Dragon Ball Xenowatch

AN- Regarding a comment by a 02D34th, I'd say thanks for the review, but with the negativity involved in it I'd be being a little dishonest.

If this is about your comment back when I first posted the story, I did consider it doing something like that before I began, but it is my opinion that this story would end up boring if the main character just came in, wiped the floor with Talon, got the girl (or girls as most fanfics of that caliber tend to prefer), and called it a day, cause that is what he could do at full power. DBZ, and DBS characters are insanely op in just about any other universe than there own given their feats, with few exceptions.

I mean, how many planets have you seen Doomfist destroy? Have the Shimada Dragons threatened the fabric of the universe yet? Can Zarya bench press a continent? None, no and probably not.

Goku brought an almost complete end to the world's strongest superpower (The Red Ribbon Army) as a child, and he didn't even know he was an alien yet.

At full power Callio could just sense out where Talon was hiding, fly over, and ki bomb the shit out of em. Then kill Doomfist by flicking him through a wall with his tail by accident. Hilarious? Maybe. Entertaining for long? No.

Most Saiyans would probably end up bored, and kinda depressed from a lack of a challenge, like Saitama was in One Punch Man.

Now if you're still annoyed at it I did suggest within the first chapter an author named Synergizer. They have made an amazing DBZ/FairyTail crossover called Fairy Tail Xenoverse (FTXV) that kept their oc at their full power, but has had him hide it in order to not freak out the locals, until shit finally hits the fan.

I'm also working on another project I plan to release soon Called Dragon Ball Out of Place. It's basically an SI, early in the Dragonball Z series, but because it is in the Dragonball universe there will be no need for power gutting. I know I said I didn't want to start more than one project in the last chapter, but this one is just something I wanted to do, and I feel inspired to do. I'll give other reasons for it in an Author's Note in the beginning of it.

Beyond that, there are other good DBZ crossovers out there. I'd recommend The New Face of Justice by Comorep677, This War of Mine by Sivam, and Xenoverse Justice by enCRYPTion5461.

There is also another DBZ/Overwatch crossover in the works by another follower to this story Aadidoestfp called The Saiyan of Overwatch. It does restrict Goku's powers a bit but he can immediately remove it if he feels like it.

Plus, god knows how many fanfics are out there were Gohan comes in all op and shit and wrecks the bad guys before becoming the big hero with no character flaws whatsoever besides caring too much. If you want a DBZ character to go curb stomp some people go read one of those. I just never see them going anywhere.

Spoiler Alert though, if you keep reading for a while Callio will get his power back eventually, but I just want the likes of Talon to be a credible threat as it is for a while. He's gonna earn em back with hard work, a whole character arc or two, and possibly science. But that last one is for something much, much latter…

Also, if you want that version of the story you want then go write it yourself. It's called Fanfiction for a reason. You can write whatever version of events you want, however you want.

Which is kinda the beauty of Overwatch as it is right now actually. You have the outline of an interesting, and engaging world, you have characters who have distinct personalities, and mannerisms. But the backstory is mostly missing, with some guidance there for at least some context. And until Blizzard gets off its ass and gives us a full campaign for the game we are left to fill in the blanks with our own cannon.

For example, what I just did last chapter, with the Shimadas. We do know about how only the Shimadas can call the Dragons, but why? How do they do it? Where did the Dragons come from?

Where as most Overwatch characters have something of a real world base for their abilities, where have you ever heard of anyone summoning mythical creatures from their bodies and using them as weapons? I simply filled in the blanks using with something from the other world I got involved in this. But for you it could have just about any reason, you just have to express it on paper…. er… google docs in this case.

All the possibilities I see need some kind of challenge, some threat for Callio to overcome. That is what gives DBZ its story progression. The main character (Usually Goku) must face what at first seems an insurmountable threat, gets all their previous power ups knocked around, finds another transformation through intense training or something, and saves the day in time for a big family dinner over at the Briefs.

They did give an example in a special about what happens when an underpowered villain tries to do something. It became litteral childsplay. It wouldn't even be that here! It would be like a child messing around with ants, fire ants at worst.

Although, you could be complaining about something else entirely, in which case you're going to have to be more specific about how my fic has been found lacking. Simply saying you had higher expectations doesn't explain much, and doesn't provide much in the way of constructive criticism. Which leaves me to assume it was about your first review, and half the purpose behind this entire AN. But if it isn't then do explain what you were trying to say better, you haven't given me much to work with.

Of course, I could just be ranting at a brick wall here. In which case, like i said, there are other stories out there. If I'm not your cup of tea find another one, or go make your own.

