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Belladonna - Beautiful Lady
Pandora - All Gift
Prunella - Plum-Colored
Alula - the name of twin stars in the constellation Ursa Major,
called Alula Borealis and Alula Australis. It has many different
meanings apparently. I thought it would be funny to have a twin
with the name.


"Having magical twins is such a blessing!" a brown-haired Medi-Witch sighed dreamily as she eyed the two babies sleeping in Lily's arms.

"They always share an ability or talent. The Weasley twins are apparently telepathically linked and very talented at wandless magic," one of the Healers told them.

"The Carrow twins are rumoured to be Metamorphs and can Astral Project themselves."

"The Patil twins are both natural Occulmens, and can conjure items easily."

Lily and James stared down at their daughters. Not identical exactly. Basically, they looked the same, save for their hair colour. Belladonna had darker hair than even James, and Prunella took after Lily more. And if the usual 'blessings' occurred, then both would some day share two magical abilities because that was how magic worked. 'Twice-Blessed' was the term used for such cases.

Belladonna Pandora Potter and Prunella Alula Potter were going to be extra special. They were sure of it.

"I just wish this wasn't so gross," said Lily, wrinkling her nose at the sight of the bottles that were filled with the proper potions, as well as their blood in order to make Sirius' blood adoption legal. The babies each had to drink an entire bottle in order for the ritual to work.

Sirius shrugged. "This is for their safety in the long run. Some things are worth it."

The thought of drinking blood at all made her stomach churn, but she said no more.

Belladonna took to her bottle easily, but Prunella wailed and had to be coaxed into drinking her own. James and Lily both cooed and petted her hair until it was all gone.

The Goblins said nothing.

The harsh screaming of one of their daughters alerted them to trouble. Both of the new parents rushed into the nursery where they found Prunella holding her head where a large red bump was swelling above her brow. Beside her, Belladonna was simply staring and looking confused but had remained silent all the while.

The wooden toy lorry that the girls had been playing with, was off to the side and both parents made the same assumption as it was too far for either child to get to now. "Bella, throwing things is wrong!" Lily scolded, reaching down to pick her youngest up, trying to calm her down.

Prunella ceased crying in order to stare up at her parents. James and Lily both watched in shock as the large bump seemed to shrink and go from bright red, to peachy until it was gone and no proof of its existence remained.

They blinked in confusion for a moment, before whooping and beaming at the child.

"She healed herself, Lils!" James exclaimed, amazed that his daughter would have such an ability naturally. It could be a real life saver down the road.

"I know! Prue, you're such a brilliant baby, aren't you?" Lily cooed, swaying in place and getting a giggle from the little girl.

They two were far too wrapped up in Prunella's sudden ability to pay their eldest any more attention.

Belladonna simply watched on.

Lily had turned away for a moment only. The girls were in their chairs and were shoving food in their mouths all on their own, though Belladonna seemed more proficient at it and made less of a mess overall.

A high-pitched scream rent the air and when she turned, she found all of Prunella's food scattered on the floor while Belladonna had frozen in place, fist half in her mouth, her gaze only on Lily.

Such an action was one of obvious guilt, and Lily huffed in displeasure. "Belladonna, stop attacking your sister. I don't know why you keep doing this but it's getting old very quickly!"

Deciding that Belladonna had eaten enough if she felt the need to steal food from her sister, Lily scooped the child up and took her to the nursery where she was placed in her cot and told to take a nap. A simple Cleaning Charm was enough for Lily to return to her poor Prunella who had only just stopped crying.

"Mummy will get you more food, sweetie!" she promised.

All the while, Belladonna sat caged in by the bars of her cot, confused and hungry.

Going into their first year of life, the twins had a small party consisting of their parents, godfather, and a few others who were trusted with their location.

And once again, it seemed like Belladonna was bullying her sister who was whinging while her sister sat by, blank-faced.

"James, this needs to stop. I don't know why she keeps being so horrible."

"Maybe she's, you know, jealous that Prue's been doing all this magic and she hasn't done any."

Such a thing struck Lily as odd. Prue had done all sorts of magic. She'd seen the aftermath of all the moved toys and bottles. But not a peep came from Belladonna. Could babies even comprehend jealousy?

"We'll just have to leave her in the nursery if she's going to misbehave," said James firmly. "No gifts for her. Prue can get them instead for being so good."

Lily made no objections, though both Sirius and Remus weren't too thrilled and insisted on giving the child her gifts anyway, especially since her name had been embroidered on them specifically.

Lily couldn't understand why she behaved for her godfathers but not her parents. There had to be something wrong with Belladonna.

