Before Draco could take his next breath, he was installed in his new round of Heraldic Classes, since he was a Blue, he was placed in several higher levels of the same classes, but Basic Orientation with Herald Dirk. That class was designed to teach about what being a Herald really means, stuff that Harry and Corina were forbidden to talk about before now.

After his first rounds of Classes, he went out with Trevor to build the bond with him, they had a firm friendship, but this new Herald-Companion Bond was new, his mental senses were enhanced. He now understood why Corina was overprotective of Dasher and he with her. He and Trevor were just by a spring that ran through Companion's Field, Draco was leaning against Trevor's side.

Draco sighed

: What is it, Chosen?: Trevor questions, staring at Draco with one sapphire blue eye. Draco turned

"Just wondering, how come you didn't Choose me, two years ago?" Draco questions, he wasn't used to Mindspeech, even if he had the Gift come on him early.

: To be honest, I wasn't old enough, Companions Chose when they are ten years old or more. I was eight years old when you first came here. I knew you were mine, I just couldn't forge the bond. So I opted for a friendship first, it worked out for the best. We are friends, and we can work as partners. Also, you had to work out for yourself that you are not your Father. You understand that you may have done wrong things but had no choice.: Trevor answers.

Draco nods, he heard the bell that rang for lunch, and he knew his new chores were about to start after he gotten his classes, his Grays and set up for chores, he opted for floor washing and dishwashing, he didn't think he would be much help in the kitchen cooking! He was horrible at mending clothing. But he knew Hermione would be also with chores as well. He stood up, and Trevor followed as well. Draco pulled himself up on Trevor's bareback and was given a ride to the stables, where he groomed Trevor in a hurry but with care. He changed his uniform because he smelled faintly of horse. Then slid into a seat with some of his friends that were already Heraldic Trainees.

Hermione was laughing with some of the other girls in the bathing room after lunch, she had to wash before her afternoon lessons with Herald Myste, she shook her head, after two years, she finally understood why Corina and Harry were addressing her as 'sister' she felt at home, her mentor was like a friend, but also she was advice giving aunt, she wouldn't go directly to mother figure. But it was something like that.

"Hermione!" called Hermione's closest friend and year-mate Lynette.

Hermione blinked and looked at her.

"You going to wash up or still woolgathering?" Lynette questions, "And did you hear about the new Chosen, right on the grounds! Your friend Harry had to petition him into the Collegium."

"I hadn't heard, you know I'm not around the other Trainees that often since I'm interning under Herald Myste." Hermione replies

"I forgot that part, but its that blue that you lived with when you first moved to Valdemar, Draco?" Lynette replies

"Wow, I never knew him to be Chosen, I had an idea when Trevor befriended him along with Sylvia befriending me first," Hermione replies as she washed up and changed into a new uniform. She and Lynette walked to the Common room together. Where they sat down with a few Grays and a few ex-students.

Hermione noticed one Herald, in particular, walking among the crowd where he had a plate and filling it with his choice of food. It was Harry. When he turned to search for a seat, he smiled when he noticed that Hermione was waving to him.

"Where's Corina?" Hermione questions, she didn't think she missed her friend coming into the Common room.

"She left last night, to head back home to her family's estate. She got a message and went straight to Talia." Harry replies "I didn't pick up much of anything, from our bond, she was so wrapped in her own thoughts, she shielded me out."

"Oh, I hope nothing is wrong with her grandparents." Hermione states, "Last she heard, her grandfather wasn't doing to well."