Anyway, with that mini rant out of the way, let's dive back in…

Chapter 8 The Calm after, and before a storm...

The next few minutes went by just as Callio had thought. He didn't really have the time to gripe about the missing teleportation device. There was much work to be done first, and he couldn't go flying after Talon with his energy reserves being what they were. Even if he could fly at this point.

The cleanup was going faster than expected though. Between Reinhardt's power armor, and Callio's super strength, the rubble, bodies, and catwalk were squared away. The others either took care of the rest, or were guarding the area just in case Talon left some stragglers behind or something. It usually didn't fit their MO to leave any loose ends laying around, but they weren't taking any chances.

He even got a bit of a workout towards the end when he and the old Crusader got into something of a competition. Every time they came back with a haul, the other would come back with even more to show off. Fortunately, they'd eventually ran out of stuff to carry around, so everyone could get back to the business at hand, what to do now?

First, and foremost, he'd make his way over to Winston's office and get the whole joining up with them deal all settled. From what doctor Ziegler told him, it was fairly informal now that their organization wasn't exactly official, which suited Callio nicely.

It wasn't like he had any sort of ID or any background they could check into, it was all in another universe anyway, not that he had much in that way. His Saiyan equivalent to a birth certificate was ashes, along with most of his birth planet. His proof of a Saiyan education was surviving through childhood without getting exiled or killed, And since he could fly he'd never needed a driver's license.

"That last one might be a bit more of a problem now, considering..." he realized,as he remembered the event that had occurred not to long ago.

He'd always been able to fly. As long as he could remember really. To find that he couldn't was another thing on the growing list of things he found unsettling about his situation.

He'd tried again after the fighting was over, but to no effect. Every time he'd tried to push himself off the ground he just couldn't control the ki itself well enough to do it at all. Maybe given enough focus he might be able to do better, he could try meditating later to help with is energy control. He didn't have the time right now though.

Walking over to the office he realized something else too. The people here might not use zeni as currency, so he could possibly be broke. Which was kinda annoying as he amassed something of a small fortune going on Parallel quests, even though he'd usually spend most of it on food.

He didn't really care for having money, for the sake of having it. He did like having it so he could focus more on training. And the way he saw it, he'd need a lot of training to earn his power back. And he can't really train that hard if he has to worry about paying the grocery Bill, which was considerably large for a Saiyan.

So he'd need to either end up getting paid for this Overwatch gig, or he might need to find some other way to feed himself. Maybe hunting ought to help out. He had been craving some Dinosaur lately.

So he then made it to Winston's with Tracer, and Genji in tow to find the area was hit just as bad as the rest of the base.

"Probably a good thing he stayed behind then. I'm surprised though, I didn't think he was much of a fighter." Callio said, referring to the Gorilla.

"Yup, the big guy definitely knows how to handle himself. Speaking of, Winston! Where are you luv?" Tracer looked around for her friend.

"Over here Tracer." The Scientist answered from the second floor. "I'll be down in a moment." he seemed to be in a call with an unknown individual.

"Hm, I guess he still has some contacts around the world. I guess that explains how they can plan to fight these Talon guys a bit."

The call ended and Winston came over to them.

"Well done, that should make Talon think twice about picking a fight here again." he told them, "And thank you for helping Callio, ordinarily we would put you through some test or another before having someone join, but a firefight with Reaper is just as good a test as any I suppose." This confused the other two I the room who hadn't heard about him planning to help them more yet.

"Wait, are you really joining us? You just got here." Tracer did see that this Callio guy was a good fighter, but he was new to their world. They didn't exactly know much about him, other than him not being Human. One of the reasons why the old Overwatch fell apart was mistrust, and throwing an unknown person into the new group might tear it apart as well. They knew he didn't like Talon, but so did just about everyone besides Talon. Including other terrorist cells, Omnic extremists, and from what she'd heard Talon hated itself sometimes. In this regard he wasn't special.

Genji was having similar thoughts, but he was more willing to give the man a chance. He'd proven himself an ally, and had given them no reason to distrust him so far.

"It's true that this world isn't my own, it's also true that this reality isn't either. But, I do know that there is trouble brewing here, and that people are going to suffer if something isn't done about it. I do have responsibilities in my reality, but I don't know when I can return, so I can't just wait around and ignore it. Especially since I already shook that Talon beehive. Therefore until a way back reveals itself I'm gonna try and help people here." Callio explained. This put the others at ease a bit.

Genji nodded, "Very well. Let us see your if words will be put into action."

Tracer was still a bit unsure, but she was willing to give him a chance, "Well, I've always said the world could use more heroes. Welcome aboard mate."

