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Chapter 2

In Beacon Academy

A team conformed of four girls was called by Prof. Goodwitch. Since it was night, being almost 10 PM and there was nothing else to do, they thought that it should be some important issue, or that maybe, for some reason, the four could be in problems. So they used an elevator to get to where Ozpin was.

"Team RWBY is here Professor Ozpin." Said the younger of the four, also the leader of the team."

Thank you for coming, I hope I didn't interrupt you while you were studying." Said Ozpin in a fairly calm tone. Upon hearing this, they, with the exception of Blake, responded with a somewhat nervous laugh,Obviously they were not going to be studying, much less at that time. "I called you here because I need you to do something."
After saying that, Ozpin showed those teenagers a recording that was from the Emerald forest.

"What is it?" Asked the blonde, at first, nothing was seen, but soon the group of 4 noticed that in the video a person was walking, carrying in their hands a weapon, which had a shape that they had never seen before and wearing strange clothes.

"Who is he?" Asked Ruby, while everyone watched the video, the man seemed to have been quiet for a moment.

"I don't know... he's not a student, not even someone i've seen before." Answered Ozpin. Team RWBY was a little surprised to hear this, and while watching the video, they saw how a Beowolf appeared in front of that person, but instead of running or attacking, he maintained his position. Soon they saw how a fight between that person and the Beowolf began, in which, that man strange green clothes ended up killing the Beowolf. Although the battle was short, they could only think of one thing.

"Wow... " Said the younger one of the team.

"Well, this is what I want you to do, I want you to look for this young men and bring him to Beacon, can I count on you?" Asked the Professor.

"Don't worry Professor, we'll take care of this!" The team leader said, excited. While the rest nodded. With nothing more to do or say, they ended up retiring in the direction of the elevator to go to take a Bullhead. Ozpin continued looking at the cameras, to continue watching that guy, you see live. He observed that the man in green clothes was in front of a pond. While continuing to watch him, he drank from the mug with coffee.

Emerald Forest.

Several minutes passed after Snake had killed that creature of which he had no knowledge, but for the inhabitants of Remnant, it was a Beowolf, a Grimm. At the moment, Snake didn't found another one of those things, so the short journey was fairly quiet.

While walking in that Forest, Snake ended up finding a pond, which took the opportunity to drink and fill his canteen, which was empty. For now, some water did not hurt at all. On the contrary, it was a bit of luck, and then he should find something to eat.

While he was drinking that clean water from the pond that he had just found, Snake watched his reflection in the water, and could see his face. He had brown hair, he had his patch on his right eye, and also had beard, but it was very short compared to how he had it before, maybe due to his new age. And speaking of age, Snake deduced that his new appearance could be between the age of 18 and 20. As much as Snake looked at his reflection, even holding his hand to his face, he could not believe it, let alone understand it.

His current plan was to continue walking and leave the Forest, and if it could be possible, find a place with people. A city, a village or even a military base, whatever it could be. And maybe, eat something he could find on the way, a rabbit, or whatever.

Snake ended up getting away from the pond and started one more time to walk. But in a minute, Snake began to hear something, a strange sound that every time became more noticeable. And through the trees he couldn't see it very well, but he could notices that, near his position an aircraft had appeared, but he didn't recognize the model, it looked new and modern. Snake for a moment thought that maybe it was a new type of aircraft created for the use of the US Army, after all, he was in a coma from 1999 to 2014, and very little time passed since he woke up until he died. Apart from the Gekkos, He did not know what kind of weapons and vehicles had been created for the modern armies of the world.

But even if it was from the United States or Russia, nothing was going to guarantee that those who approached it had good intentions. Snake took his M16 to his hip (Like in MGS 5), and took his M1911 on his right hand, and with his left hand he held his knife. Snake continued walking carefully and silently, hiding behind the trees, to see who was going to meet and possibly fight.

After a quick trip, the team of four Huntress got off the Bullhead.

"Very good! This is our first mission! Let's find this person and take him to Beacon!" Ruby said excitedly, while the Yang, Blake and Weiss just nodded.

