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The entire Great Hall went quiet at that. Everyone was frozen at that announcement. Since no one was moving, Harry took off the Sorting Hat himself and put it on the stool before going to the Hufflepuff table. Once he sat down, all the students starting muttering while Professor Sprout had to send a stinging hex at Professor McGonagall to get her to continue the sorting.

"Why did everyone react like that" asked Harry

"Everyone thought you would go into Gryffindor like your parents" said a red-haired girl

"I'm Susan Bones" she introduced herself

"It is nice to meet you" said Harry bowing his head

"I don't know why people would think that since I never met them" he said

"Where are your glasses and scar" asked a student

"Never had them" said Harry

"Really" asked Susan surprised

"Yep" said Harry

"Don't know where someone got those from" he said

When the Sorting was complete, Dumbledore said a few words before food appeared all four tables. Harry didn't take any as he waited for his food to appear before he started eating.

"Why did you have your house elves bring you food" asked Susan

"My grandfather started teaching me my family's sword style which includes a strict diet" said Harry

"I thought your grandparents were dead" asked Susan

"My mother was adopted" said Harry

"WHAT" yelled the students

All the students started muttering about that until all the food disappeared. They continued to mutter about it until Dumbledore created a loud blast with his wand.

"Now that we have calmed down and have been fed, I have some announcements to make" said Dumbledore

"No students are to enter the Forbidden Forest" he continued

"No magic is allowed in the hallways" he continued

"No one is allowed to enter the third-floor corridor on the right-hand side unless they want to die a most painful death" he finished

"I bet that half of the school will check it out by the end of the month" thought Harry

All the students got up and the Prefects led the first years to their new dorms. The Hufflepuff Prefects led the new students down a floor to a collection barrels against the wall.

"Watch closely" said the Prefect

He tapped the barrels in a certain way causing one of them to open revealing a passageway. They all went though it into the common room.

"Welcome to Hufflepuff" said the Prefect

"Our dorms do not have a password like other dorms" he explained

"You have to tap the barrels in the way that I showed you to get in" he continued

"If you mess up you will be doused in vinegar and be barred entry for a while" he finished

"The boys' dorms are to your left and the girls' are on the right" said the other Prefect

"Please gather here tomorrow morning so that we can guide you to the Great Hall for breakfast" she said

"We will also show you to your classes for the first week" she said

"Good night" said the Prefects

Once the older students went to bed, all the younger students gathered around Harry all asking how his mother was adopted. He explained what happened to his grandfather. Everyone nodded their heads at that before they went to bed.

The next morning the Prefects led the first years to the Great Hall for breakfast. During breakfast their schedules were handed out. They saw that they had most of their classes with the Ravenclaws. As breakfast got over, Professor McGonagall came over to Harry.

"Mr. Potter, Professor Dumbledore would like to see you" said McGonagall

"That took longer than I thought" said Harry

"I thought he would want to talk last night" he added

He took a thick envelope out of his pocket and gave it to Professor McGonagall.

"Please give that to him, it will explain everything" said Harry

He then got up and followed the other Hufflepuffs out of the Great Hall.

"You really expected that to happen" asked Susan

"Yes" said Harry nodding his head

"That is why I came prepared" he added

During lunch Professor McGonagall came up to Harry again.

"Professor Dumbledore wants to see you now Mr. Potter" said McGonagall

"Fine" said Harry getting up

"I will go get Professor Sprout" he said

"That will not be necessary" said McGonagall

"She is my Head of House and I want her to be there" said Harry

He went up to the Head Table to where Professor Sprout was sitting.

"Could you join me to meet with Professor Dumbledore" asked Harry

"Of course, Mr. Potter" said Sprout getting up

The three of them left the Great Hall and went to Professor Dumbledore's office. Dumbledore frowned when he saw all of them come into his office.

