I have noticed that there are not many Crossovers of Metal Gear and RWBY having Big Boss/Naked Snake as protagonist, so I thought I could do one.
And I have to say, this is my second Fanfic, and the first one is not finished yet.
And if you're interested in knowing, I thought the story could mostly about Action, Humor, Friendship and Adventure.
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Chapter 1

"This is good... isn't it?"

Those were the last words that came out of the mouth of the man who was known as Big Boss. A soldier, considered by some as 'The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century'. Founder of FOXHOUND, along with Militaires Sans Frontières, a PMC, and later the two military states of Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land.

But he was formerly known as Naked Snake, or simply as Snake.

Big Boss had a somewhat complicated life.

The Virtuous Mission and the Snake Eater Operation, those were the causes to stop believing in the United States and its government.
Then it came Les Enfants Terribles Project, led by Zero, in order to create clones of Big Boss, while he got more control and influence in the world. Big Boss created Outer Heaven to be able to fight against Zero's power and The Patriots. This had lasted for several years.

In Zanzibar Land, he was defeated by one of his clones, David, known as Solid Snake. But later his body was recovered and kept in a coma by The Patriots.
Although it seemed that it had failed, in the end Solid Snake was the one who ended up with the Patriots and their system of Artificial Intelligences. So Big Boss could wake up from his coma.

After making peace with his clone/son David, he accepted his imminent destiny, and after a long life of endless battles, finally he would have understood what The Boss wanted for the world, and now, the world, now free from The Patriots, could start one more time. A world without Snakes.

The last thing Big Boss did was enjoy a cigar. He began to slowly close his eyes, and his vision went black.

Finally Big Boss would have died in the Year 2014.

Or at least, that was supposed to happen.

Unknown location...

Big Boss was on the floor, where there was grass and dirt. It was night, and there were a few clouds in the sky, It seemed that it had recently rained, because the dirt and the grass was wet, but the moonlight could illuminate at least a little. That man, who was on the floor began to open his eyes slowly, or well, in the case of him, only one eye.

Big Boss began to blink, beginning to react. When he opened his eye, the only thing he saw was the sky and the clouds in the dark of the night. Snake didn't understand it, it was something really strange. He was wondering where he was and how he got there in the first place. But there was something else that caught his attention. Boss remembered that he was with David/Solid Snake, then he closed his eyes and accepted his fate. His death.

When a large cloud moved, it began to show the Moon, white and wonderful as always.
But as the cloud progressed, Snake noticed something quite strange, almost bizarre, his eye widened when he saw it. The Moon seemed to be broken, as if a part of it had been bombarded by a powerful bomb or attacked by something else. It was shattered.

"What the hell...?" Big Boss mumbled when he saw the moon like that. But something else caught his attention. His voice.

"What...?" His voice sounded strange, as if he was young, too young. Soon he stood up and looked at himself. He was wearing a Tiger Stripe Camouflage. Like the one he used during Operation Snake Eater and the Peace Walker incident.

He didn't understand how that was possible as he look to his hands. But there was also something even more important for him. Snake brought his hand to his head and felt something around his head.

It was The Boss's Bandana.

Why he had that bandana? He had thrown it when he was at the American Military Base in Nicaragua during the Peace Walker Incident. But now he was wearing it. How was that even possible? And where the hell was he? As he looked around, he noticed that he was in a forest, but how?

The last thing he remembered was that he was in the United States, in the Arlington National Cemetery, in Virginia, not in a forest. While looking at himself, he noticed that he was carrying a couple of things, that he found it strange that he had them. Things that Snake haven't seen in decades.

Among them was an heavily customized M1911 Pistol with a suppressor, like the one EVA gave him during Operation Snake Eater. Also an MK22 "Hush Puppy" with a small double-suppressor (MK22 Rank 5 of Peace Walker), he took the pistols to observe them in detail, noticing that they had ammo, the M1911 use .45 ACP, while the Mk22 use 9mm tranquilizer. He was also wearing his Survival knife, and a couple of frag grenades and flashbangs. And last but not least, on the grass, next to him was an M16A1 with a magazine of 30 bullets of 5.56×45mm NATO. When Snake saw the M16 on the floor, he took it.

