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ETERNAL STARS The final installment in C.R. Marks' STARS trilogy.

Nash received a gift. Some gifts require great thought and deliberation before you unpackage and use them. Never before was there such a gift that could rival the one bestowed upon Nash. His decision will decide more than the fate of his soul. It could mean the destruction or demonstrable success of the single greatest mission on which Nash will ever embark.

The Convening is held, and Vader's Box is opened. The result is an incomprehensible, insatiable obsession with power that will lead the Dark Alliance on a quest that most in the Galaxy will dismiss as tabloid fodder. The New Republic finds its new Senate in old, uncomfortable territory, with strong and unyielding factions on opposite sides of the issue. The Jedi recommend overwhelming and decisive force to prevent a fate far worse than even Palpatine imagined possible. Meanwhile, opposition from factions with a variety of self serving agendas seem deaf and blind to the realities of the crisis - certain going so far as to lay blame for the Galaxy's troubles at the feet of the Jedi.

Raising a family and living life without the shroud of the Dark side is a gift many cherish. When the threat of Darkness reveals itself, it risks bringing out the best and worst in beings. Between the Dark Alliance and a Galaxy moving closer and closer to the edge of catastrophe, Master Luke Skywalker and his young Order of Jedi will be put the the test.

The epic battle between the Dark and the Light sides of the Force shake the very foundations upon which all lives, loves and futures rest.


Have you read LOST STARS by Claudia Gray? This was the inspiration for C.R. Marks' sequels. Reading LOST STARS is highly, highly recommended. The audiobook is excellent. It was marketed as a young adult novel, but the lives of its main characters revisit and relive nearly every major battle across Episodes IV, V and VI, from a brand new and creative point of view. The characters graduate from the Imperial Academy and begin their service just before the Battle of Yavin. It is extremely satisfying and relevant for adult readers, and the storyline will build, break, rebuild, and rebreak your heart. **Lost Stars: Journey to the Force Awakens and all characters created by Claudia Gray therein are the property of Claudia Gray and/or LucasFilms/Disney, Inc.


1. Love's Stars - Completed

2. Dark Stars - Completed

3. Eternal Stars - Releasing Chapters Beginning Midnight July 12


The war unofficially ended after the Battle of Jakku, but the Imperial Force's last attempt to recover their POWs leaves Ciena gravely wounded. The combined efforts of Thane, Kendy - and a mysterious stranger with a ship - bring Ciena to the one place she is safest; uniting former foes and families in the effort. The newly formed alliance on Jelucan still faces Ciena's most dangerous and Dark Force sensitive pursuer. They fear overwhelming forces may appear at any time, and are uncertain how they will protect themselves and Ciena while she is still seriously injured. Unbeknownst to the Jelucani Alliance, the mysterious stranger in their midst proves to be a connection to powerful forces from across the Galaxy - from the fledgling Jedi Order to key members of the New Republic Senate (some of whom had quietly taken an interest in the unfolding drama between the former Imperial Captain and Rebel Pilot from a chance encounter with Mon Mothma years before).


Eighteen months ago, the Jedi apprehended a grave threat to many Jelucani citizens, ending a terrifying journey that took our heroes from a battle on Jakku to a final battle on Jelucan. The post-war era has redefined life for most key characters. One in particular appears to be imprisoned due to his Dark deeds, though he seems unconcerned with his current predicament. Allies are at work to ensure he is capable of being where he needs to be, when he needs to be there, to continue the work of their late Master - Darth Vader. The Jedi are in a battle against time to learn the secrets Nash is keeping buried beyond their abilities to uncover. Luke Skywalker leads the Jedi Unit as they search many remote places, not the least of which is Mustafar - the Castle of his late father. The discoveries there will begin to shape Luke and his beliefs as they reveal evidence of the very time for which he longs to be acquainted. A time when his father was Anakin Skywalker, when a Jedi Council proudly served the cause of Democracy and peace, and when he could learn lessons from Ben - his father's Master Obi-Wan. Luke's discoveries will have to wait, as there are many loose ends left untied from the year before. The long, destructive tentacles of Nash Windrider will continue weaving their way across the Galaxy - including Jelucan - and wreak havoc on unsuspecting and some of the most innocent victims among them.