Winston got their attention again. "Yes well, I'd like the others opinion first before making it final, but until then welcome to the team."

"So, what was that about then?" Tracer pointed to the holotable, referring to the call Winston just made.

"That, was our next mission calling to us. I've received a reliable report about a threat that needs to be taken care of before it becomes any more dangerous." Winston explained.

"Where we 'goin?" Tracer wondered.

"Where do you need my blade?" The Ninja asked.

Winston pulled up the hologlobe, which rotated, then magnified until it showed a specific area Callio knew on his earth as North city.

"Kings Row." he pulled up several images of what was going on there lately, "There has always been unrest between the Omnic, and human populations there, but it has been boiling over even more lately. Peaceful protests have been turning more, and more violent since Mondatta's death. My source claims there are more sinister reasons behind the escalation of violence there. And they suspect Null Sector may be involved."

Tracer was surprised. She'd known things were getting bad in her hometown, her being here on the Gibraltar base had kept her mostly in the dark about how bad it had gotten though. It made her worried about how she hadn't heard about it from Emily much. Or, how she hadn't heard much from her at all lately for that matter...

"I have to go make a call." She then blinked out of the room looking slightly worried.

Callio was confused about the way she acted, but shrugged it off. Making the right assumption that she might know someone there.

"So in the meantime it might be best for you to prepare. If the others do agree to let you in this might work well as a first mission for you." Winston told the Saiyan, who put on his game face.

"This won't be my first rodeo. I'll do what I can." he assured.

"Good luck then."

"Let's just hope I'm as good at peacekeeping as I am at punching things." This would be his first attempt in a while at stopping a fight before it began, rather than ending one that had already started.

Then his stomach started rumbling loud enough to get the others attention. He then rubbed the back of his head embarrassed.

"Um, do you think we have time for a quick lunch break first though?"

Soon enough while Callio was eating, the others convened to discuss the battle.

A few subjects were brought up. One of them being the reason behind the attack. They then all learned that Talon was after the Chronal Drive that Callio had hidden away in a capsule for safekeeping. This made a few Overwatch agents angry that he didn't turn the device over as soon as he could. Particularly Torbjorn, Pharah, and to a lesser extent Dva, and Mcree.

"He just got here and he's already keeping things from us. If he had just told us he had the damn thing in the first place we could have protected it better." Torbjorn argued. Amari nodded in agreement.

"If what he claims about being a 'Time Patroller' is true then it is his job to keep anything involving time travel away from those who might abuse it. And he trusts us about as well as we trust him." Angela wasn't completely sure about his temporal origins, but it did provide a good explanation for his choice not to divulge that information.

"I'm still having doubts about this 'Time Patrol' business. Not that it's my particular specialty. But it sounds like horseshit to me." Mcree added.

"The story he told is not exactly confirmable." Pharah agreed.

"But we do know his origins do involve some form of time travel long before the Chronal Drive got involved. After he was analyzed for radiation it was shown he had received different chronal particles, from different eras judging from the temporal decay ratio." Winston explained, going over most of their heads, but it sounded legit enough.

"So, what do we do about it then? He had his reasons to hide it, and we have our reasons for being angry about losing it. But getting angry won't get it back." Brigitte asked.

"For now there isn't much we can do. We still are not sure where Talon is based, or where they could have taken it. But it will be one of our priorities for now. It's potential is to dangerous to be left in the wrong hands. As it happens Callio seems to agree." Winston got ready to deliver a pitch, "He wants to help us."

This surprised the last few agents in the room who hadn't heard about this yet.

"With all due respect sir, that doesn't seem like a good idea. We don't know enough about him to let him sign on." Pharah didn't like this idea. She knew Overwatch was greatly understaffed for the duty it must perform (save the world), but letting an almost complete stranger join? At a time like this?

"Well, we do know that he isn't a fan of Talon, fights well, and wants to do some good. I say we give him a chance." Brigitte answered.

"I am of the same mind." Genji agreed.

"If he wants to prove himself in combat I say let him." Reinhardt's impression of the Saiyan was that of a warrior, one that fought for good.

"Then let's give him that chance. I plan on sending him on the next mission so we can see if he is really Overwatch material. Does anyone oppose this?" Winston asked.

Everyone around the table either agreed or abstained, with no outright refusals.

"Then let's get to planning." He then brought up a map over Kings Row.

"If this is Lena's home shouldn't she be here right now?" Dva asked.

"She said she had a call to make. It is taking a while however." Genji stated.

"I'll go get her, she can't have gone too far." Mcree offered.

"It might be best to wait for her, it might be important if it's taking this long."

