It wasn't enough to lose one brother today?

It wasn't enough to spill the blood of the brother whose laughter was pure joy?

It wasn't enough that I missed the final moments my own blood beat through his veins?

It wasn't enough?!

The brother of my heart and soul had to die too?!

It wasn't enough?

The brother forged in friendship had to be torn from me also?

It wasn't enough that he faced death every year of his life?

It wasn't enough that death had taken his entire family?

It wasn't enough the bodies of our classmates that littered his path?


Beside me,

barely standing,

this woman I love.

I see her fall apart

with every passing breath.

The tears pour silently down her muddied face.

Silent sobs wrack her body with such force.

I am all she can cling to.

She has lost so much.

And so much more will be taken still.

This isn't enough?

My mother's eyes so vacant.

My father's strength so shattered.

My remaining brothers all so lost.

My sister, who has lost more even than I,

so silent.

This isn't enough?

Before us broken he is borne

by arms so strong,

by hearts so shattered.

He went forth so determined,

almost at peace.

To be mocked now even in his death?!

Is it not enough?

To lose one brother is heartbreaking.

To lose the war, devestating.

To lose this man,

this piece of my heart,

this mirror of my soul,

Is this not yet enough?