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Katsuhito Masaki sighed as he sat in his shrine. He thought back on what happened so long ago. He left on a trip only for the plane he was on to crash. He was able to survive thanks to his power but knew no one from Earth could. So, he put himself in suspended animation.

When he woke up in the hospital he found out that his wife went back to England thinking he would never wake up. He went to England and eventually found her. But she already started a new family with a baby girl. So, he went back to Japan not wanting to ruin her new life.

"I guess this is the price I pay for not telling her the truth" thought Katsuhito

He got up to begin his morning duties when he felt a burst of Juraian power.

"Juraian power" thought Katsuhito shocked

"But how, I am the only Juraian here" he thought

"Unless…" he began thinking

"Lily is mine" he exclaimed

"She must have been conceived right before I left on that disastrous trip" he thought

"I guess that explains that gut feeling I had to keep up to date on Lily and Petunia" he thought

He bought the earliest ticket he could to England. He lost track of Lily after she turned seventeen but knew where Petunia lived. He went to her house and knocked on the door.

Petunia opened the door and asked "What do you want"

"Hello Petunia" said Katsuhito

"I am an old friend of your mother and was wondering if you could tell me where Lily lives" he asked

"She got herself blown up and we got her freakish son" exclaimed Petunia

"I have a grandson" thought Katsuhito

"Was it his power that I felt" he thought

"Why would you call your nephew a freak" asked Katsuhito

"Because I just know he will be a freak just like my sister and that husband of hers" shouted Petunia

"I could take him in" said Katsuhito

"Good" said Petunia

She walked into the house and opened the cupboard under the stairs. She took out the baby basket and shoved into Katsuhito's arms.

"I don't want his freakiness infecting my Dudley" said Petunia

She then slammed the door in his face.

Katsuhito knocked on the door again and Petunia opened it screaming "What"

"You didn't tell me his name" said Katsuhito

"Harry Potter" said Petunia

She then slammed the door again.

Katsuhito went to the Japanese Consulate and told them what happened. After the blood test and investigation was completed, he was given custody of his grandson. He filled out all the necessary paperwork and they were on their way back to Japan.

When they arrived in Japan they were stopped by two officers at the airport.

"Can you please come with us sir" asked one of the officers

"What is the problem officer" asked Katsuhito

"I already filled out the necessary paperwork before leaving England" he said

"We know that sir" said the first officer

"They just forgot to mention a few things" he said

"Ok" said Katsuhito

"May I see your grandson" asked the second officer

"We want to make sure he was given a proper checkup" she said

"Yes" said Katsuhito

The second officer took Harry from his arms while the first officer led him to a room off to the side. Katsuhito's eyes inwardly narrowed when he felt himself go through a barrier.

"What was that" thought Katsuhito

"Ah good, you are a squib then" said the officer

"That will make things much easier" he said

"What was that" asked Katsuhito

"And what do you mean by me being a squib" he asked

"Tell me Mr. Masaki, do you believe in magic" asked the officer

He then explained everything to do with the magical world and the events that led up to Harry winding up with Petunia.

"They are really good at hiding themselves if I didn't find out about this until now" thought Katsuhito

"It must have been Harry's power that I felt then protecting him from that attack" he thought

"Since Lily didn't know about her power and she was intent of sacrificing herself for her son, her power allowed her to do that" he thought

"I take it I wasn't told this before I left since I didn't talk with the magical government" asked Katsuhito

"Yes" said the officer nodding his head

"You probably wouldn't be able to leave if you did" he said

"Because of what happened" asked Katsuhito

"Yes" said officer nodding his head

"This issue will come up again when he turns eleven" he said

"But someone will come to talk to you about that when the time comes" he added

"Is my grandson really getting a checkup" asked Katsuhito

"Yes" said the officer nodding his head

"But we did use it as an excuse to see if you could pass the no magic ward by yourself" he explained

"I take it I would have been able to pass regardless if I was holding him" asked Katsuhito

"Yes" said the officer nodding his head

"That is so the parents of First-Gens can accompany them to any magical site" he explained

The second officer came in and handed Harry to Katsuhito.

"Your grandson is perfectly healthy" said the second officer

"Thank you" said Katsuhito

He then got up and left with Harry.

