Chapter 28:
The Geek Swat

It started small. Jason Warley opened his locker and a water balloon fell out. As the kids around him laughed, the fullback's expression darkened, and he and his friends turned to the Herd, who was standing nearby. They obviously blamed the other group, despite the fact it had to be Jason's own fault. Yeah, Danny had similar plans, but he hadn't started them, yet. But, hey, if the jocks wanted to play that way, Team Phantom had two words for them:

Bring it.

"And, over here, is our state-of-the-art science lab, ensuring that our pupils receive the best of learning experiences, in a subject that so many of today's teens struggle with," Lancer droned, with false emotion, as he led the Crew on a tour of the school. (The man had taken one look at the camera on Ray's shoulder and assumed this was some kind of special on Casper High, itself. They didn't have the heart to tell him.) Upon noticing the newcomers, the kids inside the room in question looked up from their project, smiling and waving shyly. The adults waved back, before continuing on their way.

As they continued down the hall, though, Toby pulled out a slip of paper, studying the writing on it and comparing it to the area around him. After a moment, he paused, grabbing his sister's bag, to stop her. She let out a small yelp, but, thankfully, no one seemed to notice. He put a finger to his lips, before she could protest, then grabbed one of his water balloons from her pack and shoved it into the nearest locker.

Then, he hurried to catch up to the others, leaving poor Angie completely at a loss as to how he even got the combination. She stared at him a moment, before sighing and following, shaking her head as she went. She would find out how he did it, later. It's not like he was ever going to shut up about this whole trip, once they got home. He was practically dancing in the hallway, now.

Tucker skidded around a corner, a goofy grin on his face. He dashed across a hall and narrowly avoided being spotted by Jonesie. Dash followed, a few seconds behind him, pausing on the opposite side of the intersection, when the teacher turned back in their direction. The blond grew obviously more nervous, as time dragged on and the angry noises behind him grew louder. But, then a random sprinkler went off on the other end of the hall, and Mr. Jones went to see what had caused it, muttering Shakespearean curses under his breath and angrily shaking his cane, the whole way.

Dash made a break for it, stopping next to his used-to-be-enemy, as the techno-geek continued to tap at his PDA's screen. Then, Clay and Chris rounded the corner, barreling towards them, covered in ecto-goop and fury.

Dash was still somewhat nervous, glancing between the jocks and Tucker, who was still watching his screen. The nerd didn't seem to care about the oncoming fight, in the least. But, Dash supposed it could be because he fought ghosts, on a daily basis.

Then, just as Chris and Clay hit the middle of the intersection, the first sprinkler turned off, and the one over their heads turned on. Tucker tossed an odd device towards them, and Chris caught it, out of reflex. Jonesie looked at the confused pair, a drama the likes of which the world had never seen written all over his face.

"And, just what do you boys think you're doing?" He asked, marching over, as the ecto-goo washed away and left the soggy teens holding what he was absolutely certain would prove to be incriminating evidence. "Those sprinklers are for emergencies. Not for you children to have a pool party in the hallways."

"But-" Clay began, but was cut off.

"And, just what, -" He began, snatching the little box from the brunet's hands, "- is this? Hmm?"

"I dunno," Chris defended. "It's Foley's." He pointed to where the nerd and Dash had been standing, finding the spot empty.

"Then, why, may I ask, do you have it? If it does not belong to you, and if Mr. Foley is - As I know to be fact, - not your friend, why do you have something of his in your possession? Thievery is frowned upon in this establishment, gentlemen."

"I didn't steal it!" The boy insisted, as the sprinkler overhead suddenly stopped. The three looked at it in confusion for a moment, before Chris continued. "He threw it at me, right before you got here!"

"Mr. Tory, I have been here for several minutes. You are the ones who have just arrived," He said, pointing the tip of his walking stick at the space between the teen's eyes. "I suggest, if you boys plan on lying, you create some sort of script, and think your plot through more thoroughly, thereby better eliminating the chances of incriminating yourselves, in such a manner." He clacked his cane on the ground, muttering angrily. "Tampering with the school's sprinkler-system. What will they think of, next?"

"But, we didn't do it! This is Foley's thingamajig!" Clay argued. Then, one of the sprinkler on the other end of the hall came on.

