As he looked around the room he looked searched for any thing that can be used to spy after him. After looking around the room for 2 minutes he finally sat down in middle of the room.

He finally got out of that place, though he didn't care he was always watched by people, he also got really irritated at their behaviour as they supervised his every move. He had hard time going even in toilet without a person following him. They gave him training materials and from his training speed he could have kicked all those heavenly genius of other villages, and he really didn't like their constant watching over him.

He couldn't interact with other people as all of them looked at him with reverence, he had hard time collecting information with all the spying. Every people there looked at him in the same gaze which really irritated him, and when he got the opportunity to visit Konoha he jumped at the offer. When he tried making friend all those kids treated him like a godly being, when he asked his elders all of them point towards his parents or Grand Elders telling him that they were not knowledgeable enough to teach him. He was a child for god sake, they who lived their whole life don't know about his question then they lived in vain.

Bickey was send to look after his training, and the Konoha was just a stepping stone. Though the Uzumaki hated them after they failed to help their village when they were in danger, they had a huge favour to pay for them so him staying here will not be any short as a Him being treated as a prince.

Flashback 2 Years Ago-

Lycan was in front of Grand Elder Mark who had a troubled expression. His tone was firm but bit awkward "No you can train in jutsu and our clan Fuinjutsu until you reach the age of 8 or 9 years old. I know you have already mastered your body and basic talent but we Uzumaki have huge amount of Chakra and you being a child haven't fully grown, can't control them properly. Learning the basic won't change much but your request of learning Jutsu and Fuinjustu is uncalled for. You should remember though you are smart you are still a child, and have limits. If you try to break them foolishly they will have terrible consequences."

Lycan looked at him and said "My body is already as strong as a Chunin and Chakra as strong as a Genin so why can't I learn them. Even though my Chakra Control is bad, it still is pretty decent."

Mark said "It your body Chakra Coil which is not fully developed using high level chakra training or high level jutsu can have irreversible problem in the future. I want your Foundation to be strong, so in the future you can continue to develop. You are the greatest geniuses I have ever seen, it is true but the same type of genius die young or lose potential due to their lack of patience. I don't want you to be the same. I forbid you from learning any Jutsu that are above D Rank before you have a Chakra control of a Chunin and reach the age of 9."

Mark looked at the child and though 'Sigh! He has lived his all life focused on training, so I guess he will want more training but if this goes on, we won't have a child anymore but a monster. We want him to lead our village Eric peak once more, not become our weapons who may break in the way. Sigh I really hope he can make some friends, all the child him this shelter don't even dare to looke at him in the make. If this goes on we may have either a cruel tyrant, or a person who don't understand human emotions.'

Mark after sending back Lycan to his room, called all the elders to the meeting room. When all of them arrived and were seated he said "This child potential is not like we ever seen, we need to make sure he don't step in the dark path, and is loyal to our village. If this goes on we will either destroy his potential or make him a monster. Do you have any suggestions."

After a long and boring meeting which lasted for 5 hours, a elder gave a suggestion "Why don't we send to to other village for a brief time. We don't want him to betray us, it can make him pity our village situation and know what route he should take. He will also make some friends their since they won't know him potential and treat him like a normal person."

This suggestion was the reason which led him to be placed in Konoha, here Bickey and Kushina will look after his progress.

Present time-

He looked at the village and could help but smile, though he arrived in world for the last 6 years he could help but be amazed by what he have seen. The mysterious Chakra which is like Qi in his past life, not that he learned about them or anything. The use of this Chakra and its power which can make fire, water or other elements so easily was fascinating for him.

For the last 6 years he had to hide his intelligence and act like a baby, but what irritates him the most is the people who treated him like a Noble. Not that he complained, but 24 hours surveillance really took the cake in his most irritating behaviour. He who lived in darkness in his past life, loved to be alone. And his privacy is something he couldn't compromise. Many time his 2nd personality "Jack" almost broke lose. Now though he will see I'll be under surveillance he will have more freedom now. Being a henchman of some rich fat guy wasn't his moto, if he was he would be a free lance Hitman in his past life.

His current personality who desire knowledge "Lycan" and the cold blooded Hitman "Ice" we're still in line.

His life then took a beautiful turn, he didn't want to join the Ninja Academy because he knew they were far behind him so he joined Medical Adademy or Medics Academy. Though Uzumaki were famous for Seals and Fuinjutsu they were also no stranger to Iryō Ninjutsu. Plus with his ungodly healing power he is expected to learn Iryō Ninjutsu.

His life continued in a simple tone for the next few months, going to Medical Academy to learn Iryō Ninjutsu, learning about seals from Kushina, and finally learning about Ninjitsu from Bickey.

One day when he was walking towards his Academy five months after arriving in this village he was called to meet Orichimaru of the Sanin. The Sanin which consists of Jiraya, Tsunade, and Orichimaru are the students of the 3rd Hokage and are said to be legendary is strength, nearing Kage level in strength.

He offered him position of his disciples which he was tempted to accept but declined as he knew what happens to him, in the near future. He was tempted to join him but currently he is too weak and will become his Experiment subject if he decided to partner with him. So thinking about positive gains are less then negative he declined his offer. He didn't want to be famous and be just a guy from a destroyed clan, who is expected to serve the village. If he accepts his offer, he will become famous, a test subject, and lots of future problems, so he didn't have many complain.

