricade behind him. He wanted to try and trap his team it seems as Uraraka began to speed back with Hatsume's hover boots.

As Midoriya reached for the remote for his jetpack though, it was then that Ben Prime narrowed his eyes and noticed that it was beginning to spark and puff out.

"Hmm… Looks like it's gonna…"

*Ziiip… Spark… Puuuaaah…*

"S-Seems like they hit a dud…" Ben 3 looked over.

"A-Ah! The jetpack's acting up?" Midoriya yelped as he glanced at his back.

"MY BABY! It seems like there's a need for improvements in its durability!" Hatsume cried out.

"D-Deku-kun! They're going too fast! We can't get away!" The gravity user yelled as Team Todoroki drew closer.

"Then I'll restrain them!" Tokoyami replied as Dark Shadow blasted one of its arms out.

With quick reaction, Todoroki quickly notified Momo, who then generated a spring like material to repel Dark Shadow's claw within a moment's passing. "How's that?!"

"Quick timing..." Tokoyami complimented begrudgingly as Dark Shadow's arm returned.

"As expected, Yaoyorozu's Creation can adapt to nearly any situation." Midoriya noted with a tinge of annoyance. "It's like Ben, except it applies only to non-living objects…"

"No… I would say that Kaminari was the worst of it." The bird headed teen replied. "If there was anymore sunlight in this area, his attack would've been too much for Dark Shadow."

'Wait, that's right… Dark Shadow loses power during the daytime…' Midoriya reminded himself. "So, if Kaminari keeps on doing that…"

"Yes. As long as he keeps discharging electricity in our vicinity, attacking will be difficult… Even to the point that Dark Shadow becomes timid." Tokoyami actually sweat dropped upon taking a glance at his shadowy entity. It was almost at the point of tearing up.

"I-I'm against violence, you know…" It sniffled.

"U-Uh-oh! We're against the border!" Uraraka halted, causing everyone to gasp.

"Oho! It seems like Team Midoriya has nowhere left to go off to because of the icy enclosure that Todoroki made!" Present Mic commentated as Midoriya quickly glanced behind himself. "What'll they do now?!"

"…Even with our decreased offense, I don't think Todoroki's team knows, right?" He then asked Tokoyami.

"I don't believe so." The bird teen confirmed. "The only person I've ever told so far about Dark Shadow was Koji, and that was when we were scattered apart during the USJ Incident. And even then, he's a man of few words."

"…Then if they don't know about it, we can use it to our advantage and hold them back." Midoriya began to think of an idea. 'This'll be fine… No matter what, I'll hang on to these ten million points!'

"Kaminari!" Todoroki called out.

"Y-YeaaaaH!" The blond teen responded, clearly a bit affected by the previous zap of electricity he released.

This time, Kaminari instead charged his electricity, and instead of making it go everywhere in an indiscriminate matter like before, he attempted to blast his energy right towards Team Midoriya, and while it wasn't exactly perfected, it did manage to go in the right direction. And once again, as a result of Tokoyami's intervention, Dark Shadow was able to block the attack.

"Those bolts are sending shocks down my body…" It whimpered.

"That wasn't even a pun!" Tokoyami barked. "Focus, Dark Shadow!"

"We have to continue keeping ourselves away from Todoroki's group! Go right, Uraraka-san!" Midoriya urged his teammate.

"Roger!" She quickly gritted her teeth as she obliged.

Activating Hatsume's hover boots once more, Team Midoriya blasted forward, passing by Team Todoroki as they started to near the ice barricade he created.

"What're trying to do, Midoriya-kun?" Iida yelled as his team turned around.

"Wait, t-they're not thinking o-of…" Kaminari was actually the one to answer first as he and the rest of his team began see what Team Midoriya was about to do.

"What do you mean?" Todoroki asked the electric user.

As Uraraka and company began to close in to the ice, Midoriya quickly yelled what seemed to be indistinguishable words to Team Todoroki, but they soon reacted otherwise when the members of Team Midoriya that didn't wear Hatsume's equipment jumped and allowed the gravity user to skate and swerve back to them with Dark Shadow's assistance.

"W-What?" Momo blinked, flabbergasted by their stunt.

"H-H-HIGH SPEED-A DRIFTOOOOO!" Hatsume and Kaminari cried out as Team Midoriya began to fly straight at Team Todoroki like a slingshot.

"Holy All Might! Team Midoriya has taken advantage of Team Todoroki's icy trap to plunge themselves straight at their faces! Are they suicidal or something?!" Present Mic said with a straight face.

"Oi." Aizawa retorted by slapping his shoulder. "Don't say things like that in front of a large audience."

"But it's true!" The Voice Hero chuckled.

Todoroki's initial surprise was enough to actually make be afraid for a second, even enough for him to raise his left arm in defense. As Uraraka continued to use the hover boots, Midoriya for once actually began to activate One For All through his body.

"Grr… Alright, let's test this out…!" He gritted his teeth as he began to spark with bits of turquoise electricity. 'Control the spread… Imagine the microwave…!'

Toshinori recognized that look on Midoriya's face. Whenever he began to use One For All after deciding not to just utilize 100%, he knew that the green head was starting to feel more comfortable using it, despite the capabilities he was showing then being a mere fraction of the true potential of the Quirk.

'…You keep surprising me, young Midoriya.' He smirked as Midoriya's knuckles crackled.

'One For All: Full Cowling – 3%!' He called out as he began to glow, his eyes and body showing its heightened effect as he prepared to flick his fingers. "Get ready, everyone!"

"…?! That look… It's like before!" Iida noticed as Midoriya extended his arm to act on his finger.

'3% Delaware Smash!' The green head uttered in his mind as he released a shockwave. While it wasn't nearly as powerful as compared to the 100% version that he used during the USJ Incident, the attack was powerful enough to cause Todoroki's flame covered left arm to be swatted back by force.

'…What the…?! My left side? What am I doing using…?' Todoroki frowned upon looking back at his left arm. Immediately he extinguished the remaining flames. "Midoriya… Why you little…"

'I know I'm taking a big risk with doing this, but we've just got a little longer! We can do this!' Midoriya huffed as he prepped his left arm for another Smash.

"Come on!"

"…GRAAH!" Shoji yelled as he released his team from the ice. "…Finally."

"How irritating." Asui pouted, though no one could tell from her facial expression. "Not only did we get shocked by Kaminari-chan, frozen by Todoroki-chan; but you managed to lose your headband somehow, Mineta. How'd that even happen?!"

"I-I don't know!?" The grape color haired teen wilted away. "What do we do now?! We're gonna lose at this rate!"

"…Perhaps we should focus on the other foes. It seems that both Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki are occupied with one another…" Shoji glanced around…

"Leaving the remaining teams to be…" Asui added as Team Mineta turned to face the rest of the remaining competition.

Away from Team Midoriya and Team Todoroki's intense ice cage battle, Team Bakugo was beginning combat with Team Monoma. From the taunting expressions that the blond gave out to the explosion user, Bakugo was basically going full bloody murder against the 1-B student as he urged his cavalry to rush in.

