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AN- Hello, and welcome to my first ever fanfic, I hope you come to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I've been wanting to do something like this for a few years now but something's been holding me back from it.

Before anything else, I'd like to thank about 2 other Authors on this site, and would like to ask you to go check out their own stories, as some elements from their stories work their way into mine, and they are just pretty damn good at this

First PoeticPillock, His was the first fanfic that I've really enjoyed, and helped show me the potential of this site. He's always been able to keep his story interesting, and character growth for his Courier fun to read. Keep doing what you're doin man.

Next Synergizer, now under normal circumstances I hate OP characters with a passion. Half the point of DBZ is overcoming your limits against stronger enemies, which understandably makes putting a character from Dragon Ball in any other universe without planet busters being a regular occurrence rather difficult to keep interesting. And yet between Towa's intervention, and in the latest chapters finally including challenging enemies you've been able to stop what would normally be a massive power gap from eliminating any real challenge, or tension in the story. After all what's the point of reading a story with fighting as main element when your main character can swat most of his enemies like flies?

Anyway, good work, and I thank you because it was more or less reading your story that gave a little Inspiration to mine. It was reading your story that I thought, (And spoiler warning) If things can be kept interesting by strengthening the non DBX's worlds enemies, why not keep it more interesting by weakening the hero to their level. Think about it, how would a Saiyan warrior react if, and even more of a warning here, their main source of strength was taken from them? They were made vulnerable to things they would've scoffed at before. Imagine it for yourself, for most of your life you could tank nukes, to suddenly having to worry about bullets. From Almost God level to slightly above human (Cause remember, even without ki Saiyans do have some advantages). I hope I can try to balance this theme, with the fact that no matter the threat Saiyans don't really factor in the danger of death when facing a strong enemy, at least as much as we do (being such natural warriors)

The following is a fan based fanfiction.

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Chapter 1- Until we meet again

Intro sequence song : (Rage ft Chritian V) Hero-Kibou no Uta (DBZ: Battle of Gods)

The Cracks of Time…

A raging battle ensues, on one side a terrible monster, a madman, a Demon God by the name of Demigra, he has used his dark power to manipulate histories heroes, and villains into orchestrating his escape from the ultimate prison. If he is allowed to escape history as we know it will be erased, and replaced by a dark, hopeless future.

However on the other side a hero readies himself to bring down the demon, and destroy him. His name, is Callio, a proud Saiyan warrior, chosen by the magical dragon Shenron, he is the only one that stands in the way of Demigra, and the destruction of history… And the battle isn't going well.

"Gaaaah!" Callio is knocked away with a punch from Demigra, and is barely able to catch himself before the Demon God appears before him again, a dark energy blast at the ready blowing him away even further, Demigra not being content to allow the Time Patrolman to recover charged again hoping to keep him off balance, and is stopped in his tracks when the man he charged turns out to be an afterimage. He swivels his massive head around searching for him to find one of the most painful sights one can ever be unlucky enough to look directly into.

"Solar Flare!" He shouts, blinding Demigra for a moment, allowing Callio to catch a much needed breath.

He took a look at his body to find how extensive the damage has been so far. He finds that the red, and black Saiyan Armor that he is wearing is chipped, scratched, and dented in several locations, but has otherwise helped limiting damage to most of his body, although he certainly felt a cracked rib on his left side, and his armor didn't really cover his arms and legs (He really hated the pauldrons most sets had, seeing them as bulky, with a tendency to make getting through doors difficult, and boy was he regretting that choice right about now), which had received several deep cuts from a brainwashed Trunks's blade earlier, and was still bleeding. He looks to the scabbard on his black to find his blade still there. He had originally had it made to honor try to pay respect to Trunks, he was the one that had brought him to the time nest in the first place, and in many ways made his life much better than it could have been if Shenron hadn't chosen him. Since then it has served him well, cutting his way through many a worthless goon, and some of his more squishy enemies (Majin Buu coming to mind).

"Damn, no matter what I do this guy just doesn't quit, I need to think of something fast or he'll overwhelm me soon". He thought, and he wasn't wrong. Callio's day had just been one disaster after another, losing to Demigra now would just be the icing on a shit cake.

For one thing he hasn't eaten all day, and with his Saiyan appetite that could be almost debilitating if left unattended to. Between Demigra's sudden attack this morning, and accidentally sleeping in he hadn't been able to have breakfast, and in the chaos he had left behind his medical supplies, so he wouldn't be able to recover from the constant injuries he'd been sustaining all day.

And for another he's pretty sure that his house got smashed by a massive chunk of glass when the giant hourglass in the middle of the city got destroyed, and sent glass flying everywhere, and he wasn't sure if his insurance would cover that, so that'd be fun to deal with if... When he got back.

