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She led my body into my room (So, let's talk.) Itniss said.

(What about?) I asked.

(Ground rules. You were relatively Voluntary, honestly I think Cordid was a bit too cryptic all things considered. But you're not currently telling me to die or trying to fight so we'll go with Voluntary. We usually give minor favors to Voluntary Hosts, try to keep them comfortable and easy to deal with.)

(I don't care, do what you want.)

She frowned, (Are you sure? So you wouldn't mind if this happened?)

A sort of live-action video flashed in my head. It was like I was watching a really good quality movie about myself. I was in Peter's small apartment, I drank tea and sat next to him on his couch. He smiled at me, "I'm glad to hear you're doing so well." His face was soft as he looked at me, "Honestly, I was a bit worried after mom…" He flinched, "I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to move out, leave you and Dad alone and than you stopped talking to me." He gave a half-laugh, "Honestly, I thought you were mad."

"I was, for a while, but I'm cool now." I looked at him, eyes bright, "You know I've heard you've been trying to expand your platform. You should really join The Sha-"

"NO!" I shouted, back in the real world. My body was covered in sweat, I was shaking, my hands were balled into fists.

(So I take it you wouldn't like that?) Litniss said her tone dark yet humorous. I felt my anger slowly start to lower as I reminded myself that it wasn't actually happening. (So,ready to chat than? My orders did involve taking your brother due to his importance and popularity among humans.)

(I hate you.) I glowered.

I felt a hint of something… I think she was genuinely hurt by that, but she quickly emotionally blocked me again, (It doesn't matter, we're stuck with each other. Now we can either make things easy or hard. You could be in a far worse situation mind you.) Her voice darkened, (Some Yeerks deeply enjoy breaking their hosts. I would rather have you as an ally. For us to have a proper allied relationship we need to have listed boundaries.)

(Alright, fine.) I said angrily (Leave my friends alone, leave my family alone and best of all leave me alone.)

(That's not exactly possible.) She said quietly (Maddy, I don't think you realize the situation we're in. This is a war and I, you, we're low ranking. We're expendable and we don't 'just' have the Andalite bandits to worry about)

Another video came into my head. A creature with bright blue fur, it was sort of like a deer, but it had two short skinny arms on it's torso, two stalk eyes on top of its head, no mouth and most importantly, a sharp, scorpion-like tail. I immediately knew it was an Andalite, specifically Visser Three. Said tail was pointed directly at my neck. I held my breath, knowing that if I made a single mistake that tail would move quick as a bullet and my head would roll off my body. (You had orders.) Visser Three said to Litniss in thought speak, I saw my body physically flinch. His very presence filled me with dread.

"I'm sorry sir," She said using my voice, "My Host told me-"

(And you listened to her?) He said.

"Yes sir I-"

Before I could think, there was a flash, the next second my head rolled off of my body. For a few seconds I was still alive, I saw my body crumple to the ground, headless, my neck spurting blood. Than the world went black.

I flinched (Okay, I get it. You're ordered to get one of my family members, you better do it or else we're both screwed right?)

(Yeah.) Litniss sighed, she used my body to lie down on my bed.

I felt more anger boil up in me (You guys out number Visser three two to one don't you? Why don't you figh-)

(Shut up.) She hissed, but her fear was so strong it seeped through the emotional wall she had set up. (Just shut up. All you need to know is that our choices are following rules or death.)

(But what about…) I thought, I focused on a specific memory of Peter.

I was so angry I'd split my pencil in half I threw the halves in the trash.

"Remember, no dessert until you've finished your homework." I heard my mother say.

"Math is stupid." I muttered.

My mother sighed, "I just can't deal with her right now. Harold!"

"Hmm?" My father said, looking up from his work. She made a sound of disgust, Peter put a hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry Mom, I've got her."

She snorted, "Good luck, I swear she's impossible."

He pulled up a chair and sat next to me, "Hmm, 11-7 ay?" I nodded, and looked up at him.

"I don't have enough fingers to count down this time and I don't know what to do?"

He frowned,"You don't have enough fingers huh? Alright, let's do this another way than." I watched as he drew 11 circles on the paper, I counted them out. He erased them one by one and told me to count them how many he erased.

"So, 11-7 equals four?" I said and looked up with him for confirmation.

He smiled, "Yes in deedily." His brown hair was perfectly flat, not a single hair out of place, he wore a black dress pants and a white shirt. I'm honestly not sure if he could dress himself like a normal person, than again, I'm not exactly the one to talk. His eyes were gleaming with a mixture of pride and joy.

I hugged him, "Thanks!" I had spent an hour on trying to figure it out, an hour of mom screaming at me, telling me the problem was easy but refusing to help me.

He hugged me back, "No prob Mads. Think you need any help with the others."

I shook my head, "No, I think I've got it."

He chuckled, "You're pretty smart Mads."

"Think I'll be as smart as you some day?"

"You already are."

(I know,) Litniss said quietly (I know you care about him, despite your jealousy. Listen I'll try my hardest to protect him, though there may not be much I can do. Once more, I will try, as long as you follow orders and… Try to talk with me okay? It makes things a lot easier for everyone involved if you don't try to avoid me or ignore my existence.)

(Okay.) I thought.

She gave a small smile (Today's been… Something. Let's just sleep okay?)