"Gimme that damn headband, you ass!" He angrily roared as he tried to snatch Monoma's headband.

"Your movements are too simplified, Bomber Boy." Monoma however slapped his arm away, swiping his headband off with a smooth tug. "And I think it's safe to say that Class A is too simple-minded!"

"Crap! He got us!" Mina cried out.

"The hell you'd say, ya bastard?! Give that back, I'll kill you!" Bakugo's expression continued to contort to a livid one as he and his glanced back.

From the past few minutes that lead up to this point, Monoma continued to taunt and tease the angry blond, even pointing out how infamous he got throughout the few years. The Sludge Incident, the USJ Incident, getting owned by a wrecking ball of a dragon…

"Sheesh, Monoma! Don't provoke him!" Kaibara sweat dropped. "Keep that up and you'll be the same as him."

"Ah, that's right." Monoma smiled. "It would be embarrassing for the status of a Hero. Besides, don't you often hear…about Heroes who get done in by Villains who want revenge?"

"G-GRRR…!" Kirishima could literally feel Bakugo's internal clock ticking by the second as he turned to face his rider. "Kirishima…!"

"B-Bakugo, calm down!" He tried to calm the ticking time bomb on his shoulders. "If you don't, we won't be able to get the points back!"

Bakugo continued to grit his teeth as his arms were seen twitching. After letting off a rather loud growl, he slapped his palms together to let out some frustration in the form of an explosion. As the smoke cleared out, Kirishima and company flinched upon seeing his grinning, yet bloodthirsty expression.

"Go forward… Kirishima! Because right now, I'm completely calm!" He ordered as explosions began to pop off from his palms.

"THEN WE'RE SERIOUSLY COUNTING ON YOU, DAMN IT!" The redhead gulped as the three-man cavalry began to dash at Team Monoma once more.

"Oh, here they come again…" Monoma smirked.

As Team Bakugo came up close once again, this time, instead of just lunging his arm out in an attempt to grasp at Monoma's headband, Bakugo went full on to attack him instead.

"DIE!" He yelled out as he tried to force an explosive palm at his face.

However, Monoma merely chuckled as he leaned his head back and moved Bakugo's arm ever so slightly away, completely avoiding the point-blank explosion as Team Bakugo passed by. As the red eyed blond turned and tried for another attempt, instead of getting ready for another attack his face was smothered by an explosion of the same exact degree, right down to the maneuver and intensity of his own.

"Gaaorh!" Grunting as his face was blasted, Kirishima shut his eyes and hardened his face reflexively as Team Bakugo began to waver back due to Bakugo's body doing so.

"Ooooh…! This is a nice Quirk to use." Monoma reacted in interest as he looked at his palm. He then looked down at Kirishima, swiping his hand against his hair as the opposing blond brushed off the smut from Monoma's attack.

"What—Oi, that's my—"

"—Whaa?! Bakugo! That guy has the same Quirk as you do?!" The redhead asked in a confused matter.

Growling once more, before Monoma could turn around, Bakugo quickly released another explosive palm attack against him. It seemed to connect as the blond felt himself touching Monoma's body, but as he touched his skin, it felt rough…literally, and quite familiar as the smoke cleared out. As both teams skidded back to face one another, this time it was Kirishima's turn to react in shock.

"Really, these are such nice Quirks. But I have to say that mine's better though." Monoma admitted as it was revealed that…

"Wha…? My Quirk?!" Kirishima's jaw dropped slightly. "Bakugo, does this guy have—"

"…No. That's not it." Bakugo answered in a rational matter, which surprised his team. "This guy… He copied our Quirks."

"Yep! That's correct." The side of Monoma's face and his arms were hardened just how Kirishima's were, and they reverted back to normal as the teams separated.

From back up on Dragonaut, Ben 2 rolled his eyes as he remembered the information that he read up on Monoma's profile. "Oh right… That annoying guy."

"Monoma Neito, Class 1-B. Birthday: May 13th, Blood Type: A. His Quirk: Copy." Ben 3 noted.

"Copy allows Neito to utilize a Quirk after coming into contact with its respective user. Records show that he does not need to make contact with much, as a few strands of hair seem to be enough for his Quirk to take effect. After doing so, Neito gains full access to the Quirk he has copied and can use it however he likes."

"Though he also seems to instantly know how to activate any Quirk that he copies, even if it is his first time seeing or using said Quirk. Copying multiple Quirks at once is possible as well, although he is still restricted to using only one at a time. However, its drawback is that Neito can only use the Quirk he has copied for five minutes, losing access to it after that specific time limit is over. Also, Neito cannot simultaneously use two or more copied Quirks at the same time, being restricted to only one." Ben Prime basically explained every single aspect of Monoma's Quirk, though it was quite redundant as there was no one nearby for them to listen in.

"I wonder what kind of reaction he'd get from trying to copy us." Dragonaut snickered as he bullied some more teams with his breath attack.

"Well, as long as it isn't like Kevin Levin." Ben Prime rolled his eyes.

"D-Definitely." Ben 3 nodded furiously. "Though I believe it only applies to Quirks, so I think we'll be safe."

"That being said, I kind of want him to advance further on so I can test that theory." Ben Prime said otherwise.

Back down on the ground, Monoma's arm fully reverted as he mockingly pointed at his head.

"Well, even an idiot can figure it out, huh?" He joked.

"Grr… Why you little—"

"Go, Bondo-san!" Another voice was heard as both teams turned their heads. It was none other than Yui Kodai, a girl from Class B with dark, shoulder-length, bob-shaped hair. She had fair skin and an athletic build, with cerulean eyes and a neutral expression usually on her face.

Her teammates included Fukudashi Manga and Bondo Kojiro, the former whose face was literally a speech bubble that read out his thoughts in written form. The latter, who Yui called out, was a large straw-yellow skinned Class B student. His head was shaped somewhat like a glue-dispenser with a lappet on top along with seven "eye-holes" on his face as he dispensed a glue-like liquid from said holes.

As the liquid was blasted between the two teams, Monoma whistled a little as he turned to his classmate. "Woah, Bondo! Picking a fight huh?"

Manga's speech bubble replied "Damn right!" as Team Yui drew closer. Kaibara sighed as his team backed up from Bondo's attack, glancing at his team leader in worry.

"Come on, Monoma. We just have to avoid getting caught now. At this rate, we'll at least make it to the top four." He reminded him.

"Right, right…" Monoma nodded as he glanced at Dragonaut. "Too bad we can't get the motherload though."

As Team Monoma began to back off, Bakugo as usual reacted in anger as he tried to usher Kirishima. "After them, Kirishima!"

"I-I can't though! This stuff's solidifying!" The redhead cried out as Bakugo looked down.

Bondo's substance drenched itself on Kirishima's leg, trapping him place as it began to harden up. "Wow! This stuff is hard!"

"Then lemme have a look!" Mina said as she brought her foot over his. Her shoes had sockets on the bottom that allowed for her acid to get through, so she began to spray it on his leg in hopes of melting it off. "I'll melt this in a jiffy!"

