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Chapter 22

"So this friend of yours, General Ironwood, is coming in a couple of days. It really must be a for an important matter."

Those words came from Ocelot's mouth, at the time he was in Ozpin's office, discussing a couple of things with the Headmaster, More than anything about work, after all, Ocelot is a professor at Beacon Academy, but in the end he ended up mentioning that.

"That's right, as you know, the Vytal Festival will start soon, and he and the Atlas army will be in charge of security." Ozpin explained.

Ocelot was standing in front of Ozpin, but occasionally he moved so as not to just stand still. "It's a little exaggerated that an entire army is in charge of the security of the Festival, don't you think?"

"It is, but it will not be anything exaggerated. Fortunately nothing dangerous has happened these days, the closest thing was when John and team RWBY was in those tunnels fighting against the White Fang, but fortunately they stopped them before something unfortunate happened." After saying that, Ozpin drank from his coffee mug.

Ocelot for his part was not impressed, after all, Big Boss is the legendary soldier, simple terrorists could never stop him. But it was true that thanks to Big Boss and team RWBY a crisis in the city was avoided.

"And I await the response of you two on my proposal." Ozpin mentioned.

Of course, there was also the fact that Ozpin wanted Boss and Ocelot to work for Ozpin, unfortunately the Headmaster hasn't said what it is about, but Ocelot supposed it should be important. However, important does not mean that both of them are interested in what Ozpin is up to. They did not want to be someone's pawns, but they would still have to wait for the day that General Ironwood arrives for Ozpin to give more information.

For now Big Boss and Ocelot will continue their routine.

"By the way, where's John?" Ozpin asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"He went to Vale, he had to do something important." Ocelot answered.

But the truth was, even Ocelot didn't know what it was about.

— l — l — l —

Today it was Blake's turn to spend the whole day with Big Boss, and as it had happened with Weiss, Blake decided to go with Snake to the city of Vale. The truth is that compared to Ruby and Yang, she did not have much idea of how to have fun with a boy... or have fun in general. She didn't consider herself a boring girl, but what she mostly did besides attending classes was reading books. But in a way that was a common thing she had with Snake, he was not someone looking for fun or adventure... well, maybe because he is 79-year-old man in a young body, in addition to having gone through difficult situations. But even so he just let himself be carried away by what was happening.

Blake had the idea to spend time with Snake in the city, so that she could also have the opportunity to go to a bookstore and buy the sequel to the book 'Ninjas of Love'. Of course she wasn't going to mention what the book was about, or the kind of scenes that were being described in the story. It was more than obvious that the girls already knew the kind of literature Blake liked, the only one who didn't know was Snake, and she wanted to stay that way.

So, Boss and Blake walked calmly through the streets of Vale, while from time to time she turned to see the legendary soldier, he was wearing a black shirt, a pair of green cargo pants and a leather jacket, plus a pair of sunglasses to hide his wound in the right eye. It was rare enough for Blake to see Boss in normal clothes, even more without his precious bandana. But she definitely thought he looked handsome.

Soon Snake and Blake were walking near a park.

"So..." Boss began to speak after a brief moment of silence. "You are going to buy a book, it must be important."

"It is not exactly important, but it is a sequel to a novel that I really like." Blake replied, showing a small smile, although she remained quite relaxed.

"And what is it about?" Snake asked, he wasn't genuinely interested, but it was more of a question for a little chat.

"Well, uh... It's about drama and romance to tell the truth, it also adds the genre of adventure." Blake explained. She was not lying but that was a very short description.

"Oh, I see." It was the only thing Snake could answer, thinking that perhaps that kind of literature was popular with young people. And it was definitely something he wasn't interested in.

"How about you? Are you planning to buy something?" Blake asked, with a small smile on her face.


Both had heard that desperate scream, immediately the two students had turned to see where it came from. At the entrance of that park there was a girl of 5 or 6 years of age perhaps. Occasionally someone else passed by her but was totally ignored. Blake turned to see Snake for a moment, and soon Boss knew what she was thinking, he just nodded and they both went to where the little girl was crying.

"Mom, where are you...?" The little girl was sobbing, as she used her right arm to cover her teary eyes.

The girl was wearing a blue blouse with a red skirt that reached to her knees. Her hair was black but perhaps the most notorious thing about that girl was the fact that on her head she had ears, cat ears to be exact.

"Uhh, hey, are you okay?"

