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For if I were JKR I would have killed off different people, Ron, Ginny, Percy, Molly (okay I have a problem with certain gingers) and I would have given Sirius, Remus and Hermione a happy ending. Really, Hermione would have killed Ron

Sitting at the back of the Banquet Hall, Hermione is delicately dabbing at her tear-filled eyes. Please let this be a dream. The man that she has loved for the last 6 years is getting married and not to her.

She has been in love with him since her 3rd year. At first, it was just a schoolgirl crush, but as the years passed it grew into an overwhelming love that no amount of cold showers can douse.

The ceremony will be starting in 20 minutes and she just knows that he will call it off. That he will come to his senses and declare his love for her. After all did they not have a splendid night together just last week?

He claims that it was a farewell night, but she can't get over the denial that it was more. It was magical. You could feel the magic swirling around them as they made love.

NO! She will not dwell on that night. Feeling like the room was closing in on her, Hermione grabbed her bag and ran out of the room. That was it. She was leaving. It is less than 10 minutes until his wedding and she was playing the jilted lover.