"Hurry though! We don't have much time, and we've got zero points!" Sero warned.

"Oh, but don't get angry at me, bomber boy~! You're the one that provoked us!" Monoma waved at Team Bakugo with a mocking smile from afar. "What did you say at the pledge again? Oh, that's right!"

"…That piece of shiiiiiiiiit…!" Bakugo popped several veins on his forehead as he was reminded of the very words he spoke at the microphone. "WELL YOU'RE WRONG…! I'm going to be number one; not just first place in this competition, but an indisputable one over everyone else!"

The clock was ticking. As Present Mic and Aizawa continued to commentate, Midnight then pressed a button, showing up some new footage on the monitors. It was a timer, marked for one minute.

"One minute remaining, everyone! How's this going to go off?!"

Time was nearing. From the six minutes that Present Mic first shouted out, to the very last minute of the soon-to-end Cavalry Battle. Naturally, everyone's concern was to stay in the competition for the top five placements, but nonetheless, the Ben's pretty much took and greedily held onto first place with their 40 million points.

"…Well, this is certainly quite the interesting number of events." Shinso chuckled to himself as his team wandered around, seemingly ignored by the rest of the crowd.

From Team Tetsutetsu, the metal shifter was in a panic. Somehow, they managed to lose their headband amidst the last six minutes, and were now desperately looking for ways to gain points.

"I think we're at a standstill!" Juzo cried out. "What do we do?!"

"U-Uh… Wait, what about the forty million points?" Awase then pointed up to Dragonaut. "Can we try for that?"

"But how?!" Tetsutetsu barked. "There's no way we can get up there to get those guys!"

"…Perhaps, instead of trying to get up there… We'll bring them down." Ibara then suggested, earning her a few looks from her teammates. "Everyone, stay still for a moment please."

Obliging her words, Ibara closed her eyes as she began to concentrate. As her vine-like hair began to grow and dig into the ground, Team Tetsutetsu began to feel the ground underneath rumble, the flooring cracking as bundles of hair began to erupt from the ground like giant tentacles.

"Kraken's Hold!" She then yelled out as they all began to extend out towards Dragonaut.

While they were going straight towards Team Tennyson, it was then that Ben 3 yelped upon seeing this incoming attack. "I-Incoming!"

"Oh, someone's actually trying to get us? Lemme look." Ben 2 grinned as he looked over. "Oh! Vine Priestess!"

"What kind of name is that?" Ben Prime gave his copy a weird look.

"Hey, I'm based on your personality of naughtiness, don't blame me for giving that chick a good persona." Ben 2 shrugged.

"OW!" Dragonaut hissed as one of Ibara's giant vine tentacles wrapped itself around one of his legs. "Hey! Can that be any spikier?!"

"W-We're caught!" Ben 3 began to panic.

"Alright! Ibara, reel him down!" Tetsutetsu grinned as Dragonaut struggled to get himself free.

"Back off, Vine Priestess!" The dragon alien turned his head towards the vines holding him. As he was going to light them on fire, before he could do so, a couple of more vines wrapped around his neck. "Oh come on!"

"Quick, before he snags himself free!" Awase cheered.

"Oi! Help me out, you doofuses!" Dragonaut barked towards his passengers. "Otherwise we're gonna sink!"

"Fine, but don't blame me if I hit her by accident." Ben 2 grinned as his Omnitrix flashed.

Team Tetsutetsu and the audience narrowed their eyes upon seeing Ben 2 take on a new form. Aizawa and Toshinori especially took note as Ibara suddenly got the shivers.

A plant like alien emerged as it leaped from Dragonaut's back. He had five vine-like legs, four long fingers on his hands and a pair of flytrap-shaped flaps covering his head. He had blue colored bulbs on his shoulders. He had pods on his back, and he had one green eye in the middle of his face. He wore the Omnitrix symbol on his chest and wore a black and green shirt. As his fingers wrapped himself around Ibara's vines.

"A-A plant form?" Ibara was surprised to say the least.

"Hope you're fine with Wildvine taking care of your pretty face!" Ben 2 snickered as he took off a few pods from his back. Slushing them into the bundles of vines as he stretched his fingers out to both ends, he climbed back onto Dragonaut's back as they suddenly exploded.

"How WILD!" Present Mic cheered. "We've got two plant fighters now!"

'A plant like form as well? What, plants also count as things to turn into?' Aizawa grumbled as Wildvine took some more pods down.

"Oi! I'm going to spray those guys!" Dragonaut announced as his mouth started to heat up.

"Oh no you don't! I wanna spray them silly!" Wildvine yelled back. Ben Prime sighed as Ben 3 continued to keep watch. "Hey, Ibara! Look at me, you bi—"

"—Keep your focus! We've only got a little bit of time." He slapped Dragonaut's back while yelling at Wildvine. "Now come on!"

"KeeeEEEeep s-stiiill!" At this point, Kaminari was almost reduced to his dumb-ified state from using his Quirk through the last five minutes.

"Well, it seems as though that Todoroki made it so that he'd have the ten million points to himself to seize in an instant… At least, that's what I thought, FIVE MINUTES AGO!" Present Mic cackled.

"But unbelievably so, Team Midoriya's been able to keep away in that cramped space for five minutes! You gotta love your need for personal space!"

As Team Todoroki attempted to go towards Team Midoriya again, Dark Shadow appeared in front to block them, with the latter team using the fact that Team Todoroki wasn't aware of Tokoyami's Quirk's weakness. They also seemed to be leaning toward the Half-and-Half user's left side.

"Back off!" Midoriya ordered as he gripped his fingers for another Delaware Smash.

'Good, good! You're doing wonderfully!' Toshinori nodded in approval.

'Tsk… He's keeping his distance and staying on the left side. He's paying attention to how my team and Quirk works.' Todoroki grunted. 'If I use my right side to freeze them over the shortest distance possible, I'll get Iida…'

"They're persistent." Momo glared at the opposing team as Todoroki began to come up with a solution for this predicament.

'If he keeps moving around like that, I'll end up freezing indiscriminately and doing myself in. Tokoyami can still defend against Kaminari's attacks…and he's almost burnt out as he is. This guy…' Todoroki was observant of his opponent; annoyed yet impressed at his actions.

Both teams were inconsistent on how to avoid/reach one another. As Todoroki struggled to obtain a sure-kill solution…it was then that Iida breathed in, glancing at his team.

"…Everyone. There's less than a minute left."

"Iida-san?" Momo blinked in wonder.

"After I do this, you won't be able to use me anymore." He suddenly warned as the tone of his voice turned desperate. "So, I'm counting on you all to handle the little amount of time afterwards."

"Iida? What do you mean?" Todoroki asked, confused on what he meant.

Iida didn't answer with words, but rather with a new stance. Lowering himself for what appeared to be a sprinter's starting stance, he gripped Todoroki's feet tightly.

"…Hang on tight." Was all he instructed him to do. "And make sure you get that headband, Todoroki-kun."