The girl removed her arm to see with her blue eyes who was speaking to him, he was a tall man and dressed normal. However, she couldn't help but cry again.

"Huh?" Big Boss was confused at what happened. He simply turned to see Blake, as if he were asking with his expression 'I look scary?'.

Blake couldn't help but show Snake a small mocking smile. but she decided it was her turn. Blake bent down to approach the girl, while removing the bow from her head. And in doing so, she showed off her own cat ears.

"Hey, are you okay? What's your name?" Blake asked, with a calm tone of voice, and a small smile on her face, this with the intention of being friendly with the little faunus girl.

The little girl faunus turned to see again, only this time she looked at the female figure in front of her, she couldn't help but be surprised to see Blake's ears, and the girl's expression said it all.

"You have cat ears too." She said as she wiped away her tears, it seemed that she was beginning to feel calmer.

"That's right." Blake replied with an honest and gentle smile. "My name is Blake, and this is my friend Snake, what's your name?"

"My name is Cora." The little girl replied, but her tone of voice and expression was still sad even though she stopped crying.

"That's a cute name." Blake replied. "You don't know where your mom is, do you?"

The girl named Cora simply responded by shaking her head.

"I understand, but we can help you look for it, surely it is not far. And if it makes you feel better, I'll buy you an ice cream." Blake moved away from the girl a little and stood up, soon she offered her hand for Cora to take.

"Really?" Soon Cora's expression showed joy, because she wanted ice cream, but more than anything she wanted to meet her mom again.

Unable to help it, Cora took Blake's hand, holding her firmly. However, she also took Snake's hand, thinking that she would be safe if she took both of their hands, so Cora was in the middle of Snake and Blake. Snake had noticed this, however, he didn't feel upset or uncomfortable, he just didn't pay much attention to it, Blake on the other hand was not uncomfortable, but she definitely had a strange feeling.

It was then that Blake, Snake and Cora began to enter the park, thinking that her mother would be close. But at least the little girl was no longer sad, and above all, she was in good hands. No pun intended.

Soon the three arrived at what was the center of the park, there were not many people, and the park at that time was in total tranquility. In the center of the park there was an ice cream stand, so Blake thought about going to buy the little girl an ice cream.

"I'm going to buy the ice cream, do you want one, Snake?" Blake asked.

"I'm fine, thanks." Snake answered, calm as always.

"Chocolate, please." Cora said, with an adorable expression in her face.

"All right." Blake answered with a smile, and soon she left Cora and Snake.

As Snake and Cora sat on a nearby bench, Blake headed to where the ice cream stand was, which was staffed by an adult woman who turned out to be a faunus with blonde hair and fox ears. She checked the price of the ice cream and soon took out the money.

"A chocolate ice cream, please." Blake said to the woman.

"Right away." The adult woman replied with a kind smile. "If you don't mind me saying it, seeing you makes me have some faith in the future."

"Huh?" Blake did not understand what that woman was trying to say.

"Seeing a human man and a faunus girl with such a beautiful daughter makes me think that in the future there will no longer be discrimination like there is today, love is really the most beautiful thing in this world."

It took at least 3 seconds for Blake's brain to process what she had heard. It was then that her face turned red as a tomato, as those words echoed in her mind. That woman was completely implying that she and Snake were married, and that Cora is their daughter.

"No! Wait, I think you have the wrong idea." Blake tried to make herself understood, but the blush was still on her face.

The ice cream woman just smiled and gave her that ice cream for Blake to grab. "Here it is, you sure don't want to keep them waiting."

Blake felt like she couldn't say anything right away, so instead of babbling, she just thanked the woman for the ice cream and paid for it. "Thanks."

After buying the ice cream, Blake turned around and started walking to where Snake and Cora were, she tried to calm herself so that her blush would disappear, but it was difficult. But the truth is that it was difficult, in addition, she could not help seeing Cora better, if she thought about it, she was like Blake, in addition to having blue eyes like Snake. As Blake walked her mind was filled with those kinds of thoughts.

While all of this was going on, Snake and Cora seemed to be talking about something, the little girl seemed happy, maybe a little excited.

"Here you go, Cora." Said Blake with a smile.

"Thank you!" Cora appreciated the ice cream, and without thinking twice began to eat it.

"Blake, are you okay? Your face is red." Snake asked noticing Blake's face.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine! What about you? What are you talking about?" Blake asked, intending to avoid talking about her blush.

