Highly suggested: Read Love's Stars first. Dark Stars is a sequel to Love's Stars.


IN THE DARKEST CORNERS of the Galaxy, some were still waiting. They were chosen by the Dark Lord because of their gifts, then - without warning - abandoned. They were unaware there were others like themselves, thus were left lonely, confused, and isolated. Worst of all, they were left without an answer to the one question that mattered the most. They were never told their purpose.

Devoid of hope, having once glimpsed their vast potential, they now found little joy in their ordinary existence. They had sacrificed their souls for something more.

Not all sought the shadows in which to endure a lonely existence. One used her "gifts" toward nefarious endeavors with tragic consequences. Another, perhaps the most promising of them all, chose permanent darkness. And then a third found balance within himself and continued his service to the Empire.

In a city replete with wealthy and powerful beings, there was one who made his home on the highest floor of the tallest building on the busiest planet. He turned his gifts into power and accepted this was the life he was destined to live.

Yet there was one Dark Apprentice who had uncovered many of the Dark Lord's secrets. He knew he was not alone - that he was only one of nine. He knew why they were chosen and the gifts they possessed. He knew their weaknesses and strengths. He would find each of them, and when they were finally together they would be able to solve the mystery they feared would haunt them forever. They would finally understand what Lord Vader had not revealed. They would know their purpose - their true destiny.

The time had come to begin their journey that would fulfill the Dark Lord's ultimate desire. Where alone, their greatest hope was to be one with the Force - combined, they would conquer it.