Since they were only about 50 meters from where the man was shown in the video, the four walked together between the trees, in the direction where it could possibly be, but without lowering the guard in case they found some Grimm. Ruby and Yang were excited and interested in meeting this guy, but Ruby was the one who was most excited.
Weiss thought it was just some madman or an idiot who was there at night, while Blake was not so interested in the matter.

After a few minutes of walking, they found were the Beowolf died, but there was nothing else in the area.

"Well, here's where the Beowolf died, but I don't see that guy around here." Said Yang, while she, like the others looked at the ones around them.

"Maybe we should separate, if we don't find anything, we'll come back here." The young leader suggested. The other girls nodded, and soon began to take different paths in the forest.

Snake, behind some bushes next to a tree, was observing those figures that had gone to where he killed that creature. He couldn't say it well, maybe at night and the dark but it seemed that they were teenagers, but it definitely they were the ones in that VTOL aircraft.
Obviously Snake didn't think about killing them and getting out of there immediately, but he had to think about something. He watched as those four began to take different paths. He thought it was stupid that they were in that forest in the first place, since in the forest lived strong and horrible creatures.

Snake noticed that one of them was walking near where he was. So he just took a breath, and soon decided to leave where he was.

"Hey!" He yelled at that young girl, who seemed to be wearing black clothes with red, and her skin was slightly pale. Seeing it well, it didn't seem to go beyond 17 years. But when Snake shouted at her, she soon turned to see him, she was surprised, but she did not seem scared, even though Snake was carrying his gun and knife in his hands, but obviously he was not pointing at her, he kept the gun down.

"H-hello there!" She said with a slightly nervous smile, as she slowly approached Snake.

"What are you doing here kid?" Snake asked to the silver-eyed young , although she soon got a little irritated when she heard that.

"Hey! I am not a kid! I'm 15 years old!" She said making a slight pout of irritation.

"It reminds me of Chico..." Big Boss said mentally, slightly sad, as he remembered for a brief moment what had happened after Mother Base had been attacked by XOF in the Caribbean. Sure, that was a long time ago, but that didn't mean Snake had forgotten it. "All right, all right, sorry, I had no intention of making you angry."

When the young huntress heard that, she let out a small giggle. "It's fine, my name is Ruby, I'm from Beacon Academy." She said, noticing that the man didn't seem to be a bad person, even if he had an eyepatch and strange green-patterned clothes.

The first thing Snake thought was 'What is Beacon?', But once again, he should remember that he was in a coma for 15 years, and as she made it sound, it had to be a school nearby, although built in the worst place in the world.

"Who are you? What's your name?" Ruby asked, as he approached Snake, but his eyes kept watching the gun with suppressor that he was using.

Snake thought for a brief moment, believing that it would be a bit strange if he said he was called 'Big Boss', so he thought better of saying his old code name to the young girl. "It's Snake."

"Snake? That's a cool name!" Said the young black-red haired girl.

"Well, I don't think this forest is a safe place, maybe the best thing for us is to get out of here." Snake suggested the young teenager. But before Ruby could say anything, once again those creatures that had attacked Snake appeared from the bushes. This time being two Beowolf.

Those black, red-eyed creatures had appeared in front of them, and obviously they were more than willing to kill them both. Ruby was ready to take out her weapon, Crescent Rose and fight them. But Snake got in front of her, because the worst thing that could happen was to let both of them be eaten by the Beowolfs. "Calm down..." Snake said to Ruby, while he kept one arm raised in front of Ruby, she did not understand it, since she could fight like Snake, but Snake, obviously only saw Ruby just as a girl. With his other hand he was preparing a frag grenade, to which he take out the safety pin of M67 Frag grenade. Having spent 2 seconds of having removed the safety pin, Snake threw the grenade at the Beowolfs, and quickly hold Ruby with his armas, causing both to throw themselves to the ground.

When they were vulnerable on the floor, the Beowolfs immediately went against them, but the grenade managed to detonate in time, causing a huge explosion, and killing those two creatures in the process. The other members of the Team RWBY heard this, so they immediately ran to where that explosion had been caused.

Snake, still on the ground with Ruby, turned to see where the grenade exploded, where now there was only a hole that gave off smoke. "Excuse me..." Snake heard from the young huntress. "Can you let me go?" She asked with a slight blush on her face.