"Uh, I was telling Cora that we are Beacon students." Snake said, like it was normal.

"Oh, I see." Blake said in a friendly way, as he gave Cora the ice cream. "Do you know someone who goes to Beacon?"

"Thank you!" The little girl said gratefully. "My mom was a Huntress, and she went to Beacon."

"Oh really? Surely your mother is a strong Huntress." Blake said as he took a seat on the bench.

"Cora!" Soon the three managed to hear the scream of someone, a woman, saying the name of the little girl. "Cora, where are you!?"

"MOM!" The little girl screamed when she heard her mother's voice, without hesitation she ran to where she was. Seeing her approaching, the mother went to where her daughter was, where soon they both met and hugged.

"Oh Cora, I was so worried about you, don't you ever walk away from me again okay?" The adult woman, who had no visible faunus traits, was hugging her daughter gently and firmly. Cora did the same, being careful not to stain her mother's clothes with ice cream. Soon the adult woman saw the two young students behind her daughter, since she noticed that they were with her daughter, in addition to having an ice cream, it was obvious to her that they took care of Cora. Snake and Blake could see that woman's expression of relief. "I guess you took care of my little girl, thank you very much."

"No problem, they couldn't just stand there without doing something." Blake commented with a small but friendly smile.

Long story short, the woman thanked both students for what they did. Cora and her mother said goodbye to both and proceeded to go home. Blake and Snake still stayed in the park, while watching mother and daughter leave.

"Well that was an interesting thing." Blake commented.

"You think? I know you don't have siblings but you really seemed to know how to deal with a child." Snake mentioned.

"You think so?" Blake asked, with a small smile.

"Yeah, surely you would be a great mother." Snake said as if nothing.

Big Boss said it without thinking about it, but that made Blake recover the blush on her cheeks at such an idea. Blake was also misinterpreting his words for a brief moment, as if Snake was going to be the father of her children. "W-well, maybe you could become a great father someday." Blake replied trying not to sound weird.

However, there was no response after Blake said that. Big Boss was silent for a brief moment. Blake looked at Snake, his relaxed and calm expression had been erased from his face, now it seemed a serious expression, but not angry. Blake's blush quickly faded, worried that she said something wrong. "Snake, is there something wrong?"

"No, don't worry." Snake shook his head, with a small smile on his face. That phrase made him feel strange, he remembered that Elisa had told him the same thing long ago, he had replied that he would never be a father. Despite that, he managed to have offspring, even though they were clones, even so he did not see them as his children, but it changed the fact that they were men. Still, nothing changed, he couldn't have children.

Blake had a feeling that Snake didn't want to talk about what he was thinking at the time, but she decided to respect his privacy and not ask questions. In the end they both left the park and headed where they were supposed to go from the beginning. In the end, they both got to a bookstore.

'Tukson's Book Trade' was the name of the place.

"Welcome to 'Tukson's Book Trade', home to every book under the sun!" The man in charge of the store was a man, somewhat young, with short blond hair.

"Hi, uh, Could you give me the new Ninjas of 'Love book', please?" Blake said, she didn't seem sorry about it.

"Sure thing!" The young man said didn't take long for him to get the book and give it to Blake. "Here you go."

"Thanks." Blake replied as she paid for the book. "I see you decided to keep the name of the previous owner."

"Yes, it was the least I could do." Blake and Snake noticed that the young man's attitude changed.

"What you mean?" Blake raised an eyebrow upon hearing what the blonde said.

"Uh didn't you know? Tukson is dead." The young man said.

"Did... someone kill him?" Blake's eyes widened when she heard that.

Big Boss could only raise an eyebrow about what was happening. But how did Blake come to that conclusion?

"Uh according to the police, Tukson was kicked to death." It seemed that the young blond man did not like to talk about it. After all, nobody likes to talk about dead people, much less murdered.

"I understand..." Blake finished.

Blake paid for the book and along with Snake left the bookstore. They both walked down the street, but no one said anything for several minutes, the silence between them was quite noticeable. Big Boss didn't want to say anything, Blake never mentioned that he had a friend named Tukson, but it's also not something he expected Blake to say. Big Boss didn't want to get into matters that were not related to him, but Blake is part of his team, and his friend, and he wasn't going to lie, he cared about her.

"You okay?" Big Boss said first.

"Yeah..." Blake's gaze seemed concerned, but it seemed she was trying to hold her own.

