My name is Maddy, just Maddy. I can't tell you my last name, if I do they'll make things worse. They'll take my father, I don't even know why I'm risking this. Maybe somewhere deep down inside I still have hope that we can win. You probably won't believe this, even somehow you find this before she deletes it all. Who is she? Well sit down kiddos, because boy do I have some news for you. Aliens are real, in fact you might know one… You probably know one. Yeerks are parasitic creatures, they squeeze and slide their way into their host's ear. It doesn't hurt, for a few seconds you just become sort of numb and you have a headache.

Then it's all over. Your eyes move, but you don't control them. You try to open your mouth and scream, but no sound comes out. You can feel someone reading your mind as easily as you would read words on a page. You can hear its voice, mocking you. It acts like you, talks like you, and for all intents and purposes it is, you're a Controller.

Just like me.

I remember how it all started, I was called to the Vice Principal's office for the third time this week.

Vice Principal Chapman looked up from his papers and sighed, "Vandalizing classrooms again?"

I chewed my gum, and moved a piece of my long black hair out of my face. I like to think I look kinda badass with my leather jacket, jeans, and single silver earring. "Nah, just ditched Physics." I hated Physics with a burning passion, I was always more of a biology type of person. And while I was able to get straight Cs in my other classes, passing physics was a long shot.

He sighed, "You can't keep this up you know," he shook his head, "You were such a good kid, what happened?"

I could have told him my mom had disappeared on us a while back with her new boyfriend. That my brother, Peter, had moved out, he'd become some sort of large scale politician, and I was just another nobody kid in a nobody school. I could have told him about how he was the golden child and I was 'just there' to my dad and my mother might as well have not existed with how often she bothered calling. Instead, I just gave a nonchalant shrug, "Things change I change."
He handed me a flyer, "This is your last chance Madeline." I looked at the paper, it was for some lame scouts type thing called The Sharing apparently they were doing some sort of beach cleanup, "If you don't go to the meeting I'll have no choice but to expel you."

I looked from the paper to him, than sighed resentfully, "See you there I guess."

He nodded, "Now get to class."

I gazed out the window of my Physics class, bored out of my skull. The teacher was talking about the Spring Force equation, but I really couldn't care less about it. I saw a red tailed hawk fly by the window and gave a small smile. I always liked birds, hawks especially, with their sharp, hook shaped beaks. The way their wings would spread out, graceful and free. Their intense eyes. They were the rulers of the sky and they knew it.

"Maddy!" I heard the teacher shout, which broke my attention. I gave a small yelp to the joint snickers of the classroom. "Do you know the answer?" I looked at the equation, who decided to put letters in math anyway? I shook my head. "Maybe you should pay more attention then." The teacher said. On a normal day I would have rolled my eyes or said something sarcastic, but I was on the edge now, so I put my head on my desk and muttered. "Yes Ma'am."

I wished I was anyone else at that moment, anywhere else at that moment. Of course, you don't know what you've got until you're gone.

The day went by quickly, or at least it felt that way to me. I walked home alone, no real friends and we lived too close for the bus to drive me to and from. I walked up to my house.

My house was fairly standard, white with brown trimmings, two floors, a lawn with grass a bit too long because my dad hadn't trimmed it yet. The remains of a swing stood in the front yard, a wooden board half-attached to the branch of a tree. I walked inside.

"Hi dad." I yelled as I walked in, he looked up from his book

"Oh hi Matil-"

"Maddy." I said simply, calling him a little scatterbrained would be an understatement, than again he never seemed to forget Peter's name.
He nodded sheepishly, "Right right, so how was school?"

"It was school."

"Ah, you know Peter loved school, he said if he wasn't so passionate about freeing the oppressed, he would be a school teacher."
I nodded, "Yeah, he's like that. A perfect guy."

"So, when do you graduate?"

I shrugged, "Whenever I guess."

"You know I remember you told me you wanted to be a doctor at some point, what happened to that?"

"I was eight when I said that," Peter was still here, he'd been 16, straight A student, back than I'd hoped I could compete with him, Now I was 13 and he was 21. He'd moved out and became famous and successful. And I… I was just me.

"Alright, I'm going to mow the lawn." He said, standing up, that was his code-word for, 'I'm done trying to talk with you and I feel like getting a beer.' He'd been using it a lot more often since mom left. I sighed and went upstairs to my room. In between NIN posters were all of my drawings of death and destruction. If my dad came up here, he'd probably be worried. Luckily he never did. Than again, Peter never seemed to be worried. He just teased me for being Emo. (something I despised at the time, but on reflection was pretty accurate.)
I looked at the flyer for The Sharing I'd been given. I debated not going at all and just living with the expulsion, it's not like my dad would notice or care, I'd just spend the time I was supposed to be in school by the convenience store until the time came to course, I'd probably get arrested for loitering or something and than the cops would get involved and... I sighed and slumped on my bed, it wasn't like I had anything better to do this Saturday.