They had to change safe houses, and had gone under the Fidelius Charm's protection late September. The children being unable to leave the house had left them both moody and it wasn't only Belladonna getting in trouble now, but she was still the primary source of all of Prue's problems, Lily was certain.

Their darling Prue was so magically talented! Belladonna was just jealous and kept taking it out on her innocent sister.

And why? Belladonna showed no magical ability at all. Most babies did accidental magic by now, but not her. Dumbledore swore she had magic, but he was getting old and it was possible for him to make mistakes. Lily held the secret belief that her eldest was a… Squib.

She wasn't too sure how she felt about it, but in the darkest recesses of her heart, she was disappointed. A Muggleborn had created a Squib. Her reputation would sink even further and people would talk if they found out. They'd take it as proof that her blood was dirty and that magicals shouldn't mix with muggles ever.

James' patience had reached its all-time high by this point. "Lily, perhaps it's time we- perhaps we should separate them."

Lily gasped, eyes taking on a horrified glint.

"Hear me out!" he insisted quickly. "Belladonna just keeps targeting Prue. Yesterday they'd been in the lounge and both were practicing their walking when Prue just tumbled to the floor for no reason and Belladonna merely stared, her own hand outstretched! And then today Belladonna was stealing Prue's food again and knocked all of Prue's food onto the floor! They just don't get on, Lils."

"But to separate them?"

"It seems necessary. Prue can have this room. If Belladonna is going to misbehave, then we'll convert the cupboard into a small room for her until she shows some remorse."

The cupboard wasn't too small in his opinion. Once everything was moved out it could easily fit a cot and a changing table plus both grown adults. What else would a baby need when it came to sleeping? Naughty children didn't get playtime after all.

Eventually, Lily agreed, and the two were split apart in order to save Prue from her sister's tantrums.

Neither parent ever questioned their own assumptions. They believed they knew what was right from the start. Belladonna was the eldest and should set an example and she wasn't doing that. It was all her fault and she wasn't what they'd hoped she'd be. Prue though, was a little angel.

They even discussed switching which daughter was to be the heiress to the family.

James and Lily would spend years thinking they'd been in the right. If only they knew how incredibly wrong they were.

Removing the Potter Lord from the battle had been easy. In fact, almost too easy if Voldemort was being honest. He didn't care, because it just brought him one step closer to his goal, but it was a bit too easy for his liking. He'd wanted at least some kind of challenge in order to make the death all the more sweet. Instead, Potter hadn't even had his wand ready. What kind of Auror training did he receive? Weren't they supposed to be constantly vigilant? Wasn't Moody a hard arse?

Lord Voldemort had intruded upon the Potter family's safety that evening for one specific purpose. To rid the world of the two children born of the young couple. One of them was prophesied to destroy him and as such, both had to die just so he could be sure. He cared not for the parents. They could try again in the future if they found children an absolute necessity to a happy and hearty life. They were young, they had time, and they were useful for the time being, whether they knew it or not.

James Potter was left unconscious at the foot of the stairs where his wife had rushed toward when Voldemort broke down their door down with a simple Bombarda. She couldn't Floo out nor could she Apparate away thanks to the wards he'd placed upon finding the building. Running up the stairs however, was not the smartest of decision, even he could admit that. It was too reminiscent of a muggle horror film for his liking. Meaning it was stupid and he had it on good authority that Lily Evans Potter was anything but stupid.

Voldemort ascended the stairs two at a time, easily reaching the nursery where Lily Potter was kneeling in front of the cot holding her twin daughters. They were obviously fraternal since both looked completely different. One bore bright red hair that was offensive to his eyes, and the other had a full mess of black sticking in every direction. They shared one common feature, which was the bright green eyes that put even their mother's unique eye colour to shame.

"Step aside," he told the woman, who was eerily silent as she turned and eyed him up. And she too held no wand. Was she of the assumption that she could make him see sense? That perhaps he wouldn't kill the children who could possibly pose a threat to his life someday down the line? The very idea was enough to make him scoff. If he wasn't going to listen to his esteemed former professor, why would he listen to her of all beings?

She said not a word, but didn't move either. He could feel the judgment from her gaze and hissed his displeasure. No one dared to stare him down in such a way unless they had five ridiculous names that no one bothered to remember, and wore hideous robes of every colour and pattern imaginable. Looking him in the eye was a challenge and with a Legilimens like Voldemort, it was anything but safe.

Raising his wand, Voldemort put the woman to sleep, enjoying the look of horror in her eyes when she realised that he wasn't going to kill her. Yes, she would be alive and have to deal with the deaths of her children. How unfortunate. A punishment for daring to side with the old coot in the end instead of accepting his offer when she had graduated. She and her husband could have been great among his ranks. Lord Voldemort was merciful after all, and he understood talent when he saw it.

