It was an anxiety filled air. The younger twin was bouncing his leg, glancing at the door then at the older twin who wore an expressionless mask. It wasn't a surprise on why he looked that way, after all this was an extremely serious situation. Poor Rin, he never could catch a break. Yukio had a small pained expression for his brother, the thought of his brother being hurt like this was just horrible. He was worried, and so was the elder of the two. How could Rin accomplish becoming an Exorcist if he couldn't even walk? Not to mention the fact that the Vatican wouldn't be so happy at losing their weapon against Satan. It is disgusting, thought Yukio, that they only care that my brother is only a weapon and not anything else. Mephisto was still keeping things from the young Exorcist, despite the efforts he made to get answers out of the Demon King. It frustrated him having no answers on what they could do. He had been certain that he could figure something out, but it was difficult for Rin to grasp things from being told. He was too free spirited, too restless to even pay attention to what they were trying to teach. How can I help you if you don't allow anyone to do that? You help everyone, but not yourself. You need to rely on others Rin, please.

Mephisto sat on the other side of Rin, surprisingly not wearing his usual attire. He wore a suit and was silent. Unknown to the twins, Mephisto's train of thought was seemingly on his father's visit. If he had been able to take over Rin the last time, is it possible that he could take over him right at the moment? Yes, he wanted to overthrow his father, but this wasn't the time to even try just yet. He needed to make sure that he was able to, if he did so now, what would that even accomplish? Certainly nothing, that was sure. If he could manipulate Rin into overthrowing his father, then maybe he could kill the younger demon and take the throne to Gehenna. That was his train of thinking, that was what he had been planning for a long time, so why was he not wanting to follow through with the plan?

"Okumura Rin?" The doctor asked as she made her way into the room. She held a few X-rays in her hand and placed them on the white glowing screen. "Paralyzation from a stab wound," she stated, making sure that that was what happened. "Those are able to operate on..." Rin noted that there was something in her voice. Something that she was withholding. A "but" that followed that. "But, this particular one, it's difficult to say. You sustained damage to the lumbar part of the spine, and it was to be healed prior to the surgery that you would undergo to help walk again." She turned back to the X-ray, pointing to the injury. Mephisto noticed what was wrong immediately, knew what the doctor was going to say before she said it. The night Satan visited them, took over Rin's body, he forced him to stand and walk. He should've warned his father earlier, but he didn't. He didn't realize that it reopened.

Saske was panting from screaming in anger as he glared at the leader of the gang. He was pissed off and it showed clearly on the Fallen Angel's face, the animosity that he held was not hard to place unless one was stupid. His adoptive sister was holding his shoulders as she made sure he didn't fight the demon. She knew that there was a reason why his name was Artist. After all, she had experienced the reasoning behind his name when she had seen his "artwork" and even for a demon such as himself, it was quite a gruesome mural. The image flashed in her mind, but instead of a stranger, it was her brother and she didn't need that to happen him—no matter how annoying he was. She sighed gently behind him, her dark eyes never leaving the leader. Karma didn't need her brother to get too out of hand because she was sure that she wouldn't be able to get him out of trouble.

"You know why we're here! We have to figure out how to get Shadow to Gehenna, our Prince needs to get to his home. We need your help in taking him there, or else Satan will forcefully bring him back by any means necessary! Do you want our Prince to hate his brethren, his kind more than he already does?" Karma flapped her wings in warning for her brother to tone his anger down or else. There was no way that they would agree to help them with such an attitude. Saske sighed, shoulders slumping as his hazel eyes met the dark eyes of the demon. He needed an answer, just how long was this guy going to keep him waiting for one measly word. Yes or no. Was he going to help them or not? Surely, they'd be able to do this mission on their own, but if things were to get difficult, they'd need backup. Just why? Why did he like toying them so much? This was not a childish matter that could be dragged on by teasing and irritating mannerisms!

No one spoke. They weren't sure what he would choose. It was suffocating, watching and waiting. The demon seemed amused, finding their silent suffering funny as they awaited for his answer. He enjoyed doing this sort of thing to people. It was his entertainment, per say. Mentally dangling the information that they oh so desperately need in front of them, watching as they grow and grow more and more agitated by the minute? Oh, the rush he felt as he watched their cute little faces become red with anger and purple with rage! He loved doing things like that! "Here's the deal, you bring Shadow back here and we have a small chat. Then, if he either accepts or refuses my offer, I'll give you an answer. That is, if you complete this task."

"We'll do it!" exclaimed Karma before the male Fallen Angel could get a word in. She can feel the argument brewing within him. "By what day do you want him here?"

"Tomorrow. Make sure that no one follows you three, or else they wind up dead. Clear?"

The duo didn't hesitate, knowing that this was the best chance they got. "Crystal."

Yukio could tell that Rin was shocked and completely crestfallen and it wasn't like the younger wasn't either. He was worried for his older twin's well-being and mental health right at that moment. He couldn't tell what Satan's son was thinking, especially since his face held no expression when it usually had a ridiculous smile on it. The news that the doctor gave them had caused Mephisto to be uncharacteristically quiet the entire time on their way back.

Mephisto was too busy thinking what he was going to say to their father. Maybe Amaimon could run him a message. They didn't need Rin getting possessed until later. No matter, by the Blood Moon, his spinal cord should be repaired and should be walking around. He was not going to fail his father on getting his brother to Gehenna. If those two birds fail him, he had a backup plan in store. They better not fail, or else. His hand clenched as he stared out the window of the limo.

Unknown to the both of them, Rin was drowning. He was drowning in his self hatred and in the darkness of his mind. He was questioning himself, questioning his self worth. How? How could this even happen? He wanted to yell. Why? Why did he always get the short end of the stick and always be thrown into situations such as this? Did fate hate him so much? Was he always destined for never getting a break and constantly being a magnet for trouble? Just how long until his misfortune will backfire on him that one of his friends would get caught in the line of fire? Dammit! Dammit! I'm sick and tired of this shit! Why? Why am I—why was I ever born? Everything would be better if I was never born! Yukio wouldn't be in constant stress! Dad—Dad would still be here! They wouldn't have to constantly deal with Satan's spawn becoming unreliable! The demon of the Okumura twins was shaking, his hands clenched.

The doctor's words rang through the trio's heads. All having different thoughts on the matter. He was scheduled for surgery in two days. They were just going to have to hope that everything would turn out fine in the end.

"It seems that it messed up. Nothing irreparable but it's still worrisome. If not repaired soon, it'll become infected ..." she trailed off for a second, her gaze on the young demon. "... and your chances of walking will be minimal."

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