Tales of the TARDIS

Chapter 1

Jack was bored. They weren't going to be able to move the TARDIS for 3 more days. A week ago, the Doctor had left the doors open and unfortunately, they had landed in Ancient Greece. The Minotaur had gotten in and had totally, utterly and completely destroyed all the machinery in the TARDIS. The Doctor had not stopped repairs for anything except food.

Jack saw Daisy wandering down the corridor looking as bored as he was. Both of their stomachs rumbled and there was an unspoken agreement to go to the galley for lunch.

As soon as they sat down with fish fingers and custard for Daisy and toast for Jack, they started talking.

"I'm bored," grumbled Daisy.

"Me too. How about we play a trick on the others?" suggested Jack.

"Got any ideas?" grinned the Goddess.

"None. I was hoping you might have some," sighed the Immortal.

Daisy thought for a few minutes and then a grin enveloped her features and she turned into a monkey and back again.

"I've got it! Here's my plan," she laughed.

She explained her idea to Jack and he grinned.

They finished their meal and headed towards the media room where they knew Rose would be.

"Are you a Haribo Jelly Baby?" asked Daisy sounding quite serious but inside she was struggling to keep her laughter in check.

Rose looked at them as if they were crazy and said in amazement, "No! I would expect you of all people to know that Daisy."

They then went to the library where Ianto was reading a book about Weevils. This time, Jack asked, "Are you a Haribo Jelly Baby?"

Ianto looked up sharply and wondered if his lover had gone bonkers! "No, I never have and don't have any plans to have myself turned into one," he said slowly and cautiously.

The two tricksters walked out of the library looking very innocent and as soon as they got out into a deserted corridor they burst onto giggles.

The Doctor was going to the galley for lunch when Daisy and Jack, both grinning like anything, asked him, "Are you a Haribo Jelly Baby?"

That was the only time they had ever seen the Doctor lost for words.