"No time at all" turned out to be a couple of weeks, but it was much better than the few years it had taken Colress to develop and build the shunter the first time around.

In the meantime, Magnolia, Dulse, and Zossie helped N adjust to his new life as the true king of his world. He disbanded Team Plasma and dealt out the proper disciplinary actions to those Team Plasma members who had followed Ghetsis out of greed and a desire for power. The former Gym Leaders and Pokemon Leagues returned to their positions, and N started working with them to restore society. People were given back their Pokemon, and although N was worried that they would hate him for the role he played in Ghetsis's takeover, most of them were actually grateful that he had the courage to stand up to Ghetsis. And, rather than see his ability to talk to Pokemon as a freakish trait, they lauded him as a king who could breach the barriers between humans and Pokemon and truly unite them both.

And his interdimensional guests were given the finest accommodations in the castle—Magnolia, Dulse, and Zossie greatly enjoyed exploring the expansive palace, as well as adventuring outside the palace grounds on their Pokemon. Slawomir could barely be contained now that he had evolved—Magnolia had to keep reminding him to at least tone down his flying enough that she could stay on his back, and they spent hours soaring through the sky together.

Finally, the day came when they all assembled in Colress's research facility. The Colress from Magnolia's world wore his new dimensional shunter on his arm, and he and his counterpart made a few last tweaks as Dulse and Zossie sent out Lunala and Solgaleo.

"You know," Magnolia said as she climbed onto Solgaleo's back, "it sounds crazy, but I'm actually really glad Colress pulled us into his world."

"Me too!" Zossie said. "We got to help save it!"

"I think it was meant to happen," Magnolia said. She looked down at N and gave him a thumbs-up, and he returned it with a smile.

"I have to admit," Colress said as he grabbed hold of Lunala's shoulder spike, "I'm impressed at the improvements we've made to the dimensional shunter. I wish I had another one of myself around more often—think of how much more effective the research would be!"

The other Colress laughed. "I feel the same way!" he said. "You'll have to come back sometime."

"I think I would like that," Colress said.

"Me too," Magnolia said. "I'd like to check in every once in a while." After spending so long in this world, and getting to know the people here, it suddenly seemed odd that in her world, Ghetsis had been defeated by a young Pokemon Trainer years earlier, and none of what she had seen here ever happened. But she felt N was right—no matter how much it looked like evil had prevailed, good would always find a way through, sooner or later.

"But for now," Zossie said, "let's go find Professor Mohn!"

Colress nodded. "I've got the coordinates set," he said. "I'm ready whenever you are."

"Lunala!" Dulse said. "Solgaleo! Open the Ultra Wormhole!"

This time Magnolia was ready. She clamped her hands over her ears as Solgaleo roared and Lunala screeched, and once again her eyes widened as the fabric of spacetime opened in front of her.

"Here we go!" Zossie said, and they charged in.

"Goodbye!" Magnolia said to her new friends, and as Solgaleo dove into the Ultra Wormhole, she barely caught their goodbyes in return. As they raced through the threads connecting universes, Magnolia couldn't stop smiling. They'd made things better. And now they were on their way to do more of the same.

An exit wormhole loomed in front of them. "This one!" Colress shouted over the quantum din, and Lunala flew in. Solgaleo followed, and for a few moments, all Magnolia could see was whiteness.

When it faded, she saw that they were standing on the sandy shore of a small tropical island. She looked around, trying to get her bearings. Not too far away were a few other small islands, but past that was only the endless expanse of the ocean.

"What the—did it send us right back to Alola?" Zossie asked, jumping off of Solgaleo and kicking up sand as she ran around the beach. "Colress, are you sure those were the coordinates you figured out from Professor Mohn's research?"

"I'm positive," Colress said, checking his dimensional shunter. "But maybe we pieced together his research wrong—"

"Hello, there!" a man's voice said, making all of them jump. "I don't get visitors around here too often!"

