As Lycan life was being shown to him as he slowing floated in a darkness he was suddenly transported to a white place. With no eyes he didn't feel discomfort instead he felt happy he was out of the darkness. HE looked around and saw a person wearing Black Suit in front of him. HE couldn't see his face and lycan was observing him the man in front of him started to talk.

[Welcome Child, you had a tough life and I have to say you faced all the problem in a nice way]

This voice was neither loud nor soft, and it source was coming from all direction. After the while he asked

"Who are you?"

[I am {GOD}, the watcher and the being that control and protect this world]

"Why am I here?"

[You're life has really interested me, if you were life other person I choose I would simply had send you to your rebirth, but I have a proposal for you]

"What this proposal you speak of? And why was I chosen?"

[You were chosen because you're special among that lots of other human out there, as for the purpose; I will ask you do you desire to be a {GOD}?]

"Can you please Explain?"

[I will give you a test if you are able to complete it, you will become a {GOD}. There are many advantage but I have to say there is 98% chance of you dying and you're soul dying with you. There are Risk with Opportunities if you're successful you can be a {GOD} if you fail you'll die in both body and soul.]

"I don't wish for it, I have already caused many harm to the world. I will decline your offer." Lycan says after thinking for some time.

At that time of silence there was a huge a laughter coming from the {GOD}. After few second he said

[You are really special; in the face of power and the opportunity to become the {GOD} many jump forward no matter the small chance are in it. But are you sure if you can become {GOD} you can revive your dead girlfriend and also save many people.]

With that he Froze he looked at her and said "Can I really be united with her?"

[Of course you can, A God can create a life out of nothing forget about bringing a living one back is as easy as a flick of finger. So I ask you Lycan are you ready to live a ordinary life or be a god]

"I wish to take the test."

[Good Now I will send you to a Place know as Ninja World, I will show you what should happen if you're not there and how it is suppose to go in order, if you don't change the future. Now I wish you luck, I will be watching]

With that a white light erupted from Lycan and he was send to a dark place again. When he was looking for anything he could see he heard a voice in his mind.


[Greeting Host, I shall accompany you together in your journey to godhood or death.]

"What are you and how are you talking to me inside my head?"

[Answering to host question, I am an Ai (Artificial Intelligence) created to look after you, as you progress the road towards Godhood.]

"What is your name?"

[Answering to host question, I don't have one. Host can call me anything he wishes]

"Then I'll call you Ben. So Ben where are we currently"

[Answering to host question, we are currently inside a stomach of a woman. In 10 Days 6 Hours and 32 Minutes she will give birth to host.]

"Ben if I am not mistaken, this world should be the so called Ninja World that {GOD} made me see in my head right?"

[Yes Host, You will are currently in the Ninja World where the War constantly happens. Host is required to kill a certain individual and obtain their power. The information Host needs requires Host to find it himself. Ben (AI) is only responsible for taking care of host needs concerning Host Data and Missions.]

"My Data and Mission?" Lycan asked in wonder.

[Yes. To See your data host is required to request "Status" and Mission is given to host as he progress.]

"So I should Say Status. Ok 'Status'."


Name – Unnamed

Age – Unborn

Title- None

Status- Normal

Level – 0

Hp (Heath point) - 10

Cp (Chakra Point) - 10

Strength- 0.1

Agility- 0.1

Vitality- 0.1

Dexterity- 0.1

Intelligence- 1

Wisdom- 3

Luck- 1

Money – 0

"What does this means?"

[Replying to Host

Strength (STR) represents pure strength. The brute force in a person body is categorized in STR.

Agility (AGI) represents a person ability to move. The ability to move a body quickly, run faster, etc is categorized in AGI.

Dexterity (DEX) represents a person ability to use their body. The ability to move your muscle, Aim, control your body etc is categorized in DEX.

Intelligence (INT) represents a person memory power. The ability to remember the action, events or history can be categorized in INT.

Wisdom (WIS) represents a person decision making power. Being intelligent doesn't make a person wise, The ability to use their brain to make better decision is categorized in WIS.

Luck(LUK) represent a person luck. It is the most mysterious but due to {GOD} power you were able to know you Luck. The chances in which a person chance to win can be categorized in LUK.

This is the Categories in which the peoples different stats represents.]

As he looked at his point he asked "Why my stats are so low, is it because I am still unborn."

[No, According to Stats the Normal Person of this world has the stats of 1.]

"Ben change the stats diagram, make the stats of normal person Stats 10 and show my 'Status' once again."

[Beep] [Changing Stats Diagram] [Complete]


Name – Unnamed

Age – Unborn

Title- None

Status- Normal

Level – 0

Hp (Heath point) - 100

Cp (Chakra Point) - 100

Strength- 1

Agility- 1

Vitality- 1


Intelligence- 10

Wisdom- 30

Luck- 1

Money – 0

"Ben what does this means?"

Good now all I need to do is waiting. How will my new life in this world would be and which side should I take, which timeline will I be born on, Ohoho so many uncertainties, I can't help but feel exited. After going back in hiding for last 10 years, it was really difficult to control my emotion now world be ready to face a Devil.

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