This is my first Rise Of The Gaurdians fanfic. I am still a new author, so please be patient with me. Also, disclaimer, I own nothing but plot of my rotgverse, and maybe a OC at some point. I hope you enjoy, and if you hate it don't flame, just leave. Also this will have a triple ship, just going to say that now. The ship may come out later but for now, suspense.


Jack frost is many things, funny, coragase, smart, but most of all...broken. Nobody seems to realize how bad solitude can be, but jack frost does. He has been alone for over 300 years. Nobody seems to realize just how bad that can be. Hope can only get you so far, but without something to keep that hope up, it can easily break and fade over time.

After the first hundred years, Jack Frost lost hope on ever being seen, ever being touched, ever being loved, ever being REAL! He had enough people walk through him to realize this.

Jack still played with children, but he kept his distance. He never really got his hope up after he gave up, and a part of him died when he did. His eyes seemed dull, like the darkest part of a frozen ocean. His hair seemed duller, and he had an "air" around him wherever he went.

Then one day, he met someone or something that could see him. It was E. Aster Bunnymund, the gaurdian of Hope, and the Easter bunny. Jack didn't mean to run into him but he did, and now he had to face the consequences of running into the bunny on his holiday. It seems just spreading snow where it was needed to go is trouble.

Chapter 2 is being made now and is going to be a longer chapter. Don't have a set chapter length. I hope you enjoyed start. Review are welcomed flames will be used to cook my pizza. See ya next time.