Chapter 2

George Washington

They had been friends since age ten.

Best friends since age thirteen.

Had a crush on each other since age sixteen.

Roommates since age nineteen.

Boyfriends since age twenty.

They had their first real fight at age twenty seven.

Yes, of course they often had arguments, but over little petty things, never anything more. It was hard to not have disagreements when you were in a relationship with someone as argumentative and confident as Thomas Jefferson.

But this? well, this felt serious.

Madison had come home in a bad mood after work, he'd had to deal with many moody mothers of students at the university after there had been a mistake with some of the student loans- which (as James had told them many times) isn't something he has control over anyway!

Jefferson was irritated thanks to the bad weather making his leg ache more than usual and Hamilton had managed to somehow get an article Thomas had worked really hard on pulled from the final print of the next days Newspaper.

So the air was tense before they even greeted one and other.

Jefferson wanted to rant about Hamilton- get all his frustrations out of his system.

Madison wanted to complain about his job and all the wrongly placed complaints he gets.

Neither of them wanted to listen.

"You know, I feel like you do nothing these days but obsess over Hamilton!" James had snapped "Every day all I hear is 'Oh you'll ever guess what Hamilton did today!' or 'I pulled the most amazing prank on Hamilton earlier.' and I always listen because it makes you happy." He heaved a sigh "I know you're self centered- but hearing you talk about someone else as much as you talk about yourself. Its draining." James said bitterly, not making eye contact with the other man who stood across from him.

Thomas raised his eyebrow, and said possibly the worst thing he could have- but unfortunately he never thought before he spoke "Well my life has to be interesting enough for both of us- considering how dull each day is at your little reception job."

James looked up at Jefferson at that, his face a painful combination of hurt and disappointment before he stood up slightly taller and deadpanned a simple "Fuck you." at Jefferson before he took his bag and left their apartment, slamming the door behind him.

The silence that Thomas was left in was absolutely suffocating.

But as confident as ever he sat down on their sofa and tried not to think about the colossal disaster he'd just caused.

Besides, James would be back later that evening.

James wasn't anywhere to be found in their apartment the next morning.

James didn't come home that next night.

The sun rose on the second day after Jefferson's big fuck up, and Thomas knew he couldn't take this anymore.

James had replied to none of the one-hundred and seventy six text messages Jefferson had sent.

He hadn't picked up any of the two hundred and eighteen calls Jefferson had tried.

Anyone who could know where James might be wouldn't talk to Jefferson.

The worry he felt for his boyfriend (God, he hoped they were still boyfriends) was overwhelming. His entire body felt tense and all he seemed to do was nervously unlock his phone very thirty seconds- just in case James had tried to contact him.

He may have taken slightly more of his pain medication than he should have- trying to stop the pain in his heart along with the pain in his leg, but that only made him want to sleep.

He woke with a start the next morning at five AM. He'd fallen asleep uncomfortably on the sofa and felt disoriented as he gathered his surroundings. Once again, finding no James and no messages from James. He felt utterly defeated- which is a feeling he doesn't think he has ever felt before.

Thomas had picked up his phone and typed out a hasty: "Hi, I won't be in work today. Got some crazy bad food poisoning." to his manager- this was one hundred percent a lie because Jefferson had lost his appetite the second James had left.

He struggled to get himself up off the sofa and stared longingly at the front door to their apartment, wishing desperately for James to come in quietly like he always does. But there was no chance considering it was five AM and that Jefferson had been possibly the worlds biggest ass hole the other day, and honestly he didn't deserve to see James's warm smile again.

But he wanted to see that smile and the man it belonged too like he needed air to breath.

He needed to stop feeling sorry for himself and start taking action.

So that how Jefferson found himself trespassing on Reynolds University property at half past seven in the morning, with a pitiful bunch of flowers at his side- it was all the supermarket had left before they got their order in later that morning.

He sat down on a wall near the main entrance to the university, where he knew the reception area was.

Where James would be in about an hours time.

He closed his eyes and willed time to go faster, his hands resting on his cane in front of him.

"Excuse me- but, you look a little old to be a student here." Someone said standing above him. Jefferson lifted his tired gaze to see a man who stood a bit too proudly and alert for such an early hour. "You know trespassing isn't allowed." The man said coolly, his deep voice sounding as though it should be commanding an army- not talking to Jefferson.

"I'm waiting for someone." Thomas sat up, trying to hold his own against the older man.

"Are they expecting you?"