He also carried a Walkman, the NWD-W202 model to be more precise. But apart from weapons, ammo, clothes and the Walkman, he had nothing else, he had no food rations, no radio. He was almost 'naked' in an unknown place.

(Great... It would be better if I start moving...) The now young Snake said in his mind, while still trying to understand what was happening. He was young, he was alive, and he was alone in a forest in a really strange place with the Moon and parts of it glowing in the sky. And if that wasn't a problem, he was going to have some more soon. Snake didn't notice, but among the darkness, the trees and the bushes, there were a pair of red/crimson eyes watching him.

Snake continued walking, while there were several thoughts in his head, about where was he or why he looked young, but after walking a few minutes, Snake stopped and looked around, he felt that something was not right, that something was watching him, stalking him, waiting for the right moment to attack.

And he wasn't wrong.

From a bush came a creature that could be described as something from a fantasy book or movie. In front of Snake was a creature that seemed to have black fur, with crimson eyes, bonelike spines along its body and the face looked like a skull, with red markings. That thing looked like an aggressive and sinister creature. It looked like a canine, and it was certainly huge.

Snake raised his M16 rifle and pointed at the creature as he took a few steps back towards a tree that was behind him, still seeing and pointing his gun at that thing. Snake was thinking if he should fight that thing or run, since it looked like it was quite thick skin. And it could be very stupid if he faced him with his knife only.

That creature could not contain itself anymore and charge in the direction of Snake, with the intention of killing him with his claws. But Snake, seeing his attack quickly, jumped to the side, rolling, while that creature had hit with its claws the tree behind Snake. The wolf-like creature left a large mark of its claws on the tree, and immediately turned to see Snake.

Snake soon aimed the M16 at the head of that black creature, and pulled the trigger. the creature was angry when receiving the first shots, and it seemed that they did not hurt that creature, so the wolf creature charged against Snake one more time. But Snake emptied the entire magazine against him, and after giving him the first 10 bullets, the following managed to penetrate his skull, causing the Beowolf to fall to the ground

The last two bullets left in the mag were fired against the head of that black creature, making sure it was dead. When the Beowolf was dead, Snake observed it from top to bottom, that thing really had a demonic appearance, but as long as that thing could die, there was nothing to fear. But even so, seeing that thing already had an idea of what was happening. So now he just had a question for himself.

But soon after he killed that thing, it began to disappear as if it had turned to smoke and ashes until it left no trace of its existence.

"Just where the hell am I..?" Big Boss said to himself.

But without knowing it, Snake was being watched by someone else from outside the forest.

Meanwhile in Beacon...

A man with silver hair was in his office, watching through one of the cameras the battle between the Beowolf and the young man in. He had watched as that young man killed the Beowolf in a matter of seconds with his weapon. Although his face did not say it, he was impressed by what the young man did, because he had not even used his Semblance, he didn't even show his Aura, so that only meant that he didn't have one. But the most remarkable thing was that Ozpin didn't know him, because although he looked young, he was not a student, and he didn't understand why he was in the Emerald Forest. And why he was in the Forest in the night? He wanted to know.

"What should we do?" A mature woman with blond hair and glasses asked to the silver-haired man, who was also watching that live video of that guy that eliminated Beowolf. Unlike that man, the women named Glynda Goodwitch let show her reaction, just a little, because like him, she was a little impressed how the young man killed the Beowolf in a simple way.

"We could send someone to bring him to the Academy..." Said the man, named Ozpin, Headmaster of Beacon Academy. "How about... Team RWBY? Call them and tell them to come to my office immediately."

Goodwitch nodded. While he continued to observe that unknown individual, noticing that he was beginning to move, so he would only have to observe him through the cameras. The man in the forest looked confused when he saw the Beowolf.

(This could be interesting...") Ozpin said mentally, while drinking coffee from his mug.

End of Chapter 1.

Well, here's the first episode, I hope you like it. But I have to say a couple of things first, so I hope you don't kill me.

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