"Sure, I'm sorry, are you okay?" Snake got up first, and soon offered his hand to Ruby to get up, to which she accepted.

"I'm fine thanks." Ruby replied with a smile, losing the blush on his face immediately. She was about to ask, excited, about what it was that thing Snake used to get rid of those Beowolfs, but she was interrupted by Yang.

"Ruby!" They both heard a shout, and when they turned around to see, Snake and Ruby noticed that it was a young blonde, who soon also came with a girl with white hair and another with black hair with.

"Yang!" She said, going to where the blonde was.

"We heard an explosion and we came fast, are you okay?" The blonde asked, slightly worried.

"Yes, I'm fine, well, both of us, two Beowolfs were going to attack us but he killed them, using a thing that exploded." Ruby explained to Yang using her hands to recreate the explosion, to which she soon turned his gaze to the one-eyed man.

She, like Blake and Weiss, watched Snake from top to bottom, because in the video they could not see very well who he was. Although they still thought he was wearing weird, and they noticed that he was wearing an eyepatch. But Yang could only think of something in her head. 'Momma likes what she sees.'

On the part of Snake, he only observe the other three girls who had arrived, and of course, he could not help but think that they were wearing weird clothes, but also, maybe it was fashion in the 21st century, right?

"Hey handsome, what's your name?" Yang asked, bringing a hand to her waist, and a slight smile on her face.

By the way she looked at him, dressed and by how she looked, Snake could immediately think in one person: EVA. But he mentally shook himself, because he already knew what had happened to her. "It's Snake." He said with a calm expression.

"Snake, huh? Well, my name is Yang." As soon as she showed up, she quickly turned to see Weiss and Blake. Waiting for them to also introduce themselves.

Weiss let out a sigh and soon stepped forward. "My name is Weiss Schnee." She said in a tone that it might sound authoritative.

And finally, the girl with black hair with the bow, only said her name. "Blake."

"Right..." Snake answered. "A pleasure, Ruby said that you came from an Academy called Beacon, right?"

"That's right, we are Huntress in training." Said the blonde with a smile.

"Huntress?" Snake asked.

Ruby began to spoke "In fact the Headmaster sent us here for you."

"For me? How did he know I was here?" Snake asked slightly surprised to hear that.

"There are cameras everywhere in the Forest, he saw you." Yang explained.

"Cameras..." Snake muttered to himself. "Well, you kids would help me a lot if you could take me to the Headmaster."

"Kids?" Weiss asked, raising an eyebrow at having heard that word. It seemed absurd to her, since Snake was close to everyone but Ruby's age, maybe a year or two older than the three.

'Ohh right...' Said Snake mentally, he was no longer an adult man, now he had a new young body.

"Don't worry, come on, let's go to the Bullhead." Said the young leader. Soon the five began to walk, in the direction of a clearing where they could take the aircraft.

Soon Snake and Team RWBY took the Bullhead, to go in the direction of Beacon. Shortly after, when the Bullhead began to move, Ruby began to speak to Snake, asking the first question. "What is your weapon? What type of ammunition do you use? You made it? How you made it? What about the little one?" She asked with curiosity and almost innocence but very excited to see a weapon that she had never seen, while looking at Snake's rifle.

"Relax." Snake said to Ruby, he did not understand why a young girl was going to be curious about his rifle, but anyway, he thought it would not hurt to talk about his gun, so Snake took his M16 to show a better view of it. "It's a Colt M16, it uses 5.56 x 45 bullets, it has a rate of 800 rounds per minute, and the magazine carries 30 bullets." Snake explained, without worrying about Ruby understanding him, but from the look on her face she really looked interested in his weapons, so she nodded to what Snake was saying.

"What about this one?" She asked as she pointed her finger at the M1911 at Snake's waist.

Snake started talking about the M1911 and its extra details, while Ruby's eyes and face were amazed. Meanwhile, Weiss and Yang watched them talking, while Blake read her book. They listened as Snake gave explained details of his weapons.

"Maybe he's as crazy as Ruby in terms of weapons." Said the white-haired heiress with a serious-bitter expression.

"Calm down Ice Queen, it seems to be a good guy." Yang replied with a smile "And he doesn't seem to have bad intentions, for me he's fine, more than fine actually."

