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After getting acquainted to the base, Goku grabbed a bite to eat with Winston. He was able to get food from the capsules given to him by Firey. Winston joined him as well, eating a few bananas along with a jar peanut butter.

They are now at the mess hall and the Saiyan is telling the scientist of his adventures back in his universe. He told him of all his battles, the struggles he overcame.

Winston was astonished.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined someone like Goku, someone who has surpassed impossible odds, to have existed.

He looks at Goku with admiration.

The saiyan is currently telling him of his battle with Frieza. Winston recalls that name as Firey mentioned it beforehand.

Back then, Firey was trying to convince the scientist to start the recall and regroup overwatch, to reunite his family.

However, Winston was conflicted as Overwatch activity had been deemed illegal thanks to the Pertras Act.

It certainly didn't help as his AI assistant and friend, Athena, also sided against the recall as it would label them as wanted criminals.

And by that logic, Winston reluctantly decides against the recall.

To help, Firey suggested that he would bring a legendary warrior to aid them in their dark times.

That legendary warrior was none other than Goku himself.

Winston remembers that Friey only briefly spoke of Goku. Only mentioning that he had the power to rival the Gods themselves.

He also mentioned that Goku saved the universe from a tyrant know as Frieza who tried to rule the universe.

And that was about how much Firey told him of Goku.

"I gotta tell ya, that battle was intense. After I used the Spirit Bomb on him, we were all positive that he didn't survive it. But we were wrong." The saiyan says, remembering his legendary battle with Frieza like it was yesterday.

He recalled how the space tyrant appeared on top of a small rock formation after the explosion.

The dread fell on him and his friends.

Frieza was livid.

He critically injured Piccolo and killed Krillin before their very eyes. He was about to go for Gohan.

That was when 'it' happened.

The thing that changed Goku's and everyone else's lives forever.

Goku snapped.

His rage consumed him, allowing his to reach a new level of power.

The day he first transformed into a Super Saiyan.

That battle.

That moment.

It introduced everyone to a new realm of power.

"You are capable of transformation?" The scientist asks.

Goku nods his head.

"Yup! I have 5 transformations in total." He says, smiling.

"Amazing! You could give a lot of ex-Overwatch agents a run for their money! Heck, you could take them all on at once and win." The gorilla states, astonished by Goku's strength.

Goku chuckles while scratching the back of his head.

"So, Winston. When are you going bring Overwatch back? I mean from the looks of things, they are needed now more than ever." The Saiyan God asks as he gets up from his seat.

"Well...I'm not sure, Goku. With the Petras act keeping Overwatch activity illegal, I don't know if Overwatch will ever return." Winston says, somberly.

Goku stops stretching and looks at the gorilla with a puzzled expression.

"Why are you letting a simple law stop you from doing that? With innocents in danger, you shouldn't worry about some dumb law." He says, making Winston's eyes widen.

He starts thinking about what the Saiyan said but doesn't reply.

The gorilla sighs deeply.

"Hmm, I'm going to work on an invention. You are free to do what you please, Goku." Winston says.

Goku puts his arms behind his head.

What could he do?

He could train some more considering that's what he usually does. But he wants to know Winston more.

"Can I watch? I mean, I literally have nothing to do." He asks.

Winston chuckles.

"Of course! You're more than welcome." Winston says as he walks towards he leaves the mess hall for his lab with Goku by his side.

Winston is currently working on a small device with the help of his AI friend, Athena. Goku is there with him. He opted out for helping the scientist as he didn't have the 'technical mumbo-jumbo' for it.

Instead, he thought of telling Winston more of his adventures while bouncing a Ki ball on his feet.

Something he found himself doing a lot of after his first battle with Lord Beerus.

Winston stops working with the device and puts his tools down.

"Shield generator test ready to proceed." Athena says as the gorilla activates the, now called, shield generator.

The shield barrier functions and produces a small shield dome for a few seconds before showing errors.

It then makes a small explosion, knocking Winston and Goku back.

"Well, that was something…" The Saiyan gets off the floor, chuckling lightheartedly.

Winston however, get up frustrated. He then climbs onto a tire swing.

"Now, now. No need for that, Winston. Your heart rate is through the roof." Athena chimes, making the gorilla roll his eyes.