As he said that, the rest of Team Todoroki gulped as the engine extensions on Iida's legs grew out to their fullest. They began to whir loudly, as if he was pumping his torque into an overheated state of sorts. Flames literally started to spew out from his engines, turning from a dim yellow—to a hot red—and then to a searing blue as he grits his teeth.

"Torque Over - Recipro BURST!"

To everyone's surprise, Iida's engines jacked up to incredible speeds in an instant as Team Todoroki was sped up to and pass Team Midoriya in a flash. While it didn't appear to be as fast as the rate of XLR8's instantaneous speed-up, it was pretty damn quick as Kaminari's lips were sent jabbering against his face due to the pressure of the wind plowing against his face.

Right as Iida activated this move, the moment that they were about to pass Team Midoriya, Todoroki managed to grab the green head's headband the moment that he let his arm out to do so. And it was for an instant, because right afterwards, Iida managed to put off quite the distance between their groups from within their icy barricade.

"N-NANI?! What happened?! That was fast! So FAST!" Present Mic was befuddled from the feat that Iida performed. "Iida, come on! If you could accelerate that fast to begin with, then you should've shown us in the preliminary round!"

"W…W-What was that?" Todoroki stuttered, surprised and shocked at what just happened as Iida panted heavily from performing this super maneuver.

"B-by… By forcing the torque and rotations in my engines to their absolute max, I can create an intense and explosive power of speed. It lasts around 10 seconds, but after it's done, the recoil that comes afterwards causes my engines to stall for a little bit…" Iida explained through intakes of air.

Iida's engines were basically pumping out smoke for the time being. He seemed to be satisfied with how it was used though as he stood up and smiled.

"It's a Super Move that I hadn't told anyone else in the class yet." He grinned as he turned to Midoriya, whose shocked expression reflected a stern look in his eyes. "…I told you, didn't I, Midoriya-kun? That I'd challenge you in this competition."

"Iida…kun." Midoriya uttered.

"WOAH! The tables have turned!" Present Mic yelled as he stood up from his seat. "Offense and defense hand and hand, back to back right at the edge of the round! With the bold move from Iida, Team Todoroki gains the ten million points from Midoriya!"

"Son of a… We need to get back there!" The mop head barked.

"Midoriya! As long as they have Kaminari there on their team, we'll be at a disadvantage if we attack!" Tokoyami interrupted him. "Wouldn't it be safer to try for other options right now?"

"No!" Midoriya replied instantly. "We were boxed in here for too long, so we don't know how the other points were split up! This is our only chance to succeed!"

"…ALRIGHT THEN!" Uraraka gritted her teeth as she began to push the team forward. "We'll get it back, Deku-kun! If it's the last thing we'll do!"

"U-Uraraka-san?" Midoriya's eyes widened. '…No, that's right. It's not just me. The feelings of the other three on my team who they've placed their trust in…'

"Oh c-c-c-c-ruuuud!" Kaminari stuttered as Team Midoriya began to draw near.

Even with Full Cowling on, Midoriya began to get pumped up as he unconsciously charged his right arm with a higher percentage than usual. While it wasn't 100%, it was certainly higher than what he was currently putting out. This feeling again placed Todoroki into shock once more as he instinctively raised his left arm and began to spew flames.

'I'm winning this! FOR ALL OF US!'

Monoma took another look on the scoreboard as they continued to pass out from Team Bakugo. He was mildly surprised at the conflict happening between Teams Todoroki and Midoriya as he looked around.

"At this rate, I guess we're gonna be third. A little too well given the behemoth in first place. Focus on staying in this spot then!" He suggested.

"WAIT JUST A DAMN SECOND!" A grouchy voice barked from behind. "I SAID WAIT, DAMN YOU!"

"…Jeez, so persistent. As a Hero, not to mention as a person in general, that persistence will end up getting you—"

"C'MERE!" Bakugo roared as he leaped from his team again with a couple of explosions.

"Damn it, Bakugo! Don't act on your own!" Kirishima retorted as the blond got right behind Team Monoma.

"Tsuburaba! Guard!" Monoma actually panicked for a second as the golden-brown haired classmate of his began to quickly breathe in.

Once his cheeks were full, as he exhaled, he began to generate a circular wall of solidified air that Bakugo bashed onto. The blond as usual reacted negatively as Team Monoma sighed in relief.

"HEY!" Bakugo growled.

"Alright!" Tsuburaba grinned. "How's that for ya?!"

From afar, Ben Prime happened to see this spectacle as Wildvine and Dragonaut were chasing after and basically bullying the other teams that were trying to either escape or steal Team Tennyson's points.

'Tsuburaba Kosei. His Quirk is called Solid Air, and it allows him to create solid walls or platforms with the air he breaths in. They can stay afloat, and are soundproof as well, but with enough force, anyone could break through them.' He rehearsed.

"Nice!" Monoma grinned as his team began to turn around.

"Oh no you don't!" Bakugo reared his fist back. "Never keep your back to me!"

Swinging it forward, Team Monoma nearly popped their eyes out as the red eyed blond broke through the air wall through sheer force. Grabbing onto Monoma, he grasped a few of his headbands and leaped off from the shattered air construct as it broke down completely.

"Son of a…!" Monoma growled.

"He took two of his headbands! What a bold assault!" Present Mic grinned as Sero quickly launched out a string of tape to wring Bakugo back in. "Team Bakugo seizes two headbands from Team Monoma to move onto fourth place! The rankings are changing left and right!"

"Grr… Forget it then! Tsunotori, focus on defense!" Monoma ordered his classmate.

Obliging his command, as more teams that were on the lower placings attempted to swarm at Team Monoma, Tsuburaba began to take quick, yet deep breathes of air to create constructs to obscure the path of his team's attackers.

"Damn it all!" Monoma grunted as he also used Tsuburaba's Quirk to block out Team Yui.

"It's fine! We're in fourth!" Tsunotori barked. "Kendo's still frozen and can't move, so we're good!"

"Y-Yeah…" Monoma grunted as he clutched his remaining headband. "As long as we defend this last one to the death, we'll definitely stay in…!"

As Bakugo plopped back into his team's grasp, Team Bakugo began to chase the fleeing team as he got back into position. Bakugo, while mildly satisfied with the stunt he pulled off, wanted more as he let out a growl.

"Damn it, Bakugo! I told ya to tell us when you're gonna jump!" Sero scolded.

"But at least we'll definitely get through to the next round—"

"—BULLSHIT, KIRISHIMA!" Bakugo growled at his main horse, knocking on his Hardened head as he began to look in another direction. "We're not done yet! I told you we're going for an indisputable first place!"

"Then that would mean that we'd have to go after Ben then!" Mina replied as the team looked up. "How're supposed to counter that?!"

Team Tennyson was still in conflict with Team Tetsutetsu, though the former was starting to clear themselves off from Ibara's grasp on Dragonaut. Thanks to Wildvine's seed bombs that allowed the vine girl's attack to be blasted off, the team, or rather Dragonaut and Wildvine specifically, attempted to get some revenge on the poor team.

