my very first journal through my custom pokemon's eye's.

Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon, but I do own my character this story is based around.

Aaron K. Sigma log 058: i have been given the order to investigate a VLFS (very large floating structure) in the Alola Region, i can't really attack like a normal pokemon but I can at least go to see what it's all about.

Aaron K. Sigma Log 059: i have volunteered to be a guinea pig for this "Aether Foundation" to test a type of Power Armor with integrated weapons that function the same thing as a normal pokemon attack, but at the cost of me living on the armor's life support system, i decided to take the armor and being able to attack like a normal pokemon.

Aaron K. Sigma log 060: i was pitted against two pokemon called Silvally and Type: Null and I killed both with no effort at all. but I had problems with walking on my own and even flying, but I was offered a place to stay on the VLFS which was a a mansion, to say the owner had enough money to pay for the whole place was an understatement.

Aaron K. Sigma log 079 final report: the Legendary and Mythical Pokemon have betrayed me but thanks to the Armor, Weaponry, and Equipment given to me by Aether Foundation President Lusamine i was able to escape from further injury after I floored all of the Legendary and Mythical Pokemon i destroyed the Hall of Origin with no effort and i am now living on my Battleship in the skies, my biggest regret is injuring Virizion as i had a crush on her. but i doubt that she felt the same way as me.


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