And finally, he was getting his ass kicked. After fighting all day long he was very low on energy, and it was showing in his fighting. Normally he'd be ducking and weaving through the attacks of an enemy the size of Demigra in his final form, trying to get him to waste energy, a favorite tactic of his as without being able to go Super like Trunks, or Goku he'd have to rely on getting his enemies to put their massive energy reserves to waste, a strategy taught to him by one of his mentors, Android 18. But now he was just struggling to keep up, and that just wasn't enough. Without any heavy hitters around he'd be little more than a punching bag soon, not that he didn't feel like one already.


Demigra shouts as he recovers from the blinding light. And he launches a dark ki blast at Callio, one too powerful to block, so he uses his blade to cut right through it, and the blasts quickly disapated. Though the sheer force it exuded pushed him back somewhat.

In the end that attack was merely a distraction however, and as soon as he recovers a massive fist slams into him, sending the Saiyan warrior flying.

When the momentum controlling him was able to be countered Callio is met by another energy blast from his enemy, resulting in an explosion that hurt like hell. Pulling himself together, he looks upon himself, his red and black Saiyan armor has been dented, and cracked in several places, though it was thankfully still in one piece. But if battle kept up like this it was not destined to stay that way.

Knowing he needs to try something more offensive in nature Callio prepares a move taught to him that is central to the turtle style of martial arts, and hopes it does something.

"Ka…..Me…...Ha…...Me….HAAAAA!" The energy blast shoots forward to his enemy, making contact. Somehow causing dust to fly up, even though there logically shouldn't be any dust within the cracks of time

"Questions for later…" He thinks as the dust clears revealing a pissed off, slightly damaged Demigra.

"What? Imposible… How can anyone resist the Demon Gods power?" he questions as Callio charges, with in several afterimages, kicking him in the chin. Sending him off several meters, granting Callio time to charge his energy and launch forward yelling

"KAIO-KEN!" and flies forward, a red aura covered fist slamming into a spiraling Demigra, then moving his way into the 'Demon Gods' path using speed to fast for the human eye to track, kicking him 'higher' into the void, forming another afterimage, appearing above his foe and readying his blade, then bringing it down as Demigra approached, delivering a devastating slash across his chest.

Then to his continued bad luck, the demon rose from the darkness, bruised, but certainly not broken.

"Ugh… Guigigigi… Damn you…. Damn you!" he starts emitting a powerful red aura, getting a powerful attack ready to launch a killing blow, his fist seemingly on fire.

"Nooooooooooo!" he screams in rage, planning to end the warrior in one strike. However Callio refused this fate, his Saiyan pride demanding that he wouldn't lose to this son of a bitch, this evil manipulator, he wouldn't allow it! He cupped his hands and prepared every ounce of energy he had left in him

"'pant' 'pant' Ka….Meee….Haaa…..Meeee…" His attack grew into a massive brilliant blue light that dwarfed any he'd ever made before in power, surprising himself with what he could do

"HAAAAAAAAAA!" He launched the super Kamehameha at Demigra, and it slammed into him, starting a beam struggle, a battle of their wills, with massive power being released.

Both men shouted at the top of their lungs, releasing all of their energy, but Demigra just had more in reserve, and started pushing forward, soon overcoming Callio's power bit by bit.

"No, this can't be how it ends can it? After so much..."

He thinks back to his many years in the time patrol, or single year... time gets complicated in his line of work.

He remembers the friends he's made in the time patrol...

He remembers the surprise party for Ice, that almost destroyed the planet... that Arcosian could not handle a surprise well...

He remembers Venu getting to see his homeworld of Namek for the first time, the look in his eyes, that of wonder, and the feeling of returning home...

He remembers Abra dragging him along for his first experience of Earth food, and he still felt sorry for leaving her with a bill that large, but thankfully Majjin aren't known for holding grudges, she apparently knew what she was getting herself into offering an angsty Saiyan teenager a free meal...

He remembers when his friends tricked him, the new guy at the time, into eating Chronoa's cooking, he could still remember that as one of the few times he saw a smile on... no he couldn't bring himself to think about that, and remind himself how much it still hurt how that ended..

He then remembers his mentors, all of them, everything they taught him, everything that would be put to waste if he died here.

"...I can't lose here, I wont!" he declared, as Demigra inched his way closer to him, fist cocked. Soon though the Saiyan warrior didn't have anything left to give, and was about to falter.

"Die you maggots!" Demigra yelled, knowing he was close to his victory. And Callio began to lose hope,

"This…. Is the end?" He asks himself as he runs out of energy, then a sudden rush of power comes over him.