"C'mon, C'mon, C'mon…" Lena was nearly in full panic mode. When she tried calling her girlfriend she wouldn't pick up. she didn't respond to any text, and hadn't since yesterday.

She'd been learning about how bad things have really gotten from friends back home who did respond. Apparently Winston hadn't been exaggerating. There were armed riots on the streets every other night, brawls breaking out in the middle of the day between either groups of protesters (pro, and anti Omnic) and the police, or all three. A number of people had died already.

She'd heard about some home invasions in her neighborhood, people being attacked in their own homes, Omnic and Human. Sometimes for no given reason at all, and the police just were too busy with the riots, or other duties to respond.

She'd only been gone for a few months! When the recall was issued there was outrage about Mondatta's death. All sides blaming the others for it. But she didn't expect things to get this bad. It was like the beginning of the Uprising there years ago. Something had to be done, and soon.

But this is what they brought Overwatch back for. To bring peace back to the world that was spiraling out of control like this all over.

Still, she'd be much more assured about that if Emily would just pick up.

She heard the familiar message of the voice mailbox that was full. Only deepening her worry.

"Aww, rubbish." She just put her phone away in frustration. Emily wasn't picking up anytime soon.

"Getting homesick?" Callio's voice startled her. He'd approached from her right, the way from the cafeteria.

"Oi! You shouldn't scare people like that!" She berated him, to which he raised his hands in surrender.

"Oh, uh sorry, didn't mean to. You just… what's wrong? You seem worried about something, if you don't mind me asking." He was curious about what had her wound up.

After getting her heart rate under control she responded "Yeah, something like that. This next mission is gonna be back home for me. I'm just worried for some friends is all." She said, not wanting to get into further detail.

He nodded in understanding, "Right, in that case it might be best to get over to the others, you'd know the area better than anyone right? The sooner a plan is drawn up the sooner you can check on your friends."

"Yeah, that's right. Let's get to it already." She then put her spring back in her step, and went off to join the team, Callio lagging behind.

This didn't seem like something he could offer much advise to, considering he didn't know many of the specifics of the situation. But it would generally be a good idea to listen to the plan before charging in.

While he certainly is no stranger to fighting he knew very little about snooping around, which is what this mission seemed to entail a bit of.

"... you in there?" Tracer had been trying to get his attention while he was thinking about the mission.

"Oh, uh, yeah just thinking. What's wrong?" He asked

"I was just wondering what your home was like." Her curiosity was understandable. He was from outer space after all.

"Well, that one's a bit complicated. Most of my time among my people I spent in space, traveling mostly." He really didn't want to talk about his time working for Frieza, which had taken up a good part of his early life, so while he wasn't exactly lying, he wasn't telling absolutely everything.

Not many people would exactly feel safe being near him knowing he'd possibly brought about the end of give or take ten small worlds. He didn't exactly remember much from when he was in his Ozaru form though.

"Self reminder, check the lunar cycle some time soon. Don't want to freak these people out by going all King Kong."

"Wow, I bet you got to see a lot of cool places." Well, she wasn't wrong. Although his crew did end up usually blowing most of them up for shits and giggles. Which was a damn shame.

"Yeah, but earth does have a certain charm to it." he said, remembering a lot of landscapes he fought on before destroying them in a fight. Plenty of cool rock formations, neat cacti, some interestingly shaped island chains.

"So what's your earth like then?" She wondered, it wasn't every day you'd hear about an alternate reality.

He thought about it for a moment, "Well, for one thing it's a lot more at peace. Real existential threats do come around every few years, but they are usually dealt with pretty quickly. And while there are a few distinct races, and cultures, my earth seems more homogeneous. I don't recall climate change being as much of an issue back home, and we don't seem to be as offended by the concept of a wheel being used in a method of transportation." He finished.

"You lot seem to have it all figured out then." she surmised. to which he chuckled.

"Well, it's not exactly all sunshine, and rainbows. A temperate, resource rich, world like earth is a pretty hot commodity. Without people like the Z Fighters, basically our Overwatch, we'd be being invaded every other day. But I can understand how hard they fight, earth is a home worth fighting over." He said, with a smile on his face thinking about the world he now called home.

Then they came to the briefing room, and began to plan their next move.

Well, what do you all think? Sorry about the rant in the beginning, but choosing to write this story with a main character facing something that he needs to put actual effort in to defeat just seems to be just a standard writing element. I find it odd that I even have to defend it. But if you have any actual constructive criticism, or just want to comment about something specific that you liked, or disliked, do bring it up. And offer a way you think I can improve upon it. Much like Orissa, I am new to this, so I appreciate some feedback.