"FASTER! RUN F-FASTER!" Tetsutetsu urged his team as Wildvine and Dragonaut continued to bully them.

"Why's he so pissed off for?!" Juzo barked as he dodged a seed bomb. "For CHRIST'S SAKE!"

"Maybe because Ibara tried to choke him at first?" Awase guessed, also dodging a bomb.

"Why is that my fault?! I had no choice in the matter, as none of your Quirks had any chance of reaching their height!" Said vine girl complained. "AH! Laser!"

"Quit running!" Both aliens ordered as they persisted in their endeavor.

While the team was busy trying to save their lives, Team Bakugo watched over this ridiculous scenario. Sero, Kirishima, and Mina were pretty much scared and were afraid to even approach the circle between those two teams…but Bakugo seemed to be excited.

"…Interesting!" He grinned. "Kirishima! Tape!"

"What?" Both of them looked up to see his savage expression.

"Wrap everyone's arms and my legs together with tape! I'm going to fly us up there!" He explained. "Get ready!"

"Wait, what?!" Mina frowned. "What the hell do you mean by that?!"

"Aw forget it, Mina!" Sero sighed as he quickly did what Bakugo ordered him to do. "We've got nothing to lose! And besides, there's barely any time left!"

"At least he isn't flying off on his own…" Kirishima said otherwise. "But are ya sure you can carry us all on your own, Bakugo?"

"It doesn't matter. I'm getting those 40 million points!" The blond growled as his palms started to crackle. "Better harden your ass for this!"

"Ooohhhhhhh no!" The red head gulped as he hardened his whole upper body in response.

"I think I'm gonna be sick!" Mina looked away as Bakugo's hands lit up brightly.


With a few powerful explosions, Kirishima squealed as he shut his eyes and turned away. Sero and Mina screamed loudly as they were forcefully dragged up, hanging only by the tight gripping of the former's tape around their wrists as Team Bakugo began to ascend upwards.

"OH MY GOOOOOOOD!" Mina cried.

"Huh?" Both Dragonaut and Wildvine, as well as both Teams Tennyson and Tetsutetsu twisted their heads to see the newly arriving team skyrocketing towards the large alien.

"Get down here, Tennyson!" Bakugo uttered with relentless anger in his voice.

The dragon alien was unable to react in time, unfortunately allowing him and Bakugo to clang each other in the head. It was quite loud and painful, but it seemed like only Dragonaut was in pain as he gave out a cry.

"Augh, you…dick!" He cursed as the flapping of his wings began to halt. The pain was enough for him to even transform back as a result.

"Oh what?! Bakugo just came and gave Team Tennyson's cavalry an explosive headbutt! The large dragon's dropping down like Icarus now!" Present Mic stood up from his seat.

Dropping to near ground levels, Bakugo got rid of the tape restricting his legs. As the rest of the Bens began to fall down, Team Tetsutetsu and the rest of Team Bakugo began to plan for their final assault.

"GET THOSE FORTY MILLION POINTS!" Both of the team leaders ordered.

"W-We're going to get cornered!" Ben 3 said in a panicking tone. "What do we do?"

"Relax, fuzzball!" Wildvine lightly smacked his face as his Omnitrix dial flashed.

With a quick flash, Ben 2 transformed from Wildvine and into Four Arms. Catching each of his teammates, two of his arms were occupied with holding him as Ben Prime sat on his shoulders. The red alien watched as Bakugo blasted himself off again, this time in the hopes of stealing the team's headband as Team Tetsutetsu began to pursuit them too.

"TENNYSON!" The blond yelled.

"Damn it, Bakugo!" Mina and Sero called him out.

"Juzo!" Tetsutetsu alerted his teammate. "Trap him!"

"On it!" Said classmate acknowledged as he slammed his foot down.

Activating his Quirk, the floor underneath Four Arms' feet began to soften, until it became almost like quicksand as he began to fall into it. Bakugo and Team Tetsutetsu came closer and closer, sealing the distance between the red headed alien.

"How annoying…" The Tetramand grunted as he struggled to get his feet out.

"Get that headband!" Tetsutetsu ordered. "Ibara!"

"I'm taking that band, Tennyson!" Bakugo scoffed as he began to extend his arm.

"Hey, I'm kinda jammed here!" Four Arms barked to his riders. "Do something!"

"A-Alright!" Ben 3 reluctantly responded as his own Omnitrix flashed.

This time, a werewolf-like alien took his place. He had grey fur, a long flowing mane, and a large bushy tail, with three sharp claws on each hand and foot. The inside of his mouth was green. He wore the Omnitrix symbol on his lower stomach, as well as a white, gray, and green jumpsuit.

"P-Please go AWAY!" He pleaded.

Bakugo was going to turn his fist towards Ben 3's direction, but before he and Team Tetsutetsu could get any further, everyone who was watching these three teams practically had their expressions turned to disgust as they watched Ben 3's snout opened up; and not like a usual mouth I should mention. His mouth was quadra-hinged, meaning it opened up in four different directions to show his entire throat.

"What the?!" The blond frowned.

"Oooh, a dogg—Eeew…" Mina gagged, only for her eyes to widen as Ben 3 howled. "Huh?"


Now the sound itself resembled a regular wolf's, but the actual howl itself was more like an ultrasonic wave. It was powerful enough to propel Bakugo back into his team, and for Team Tetsutetsu to be forced back as the metal shifter covered his ears.

"Jesus, All Might!" Present Mic scowled as he released his ears. "It's a good thing I'm resistant to sound attacks!"

"Grr… I'm not GIVING UP!" Bakugo launched himself off for the umpteenth time.

While Ben 3 was closing his muzzle, he whimpered at the sight of the angry blond approaching the team. Ben Prime merely grinned as he kept his hands on his headband, which didn't prove to be a nice image to look at from Bakugo's perspective as his hand drew right in front of his face.




"…Heh." Ben Prime snickered as the time up caused all of Bakugo's momentum to just collapse. "Just as planned…!"

"G-GRRR…!" Said blond was speechless as his aggravated expression fell short of his height in the air. Team Bakugo all sighed as their leader fell, with Team Tetsutetsu collapsing on each other.

"B-Bakugo! Hey, you alright man?" Kirishima asked his face planted team leader as the rest of Team Bakugo came up.

"Sheesh, you gotta stop going all kamikaze and stuff!" Sero sighed as he attempted to pick Bakugo off from the ground. "Good thing we didn't lose any points from that."

"W-We're saved… Good thing Blitzwolfer's howl did the trick." Ben 3 shivered, flashing away with the other Bens.

"Alright everyone… That's the end of this round; the Cavalry Battle!" Present Mic announced as the crowd responded with cheers immediately afterwards. "Now then, let's take a look at our placements right away! The top six teams will advance to the next rounds!"

"—In FIRST place: Team Tennyson!"

"That was interesting to say the least." Ben stretched a little as he took off his headband. "Oh, and sorry for what the other me's did to your team, Tetsutetsu."