"I told you to stop monitoring my vitals, Athena." He says as he swings to a balcony above.

"Very well." She says.

Winston sits at a computer, grabbing a banana and a jar of peanut butter. He unscrews the jar of peanut butter with his mouth and peels the banana.

He then spits out the jar as Goku flies up to him without him noticing.

"It has been 43 days, 7 hours, and 29 seconds since your last cardio workout. Remember, a healthy body is-"

"-a healthy mind. That's why I have this." The scientist interrupts his AI companion's advise as he held up a banana.

"Can I have one too?" Goku suddenly asks, startling Winston.

"Goku! Oh my, you almost gave me a heart attack." Winston says.

Goku chuckles nervously.

"Hehe...sorry about that." He says, scratching the back of his head.

"It's alright. Anyway, here you go." Winston sighs, tossing Goku a banana.

"Thanks!" The saiyan replied happily and proceeds to eat it.

Winston cracks his feet knuckles and types on a keyboard. The news appears on the screen.

"The Second Omnic Crisis continues to devastate Russia. The conflict between Omnics and Humans has now claimed over 15,000 lives. So far, the international community has been reluctant to intervene…" The reporter says, Winston starts typing on the keyboard yet again, but more furiously.

A screen pops up.



Winston's hand hovers over the options. He was hesitant. There's no turning back if he initiates the recall.

"Every time you see news of this sort we go through this. I remind you, recalling Overwatch agents to active duty comes with great risk." Athena says, bringing up images of the Petras act and overwatch agents getting arrested, making Winston roll his eyes.

Goku scowls at the images.

The situation was worse than he initially thought.

"The Petras Act clearly states any Overwatch activity is deemed illegal and punishable by prosecution." The AI continues.

Winston slumps in his chair.

"I know. You're right." He sighs as Athena closes the images she showed.

"That's the way the world is. But I do miss the old days…" Winston says sadly, looking at old photos of his friends.

More specifically, the image of what looks to be a younger version of himself next to a man in a lab coat, donning glasses that looked like the ones Winston is wearing right now.

Goku frowns at this. He knew how the gorilla felt. In Fact, this gave rise to memories of his past. He missed the old days of training under master Roshi along with his best friend Krillin.

He misses his family, he loved them so much.

Heck, he misses the work Chichi made him do.

He misses Chichi.

He misses Goten.

He misses Gohan and his family.

He's never going to see them again.

Goku puts a comforting hand on the gentle giant's shoulder.

Suddenly, a screen flashes 'INTRUDER ALERT', startling the two.

"I'm detecting intruders." Athena says.

"Talon…" Winston says grimly as narrowed his eyes.

He turns to Goku.

"Goku, I need you to stand back till I say so. I know you might want to help, but we can't risk Talon knowing about you." He says as he removed his glasses.

Goku was about to protest, but decides against it. He already made many mistakes in his life, one of which caused the loss of his family. He didn't want to make a mistake again.

"Fine... fight well." Goku reluctantly says.

Winston nods.

"Athena.. kill the lights." He says.

6 armored soldiers break into Winston's lab with their guns primed and ready. The lights were out so they couldn't see anything.

Goku and Winston are watching in a dark corner, both of them eating bananas.

Winston drops a peel in front of the soldiers and Goku drops one on one of the soldier's head. They turn to look at the peel on the floor (minus the one who has a peel on his head).

Winston drops from the ceiling.


And lands on the soldier with the peel on his head, knocking him out.

The soldiers begin to fire at Winston, who isn't affected, and throws two soldiers away smashes another soldier into the ground.


He then smashes the last two into each other.


Goku watches the fight intently, he was impressed by what the gorilla was capable of.

Suddenly, a black smoke appears and flies to the balcony above.

The black smoke appears to be a man in a mask.

Winston tries to jump at him but was held down by tasers from other Talon soldiers, who have regrouped.

Reaper goes to Winston's computer and attaches a device to one of his servers.

The screens start glitching and a one of them show 'DATA BREACH'.

"Security protocols failing. Winston, Reaper is extracting the Overwatch agent database.

Winston tries to move but continues to get tased." Athena alarms Winston.

He tries to get back up, but immediately gets tased.

One of the Talon soldiers accidentally slips on the banana peel that Winston threw earlier, giving him the opening he needed.

