I opened my eyes, all my vision can see is darkness. I don't know if my eyes are closed or not, as I can't feel any part of my body. It feels like my body is experiencing a free-fall.

With no control of my body and neither any vision, sounds, or any sense operating I close my eyes.(If I had any, think of it as my imaginary eyes.)

I was born in a normal family. A bit rich if considered the house assets and properties, but not a high standard family, just around the above average. I grew up with my parents for 5 years which should be my best years of my life, before a curse fell upon me and my family.

A criminal broke in our house, he arrived when we were having our dinner at night. We the family of 3 my Father, Mother and Me didn't know what to say or do.

After arriving he shot my father in the head after talking with him for a few minutes. He then killed my mother also shooting her in the head. He looked at me for a few seconds as I was still processing what I was seeing, and left the home.

Me who was still 5 years at that time was in the state of shock. I don't know what I was seeing, I knew what happened but my brain though it was a joke or prank, so as a normal 5 year old I did what I was expected I cried.

The police came to my house in the morning after a cleaner of my family arrived in the house to check on the house. I was send to my uncle who became my legal guardian being the only blood relative alive.

My uncle didn't like me and only didn't give me to the orphanage was because he wanted the properties which I inherited from my family.

When I turned 7 the killer of my parents was captured, maybe the world he spoke was the reason I saw the world as I did. He looked at the judge who was waiting to give him sentence straight in the eyes and said "Those bastards I killed were not innocent, the boys father was a arms dealer and had many connections in the underworld. His wife didn't support him but was neither was she against it. So I killed them, call it revenge or whatever I did what I believed to be true."

Judge then asked him "and why did you kill them in front of the child? And why wasn't he harmed?"

The guy looked at me and said "A child should not bear the sins of their parents, they deserved what they got, this child though feeder on the illegal money, he was still innocent. I may be a Monster but even I have morals."

The guy who I later found out was given death sentence had been convicted of 54 counts of murder and was a Vigilante who kill people who he deserved as wrong.

Now after losing my parent it was really hard life for me, my uncle didn't love me neither did his family. But he also didn't do anything that would make me hate him. Me already seeing the darkness of the world, found really hard to see the light side of the world.

At the age of 10 I already started to go down the path of evil. I was a hacker and hacked into many small industries for money's. At the age of 13 I joined a underworld gang training camp. Here they taught the people fighting, killing and other dark matters. All that was needed was money and with my 3 years of loot it was more than enough. 2 years of training I was a Hitman, At age 15 I had my first kill. It was about killing a guy who was around the age of 26. He was put on the hit by his fellow employe who wanted him out. I had few problems as due to inexperienced but the knowledge I learned I last 2 years didn't let me down.

Until the age of 17 I had more that 70 hit, with the success rate of 80% which was pretty good. Gaining the title "Silent Bullet" which was mostly due to my kill being unable to locate my position when I killed them.

Around this time my uncle was trying to take over my inheritance leading to me killing him and his family, which happened in vice versa as I gained their family properties.

My life was good around this time for a few more years, my ranking in the underworld reached higher and higher. My connection and contract reaching and earning me more money and connection, as it increase more and more. With the 140 successful hit with the success rate of 88% my reputation in the underworld was in its near peak giving me a new title "Ghost Bullet".

My life took a solid turn when I who was 20 at that time meet with the person that changed me and showed me the light side of the world that I had missed for the past 15 years.

"Tesp" the girl with black hair that reached her shoulders, with golden brown eyes, light brown skin colour, and a normal figure you would find of any girl. She was 18 years old when we met, and the most unforgettable part about her was her smile that literally lit the whole world.

He suspected her to be a spy and checked everything about her, her background her medical reports, her friends, and everything that he got was a normal girl. The more he found about her the more he was attracted to her.

The friendship with her continued for 3 more years. His underworld activity has nearly stopped at this point with him accepting 1 or 2 contract around half a years of time. He found he gained something the had lost when he was child when he was with her.

Now thinking about it the saying "Love the most harmful poison/drug in this world" was the most correct thing he heard. He knew he was giving up his life and dreams he took more that 10 years to achieve but he didn't care.

He married her at the age of 25, 5 years after meeting her when she was 23, they were happy.

But the happening had a expiration date, 1 years after his marriage in a normal day, she died in a car crash. He who was a person in the underworld knew that they could be after the family checked for any tampering and anyone responsible for her death. But no she really died of a accident a truck driver who was drunken driving ran a red light killing his wife and 2 other innocent people. He even tortured the driver for 14 days to calm his anger and know about the accident but he truly was at fault and no outside interference were seen.

2 years after his no contact with underworld at the age of 26 he returned.

His life continued continued honing his skill, and killing people. But a thing had changed when he returned, he had suffered from Multiple Personality disorder (MPD), due to his loss.

His 1st personality was his normal self.

His 2nd personality was a Psyco who killed for fun. This was a stress relief his brain had developed for his mind to not self destruct.

His 3rd personality was a Cold Blooded Hitman which was created by him, because of his lack of concentration in mission which can cause his death , leading to his birth.

His life in underworld continued for 6 more years and at the age of 32. He was captured by the FBI and the other criminal authority. His popularity at that time had already surpassed many Hitman and he was already considered a legend. Given the title of "Death Sound" with the hit record of 400 with success rate of 93% he was the most dangerous Hitman in the underground in the whole world. His title "Death Sound" was given to him because his silent kill and the most of the targets will only hear the bullet sound which is travelling towards them before dying. Only a few had seen them in his Assassination task.

He was send to jail where he was put on death row, for 12 years. At the age of 44 he was killed by electric chair. His final worlds were "If my wife wasn't dead the person before you would have already died 18 years ago. Curse the fate, I tried to change, the world didn't want me to, since the world didn't want me to be good, I died being evil. You cops believe yourself to be justice, I spit on you I had more that 15 offers in the last year alone to get me out of this jail if I went with them, and guess what's the funny part is 'I gave up to you guys since I have no will to live. Goodbye world and fuck this twisted world."

Looking back at his past life he could help but smile, he may have died but still he died believing in what he believed what Justice, he who killed more that 1000 people had save more that 100,000 people all over the world with the same money he gained by killing them.

As he was remembering his life waiting to either go in heaven or hell if their are any, a bright flask of light appeared in front of him.