Table Of Contents

AN: Hey, everybody! :)

Once again, putting this table of contents here, (1) because I like it, (2) because I needed somewhere to put the word-formatting where it's easily locatable, and (3) because you're not supposed to make a chapter that's nothing but author's note.

So, just to get this out of the way, rated T, for the same reasons as last time. Violence, mentions of abuse and torture, and whatever else I come up with. *Entire world shudders back from my imagination.* There won't be any of that stuff actually happening, in this one. But, it'll be talked about, since this is big news for Amity Park. There'll also be talk of bullying. (Because Dash and Paulina are in this fic.) Oh, and fluff. There will be fluff.

So, as far as all that goes, you have been warned. But, as I've said before, I doubt I'll ever write anything graphic, because I'm too squeamish for that. :)

Okay, something else I need to get out of the way:

I do not own Danny Phantom. If I did, Phantom Planet either wouldn't have happened, it would've turned out to be a dream, or it would've spanned (at least) one season, as I suspect it was originally intended to. :)

This is the third book in my 'The Trio Troubles' series, the first book being 'The Halfa Hiccups', and the second being 'The Core Cold' (aka 'Quite Possibly, The Longest Thing I've Ever Written'). This fic starts the day after the last chapter of 'The Core Cold', so everything that was happening then is, pretty-much, still happening, now.

Once again, I will update the TOC as I add chapters.

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Chapter 2: The Nerd Option

Chapter 3: The Silence Of The Cam(era)s

Chapter 4: The Fenton File

Chapter 5: In The Heat Of The Fight

Chapter 6: The Playful Spies

Chapter 7: Body Of Spies

Chapter 8: Spy Games

Chapter 9: Mission Improbable - Ghost Protocol

Chapter 10: Shudder Island

Chapter 11: The Detector

Chapter 12: With Remorse

Chapter 13: The Man With The Ghostly Gun

Chapter 14: Nerd By Nerd-West

Chapter 15: Near The Window

Chapter 16: Mental On The Amity Express

Chapter 17: Several Angry Humans

Chapter 18: The Ministry Of What Dash Hears

Chapter 19: The Honourable Schoolboys

Chapter 20: Dial G For Ghost

Chapter 21: Anatomy Of The Murdered

Chapter 22: The Restarted

Chapter 23: Two Angry Humans

Chapter 24: Get A Clue

Chapter 25: Videos For Some Spies

Chapter 26: The Fenton Affair

Chapter 27: The Day Of The Jack

Chapter 28: The Geek Swat

Chapter 29: On Her Majesty's Not-So-Secret Service



Talking from someone on tv or in a video


||Someone else thinking||




A line-break almost always means a change of POV.

Cover was made by me, using GIMP and a base by Elevera. Check their DeviantArt out, it's awesome! :))

So... Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about how Danny's eyes are way too big, Johnny's eyebrows are weird, Dash is too short, Jazz's hair-color is so similar to Mikey's that she just kinda disappears behind him and Wulf, Kwan's nose is too far up, Shadow looks bored, Paulina's face is bulging in an odd place, Sam looks like a dude, Wulf looks dead, Skulker's big head is making him way too chibi-adorable to look like himself, Ember's ponytail looks like a big feather, Val looks like she's wearing a diaper under her suit, Mikey's grin makes him look like a Slender Man proxy, and I put way too much work into Star's outfit to just cover it up with Youngblood's hat...

But, I'm pretty happy with how Boxy, Lester, Clark, Tucker, Ellie, and Youngblood turned out :)

...Also, I do not own Slender Man...

So, without further ado,

On with the show!