"Don't call me like that, you dolt! And still, I don't understand why he would be in the Emerald forest in the night." Weiss and Yang they just continued to watch Snake and Ruby talking, or well, Snake talking and Ruby listening, while they were soon approaching Beacon.

After a long explanation by Snake, Ruby was amazed by all the details that had the M1911, plus, she soon saw another gun that Snake was carrying. "What about this one?" Ruby said, referring to the Mk22, but before Snake could say anything, soon the Bullhead landed, and Weiss started talking. "If you two have finished talking then you should get off the Bullhead."

"Sure." Snake nodded to Weiss's comment. "This one will be for another day." Said referring to the Mk22.

"Aww..." Ruby whined at Snake's comment, but in the end it turned out to be an interesting talk. Or well, explanation, since Snake was talking and Ruby was listening.

The five left the Bullhead and began to walk, but Snake took a slight surprise to see the place, even if his face didn't show it. It looked big, like a university, but the architecture of the Academy seemed to be more like the countries in Europe. It's not that Snake knew a lot about architecture but definitively it didn't look like something made in the United States.

"Well, welcome to Beacon Academy Snake." Said Yang. "You like the place?"

"Well, it has an interesting design, yeah." Snake answered, while watching the place.

"I'll take Snake with Professor Ozpin, I'll see you guys later." Said Ruby to her team.

"Really? It will not be that you want to spend time alone with him? Or maybe take away his weapons?" Said Yang, teasing her younger sister, to which only caused a slight blush in her face. "Yang!" She shouted a little embarrassed. Snake let out a small chuckle. But soon the rest of the Team RWBY took another way in the direction of their dorm room.

"So this Headmaster, Ozpin, Is that his first name or his last name?" Snake asked, while he and Ruby walked in the direction of an elevator to get to Ozpin's office. "Being honest... I don't know." She said, considering that question, since she had never asked herself the full name of Ozpin.

They both get in the elevator, and while they were waiting to get to Ozpin's office, Ruby noticed a emblem on Snake's right shoulder. "What does this emblem mean?" Ruby asked, curious about the orange figure. Snake observed where Ruby said, it was the emblem of FOX, Snake turned to see his other shoulder, thinking that the logo of MSF or the Outher Heaven could be on the other shoulder, but there was nothing. "This... is the emblem of my old Unit. FOX." Snake answered honestly.

Ruby misunderstood Snake, thinking that he was referring the word 'Unit' as a 'Team', like team RWBY, so, for Ruby, it was strange that it was a team of 3 people and not 4, in addition, where was the 'S' of Snake? But obviously her thinking was wrong, but she didn't know

Before she could ask make a question about the eyepatch, the elevator stopped and the doors opened, and both moved to where the office was. Soon Snake saw a middle-aged man with silver hair behind a desk. And next to him, there was a blond woman that, because of how she looked, Snake thought that maybe she was a teacher at the school or maybe a secretary.
"Miss Rose, welcome, I see you bring a guest." Said that man. "I am Professor Ozpin, headmaster of Beacon Academy." As soon as he finished, he looked at Ruby. "Thank you Ruby for bringing him here, you can go back to your dorm."

Ruby nodded, but before leaving she look at Snake for a last time. "See you later Snake!" She said with a smile on her face, and soon she return to the elevator, while she waved her hand.

Soon they only remained 3 in the office. "Please take a seat." Ozpin said, but Snake refused. "I'm fine, thanks."

"So, your name is Snake, right?" Ozpin asked.

"It's a code name, it's not my real name." Snake answered.

"So, what is your real name?" The silver-haired man asked curious.

Snake thought for a moment before answering. "Snake will be enough." He said.

"Very good, Mr. Snake, the truth is that, I don't know who you are, and I can't find any information about you, so I have several questions to ask you, that's why you're here, and of course, if it doesn't bother you." Ozpin explained. "I will know if you are telling the truth or if you are lying."

"Very well, I will try to answer them." Snake replied in a fairly calm tone.

"First, where are you from?" Ozpin asked.

Snake thought it was a fairly simple question. "I am from the United States."