He laughs as he gets up. He then enters this form where he gains a red tint and he eyes glow yellow.

He then grabs one soldier's taser and smashed it into other soldiers.

"Extraction at 32%" Athena states as Winston throws a Talon soldier through the window behind the masked man.

The masked man sighs in disappointment and pulls out two shotgun out of nowhere.

He jumps and lands behind Winston and begins firing at him. Winston gets pushed back before collapsing into his table, causing all his work to fall onto the floor.

The masked man then shoots some sort of space capsule on the ceiling, making it fall on the gorilla, Knocking him out.

"Winston!" Athena yells, seemingly bringing the gorilla back to consciousness.

"Winston! He's going to have all agents' locations!" She exclaims.

He wakes remembering the words from someone he held dear.

Never accept the world as it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could be…

The masked man throws his shotguns to floor and pull out a new pair as he walks towards Winston.

"I'll be sure to send them your regards, monkey." He says with a gruff voice, pointing his weapons at the gorilla.

Winston narrows his eyes at him.

"I'm not a monkey...I am a scientist!" Winston was about to reach for the barrier projector.

But before he could do so, Goku phases out from his spot and reappears I front of him.

And in an instant, he delivers a swift punch to the masked man's face, cracking the mask and sending him skidding across the floor.

Winston's eyes widen at that. He couldn't believe Goku's speed.

Without giving him time to react, Goku send a small ball of Ki at him, causing a small explosion.

The explosion sends the man across the room as he dissolved into a black smoke.

Goku then helps Winston up.

Winston sends a smile towards Goku, which he returns with his signature Son grin.

"Extraction. 90. Percent." Athena states, alarming Goku and Winston.

Winston, without a second to lose, climbs up to his computer room and remove the device set by the masked man and crushes in in his hand.

"Failing. 98%." Athena says.

Winston then runs to his computer and begins typing furiously.

"Hang on, Athena!" He exclaims.

Suddenly, all the monitors shut off, scaring Winston.

"Athena? A-Athena!?" The scientist calls out, praying he didn't lose her.

Then suddenly her logo appears on the screens as all the monitors switches on. Athena rebooted.

"Virus quarantined. I'm running diagnostics on the core database. Restoring systems.." Athena states as all the screens return to their state before Talon arrived.

Goku and Winston sigh in relief and high five each other in celebration.

"We did it! Thank you for your help, Goku!" Winston says to the Saiyan.

Goku chuckles.

"Always happy to help!" He says giving Winston a peace sign.

Their attention was then brought back to the computer as the recall screen pops up again.



Winston picks up his glasses, remembering the value they held and looks at Goku, who was giving him an approving nod and a smirk.

He smirks back while putting the glasses on and proudly selects 'Y'.

Doing so, made a globe appear with several locations marked.

"Establishing agent connections." Athena says.

Goku and Winston are left in awe at the sight of the many agents that flashed on the screen.

They were then snapped from their ogling by a call.

"Winston? Is that you, luv? A-ha! It's been too long!" A British woman says through the call.

Winston smirks to himself.

"Yes. Yes it has" He says.

While Goku and Winston were at the computer, a black smoke flies out of the room, cackling silently.


And here's chapter 2!

Hope you guys enjoyed it. I want to clear things up.

Number One being that the movies are Canon. So Goku has faced villains like Broly. Soo….yeah.

Second, the timeline is pretty obvious. I mean, Recall happened in this chapter so I don't think I need to explain any further.

Third, the reason why I gave Goku limiters. I gave him those so that he isn't too OP in this story. I mean yeah, even with the limiters he can trash almost everyone in the Overwatch universe.

And yes , I know he can control his own power. But here me out. Knowing how things are in this universe and knowing how messed up villians can get, it is possible someone could 'really' piss Goku off.

And a pissed off Goku = Explosion of power = Completely and utter demolition.

I mean, if Frieza can do it, then some fucked up human being from the Overwatch universe can do it.

Things can get pretty dark and Goku getting really angry is a major possibility.

And it's also worth noting that I just don't want things to end to easily. I want make a story with Goku. I don't want to make it so that he trashes everyone and then 'The End'.

I want to have some kind of plot in this, some character development and interaction in this.

Anyway, that's all I plan to talk about. I'm still welcome to all of your opinions, thoughts and ideas.

Thank you for reading.