Once they were gone, the first officer asked "What did you find"

"Only some blocks that were removed" said the second officer

"We didn't find anything relating to that incident" she said

Some years later, Harry was now six. Katsuhito was taking Harry to his first day of preschool.

"Where are we going grandpa" asked Harry

"To preschool" said Katsuhito

"I thought it be best for you to interact with kids your age before school" he explained

"Ok" said Harry

After his grandpa dropped him off, Harry looked around and saw a blue haired girl sitting by herself reading a book.

"She seems nice" thought Harry

He walked over to her and said "Hello"

"My name is Harry"

"I'm Ami"

At the end of the day Katsuhito came to pick up Harry and saw him playing with a blue haired girl.

"Ready to go Harry" asked Katsuhito

"Can we stay until Ami's mom shows up" asked Harry

"Sure" said Katsuhito smiling

About an hour later Dr. Mizuno showed up.

"Mommy" exclaimed Ami hugging her

"I'm sorry that I am late Ami" said Saeko

"It's ok mommy" said Ami letting go

"I know your job is important saving people" she said

Dr. Mizuno smiled down at her daughter before she noticed a black-haired boy standing nearby.

"Who is this" asked Saeko

"This is my new friend Harry" said Ami happily

"Why are you still here" asked Saeko

"I didn't want to leave Ami by herself" said Harry bashfully

"How sweet of you" said Saeko smiling

A few months later while they were at the park, Katsuhito asked "Can I ask what happened to Ami's father"

"He left us about a year ago" said Saeko

"He was an artist that used to go out on long trips but agreed to stay home with Ami when she was born" she explained

"But a year ago he said he wanted to go out on a long trip again" she continued

"I told him to wait until Ami could take care of herself since I couldn't get that much time off" she continued

"He said Ami could take care of herself then" she said growling

"He expected a five-year-old to take care of themselves" said Katsuhito

"Yes" said Saeko nodding her head

"He said that Ami was smart enough to take care of herself" she said

"No five-year-old child, no matter how smart they are, can take care of themselves" said Katsuhito

"I told him that and we had a big argument about it that ended up with him leaving" said Saeko sadly

"I have tried to cut back on my hours, but emergencies happen" she said

"I can understand that" said Katsuhito

"I can watch Ami whenever you are busy if you want me too" he said

"I wouldn't want to impose on you" said Saeko

"It's fine" said Katsuhito waving his hand

"I have nothing to do since I closed my shrine while Harry is at preschool" he said

"Thank you" said Saeko smiling

"That will be very helpful" she said

A few years later, Harry and Ami were now eight years old. Katsuhito were taking them to meet an old friend of his that he recently reconnected with.

"Whose shrine does this belong to" asked Harry walking up the steps

"It belongs to an old friend of mine that I recently reconnected with" said Katsuhito

"He told me that he had a granddaughter around your age that I thought you both would like to meet" he said

Both Harry and Ami smiled at that. They would like to meet a new friend. All three of them arrived at the top of the stairs and saw an old man in shrine robes waiting for them.

"Ah, it is good to see you again Katsuhito" said Hiroshi

"It is good to see you again my friend" said Katsuhito shaking his hand

"Is this your grandson" asked Hiroshi looking at Harry

"Yes" said Katsuhito nodding his head

"This is my grandson Harry and his friend Ami" he said pointing to each of them

"Where is your granddaughter" he asked

"She is currently inside, I will go get her" said Hiroshi

He went into the shrine and came back a few minutes later with a young girl with long black hair wearing a Miko outfit.

"This is my granddaughter, Rei Hino" said Hiroshi

"Rei, this is an old friend of mine Katsuhito and his grandson Harry and his friend Ami" he said

"It is a pleasure to meet you" said Rei bowing

"But you're not Japanese" she said

"Thank you for telling me that" said Harry sarcastically

"I would have never known" he said

"Rei, apologize" said Hiroshi sternly

"I am sorry for what I said" said Rei bowing her head

"It's fine" said Harry waving his hand

"I'm used to it" he said

"Why don't you show them around the shrine" said Hiroshi

"Yes grandfather" said Rei

"Please follow me" she said

She then turned around and walked away with Harry and Ami following behind her.