"The United States, you said?" Ozpin asked, slightly confused when he heard Snake's answer.

"Yep." Snaked nodded, but the blonde woman didn't like that answer.

"You better start telling the truth young man." She said, almost shouting at Snake.

"Glynda calm down." Ozpin said, to which she crossed her arms again. "Okay, these 'United States' in which part of Remnant is it? In the kingdom of Atlas? Vale?"

Snake shook his head, he did not understand how they didn't know what America was, besides, he was more confused about these 'kingdoms', 'Atlas' and 'Vale'. "No, and being honest, I have no idea where 'Atlas' and 'Vale' are, much less 'Remnant'." Snake said.

Ozpin remained silent for a few seconds, because he seemed to speak honestly, but it was not possible that he didn't know the world he was in, but he should point out that when he fought those Grimm with his rifle and the grenade, he did not seem to have used his Semblance. And much less seemed to have an Aura. Besides that there was no information about Snake, so Ozpin began to have an idea, quite absurd. "How did you get to the Emerald Forest?"

"I... woke up there." Snake answered.

"What is the last thing you remember before?" Ozpin asked.

Snake thought about it for a moment. The last thing he remembers is that he was in Virginia, and he died standing next to David. And then he woke up in the forest. "i died."

There was a brief silence in the Office, Glynda was about to scold the young man for his ignorance and for giving absurd answers, but Ozpin spoke again. "Okay, how about I tell you about Remnant, and you tell me more about yourself, deal?" Snake nodded when he heard that.

And so, Ozpin started talking about the world of Remnant, the Great War, the kingdoms of Vale, Atlas, Mistral and Vacuo, the Faunus, beings similar to humans with animal characteristics, the source of energy that was used for almost everything in people's daily lives and weaponry, called Dust, and of course, the Grimm, evil creatures attracted by negative thoughts.

Snake thought for a moment that, more than absurd, was something stupid taken from a fiction story. But he had fought against those Grimm creatures without much trouble, besides that the Moon was also shattered, another example of being in another world.

And last but not least, the Huntress and Huntsmen, Ozpin explained to Snake that the Beacon Academy was made to train the next generations of warriors to protect humanity and the faunus of the Grimms. But Snake didn't like hearing that. From what Snake understood, there are Academies all over Remnant that train young people to fight against those thing, he thought it was something absurd, unnecessary, that meant that the girls she had barely known, Ruby, Yang, Weiss and Blake, are being trained to fight, and they are still young. But Snake wasn't going to argue about that with Ozpin, at least not now.

Ozpin continued, now explaining what the Aura was, the manifestation of the Soul in one person, and helped in the fight against the Grimm, as it had defensive and offensive qualities, and the Semblance in one's personality, giving a unique skill for each Huntsmen.

Without more to explain, now it was time to talk to Snake, so he took a seat, but first he said that his name was John, but he was called Jack.

Snake, more than talking about his world, talked about his life, but gave details of his world. He began by saying that he was born in 1935, a few years before World War ll began. The war provoked by Nazi Germany in a continent called Europe. Ozpin was interested in this war so Snake gave more details, telling him important battles, the countries that fought in it, that lasted 6 years and ended up ending the life of little more than 60 million people. Despite being something that, perhaps was invented, Ozpin could not help but think that Snake's world went through a horrible path, but he knew Snake wasn't lying.
Even Glynda was somewhat disturbed, but she didn't show it.

Snake concluded that the Allies had won, and then the Cold War began, making it clear that it was not a War, but that at any moment a war between the United States and the Soviet Union could break out.

Snake also told that he was a disciple of The Boss, a woman and soldier who participated in World War II, and that it was she who led the Allies to victory, then she was known as 'The Mother of Special Forces.'

Snake continued, saying that he participated in a War called 'Korean War', in which he participated at age 15 and only lasted 3 years. Snake continued speaking until arriving in 1964, where he was in the FOX Unit and carried out the Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater, where he talked about his battle against the Cobra Unit and Colonel Volgin. After ending his mission, Snake left FOX and the United States to become a mercenary.