"Don't give up yet!" A familiar voice calls out to him, much to his suprise, he turns around to find non other than one of his mentors Goku!

"I know your stronger… I can feel it…" he looks down at him with a confident grin.

"Your hopeless…" Another voice to his right states, he looks around to see none other than Vegeta prince of all Saiyans, and another one of his mentors "...utterly hopeless." he remarks as he provides another boosts of energy that shoots through his system

"V-Vegeta! Goku!?" He can't believe his eyes at what's happening.

More fresh energy flows through his system, by now filling him up enough to stabilize his energies flow, stopping Demigra in his tracks

"It's only a little more! Just a little more!" Gohan tells him, filling him with some much needed hope for having a near future

"Gohan?" He asks, surprised to find another one of his mentors here.

"You can't lose! Don't be a fool!" he hears his first mentor in the time patrol tell him, and he was right, after all when was Piccolo ever wrong? He had the power to beat him, he just had to drag it out! He felt his mentors power bolster his own ever further, then he felt another, albeit smaller energy boost finally push him into overpowering Demigra's power. Although, by this point he realized he did have the energy to do with the words of inspiration from his mentors alone.

"Just making it this far is amazing on its own!" he hears Krillin tell him, and he knows it, his pride swelled at this point, enhancing his power.

His mentors raised their power even further, and then transferred even more energy into him, allowing him to push his beams power even further, and he felt incredible, and pushed his strength through its limits,

And with a "KAIO-KEN... TIMES...TWENTY!" his now red aura exploding outwards increasing his kamehameha's strength to a point where it finally, and suddenly overwhelmed Demigras energy, completely encompassing him.

"I-Imposible!" the soon to be dead god thought aloud "I am a god…. I've become a god…!" Were his final words as he began to disintegrate under the waves power, and finally faded into dust. Releasing a glowing orb from his chest. The orb containing Toki Toki. Unfortunately the blast has seemingly made the area unstable, forming cracks in the walls, and large crystals hanging around the area.

"Oh shit… Oh shit… Oh shit!" Callio shouted, first in awe at what he just did, second in realization at the fact that he just did some massive damage to the cracks in time and thought that his boss was gonna be pissed at him for it, and third because he had just dodged one of the massive crystals that was going to fall into him. Still in a somewhat shocked state, Callio just barely noticed the containment orb holding the owl-like bird floating right past his face.

He didn't know how to release Chronoa's avian friend, so he decided to grab onto it, and figure it out later, but to his surprise the orb glowed and released its captive on its own, and with a "Kiiiii!" the bird announces its presence. It then began to circle around its saviour, trying to bring it home, or at least somewhere safe

"Well, at least that's over…" Callio notes, however one thing about fate is that you should never ever tempt it, as no matter if you think you've had enough for one day, or if you're almost too tired to move, it is relentless when it thinks it has more in store for you, especially when it is being controlled by a bored 20 something year old with too much time on his hands. It can assert its will in many forms, sometimes with faulty experimental teleportation tech, sometimes it's a chance encounter with a wormhole to a different dimension, sometimes it's a magical dragon summoning a great warrior from a land far far away to fight a great temporal war. This time however it's a malfunctioning, out of control experimental fighter jet from another dimension running into a great warrior summoned by a magical dragon from a land far, far way too tired to resist it dragging its unintended passenger back into its own universe because of a wormhole it made after being jostled around a bit. Hey, at least I'm being a bit creative!

"What the… Gah!" Callio notices the fighter come into his view as Toki Toki makes another pass, and is blown away by the jet stream created as it goes by, slamming into the Saiyan warrior, knocking the wind out of him, breaking several ribs, and because he is too drained and injured by his fight with Demigra to fight it is pulled along into one of the cracks in the walls of this place.

Callio notices the predicament he's in just before he reaches the gate to somewhere unknown, and in the end can only think of the words,

"Awww, crapbaske-" He is cut off however as he is brought through the bright white holes in the wall.

"...Kiiiiii?" Toki Toki asks as he tries to piece together what just happened, however he is not able to question the scenario much longer, as he realizes he needs to get out of the rapidly deteriorating area fast. And teleports home to try and find some help.


Universe ?


March 6th 2076

In a messy laboratory at the center of operations for the new Overwatch, a group of men, and women dedicated to protecting the world, a certain Gorilla scientist returns to his work after a long mission to Numbani, in an attempt to prevent their enemies, a terrorist cell called Talon in this case, from stealing a piece of technology from a museum, something that could've proved a dangerous weapon in the wronghands. Little did he know he would soon be working along those lines again all too soon...

"Winston.", A female voice calls out to him from his computer "something has happened that will require your attention."

Outro song: Haruka (Far Away) JoporXx (Mark de Groot)

The End

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