Walking toward them was a portly man with messy blond hair and green eyes. His skin seemed like it had once been fair, but had been tanned and weathered by years of living in the sun, and his clothes were worn and old. A makeshift straw hat sat atop his head. "Welcome to Poke Pelago!" he said. "I'm Mohn!"

All at once the dimensional travelers gasped. "It worked!" Colress said, staring at his device.

"We know!" Zossie said, scrambling toward the man. "We know you're Mohn—Professor Mohn!"

Mohn blinked. "What?" he asked. "Hey now, I'm no professor! Just a simple guy keeping the Pelago running for the benefit of Pokemon!"

"How did you get here?" Magnolia asked. "Do you remember anything about your past?" Based on his resemblance to his children, this had to be Lusamine's husband, but he seemed to have developed amnesia.

Mohn scratched his chin. "Mmm… nope, can't say that I do!" he said. "All I remember is waking up here one day, and it was so nice I decided to call it home!"

"This isn't good," Dulse muttered.

"Is there anything that could remind him of his past?" Magnolia asked.

"The Ultra Beasts!" Zossie said. "He was doing research on the Ultra Beasts!"

"I was?" Mohn asked. "Come to think of it… the name 'Ultra Beast' does sound familiar…"

Zossie moved aside and ushered Lunala and Solgaleo forward. "These are Ultra Beasts," she said. "They create Ultra Wormholes. Remember?"

Mohn's eyes narrowed as he studied the two Pokemon. "I could swear I've seen these two before…" he muttered.

Zossie put a hand on Solgaleo's shoulder. "This one used to be a Cosmog," she said. "The Cosmog you were studying."

Solgaleo sniffed Mohn's face, and nodded. It stared deeply into Mohn's eyes for a long moment, and the man's expression slowly changed, becoming more serious. He reached out and put a hand on Solgaleo's nose, and his jaw dropped. "Cosmog," he breathed. "I remember now—" Backing away, he held his head. "Good gracious," he said. "What have I been doing? What have I done? Where am I?!"

"Just stay calm," Colress said. "It's only been a few years since you've gone missing. And you're still in Alola—just a few miles off the coast, in fact."

"I was so close to home, this whole time…" Mohn said. "Lusamine must be worried sick about me. And Lillie and Gladion—"

"They're all waiting for you to come back," Magnolia said. "We're your rescue party. Let's get you home."

Mohn nodded. "I… would appreciate that," he said. "If I'd known this would happen, I never would have pried into Ultra Wormholes…"

"It's okay," Zossie said as Dulse helped him onto Lunala's back. "You're going to be okay now. And because of you, we just had an amazing adventure in an alternate Unova!"

"Really?" Mohn asked.

"We can tell you all about it on the way back," Colress said. "And thankfully, we don't need to use Ultra Wormholes to get you home."

Zossie recalled Solgaleo and Magnolia sent out Slawomir, and the two climbed onto the Salamence's back. "Everyone's going to be so happy to see you," Magnolia said as Salamence pushed off into the air.

Lunala flew close by. "Either that," Mohn said, "or they'll be furious."

"I don't think so," Colress said. "After all, they're your family. They love you."

Mohn smiled. "I love them, too," he said. "I'm just sorry I forgot that."

"Gosh, I'm sorry we put you through so much trouble, Professor," Zossie said to Magnolia as they raced over the waves.

Magnolia grinned at her. "Trouble? Are you kidding?" the professor asked. "This was such an awesome adventure! Let me know if you ever need another adventuring buddy, okay? Oh—and I want to see the world you and Dulse come from!"

"You got it!" Zossie said. "I'm excited to show you around the Ultra Megapolis!"

"A megapolis?" Magnolia asked. "Sounds like fun!" As Akala Island loomed on the horizon, Magnolia looked down at her recently-evolved friend and couldn't stop grinning. New, exciting horizons had opened up for them both.