The group of refugees cross the threshold between the Wizarding world and the Kingdom of Valdemar. The Longbottoms, Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin looked around and were amazed and wide open space, they were standing.

Corina, Jerven, the two Companions, and Harry were the last ones through the Gate. Harry turned away and watched and the Gate closed in on itself.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief to be back in Valdemar, his chosen home.

Hermione looked at the older woman, at the two Heralds that were so relaxed in her presence, Corina walked up to the woman.

"It feels good to sense your aura again, Corina. We must get together when I have a Candlemark or two of free time." the older woman greets, embracing her former student. The women released each other, and the woman looked at the others. "I am Queen's Own; Herald Talia." Talia was dressed in the working Whites of any regular Herald, not the Formal Whites, as if she were going to a Council meeting or acting as bodyguard during Audiences. The highest ranking Herald in the Kingdom save for the Queen, and Prince-Consort looked at the motley assort of people. She was trying to figure out where to place everyone for the night. "If you wouldn't mind, there is a place to house you right here in Companion's Field, it was the home of an ally of ours, however, he's been called away to Errold's Grove."

"Right now, we would settle for a tent and a slab of stone for bedding." Severus spoke up, he was the only one to have his wits still intact.

"Then follow me." Talia replies, she looked at the two Heralds.

"We'll join you later, after we tend to our Companions." Harry ventured, he and Corina took Moran and Dasher respectfully towards the tack shed, while Talia took the group of people toward Firesong's eleke.

The building was made of glass and part sculpted by magic*

The group explored this place, each found rooms, Hermione and Alice was given a single room, which looked a tent, while the males of the group decided to share a room.

Talia waited until they came back down from the treehouse portion, and looked at each of them. "I can't stay long but I will arrange for a few servants to bring out food for tonight and a change of clothes, might be from the stores, you're roughly the size of Kris and Lyra, and I'm sure they won't mind donating their castoffs." she told them that the hot springs could be used for bathing as well as just soaking, and yes, it was used by both genders. She turned on her heel and left shortly after to return to her duty.

Harry and Corina after releasing Morgan and Dasher back into Companion's Field, they decided to visit the House of Healing, to see if they can't get a few Healers to check out their friends and themselves. One Full Healer and three final year Healers joined them on the pathway towards the eleke.

Sirius looked up from siting at the edge of the hot spring, as the two white clad Heralds and four green clad people came up. He recognized Corina and Harry. As they entered the place.

"These four are here to check over you, just to see if there isn't anything wrong internally." Corina explains, "They are our Healers, like Madam Pomfrey."

The Healers each took a group and used Trance to go over them, they reported to the Heralds that there wasn't anything psychically wrong with the guests, however, to send Frank and Alice to the MindHealers as time permitted.

Corina nods. "Tomorrow, we're deal with more permanent housing."

"You going to be okay?" Harry questions

"Fine, I assume that no one can get to us here?" Remus questions

"No, the Companions don't allow just anyone into their Field." Corina answers.

"Then we will see you tomorrow. Hopefully, we're have answers from a more higher authority then you can give us?" Severus questions

"Maybe." Harry answers as he and Corina turned and went back to the Palace complex and to their suite of rooms.

DarkPriestess66: This is a re-write of The Chosen Light a New beginning, and if you have read Storm Warning...well you know what Firesong's Vale looks like...