"I hate to say it… But it was a good match, despite our differences. Sorry for being so crazed." The Metal Man actually grinned as the two exchanged handshakes. "All fair?"

"All fair, no harm done." Ben nodded.

"What about the those two you's who called me "Vine Priestess"…?" Ibara crept up behind the two, causing Ben to flinch as he glanced around.

"U-Uh… Sorry?" He chuckled nervously.

"—SECOND PLACE: Team Todoroki!"

"Oh?" Ben turned towards the ice barricade, with Tetsutetsu struggling to hold Ibara back from strangling the Omnitrix wielder's neck. "Midoriya lost?"

"…Phew… Even though we got second place, I felt like we were skating on thin ice." Momo sighed in relief. "Fortunately, we got a good placement."

"…I'm sorry!" Iida tried to apologize as he bowed. "I caused everyone trouble with my sudden stunt move!"

"N-No! I'm not trying to blame anyone, that's not true." The Creation girl tried to plead with him. "Without your explosive speed, we wouldn't have been able to get Midoriya-san's headband."

"Y-Y-yaaaaay…!" Kaminari was now over his limits, wandering around aimlessly while giving random thumbs up.

"KAMINARI!" Jiro growled as she began to chase after the blond. Even while in his dumbified state, Kaminari reacted with shock instinctively as he began to run away.

"—THIRD place: Team Bakugo!"

"Well, we got close!" Mina shrugged. "We almost had Ben though."

"Third place isn't bad though." Sero smiled. Kirishima glanced between the both of them as he listened to their responds. "All's well that ends well, right?"

"Well… Do you really think that's how he feels…?" The redhead chuckled lifelessly as they then looked over towards their team leader, who was seen grumbling away while kicking a rock.

"%! $#!^! *# ! !%^ %#$!" What Bakugo said was indistinguishable, but everyone could tell it was anything but nice.

"In FOURTH place is—Woah, it's team Shinso! When did you come up?!"

"…What? Where did… Huh?" Ojiro blinked rapidly in a confused matter. "What was I just doing?"

"…I FEEL violated…!" Aoyama whimpered.

"…Thanks for your hard work." Was all Shinso said as he smirked. Ojiro glared at the purple haired teen with a questioning look as he walked away.

"—FIFTH place: Team Monoma!"

"That explosive boy…" Monoma gave Bakugo a dirty grin. "We're not out of the competition yet."

"Huh… Well, he's pissed." The rest of his teammates all said that together.

"—And finally… SIXTH place! TEAM MIDORIYA!"

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The mophead roared as loud as he could.

"Just barely made it… Nice work grabbing that last headband, Dark Shadow." Tokoyami thanked his shadowy projectile as they high fived each other.

"I didn't even notice when you did that! Nice job!" Uraraka gave Dark Shadow a few head pats, to which it blushed a little in response.

"I-It was nothing!" It nodded repeatedly.

"Now then—we'll be taking an hour-long break for lunch before we start off with the activities for this afternoon! Take a chill pill, people! We'll be seeing you in a little bit!" Present Mic then closed the microphone, cutting off him and Aizawa from the commentator's room as the teams and audience began to get up and group together.

"How disappointing…!" Asui pouted as she and some of the other members of Class 1-A gathered up. "But I have to congratulate you, Mina-chan."

"Hmm… Well, I'm thrilled that I was able to get into the finals, but Bakugo just let me join to use against Todoroki's ice, so I'm not entirely sure that my abilities were reflected during this round…" The pink haired girl responded honestly with a little worry.

Uraraka had engaged in a talk with Iida, with the former mostly complaining a little while being surprised in awe. "Come on Iida! I didn't know you had a secret move like that! No fair!"

"Fairness, Uraraka-kun? It had nothing to do with that! And besides, I wasn't even using it as intended." Iida responded as he waved his arm in his usual back and forth motion. "The reason I used that move was so that I could compete with Midoriya-kun!"

"A manly confrontation, huh?" The gravity user summarized. "But still…!"

"UuuuwaaaY!" Kaminari nodded.

Momo sighed as she looked for Ben, the latter who was seen by his lonesome as he was…counting something with his fingers. This interested the Creation user as she approached him after sending a few words to her other classmates.

"Ben!" She called out to him. "Nice work you did there."

"Ah, Yaoyorozu-san." Ben looked up from his trance. "You too."

"What's the counting for?" She then asked. Ben smiled as he folded his arms.

"Well… I was just recalling the number of forms that I utilized during this round, the one's that I didn't introduce up until now more specifically." He explained. "I've shown a few, but I was trying to tally up with the number of forms that I, along with the other me's used."

"Oh… That makes sense. Using too many forms can bring too much attention. Even if this is the Sports Festival, you're a pretty special case in terms of "Quirks"." Momo smirked. "I don't recall exactly how many forms you used myself though."

"Well… You probably saw the ones that I used during the first few minutes of the Cavalry Battle: Bloxx, Wildmutt, and Dragonaut." Ben first listed off.

"I don't think anyone will forget that last form." She admitted. "Which brings me to the question though… How did you split yourself into four?"

"Well…" Ben looked around, and after a little bit, sighed a little. "It's a form that allows me to create duplicates of myself, in which all of them are sentient but can be based on different parts of my personality should they also turn human. I won't show the form here, but that's one of the general abilities it has."

"…At this point, I can't tell if I'll be able to be amazed, shocked, or outright reacting in disbelief in the near future." Momo then joked as her stomach growled. "Hey, let's get something to eat."

"Sure. After all that moving around, I could eat a horse." Ben then joked himself, which earned himself a not so subtle chuckle. "Even a buffalo at this rate."

"With you, I'm worried that's not a figure of speech." Momo sweat dropped as the two began to walk off.

"…That's a figure of speech?"

"Dude, and I was like—BOOM and stuff, you know?!" Kaminari made some exaggerated movements as he chewed some food in his mouth.

"Half of your time using your Quirk was to block out Dark Shadow though, Kaminari." Ben snickered.

The blond nearly choked a second later though. "H-Hey now! C'mon man, not cool!"

A majority of Class 1-A, excluding the more lone-wolf types and a few others, were eating together with the Hero Class students from 1-B. Monoma was continuing to antagonize them, but 1-A quickly learned that he was actually being put into line by Itsuka, in which most of them even dubbed her as the "motherly role" of their sister class.

Now in the cafeteria, Ben and the others were currently reminiscing about the final moments that happened at the end of the Calvary Battle, and comparing notes on how those events happened.

"So, how did you lose your headband to Todoroki?" Kirishima asked Team Todoroki and Team Midoriya, minus their leaders for some reason.

"Thanks to this guy's sudden burst of speed!" Kaminari slapped Iida's back in response. "You should've seen him!"

"Tell me about it!" Uraraka groaned as she gobbled up some food into her mouth. "I barely had any time to react to that!"

"And I keep telling you that the move wasn't even used for its intended purpose, Uraraka-kun!" Iida boldly repeated as he adjusted his glasses. "And besides, I had to do something. Both of our teams were at a stalemate!"

