Did you know, there's not many fics about Hamazura and Mugino? Or about Hamazura in general? Well! Here's something to fix that! Is this a new series? Or another one-shot? I don't know. But here it is.




"Eh!? District 11! But we just got to the Dianoid! Can't we just buy everything here?" A surprised and slightly irritated Hamazura Shiage protested against the voice echoing from his phone.

However the self proclaimed End Of The Century Emperor's words fell on deaf ears. "What are you saying Hamazura? When furnacing a new living space, you can't be cheap and go for the easy to obtain stuff. You've got to go for the super high quality that will last rather than the one you expect to replace." the knit sweater girl replied with a swift and sharp argument that cut any of resistance down.

But you and Mugino insisted I go here. He decided it was best to not speak those words for they would surely endanger his life. Still, it bothered him that they changed their minds so quickly and not think of that beforehand. "Right. After we're done well bring back something to eat. Anything in particular?" He had given up on arguing and focused more on the task at hand.

"Don't worry about us. You should have a lovely date with Takitsubo." Kinuhata teased.

"Eh!? Really!" An excited voice broke out from the teen. After his adventures during the dangerous WWIII, he had little to no time with his girlfriend Takitsubo. It seemed at every opportunity Mugino or Kinuhata(Usually both) would somehow intervene, hence the move for the two. He seriously began to conspire that the two were doing it on purpose for reasons he did not know. "I'll take you up on that offer! Hey we may not even come back tonight if things go well!"

"...In the end, you're still super Hamazura…" She added that last bit before hanging up on the teen.

That last remark did nothing to Hamazura's enthusiasm as he danced openly in the street around his girlfriend who strangely had a somewhat serious expression staring at her phone screen. Realizing she had not stopped to comment on his expressive dance, he attempted to peak at the tracksuit girls phone screen. "Hm? Takitsubo?" In response to her name she swiftly closed her phone and secured it in her pocket.

"It's nothing. But District 11. Okay. Let's go."

"Huh? O-okay but w-wait!" What surprised Hamazura wasn't her sudden burst of movement but how she firm grabbed his arm and placed it snuggly close to her hidden large chest.

Hmm! What's this!? Takitsubo is being unusually aggressive right now! Could this be it? Could this be the time for the great Hamazura Shiage to shed off the facade of a boy and become a man? Then I won't waste it! Mugino! Kinuhata! I won't waste this chance of a lifetime you've given me! "S-so what are we buying first for our love nest?" Still stuck in his imaginary bliss, he let those embarrassing words slip out.

"A fridge." Takitsubo coolly replied, still clinging to his arm. She paid no attention to her boyfriends strange behavior(Or maybe considered it normal) and concentrated on moving Hamazura toward their new destination.

When the couple arrived at a bus stop, Takitsubo released Hamazura. "Eh? You don't want to take the bus? It's a long walk from here to District 15." She wasn't the most active girl he knew. In fact he could recount more times of her sleeping than being awake. Mentally he compared her to a sloth but drove that thought to the far reaches of his mind.

"It's not the distance that bothers me…" She said casually while stealing glances from her surroundings

Hamazura, surprisingly, took notice of this and followed her gaze through the crowds of people. There's nothing here but a bunch of subsidiary shops… Don't tell me!? Takitsubo is finally taken an interest in clothes? He clenched his fist in excitement and began to slowly analyze the situation. But how do I approach her about it? I can't be blunt like an idiot! Girls require delicacy when touching a topic about appearance! How would a boyfriend react in this situation? "Don't tell me, you want to take the long way to District 11?"

"..." She made a few more glances to her surroundings before answering. "Yes."


She once again locked Hamazura's arm close to her chest and dragged him away from the bus. "I want this.. To last as long as possible."



Kinuhata silently sighed to herself as she hung up her phone. Despite her calm and collected demeanor, her surroundings spoke an entirely different story. Emergency vehicles and Anti-Skill had gathered around a burning building that was once housing ITEM as a temporary home. According to one of the first responders, the cause was most likely an electrical fire. However, Kinuhata Saiai was a resident of that Darkness hidden in Academy City. She wasn't naive enough to believe such a thing would occur, especially so soon after it's 'dispersion.'

"Still though. This is quite a sloppy attempt if I do say so myself."

Kinuhata slipped away from the crowded scene into a nearby alleyway to regroup. As she turned the corner, she saw another member of ITEM, standing over a bruised up thug.

