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While talking to Ami that night, Harry told her about the invisibility cloak and how he got it.

"He just won't leave you alone," said Ami.

"I know," said Harry.

"Can you look up a way that I can keep it with me all the time" he asked?

"Sure" said Ami.

A few days later Ami found a spell that could be especially useful, the extension charm.

"This is just what Harry needs" thought Ami.

"But it looks too advanced to do right now" she thought.

"Maybe we could buy something with this" she thought.

When she talked to Harry next, she told him what she found.

"Thanks Ami," said Harry.

"We can go looking this summer" he said.

"Ok" said Ami.

Once classes started again, Susan's plan finally came to fruition. Harry was paired with every student in the class, and they all complained about what Snape was doing. He finally just gave up and Harry wound up pairing up with Susan again.

After they left that class, Harry said "Nicely done Susan."

"Thank you" said Susan smiling.

"I am surprised it actually went that far" she said.

"I thought he wouldn't include the Ravenclaw students in it" she said.

"They would have complained without any prodding" she added.

"That is how much he hates me," said Harry.

One morning there was a buzz around the school as Hagrid's hut had burned down. It was later found out that he tried to raise a dragon in his wooden hut.

After Easter was over, Professor Quirrell asked Harry to stay behind after class and Susan stayed behind with him.

"Why don't you go on ahead Susan" said Harry looking at her.

"Look Out" shouted Susan!

Both Harry and Susan dropped to the floor as a stunner flew over Harry's head.

"Meddling girl" growled Quirrell.

"I will just take you both" he said.

"You are not ready yet," said a female voice.

"I will manage this" she said.

Quirrell sent two stunners at them only for Harry to hold out his hand blocking the two stunners by them hitting a barrier. Harry quickly got up and took out his wand. A beam of energy shot out of it forming a blade. He shot forward and stabbed the shocked Quirrell. Quirrell body crumbed into dust as a spirit came out of it. Harry slashed though the spirit destroying it.

"How interesting that they were able to recreate a key," said the female voice.

"Try not to get in trouble again until you are ready" she said.

Harry put away his wand before he fainted.

"Harry" shouted Susan.

She quickly got up and ran over to him. She sighed in relief when she saw that he was fine and only fainted.

"What am I going to do" thought Susan.

She did not think it was a clever idea to explain what happened to any of the professors. At least no one will come looking for them since it was the last class of the day.

"Probably why he did this now" thought Susan.

She then remembered the phoenix that picks up and brings Harry's assignments to him.

"Maybe he can help" thought Susan.

"Suzaku" called Susan.

Suzaku appeared in a burst of fire and took in the situation. He grabbed onto both and disappeared in a burst of fire. When they arrived, Susan looked around and saw they were in a bedroom and Harry was lying on the bed.

"Could this be Harry's room" thought Susan.

She heard someone and took out her wand and hid it before facing the door. She saw an elderly man come through the door.

"Why are you here" asked Katsuhito?

"Are you Harry's grandfather" asked Susan?

"Yes" said Katsuhito nodding his head.

"I am Katsuhito Masaki."

"My name is Susan Bones" she said putting away her wand.

"Harry's friend from Hogwarts" said Katsuhito smiling.

"What happened" he asked?

"One of our Professors was possessed and asked us to stay after class before trying to stun us" explained Susan.

"We both dodged it and that was when Harry started acting differently," she continued.

"How so" asked Katsuhito?

"Harry held out his hand and blocked the next stunners before taking out his wand with a magic blade coming out of it" explained Susan.

"An energy blade came out of his wand" asked Katsuhito?

"Yes" said Susan nodding her head.

"They were able to create a key" thought Katsuhito shocked.

"I did not expect this, I only gave them the wood to fix the power problem" he thought.

"Harry then stabbed the Professor who turned to ash and slashed though the spirit destroying it" explained Susan.

"He fainted after that" she continued.

"I thought I best that no one found out about this and call for Suzaku who brought us here" she finished.

Katsuhito walked over to Harry and looked him over.

"He's fine and should wake up any moment now" said Katsuhito.

Harry chose that moment to groan and wake up. He opened his eyes and looked around seeing he was in his room.

