Chapter 29:
On Her Majesty's Not-So-Secret Service

"Okay, Lex," Lex Laurie muttered to himself. "Just a little more kissing up, and that spot in the A-Listers is yours." He turned around, bringing the salad he'd made sure was absolutely perfect to Paulina. He did not want to end up like the last guy. "M'Lady," He said, making a show of setting the plate down before the shallow girl grandly.

"Oooh," Paulina cooed. "See?" She asked, turning to Star, who seemed to be quickly loosing patience with the whole thing. "This is how you treat a princess." Lex sighed inwardly, relieved that nothing had gone wrong. "There's just one thing that could make this better." Oh, no.

Lex looked up to find her watching him intently. "...Uh... What's that?" He asked.

The girl feigned innocence, twirling a strand of hair between her fingers. "Oh, nothing too big. I was just thinking about how, in olden times, real princesses usually got a show with their meals."

||Please, tell me she's not gonna make me dress up like a jester and juggle waffles, like she did the last guy,|| Lex thought, desperately.

He swallowed thickly, as she fluttered her eyelashes up at him, her elbows resting on the table and her chin resting on her clasped hands. "Lex," She said, her voice a terrifying mixture of false-cuteness and tiny mafia-boss. "You understand that the A-Listers has recently undergone some... Downsizing, right?" She asked, obviously not happy, at all, with Dash and Kwan's betrayal.

Lex nodded dumbly, swallowing again. "Y-Yeah. I heard about that. It's a real shame."

The mean girl nodded back, somewhat condescendingly. "It is. A crying shame. But, you know, our little group doesn't have to stay so small. We're always open to new members, so long as they have the same vision as the rest of us." Lex thought he heard Star snort, at that. But, when he glanced over at her, she just seemed bored and irritated. Probably not a good sign, either way.

After a few moments, Lex took the silence as his queue to speak. "Well... I-I would be happy to prove my loyalty, if that's what you're asking... What exactly are you asking?"

Danny watched, invisibly and bemusedly, as Lex attempted to load stuffed animals of various shapes and sizes into the catapult he'd stolen from the Drama Club. Didn't he realize that it would take more than that to handle a Prank-Master, like Danny Fenton/Phantom?

Oh, well. Lex would learn, soon enough. Never take on a ghost, in a battle of mischief.

"So, what are we doing, again?" Kwan asked, as he helped Lester load the odd orb with Honey and chocolate.

"I told you, Lex is going to try and get us, so we're getting him, first," The little halfa replied.

"Yeah, but... Why does it involve Gummy Bears?" The jock continued, as they finished the last 'muck-bomb' and Danny stuck his head intangibly through a wall. The other two quickly moved to block him from sight, despite the fact they were the only people around.

"Didn't Tucker say that you got stuck, the last time you tried this?" Les wondered absently.

Suddenly, the blue-eyed ghost's head popped back into view, looking to Kwan and Lester. "That was when I had the hiccups. Now, shhh," He said, holding a finger to his lips. He ushered them further back.

Kwan looked confused. "How do hiccups-"


Just then, Lex appeared around the corner, pulling the catapult along behind him. The boys hid behind a row of lockers, while he pulled the odd prop into the lunchroom. Then, they came back out to watch the show. And, add to it.

Lex pulled out a rolled up piece of paper, that turned out to be a rolled up string of papers taped together. This was made evident, when he released the end, and it rolled halfway across the room, stopping at the very-confused band-geeks' table. Thankfully, it wasn't entirely covered, 'cause that would take way longer to read than he had time for. It was mostly just for show, and so he wouldn't forget the lines he'd written for himself, to impress Paulina with.

The wannabe A-Lister cleared his throat, before addressing the entire school's population, minus Fenton, Schwartz, and Kwan.

Wait. Where was Fenton?

He scanned the room, looking for the missing Herd-Members, as he spoke. The other kids turned to look at him. True, it wasn't the strangest thing he'd had ever done, but it was definitely up there on the list. He didn't blame them for staring. He licked his lips nervously, focusing back on the words in his hands. He would find the others, later.

"Hear ye, hear ye! As potential candidate for the position of herald under her Majesty, Paulina Sanchez, Queen of the A-Listers, -" Oh, there was Fenton. And, Kwan was with him. The two came in, sitting next to their friends. Lex really didn't like that look in Fenton's eyes. And, he still had no clue where Schwartz was. But, there was nothing he could do about it, now. Not without upsetting Paulina and blowing his chances. He'd just have to keep going and deal with anything that happened, as it came. "- I, hereby, announce -" He swallowed, again. He really didn't like the look on Fenton's face. Or, the fact that he was now whispering to the kids around him. "- my personal vendetta against the band of rogues known as the Nerd Herd, for their crimes against the hypothetical Crown. I-"

And, then, he was sticky.

"Attack!" Danny near-screeched, as he, the Nerd Herd, the Science Club, and several others sitting nearby began grabbing some kind of homemade goop-balls from the bags Lex now noticed were stuffed under the Herd's table, and throwing them at everyone who was known to be siding with the A-Listers.

As the balls of what seemed to be honey, melted chocolate, Gummy Bears and jelly beans stuffed into balls of paper-mâché flew around the room, exploding on everyone and anyone who didn't either pick a side, or get out of the way, Gary Penn tripped, bumping into the mechanism on the side of the catapult, sending a rainbow of plushies scattering through the chaotic cafeteria. One particularly-unfortunate group, who had made it a point to watch and not get involved in the pranks, got hit with a sticky-bomb, followed by a cluster of stuffed animals.

"What was that?" Mr. Lancer wondered aloud, as Lester stood before him, showing him his plans for a future science project he, Clark, and Mike were planning. He made sure to go into extreme detail, even explaining some of the more advanced parts of the project that he'd needed Mr. and Mrs. Fenton's help on. He had no doubt the teacher would refuse to let him build such a device on school property, but that didn't really matter. Actually, it was kind of the point.

"I have no idea," He lied. Well, half-lied. He knew Danny was doing something. But, since the little half-ghost had refused to tell him his plans, he really didn't know what was happening. Though, he had an idea... But, just as when Danny was sick, he knew this was for a good cause.

As he continued to blather on to his teacher about things he knew the middle-aged lit-nerd knew nothing about, he surreptitiously motioned for the Crew, who had still been following Lancer around, to head out. Hopefully, they would get to the cafeteria just in time for the show to begin.

Pretty much everyone in the room was either laughing or screaming. But, when Lex got a glimpse of Paulina's expression, he thought he might cry. The Latina was furious. There went his chance at a spot in the A-Listers.

And, it was amidst all this chaos and ruin that it registered in the pick-pocket's mind. The other times were just small-time battles. But, this time...

This time, the war for control of Casper High had officially begun.

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