"That was true." Tokoyami nodded. "Kaminari kept Dark Shadow at bay, but Dark Shadow kept your team as a whole away from us."

"How about you guys, Kirishima-chan?" Asui them asked the redhead. "What were you guys doing at the last few minutes?"

"Going after me." Ben gave the frog girl a smug look. "For crying out loud though, Bakugo literally gave one of the me's an explosive headbutt!"

"I felt like we were going to be ripped apart…" Mina sighed deeply as she slouched in her seat. "We were literally being held by our wrists as we came up."

"Right?" Sero added. "Even if we had to stick together as a team, there could've been alternate plans to bring Ben down to the ground."

"Given the circumstances, Sero-san could've brought down Team Tennyson using a plethora of tape as a rope or anchor of sorts." Momo suggested. "That's one possibility at least."

"Well, even if he did do that, one of the me's would've probably reacted accordingly to that." Ben shrugged, earning him a poke to the head.

"You were just messing around that entire time." Momo scolded him.

'…Talk about being sisterly.' A majority of the students around her all thought.

The merry talk and gathering continued for a little longer, and even after Midoriya and Todoroki returned to the cafeteria as well, there wasn't really anything eventful that happened…that is, until the end of lunch.

"Soooo… How much are ya hurting?" Ben and Midoriya were now walking together to the bathroom as Ben placed a hand on the green head's arm.

"Er… Still hurting a little, though not so much as for you to use that." He honestly admitted. "It's about that…er, what do you call it?"

"Muscle memory?" Ben guessed.

"Exactly! The more I use my abilities, the more that my body will become adapted to it. If you keep reverting my injuries, I won't actually be able to grow stronger." Midoriya gave the run down.

"Well, I was only planning to revert your injuries if you did something foolish…like using 100% for example. If it's like what you were just doing, just go to Recovery Girl." Ben said as they entered said room.

"Er… What if I used like…50% or something?" Midoriya then nervously asked, though that only earned him a sneaky grin from Ben.

"Only a bit of reversion then. You need to get used to the pain after all." He said with a fake smile, hiding away his sadist nature behind that cheerful expression. Midoriya could fully tell how he was acting though, nearly tripping in response.

"I-I'll be in your care…" He gulped, hoping to not get on his bad side.

After the lunch period ended, people and students alike were starting to gather back around in the stadium. The people were already cheering out for the participants as Present Mic and Aizawa began to give off the introductory speeches for the afternoon events.

"Cooool! Alright people, now that lunch is over, it's finally time to reveal the last game!" He yelled. "…But before that, there's good news for all of you that didn't make it to the finals!"

'I wonder what he means by that?' Ben blinked as he looked at the commentator's seat.

"This may be a competition for future Heroes, but this is also just a Sports Festival! So, we've prepared recreational games for everyone else to enjoy as well! See, we even brought cheerleaders from America to spice things up!"

"Wait, what?" Now that got Ben's attention.

Looking over to the sidelines, he kind of expected the view to be reminiscent of what a typical cheerleader squad would be…but as he actually took a look at them, his curious face took a downturn.

'…They all have the same face! A-And those weird eyes and pointed noses!' His eye twitched. 'What the hell is this, Present Mic?!'

"Hey, we actually got cheerleaders!" Kirishima said with a surprised look. "And from America too?"

"Woah, didn't really expect them to be that pretty." Sero admitted. "Right, Ben?"

"I…" Ben was almost speechless, but after a moment, he quickly saw that Class B was fully assembled, and he rushed to Pony as he turned off the Omnitrix's Universal Translation for a bit. "Pony!"

"Oh, Mr. Tennyson!" She noticed his call. "That was a great match we had last round."

"Yeah, same here… But I have to ask you something." Ben said as he gestured for her ear.

Pony blinked, but nevertheless did as she was told. "Yes?"

"…Are cheerleaders really like that, back home?" He pointed to said cheerleaders.

Pony also took a look, and frowned. "Er… No, actually they're not. I suspect that they're probably from a specific school and such. Not everyone looks like that back in America."

"Really? Oh, thank goodness…" Ben sighed in relief as he turned the Universal Translation back on. "Now then, what're going to—"

"…Huh?" Present Mic and Aizawa, as well as most of the other students looked over at a group of girls that were the last to come out. "…What're those girls doing?"

"Hm? AAAH!" Ben took a peek at the rising commotion, only for his jaw to drop slightly at what he saw.

It was none other than the girls of Class A. Almost dreadfully, all of them were wearing the exact same uniforms as the cheerleaders from before. It didn't seem like they were enthusiastic about it. Heck, it was almost like they were tricked into doing so…

"Class A? What's with the fan service, yo?" Present Mic asked.

"FUCK YEAH…!" Mineta and Kaminari gave each other high fives while their noses began to bleed.

"T-Tsu-chan?" Midoriya himself covered his nose as he looked over at the frog-like girl, who actually blushed a little as she hid her face with her yellow pom-poms.

"…Please don't look, Midoriya-chan." She whispered.

"MINETA! KAMINARI-SAN! YOU TRICKED US, DIDN'T YOU?!" Momo barked at the two.

"What did you say?!" Ben's eyes flickered to the two perverted teens, who both flinched and huddled into each other. "Mineta… Kaminari…!"

"B-B-B-Ben?! C-Come on, it was a joke and—"

"Round TWO!" Ben growled as he transformed into Rath again, grabbing the both of them at the same time. "REGULUS GERMAN SUPLEX!"


"Hell yeah! Kick their asses, Ben!" Jiro ordered.

"Ha… Why do I always get caught up in Mineta's schemes…?" Momo sighed as she dropped to her knees in defeat, with Uraraka patting her back in sympathy. "I even used my Quirk to make the costumes…"

"Now now, Yao-Momo…" Mina chuckled.

"Those guys are dumb as usual though…" Jiro growled as she threw her pom-poms to the ground.

"Come on, Jiro-chan!" Hagakure spun around with joy. "There's still time before the finals, and it'd be a pain if things got tense! It's fine! LET'S CHEER WITH ALL OUR MIGHT!"

"Girl, what're on about?!" Jiro blushed.

"Toru-chan… You actually like this, huh?" Asui peeked over.

After a few more minutes passed for the rest of the students and audience to gather around into the first years' stadium, Present Mic got ready for his announcements as stood from his seat.

"Alright, welcome back everyone! Let's have some fun competing in the recreational games!"

From the monitors placed all around the stadium, once again, they flickered from U.A's logo to show this time the arrangement of the next actual event. It appeared to be a tournament for the remaining six teams.

"And once that event is over, the members from the last six teams that made it to the final round will duke it out tournament style! One-on-one for the first few matches, and when we get to the finals…well, that'll be a surprise!" Present Mic explained to everyone.

"Ooooh… The last round's gonna be a tournament where we fight one-on-one, huh?" Kirishima looked at the screen in interest. "…I'm actually going to stand on the stage that I've watched every year on TV!"

"Oh. Was it a tournament last year as well?" Mina asked the redhead.