Big Boss didn't say anything right away, it was a few short seconds before he spoke again. "You wanna talk about it? It's not necessary if you don't want to."

"It's just that... Tukson, the previous owner of the store, was looking to leave Vale to get away from some problem." Blake explained, at least that's all she knew.

"That has to do with..." Snake suggested.

"Yeah..." Blake confirmed it.

"Don't worry about it." Snake began to speak to Blake in a serious tone. "You know we have your back."

"I know, I know I can trust everyone. Ruby, Weiss, Yang... and you." Blake couldn't help but show a small smile. "Thanks for coming with me, it really feels good to have company from time to time."

"Let's go back home." Snake replied, with a small smile.

That had made Blake feel a little better. Snake was right, she had friends, people she could trust, people she could lean on and they would be there for her. And having that kind of friends is not easy. But most of all, Blake knew that she could trust the man she had a crush on...

Big Boss.

End of Chapter 22

Omake ●

The meaning of a dream. (lll)

"Thanks to all those who placed their hopes in me, the faunus have and the humans have come to have total equality in all areas, everything is and always will be thanks to you." There were many people, faunus, who were cheering a person, who turned out to be a woman, that woman wore a blouse, skirt, high-heeled shoes and stockings that made up an elegant suit.

"As part of the Council of Vale, I promise you all people that I, Blake Belladonna, I will continue working so that the world remains the same for humans and faunus." The young woman named Blake said from the stage, where she was in full view of hundreds of spectators.

That was the message Blake was giving to all the people who trusted her, but soon her speech was over, and she began to withdraw from the stage. There was a young girl with white hair and blue eyes waiting for her.

"It seems that your followers quite liked your speech, ma'am." Said the white-haired girl, who seemed to be more of a secretary. She was giving her papers about her work schedule.

"Thanks, secretary Weiss." Blake replied, with a calm, even serious expression. She continued walking to what appeared to be a door, which was guarded by two girls dressed as security guards. "I don't want to be interrupted unless it's something important, is it clear, Yang and Ruby?"

"Yes ma'am."

Both girls replied, as usual Blake might sound angry but that was already part of her attitude. Cold, calm and an attitude of few words almost all the time, besides being quite serious and her personal life was a mystery, this was the life of Blake Belladonna. There was nothing that could distract her from her duties. Blake soon took a seat on what was a sofa and she let out a big tired sigh.

"Good work out there." A new voice said, as he offered her a glass of water. "Surely you feel tired."

Blake said nothing, she kept the same expression and attitude, but she took the glass of water and drank it completely, only to return it to that man. The man was an assistant, although his uniform was more of a suit without a tie. In addition to wearing an eye patch and bandana, for some strange reason. Blake felt refreshed, but it was not enough, soon she stood up and approached the man, then...

She hugged him.

"Ah! I feel my energy return." Blake said, this time she sounded pretty relaxed, even happy.

"Do you want me to sit?" The man asked.


And just as he said, the young man took a seat, while Blake took off her high heels and took a seat on the man's legs, Blake stayed glued to him, hugging him gently and firmly. Plus, she was snuggling into his chest, like a little cat.

"You really like to do that."

"I can't help it, since the morning that we don't have our time alone, that makes me sick, you know?" Blake groaned as she made a small but adorable pout.

"Okay, it was a long day, now you can rest." That man in a bandana said, gently stroking Blake's cat ears and hair.

"Maybe I should quit my job, so I can be with you always." Blake said a little saddened. "Due to my work I cannot have a relationship, and if they find out what it is with my assistant..."

"That would make me happy, being with you all the time I mean, but many people count on you." The man said with a gentle smile. "But that doesn't matter, I'll always be waiting for you, and I'll always be there for you."


Blake pulled away from the man's chest, and looked directly at his face, her hands were on his shoulders, and slowly approached her face to his, with the intention of kissing him. That's what she wanted the most, to feel the pressure of his lips with hers.

— l — l — l —

Blake suddenly woke up, her pulse racing and a heat that was all over her body. She realized that it was just a dream, sadly. Next to her was the book she had just bought today with Snake.

"Maybe I shouldn't read this before sleeping." Blake told herself, and soon she tossed the book away.

"Oww! Who threw me a book!?" Weiss said quite angry, but that did not manage to wake up the others.

Blake decided to hide and not say anything, she just tried to sleep again. It seemed that dreams would only stay as dreams.

...or maybe not?

The End


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