Jonesie glared at him accusingly, seeming ready to argue, before his phone dinged. He flipped it open, then sent the teens a withering glare. "Mr. Martin, Mr, Foley isn't even anywhere near us." He held out the little screen, revealing a picture of the techno-geek in question, working with some of the other geeks on some sort of something, in the science lab. "As far as I can see, you either tampered with the school's plumbing, or you stole from another student," The man stated. "Possibly both. I'm, honestly, not even sure which one would receive stronger punishment, as no one has ever done the former, before," He added, almost as an afterthought.

"But, that's the thingy!" Clay cried, pointing to a small object on the table, in the image. The adult squinted at the little screen for a moment.

"Well. It would seem that it is." The boys grinned. Foley was going down. "So, you are thieves."

"What!?" The boys near-screeched. The current sprinkler turned off, and two more came on.

"Inside voices, please, gentlemen. And, I insist you desist from this prank, immediately."

"But, we didn't steal it!" Chris said, waving his arms around. "And, we're not the ones doing this!" The former two sprinklers stopped.

"Yeah," Clay agreed, as his friend looked between the cieling and the object in his hand, in confusion. "And, why isn't Foley in trouble. He's the one who made the thing," He reminded, gesturing to the odd, little device in his friend's hand. "Why else would he have it, if he wasn't plannin' on setting off the sprinklers, himself?"

Before the teacher could respond, his phone dinged again. He looked over it again. "To answer your second question, - And, subsequently, your first, - he could be using it to assist the school, in the event of an emergency, just as the system was designed to be used." He cleared his throat, before reading the text aloud. "From, Miss Carson Chaney. Hey, Mr. J. Thought you might like to see this. S club - That's text for 'science club', - made a thing that can control individual sprinklers, to help the Fentons to better control their newest ghost-proofing thing. Maybe we can use it for dramatic rain in our school plays." He closed his phone, putting his hands on his hips. "Therefore, gentlemen, I think I rest my case."

The sprinkler directly above Jonesie suddenly came on.

The two jocks continued to protest, as the were ushered towards the principal's office, by the grumpy teacher, who was apparently even grumpier when wet. Meanwhile, Dash and Tucker stood inside a nearby broom closet, the latter snickering into his palm, as the former became increasingly confused.

"Wait," The blond finally said. "What just happened?"

Tucker looked up at him. (Though, just barely, since the quarterback only had a few inches on him, at this point.) "Meh, Mikey convinced the science club to help us with a prank, in exchange for getting them an interview with Phantom," He shrugged, nonchalantly, but was obviously extremely pleased with the outcome. "They said the interview thing was just a bonus, 'cause they'd wanted to take down the A-Listers for a long time."

"But, how did they make that thing to control the sprinklers?" The blond wondered. "And, why did you give it to them?"

The shorter male chuckled. "Dude, that's not part of it. It's just a scrap piece we made sure to put on the table, when we took that picture this morning."

Dash blinked. "Then, how'd you off set off the waterworks? With your PDA?"

"Not exactly."

Several minutes before, amidst the group of science geeks huddled in a maintenance room on the other side of the school, a phone buzzed. "There's the message from Tucker," A boy grinned maliciously, barely able to contain himself. "Let's shut 'em down."

Another boy slapped at one of the buttons eagerly, and the group watched on the security cameras as Jonesie tore into no one in particular over the first sprinkler, then tore into Chris and Clay over the second.

The kids probably had a little too much fun flicking the different sprinklers on and off, making the bullies look even worse. But, who cares? This was too good.

"But, what if Jonesie decides he likes the idea of making it rain on stage?" Dash wondered. "Don't you need some kinda thing that'll control the sprinklers, to prove they did it?"

"Nah," The bespectacled teen replied. "The school's already got that. Good thing none of the teachers know how it works," He grinned.

"But, what if they ask someone who does," The blond insisted.

"You mean, the janitor? The guy who has to clean up the water from swirlies and pull kids out of trashcans and lockers, every day?" Tucker asked, and it began to click. "He's the one who gave us the keys to the maintenance room." He shrugged. "I get the feeling he'll back us up."

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