"Well, that's how it is for the last event. The events that are before 'em are different every year though. Last year, we had chanbara type of sports tournament." Sero answered. "Still, I can't wait!"

"Alright everyone! Before we draw the lots, we have an announcement to make regarding the number of participants we have for this final round."Midnight announced as she carried a lot box.

Everyone looked up as she then pressed a button on a remote, which showed a description of all of the teams that participated in the Cavalry Battle just now. Team Midoriya, Team Bakugo, Team Monoma, Team Shinso, Team Todoroki, and Team Tennyson.

"What's up, Midnight-san?" Uraraka asked.

"Glad you want to know!"The Hero answered as Team Tennyson's team was highlighted.

Ben blinked, and then chuckled a little while scratching the back of his head. 'Oh… Right. I did do that, after all.'

"As you can see here, all of the teams that were victorious during the last round all consisted of four members, earning us a total of 24 total participants. However though, because a certain team was composed of basically just four of himself, that…doesn't really count towards this, am I right?"Midnight then said as four Bens appeared on screen, with three disappearing.

"Oh, I forgot about that!" Midoriya blinked a few times. "Ben can't participate with three more of himself. That'd be unfair."

"Indeed. What do you have in mind for that then, Midnight-san?" Iida agreed as he raised his hand.

"Regarding that, it means that three additional spots have opened up for the last event. The team that was below Team Midoriya will be placed in as a result!"Midnight grinned, which earned a few curious reactions to this predicament.

"Then…" Itsuka looked to her team. "Us then?"

"Yeah, seems like it." Setsuna nodded. "But…I feel as though I don't deserve it."

"…As do I."

"Huh?" Most of Class A's students looked towards the responding voice…whom was none other than Ojiro.

"O-Ojiro-kun?" Hagakure questioned him as he rose his hand hesitantly.

"Excuse me… But before you do so… I'd like to withdraw from this competition." He announced. Pretty much everyone else present on the grounds gasped as Midoriya turned around.

"Ojiro-kun? Why?!" He asked with a frantic tone.

"This a rare chance for the Pros to see you in action!" Iida added.

"Yes… I can see that. However, from what I can even tell, I barely remember anything from the Cavalry Battle until almost the end." He admitted as he lowered his arm.

"Oh… I was wondering what happened to that team." Ben responded. "Right?"

"Yes… I think it was his Quirk." The tail-user responded as Midoriya's eyes began to search for a particular student.

'Wait… If I remember correctly, Ojiro-kun was with…' As his eyes laid on Shinso, said student merely glanced away as Ojiro clenched his fist.

"I know that this is a great chance for everyone to see what I can do, and that it's foolish to waste this opportunity… But everyone worked hard and competed by giving their all!" He started.

"Ojiro-kun…" Midoriya was surprise by his rising tone of voice.

"I can't… I can't be up here with these people without knowing what even happened." He reasoned.

"Y-You're worrying too much about it, Ojiro-kun!" Hagakure retorted as she placed a hand on his shoulder. "You should just make sure that you produce results during the finals!"

"Y-Yeah, what she said…" Jiro nodded.

"If you're going with that, I pretty much didn't do anything either…" Mina tried to add to it.

Ojiro's body began to twitch as he gritted his teeth, face palming as he began to grunt. "No…! That's not it!"

"O-Ojiro-kun?" Hagakure stepped back.

"I'm talking about my pride here…! AlsoWhy are you guys all wearing cheerleader outfits for…?" His deep tone responded first, before retorting against the girls' dressing, which made them all flinch in embarrassment.

"Um… I'd also like to as well." Another student raised his hand. Everyone turned to him as he walked up to Midnight.

"You're…" Midnight glanced down at him as he raised his hand.

"I'm Nirengeki Shoda from Class B. I'd like to withdraw from the competition for the same reason as Ojiro-san." He announced. Shoda was a chubby person with light, chin-length hair and big black eyes with small pupils.

"…Regardless of ability, don't you think it goes against the goal of this Sports Festival for those who pretty much didn't do anything to move into the final round?" He argued.

The tense atmosphere was starting to get to some people, even the people from the General Studies who talked behind the Hero Course's back. Even Kirishima and Tetsutetsu teared up in response, though in their "manly" ways.

"G-God damn…! What's with these guys?! They're so manly!" He exclaimed.

"D-Ditto to that, damn it!" Tetsutetsu agreed.

"Hmm… This is turning into an unusual turn of events." Present Mic actually said with a serious tone.

"We'll have to leave this issue to the chief umpire. What'll Midnight do about this?" Aizawa wondered.

Everyone looked up as Midnight took a deep breath. As she took hold of her whip, she gave all the study a stern look as she raised it.

"Youthful talk like that is something…"

'Please don't humiliate Ojiro-kun for—'


"What." Ben's eyes twitched in response to her change in attitude.

'Huh?' If anyone could see Hagakure's eyes, they'd be wide as they could ever be.

"Shoda! Ojiro! I accept your withdraws from the competition!"

'She decided based on her tastes…!'

"Hmm… But if we're going with that, we're going to have to replace you two with two other people from the teams." Midnight hummed as she cupped her chin.

"Oh, speaking of that…" Itsuka raised her hand, knowing that her team was coming into cue. "We were thinking that instead of us being the first to fill in the first three slots, we'd give those to a team that actually fought to the end, instead of us who barely did anything."

"Yep!" Kinoko nodded. "It should be Team Tetsutetsu!"

"Definitely." Setsuna also nodded. "Send them up first!"

"Kendo…!" Tetsutetsu's eyes widened. "You…?"

"Come on, man. This isn't collusion or anything. It just makes sense for those who actually tried." Itsuka gave the grey-haired teen a thumbs up.

"K-K-Kendooo…!" Tetsutetsu was about to go teary eyed again. "WE WON'T LET YOU DOWN!"

Midnight and everyone else smiles at Team Itsuka's decision. "So, it's decided! The first three slots will go to Team Tetsutetsu… However, we still have two more to fill in!"

"So, what then?" Ben asked.

"Well… I was thinking that the last member of Team Tetsutetsu can be our fourth contender…and then our last one can be from Team Itsuka!" Midnight decided.

"Eh? But we already decided that we… Huh? What're you girls doing?" Itsuka tried to protest, but the rest of her teammates all grinned as they pushed her forward.

"Come on girl, quit being so tense! We all know you wanna try at it too." Setsuna snickered.

"Go for it!" Reiko smiled.

"…A-Alright then…" Itsuka blushed a little, covering her face with her hands.

"Then it's decided! The members of Team Tetsutetsu and Itsuka have moved up to the top twenty-four!"

"Now then, to the main event selection!" Present Mic voiced out. "Midnight, if you'd please!"

"Of course!" Midnight grinned back as she snapped her whip, carrying the box of lots with her. "After going through a randomization process of these new participants from our staff, this the result of the drawing!"

Pressing a button on her remote again, the screen flickered as all twenty-four placements were filled with names, earning the change a massive reaction from the crowd.


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