By 1974, Snake would have made, along with Kazuhira Miller a Private Military Company called Militaires Sans Frontieres, or MSF, also he tell about the Peace Walker Incident and the subsequent fall of Mother Base by Cipher. So Snake went underground to create Outer Heaven, a place for soldiers. Boss also explain the project carried out by Zero called 'Les Enfant Terrible', a project to clone Big Boss. Upon hearing this, Ozpin was somewhat disgusted by hearing that, even Glynda.

He explained that he created Outer Heaven in order to fight Zero, Cipher and his influence in the world, because he already had several countries under his power. In 1999 he had to fight with his clone-son, Solid Snake, where he lost, fell into a coma, and even in 2014 he was able to wake up, only to known that Solid Snake have defeated The Patriots and that his life was coming to an end. But then he for some reason woke up in the Emerald Forest.

Snake made sure to leave out important details, even though he revealed that he was cloned, he didn't mention that he was the one who killed The Boss, he didn't even mention her when he explained the Operation Snake Eater, nor did he mention the Shagohod, Peace Walker, the Metal Gears and Venom Snake, his phantom. That was for himself only.

Of course it sounded like an absurd, fictional and even sad story, but it was Snake's felt the same when he heard what Ozpin had told him. A little more than an hour passed and it was going to be 11:30 PM.

"Well, that's quite a story, Mr. John." Ozpin said, for a moment thinking that which one of the two worlds was more submerged in darkness, if Remnant or the Earth. But of course, the Earth don't have dark creatures, but instead, the whole world and the lives of the people seemed to be under the eye of an Organization that controlled them, that if it was quite scary. And a world ruled by war.

Snake had nothing to say, because he explained his life to a man he barely knew, and to a woman who looked at him as if he were a liar.

"Since you have nowhere to go, and you seem to have combat experience, what if you join Beacon as a Huntsmen?" Ozpin proposed to Snake, to which he raised his eyebrow somewhat confused by his question.

"Ozpin, you're not going to believe everything he said, do you?" Glynda demanded when she heard what Ozpin said.

"I believe him, otherwise, could you explain why he doesn't have a Semblance or Aura?" Ozpin said, Glynda was about to respond, saying maybe she had not been unlocked. But Snake gave an answer.

"Alright." The soldier said." I'll join your Academy."

"I'm glad you accepted John, or should I call you Naked Snake? Or Big Boss?" Ozpin said with a small smile.

"Snake is fine." Snake replied. Ozpin soon got up from his chair and started walking.

"You can go rest Glynda, it's already night. Snake, follow me, I'll take you to your dorm." Ozpin said.

A few minutes later, Snake and Ozpin were walking through the arriving at the dorms, Ozpin opened a door revealing a room with four beds. Snake understood why there were several beds, being that in Beacon the teams of Huntsmen were made of 4 people.

The dorm looked simple, but pretty good, although maybe a bit tight for only four people, but well organized. Snake entered the room and noted that he also had a bathroom, basically had what is necessary for a student in the Academy.

"The first class starts tomorrow at 9 in the morning." Ozpin Said, while he stayed at the entrance of the dorm. "Team RWBY is in the next dorm, and since it looks like you get along with Ruby, if you have any questions you could ask her or the rest of her team, besides that they could give you a tour around the Academy, and when you can, come to my office."

"Very well, thank you very much Professor Ozpin." Snake looked at Ozpin and thanked him.

"Sleep well Mr. Snake." It was the last thing Ozpin said, then he retreated down the hallway, and Snake closed the door. Snake took a deep breath, and began to remove his weapons, and then his boots and his green clothed shirt, leaving only with his pants on.

He had to be honest, he didn't trust Ozpin. Sure, he seemed to be honest and probably didn't have bad intentions, but he couldn't stop thinking about the fact that this place, Beacon, was used to train teenagers to fight against the Grimm. Snake understood that Remnant needed people to fight against this 'Darkness' but still, he couldn't accept the idea. Or maybe he just needed time to accept it, because he was from a world where soldiers were only used as disposable tools, at least that's what Snake saw in that way.

Snake lay down on one of the beds, thinking that maybe it was best to stay at Beacon for a while, to understand this new world he was in, and then leave. And what to do next? Well, he was once a mercenary, maybe he was going to do the same thing again.

After a short time, Snake ended up falling asleep.

End of Chapter 2.

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