A/N - Sorry, not a new official update to the story. I just wrote this scene originally to be Loki's POV from the first chapter, then discarded it and rewrote it. But I don't want it to go to waste it as I'm rather fond of this little snippet, so please enjoy :)

Dying never gets easier.

It isn't so much the pain, it's more the thought of dying, of leaving this world for the unknown. Loki prefers to be in control, and dying is probably the most out-of-control you can get.

Falling through the endless Void, Loki had been prepared to meet the cold, unrelenting arms of Death. Bleeding out on Svartalfheim with a grieving Thor over him, Loki had also been ready.

He certainly isn't ready now.

Normally, if Loki wasn't ready for something, he would instantly back out and wait. Loki does everything in his own time and in his own way, no matter what everyone else thinks. Loki is not one for jumping outside of a comfort zone.

The trouble is, he can't exactly stop himself from dying. With Thanos' huge, purple fist crushing his neck and with Loki's feet currently dangling two feet off the ground, there isn't much he could do.

Loki should have thought this through before he attacked Thanos with nothing but a knife. Dying heroically seemed fine at the moment, now, Loki wants nothing more but to leave.

Thor is trashing wildly in his bonds, desperate to stop Thanos but unable to do anything. He is screaming behind the strip of metal covering his mouth, crying out either No, no, no, or Loki's name itself.

The thought of Thor grieving him should give Loki savage pleasure, strangely though, it doesn't. It just makes Loki's heart hurt.

Loki is barely aware of Thanos hurling his limp body to the ground in front of Thor. There are voices, and then Thanos and his minions are gone.

Thor is grabbing him, sobbing as he falls over his little brother's body. Loki wants to say something, anything but simply can't summon the strength.

We were raised together.

We played together.

We fought together.

Loki refused to let them die together.

With the last of his strength, Loki cast a protective charm over Thor and finally slipped into oblivion.

I'm sorry, brother.

No resurrections this time.