"Oh? Done already? I thought he would complain a bit more." Mugino casually greeted the girl yet did not relieve her heel from the thug's shoulder.

Kinuhata shrugged. "While he did at first, he ended up being super Hamazura about it." Mugino clicked her tongue at the news. She had a feeling their blonde associate would be pleased by the situation which irritated her to some extent. "How are things are your end?"

"Good. I just got in contact with Takitsubo. Hamazura is easy to handle so we should be able to finish this quickly."

"Now, Mr. Amateur. We lovely ladies have some questions for you." There was a menace to those words that she had no intention of hiding as she dug her heel deeper in the thugs shoulder.

Of course the thug quickly nodded in agreement, not because of level 5 status, but before this little chat she had swiftly subdued him without using that dangerous power. "Good. Glad you understand. You got a minute."

Eh? He almost let the surprised gasp escape his mouth.

"A minute to explain why you're here, actions, superiors, motives and everything in between. Otherwise," A beam of light grazed over the boy's head, "That building won't be the only thing burning today."

What the hell!? These girls are scary!


O-okay! My name is Higarashi Toutsuki! Wait that's not important is it? Nevermind! I'm a level 0. Is that important? I think so? Sort of? It's kinda the reason I'm here? I get it! I get it! Not important! Important thing is I wanted to join Skill-Out but I got contacted through an email telling me to do things to be in! Real suspicious I thought but Skill-Out is known for the shady business so I agreed! I never met anybody in person! Really! I pick up some things, drop them off, and get deposits. Was real good and easy shit! Then they got a bit more dangerous. Setting up cameras hiding mics, then explosives! It just escalated! But I couldn't back out now! Plus the money was real good! Next thing I know. 'Set these explosives in these particular spots.' Came with a bunch of pictures of some shady and hidden apartments around the city so I'm thinking opposing Skill-Out group but then there was another picture and more instructions. 'Wait till you see this group leave one of the buildings. Then trigger the bombs! I'm like what! That's a big order for me but I followed up. Set them and scouted the areas. Found you guys, blew up said building. Ran cause you know explosions tend to gather things like Anti-Skill; not a fan of those guys, you chased me, punched me square in the face, good hit by the way! Some real weight to it and now we're here! I-I think that's about it. Might've skimmed over some things to get the important bits within that limited time."

An awkward silence fell between the three after that short yet highly effective interrogation.

Kinuhata Saiai was stuck between dumbfoundedness and amusement.

Higarashi Toutsuki was expecting a swift release for obliging the girls.

And Mugino Shizuri…

"You…" She released her heel from the thugs shoulders.

"Eh!? You're letting me go?"

"You fucking amateur!" her leg cut though the air and connected with his head, effectively knocking him out.

"Ah. You kicked him."

"He didn't know shit so it's fine!" She defended her outburst of anger. "The only thing we need from him now is his phone." She fished out the boy's phone from his unconscious body and began searching through it. "Seriously this is sloppy. He didn't even delete the emails." She scrolled through to find the drop off locations of items and pick up areas. She also found the email detailing his recent actions. "Tch! They didn't even find all of our hideouts!"

"Well, what do you think Mugino? It's not like using people like him is unheard of."

"Doubt it. It's far too soon right after their disappearing act. Not to mention the safety net that Hamazura secured. Attacking us in broad daylight like this? Not a chance. Probably some new group trying to make a name for itself to fill the void." Speaking from experience, she knew their way would be subtle actions at first if anything before resorting to outright violence. Isolate, invade, deceit, destroy. These were the tactics she had effectively used to survive in that desolate environment filled with death. It was calling card of sorts that only residents of that darkness would be able to see.

This wasn't like that.

"Besides, we have another problem besides amateur hour over here." She tossed the phone over to Kinuhata who casually caught and glanced at the screen.

"Should we regroup with Takitsubo then?"

Safety in numbers, is what Kinuhata was thinking but that came with disadvantages. And waiting for the enemy to attack was never Mugino's style.

"Rather than wait, there were a couple of interesting spots they used for their meets. We should pay them a visit first."

Someone had bared their teeth against the level 5, despite the wishes of Academy City, they openly attacked and threatened her very livelihood. Regardless of motives or intentions, Mugino Shizuri could care less about that. She would completely incinerate that which invaded her peace Hamazura Shiage desperately struggle to create.

"A trap? Or a trail? I wonder which I'll find first?"