"I only wanted to talk to Mr. Potter" said Dumbledore

"Then why is he here" asked Harry pointing at Snape

"He is not my Head of House and I haven't had his class yet" he explained

"Why you arrogant littleā€¦" growled Snape

"Severus has my complete trust" said Dumbledore

"That may be true but that does not mean he needs to be here for this meeting" said Harry

Dumbledore released a sigh before telling Snape to leave. Snape glared at Harry as he left.

"Where have you been Mr. Potter" asked Dumbledore

"It was in the documentation that I gave you" said Harry

"You really believe that person is your grandfather" asked Dumbledore

"You doubt a goblin blood test" asked Harry

"It seems pretty far-fetched" said Dumbledore

"It's the truth" said Harry

Dumbledore continued to ask Harry questions only for him to say it was in the documentation he gave him. Eventually Professor Sprout had enough.

"If you have no questions about Mr. Potter's classwork then he needs to leave for his next class" said Sprout

"Of course," said Dumbledore

Professor Sprout guided Harry out of Dumbledore's office to his next class.

At the end of the week Harry had his first potions class.

"This should be 'interesting'" thought Harry

He went into the classroom and sat down with Susan in front of one of the cauldrons.

Snape walked into the classroom and gave a speech about potions. He then started calling role stopping at Harry's name.

"Harry Potter, our new celebrity" said Snape

"Tell me Mr. Potter what I will get if I add powered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood" he asked

"That wasn't in the information provided" said Harry

"It was" said Snape

"Where would I find a bezoar" he asked

"In the stomach of a goat" said Harry

"It can protect you from most poisons" he added

"What is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane" asked Snape

"There is none since they are different names for the same plant" said Harry

"I guess fame isn't everything" said Snape

"Ten points from Hufflepuff" he said

He then waved his wand at the board causing instructions to appear.

"GET TO WORK" he yelled

"That's it" thought Harry

"No going over how to prepare ingredients, how to stir, and how different ingredients react to each other" he thought

"How are first gens supposed to know how to do this" he thought

Susan got the ingredients while Harry got the cauldron ready. Near the end of class Snape came by and saw their completed potion.

"That's wrong" said Snape

He then vanished the potion before walking away.

"How could he do that" exclaimed Susan

"There is no way we can complete it now" she cried

"Don't worry, I was prepared in case this happened" said Harry

He handed her a filled potion vial.

"The vial is unbreakable too" added Harry

"Thank you" said Susan

"Why did you prepare like this" she asked

"Because of what he did when I had that meeting with Dumbledore" said Harry

"Why was he there, he has nothing to do with you" said Susan

"I told him that and he called me arrogant" said Harry

"He then glared at me when Dumbledore told him to leave" he said

At the end of class, they joined the other students in placing the vials on Snape's desk. Snape glared at them as they put theirs in the middle of everyone else's.

Once they were out of the classroom, Susan said "That man isn't a teacher"

"That is because he doesn't teach" said Harry

"How are First Gens supposed to learn how to prepare ingredients, stir a cauldron, and know how ingredients react with each other" he explained

"You already had a potions class" asked Susan

"Japan starts a year early, but it was mostly theory" said Harry

"That is what they call muggleborn there" asked Susan

"It makes sense" said Harry

"They are the first generation of a new magical family" he added

During the next potion class, they found out Snape gave them a barely passing grade.

"Our potion was better than that" said Susan

"I am going to tell my aunt about this" she said

"What could she do" asked Harry

"She is the director of the DMLE" said Susan

"Give her this" said Harry giving her a filled vial

"You still have one" said Susan surprised

"I got extra in case he tried to sabotage our grades" said Harry

During that weekend, Harry was finishing up his work for the week in the common room. Hannah Abbott saw this and came over.

"I thought you already did your homework Harry" asked Hannah

"I did" said Harry

"This is my work so that I can keep up with my friends" he said

"That looks like a math book" said Justin Finch-Fletchley coming over

"It is" said Harry

"I want to keep my options open when I graduate" he said

"Why would you want to leave this" asked Justin

"I don't but want to keep all my options available" said Harry