"How did I get here" thought Harry.

"Harry" shouted Susan running over to him.

"How are you feeling" she asked?

"I'm fine," said Harry.

"How did we wind up in my room at home" he asked?

"After you fainted, I thought it would be best if no one found out what happened so I called for Suzaku hoping he would show up and he did" explained Susan.

"He was the one that brought us here" she finished.

"Can you tell me what happened Harry" asked Katsuhito?

"Susan has already told me what she saw, and I would like to hear your side of the story" he added.

"After I dodged the stunner, I heard a lady's voice," said Harry.

"You did" said Katsuhito surprised.

"What did they say" he asked?

"That I was not ready yet and they would take care of it," said Harry.

"That is when you started acting differently," said Susan.

"Then she sounded surprised about making a key before saying not to get into any more trouble before I am ready" finished Harry.

"Lady Tsunami is watching over him and guiding him" thought Katsuhito.

"I am going to have to accelerate my plans and explain everything next summer" he thought.

"Do you know what happened Grandpa" asked Harry?

"I do" said Katsuhito nodding his head.

"But that will have to wait until you come back in the summer since it would take too long to explain now" he said.

"Ok" said Harry.

"You better head back now" said Katsuhito.

Both Harry and Susan grabbed onto Suzaku and disappeared in burst of fire. They appeared in a hallway far away from DADA classroom.

"Thank you, Susan," said Harry giving her a hug.

"Why are you thanking me" said Susan surprised.

"I should be the one thanking you" she said returning it.

"You are the one that did everything" she said.

"But you took care of me after I fainted," said Harry.

"But I didn't do much," said Susan.

"You did enough," said Harry smiling.

Susan just sighed as she snuggled into Harry's embrace.

The next morning during breakfast, Dumbledore announced that Professor Quirrell had been called away and that he would be watching over the rest of the DADA classes left.

The end of the school year came, and everyone was packing up getting ready to leave. Harry noticed that Susan had suddenly started acting shy.

"What is it Susan" asked Harry?

"Could you ride home on the train with me" asked Susan blushing?

"Sure" said Harry smiling.

"Thank you" said Susan giving Harry a quick hug.

They both got on the train and claimed a compartment to themselves. Once they got close to Kings Cross station, Harry gave Susan a quick hug.

"I will see you next year," said Harry.

"You better tell me what your grandfather told you, " said Susan.

"I will" said Harry smiling.

He called for Suzaku who appeared and grabbed Harry before disappearing in burst of fire. He reappeared in the Dean's office.

"Welcome back Mr. Potter," said the Dean.

"Here is your exam schedule" he said handing Harry his schedule.

"Thank you" said Harry taking it.

"You will be given the weekend to rest and start Monday," said the Dean.

Harry went home and took a nap. He woke up in the afternoon and went down to the living room sneaking up on Ami and Rei.

"Hello there," said Harry.

Both Ami and Rei spun around and saw Harry standing there.

"HARRY" shouted Ami hugging him.

She then started checking him over.

"Grandpa told you what happened," said Harry.

"He did," said Rei nodding her head.

"You know that it happened weeks ago," said Harry.

"Still want to check to make sure," said Ami.

Rei came over and gave Harry a hug as well.

"When can we meet your new friend" asked Rei?

"You can probably talk to her next year since I plan to get her a commincation mirror," said Harry.

Ami looked worried before Harry came over, giving her a hug and a kiss.

"You don't have anything to worry about, I would never leave you for anyone," said Harry.

"Sorry" said Ami burying her head in his shoulder.

"I guess she needed to hear it from you," said Rei.

"Since I have been telling her she had nothing to worry about" she added.

After Harry aced his finals, Katsuhito took Harry, Ami, and Rei to his shrine.

"Follow me" said Katsuhito leading the way to the Sacred Tree.

"It is time for you to learn the truth about me and our heritage Harry" he said.

"Why are we here" asked Ami.

"This sounds like a family secret," said Rei.

"Because this will involve you both as well" said Katsuhito.

"That is why I encouraged you both to begin training as well when Harry began his" he added.

"I am getting the feeling we are about to take our first step into a larger world," said Harry.