Due to Tsunade the Medical Ninjutsu in the village was pretty high and he was able to learn many things, and the things he couldn't learn he asked Bickey to bring it to him, Who had taken a role of a Guard.


This continued for 2 years, Lycan who was now 8 years old looked at the village. Not much have changed but a few events and everything have gone the same with no different or butterfly effects of him being here. This 2 years 5 though he went to the battlefield 2 time, but time he stayed far from the war ground. And healed the ninja who were send to him to treat. Though he declined the offer to become the ninja to Hokage dismay he still took part and joined the Medics in healing the people who were send to him for treatment. He gained various knowledge and learned many knowledge from Chakra Scaphle or other healing jutsu. He was also able to gain the blood and flesh of a Senju clan member, and was able to steal the eyes of a Uchiha who had unlocked a Sharingan. He still remembered how he was able to take them.

Flashback 1 years ago.

A child of 7 years old was working with few doctors on a 13 years old ninja which members were killed by the enemy and he who was the final survivor lost his left hand and half his face was covered with 3rd degree Burn.

After the operation he stayed back to look after him while the others when to look after other patients, when he woke up. He asked the nearest or only person near him which was Lycan "Where are my friends?" High he replied "Dead! And your ninja career is also over with your disability."

The next event shocked him as the Ninja broke down in tears and opened his eyes which was now "Red with two black dots in his eyes". Seeing this Lycan made the decision and gave him a strong injection which made him lose consciousness. He went over to a dead person who was dumped near the tent, plucked his eyes out, burned some of them so it won't be recognised and when over the fainted Uchiha. He took out the fainted guy left eyes which was in perfect condition and replaced it with the dead and burned eye which he just took from the corpse. Now with a Sharingan with him he sealed it in a container and went to look after other patients as if he hadn't don't anything.

The Uchiha later thought that his eyes were burned and was able to unlock Sharingan in depression and the case was never opened, though they would search for their clan member eyes if stolen but his action made it look more like the accident, so wasn't investigated and he got what he wanted.

Present Time.

After 2 years now the war is almost ended and he got the message from the village that he should return back to their hideout once the War needed so, he was trying to make the best out of his time. In this 2 years he got to know that Minato was working in a S Class Fuinjutsu and he was able to read all of his notes, after all he lived with Kushina, and Kushina and Minato lived together. So him learning it wasn't difficult as he was still a child and Minato didn't make many steps to protect them. The house was already safe and only people who could be inside were Kushina, Minato and Lycan. Even Bickey was only invited when the two were in house. so he took all he needed to learn by looking at it directly.

Method of "Thunder God Jutsu" and "Ransengan" were in his studies. If he didn't understand anything he simply took his Sharingan out and replace it with him left eye. His Godly healing was able to do it and it without any problem. With the Sharingan ability of Perfect Recall he just had to look over the notes one time and they would be in his head. He already read all he could find in their house, many he didn't understand which he will in the future but now his treasure trove in filled.

After the use of Sharingan he simply have to replace them with him own eye and seal the Sharingan and no one will know his secret.

Today all the citizens are called in the village stadium and the Hokage is said to have an important announcement to make. With Kushina and Bickey together we arrived there. Kushina was excited that I could see but why I didn't know? The answer was found when Hokage came to the stage and said "My beloved citizen of Konoha, we gather here today to tell you that the 3 Ninja War which caused many death and destruction have finally ended. And with its end, I have also decided to end my career as a Hokage and give you all a New leader who will lead this village in this new era. I the 3rd Hokage Haruzen Sarutobi steps down from my position as Hokage and give "Minato Namikaze" The Yellow Flash as my position and name him my successor as the "4th Hokage" of Konohagakure."

With this speech the whole crowd erupted in huge cheers for the Hokage. We all congratulate Minato for his promotion and went back home. That night we all attended the party for the End of 3 War and Selection of New leader.

Minato was busy after that as all his time was taken by looking after his village and every time I seen him he was buried in the mountain of papers.

After 1 week of his position stability we decided, to go to the Hokage about me and Bickey leaving the village. We arrived at the door and entered with conviction.


Author thoughts.

Ok first I will write when I find some time, as there are many problems and work for me to do.

2nd this is not a Mc Overpowerd character. He has gifts and talent so of course he will be strong, many characters in Naruto world have low talents,lack of resources, lack of training, balance, and lack of support, Emotion issues.

I have given all this to Mc so of course he is Op. Think of Naruto he has Zero training before Jiraya and Kakashi trained him and even then they fear Nine tails and his progress is low. But when he can control it, he become a Kage level. Kimimaru with his talent became Kage level fighter around 16 years and he spend half his life in jail or doing nothing. Same with Itachi who have more duty and wasn't able to train more properly or have emotions issues. So I means to say is Lycan have more talents than all those above mentioned characters, and he have a smart brain and No emotions trauma that will harm him or slow his progress.

3rd , Yes there may be some problem in the Canons as I haven't really found many material on them. Those character only have few flashback or there is mentioned of when they died or left bla bla bla.

So yes I will post in a week or two it pretty much depends on my mood.