Thomas considered lying, but he couldn't help but feel like there were consequences for lying to the other man "Unfortunately not." he sighed.

"Now why is that?" The man said, he sat next to Jefferson on the wall.

Thomas felt weary all of a sudden, why was this stranger taking so much interest in him? He began to politely say it was none of the other guys business when the stranger spoke again.

"Sorry, sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. Not everyday some random guy comes up to you and starts grilling you on your problems." he chuckled and put his hand out for Thomas to shake "I'm George Washington, a teacher here at the university."

"Charmed." Jefferson said nonchalantly, he he shook the other man's hand weakly, trying to make his disinterest clear.

George must have picked up on this, because he seemed to roll his eyes and smile slyly "I've worked here long enough to know the staff pretty well. Especially our wonderful reception team…"

Jefferson perked up at that comment. George thought to himself 'bingo' as his hunch about this trespasser had been correct.

"I'm assuming yore Thomas?" Washington's tone had changed, and suddenly Jefferson couldn't help but feel like he was about to get the the lecture of a lifetime off of George "The cause of James's recent heartache?"

Thomas shouldn't feel happy about the fact that James was sad too- but he did. This means there was still a chance for them right? "That would be me, yes. The ass hole who cant keep his stupid moth shut."

"I've heard." George nodded. "Son, I can't say I'm pleased with you. In fact I think you have a lot of work to do."

Thomas felt himself choking up- he never got choked up. But the weight of the situation really was dawning on him. How could he have said that to James? James is all he really has in this world that makes him unconditionally happy. Why did he leave it so long to come and find him- surely he couldn't have just assumed that Madison would come crawling back to him after he'd been so bitter? "I know." Was all he could manage to say.

George let Thomas stew over his regretful thoughts a little longer, before clapping the other man on the back gently "This is a good start though. The flowers could be better, they are a little rough around the edges- much like yourself."

Jefferson looked at the bunch of flowers he'd put next to him and a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips "They do look shit don't they?"

George laughed "I wouldn't go that far." He stood up again "Son, I'm happy to see you're making an effort to right your wrongs, but you must keep it up. I can tell you love James a lot, but, loving is easy, young man, proving it is harder."

Thomas nodded and said "Thank you, for talking to me, that is. I'm going to try so much harder from now on." He stood up also, feeling more energized than he has in quite some time "I love James Madison and I'll be damned if I don't let him know it every single day!" he exclaimed confidently to George.

"Well you had better start soon. I have work in half an hour." someone said from behind Jefferson. He knew that voice better than his own. I loved the sound of that voice more than his own- and that was saying something.

"James!" He jumped, cheeks suddenly going red- embarrassed that he'd been caught being so cheesy.

"Well would you look at the time, I had better get to my classroom." George said, mining looking at a watch on his wrist that wasn't there before he wandered off across the campus.

"I haven't forgiven you just yet." James warned.

Thomas felt his stomach drop, his regretful mood returning "I don't expect you to have Jemmy. But I'm going to do all I can make it up to you." He grabbed the flowers off the wall hastily and thrust them towards James "I have been a class-A asshole and I am so sorry I can't even begin to explain it."

James took the flowers and looked at them thoughtfully "They're a little rough around the edges… just like you." he commented looking Thomas up and down "I'll see you later after work." his signature warm smile beginning to show itself on his lips.

Thomas's heart thumped loudly in his chest, he don't know how much he'd been longing for James since the he'd had left "See you later sweet heart." He said perhaps a bit too quickly. He felt like he was sixteen with the biggest crush ever on his best friend again. It was not an unpleasant feeling, the excitement was certainly getting his blood pumping.

"See you." James waved before walking off toward the universities main entrance.

Thomas was left, standing love struck for a short while before he managed to snap himself out of it and walk home.

On his way back he picked up the ingredients to make the special Macaroni Cheese he makes specifically for his other half. It was lactose, dairy and gluten free so that it wouldn't set off any of James's allergies and also it tasted amazing.

Although Thomas regrets deeply what he said to Madison, the silver lining is It really made him realize how good his life is with James by his side.

When James had come home later that evening, the pair had shared a candlelit dinner and talked the night away as if they were only just dating again. James informed Thomas that the teacher he'd spoken to had invited them to a barbecue at his house the following weekend- if he wanted to go.

Thomas had of course agreed, he was looking forward to seeing George again, grateful for the kick in the right direction he'd given him.

All in all, despite his best efforts, things were looking up again for Thomas, and he planned to keep it that way from now on.