Voldemort turned his full attention to the children who had different reactions to their mother collapsing suddenly. The red-haired one was bawling already, staring down at the unmoving body on the floor as large tears streaked her chubby cheeks. The black-haired one was staring Voldemort directly in the eye with silent interest that was far too mature for such a young child. Her gaze unnerved him more than anything he'd ever seen before.

Leveling his wand at the unnerving one, the one he was now certain was the prophecy child, he practically hissed the Killing Curse and watched as it seemed to connect, but instead of knocking the child over and killing her, she swallowed it.

Yes, a baby just swallowed the curse that killed on contact and had no magical counters. His jaw was hanging and he didn't feel ashamed. It literally went into her open mouth and then she swallowed visibly, blinking rapidly.

However, the child's eyes proceeded to glow a brighter shade of green, much like the very curse he'd just sent her way. The glowing persisted until he had but a split second to understand what had happened, which was not enough time to react.

A bright green light shot forth from her eyes directly, and slammed into his body with an intense force he hadn't expected, ejecting his soul from his physical form and causing a strange tearing feeling within while rendering him powerless in seconds. And the curse, the bloody Killing Curse, had ricocheted off of his chest where it had struck, and slammed into the ceiling which caved in instantly, covering all three living beings in debris. Though the one that had attacked him seemed to surround herself in a light pink barrier, avoiding injury unlike her sibling who was bleeding from the brow and wailing even louder than before.

It made no sense! The Killing Curse couldn't cause physical damage! And it was certainly that curse since he wasn't in his body anymore, and his body seemed to be disintegrating on the floor until there was nothing but his wand remaining. If he hadn't had his Horcruxes, he would have been ended right there and the prophecy would have come true immediately.

What was left of him flickered, and he knew he had to flee. To regroup. To find some form of sustenance before he faded away. He couldn't use magic now. He was weakened and he needed to fix that fact before it was too late to do so.

All the while, the child's eyes never stopped glowing Avada green.

The spirit of Voldemort fled that night, promising to extract his revenge on the entire family. He would not be merciful the second time. Death to all of them, his madness demanded.

He'd been too busy watching the curse destroy the ceiling, to notice the small piece of silver light that slammed into the black-haired girl's chest and sank into her flesh easily.

When Lily came to, it was to see her husband above her, looking worried. "Thank Merlin you're alright," he sighed.

"We're alive," she noted in awe as she sat up. Her neck was stiff and she felt like she had the world's worst headache.

"He didn't want us, he wanted them."

The statement had her rushing to her feet. All worry fled when she saw both of her daughters sitting in Prue's cot. Belladonna was staring blankly into space and Prue's forehead was covered in blood and an oddly shaped marking.

"What happened?" she wondered aloud, withdrawing her wand from her pocket and magically cleaning the blood off her baby's face. "Why are they both alive still?"

"Lils, look over there."

She turned and found a pile of black robes resting in a pile of grey ash near the door, and resting atop them, was a bone-white wand with an odd handle.

"He's gone," said James in a whisper. "That's all that's left. Prue must have done something amazing."

Their one year old had destroyed the Dark Lord Voldemort. He was gone. Forever.

Lily turned to Prue and picked her up, a wide smile on her face. "Such a brilliant baby you are!"

"I'm sorry, but he is not as gone as you may think," said Albus Dumbledore with a forlorn look. "Tom was terrified of death and he has been searching for immortality for years. I have no doubt that he would come back somehow, and that means that we are not truly safe from him."

"But- but Prue destroyed him!" James sputtered. "He was ash!"

Albus nodded because it was true. Tom's physical form had indeed been destroyed. "There are magicks of the most evil nature, that can keep one around even when the body is destroyed. Horace Slughorn provided me with a memory of Tom asking him about such magick. Horace's memory shows that he did not give Tom the information about it, but he favoured Tom very much and I believe this memory is false in order to mislead me or anyone who came asking."

Lily was shaking her head in denial, but Albus could not let them go unprepared. "It is truth, my dear girl. Tom came asking about Horcruxes, which are a piece of Soul Magick that requires the murder of another. You then tear off a piece of your soul and seal it into an object to bind your soul to this existence. So even if the body is destroyed, the soul remains anchored by your Horcrux and you can still perform magical acts. Since the soul is not a ghost in the true sense, it can still accomplish minor things like temporary possession. The dead cannot possess the living, which is what sets this apart from a common ghost story."

He truly believed that Horace had told Tom. Why wouldn't he? Everyone fell for Tom Riddle's act and Horace was so proud of him and loved boasting about his many talents. Of course he would tell the boy what he wanted. Tom had been nothing but respectful during the entire memory. Tom was also known for hoarding knowledge so him asking about it wouldn't be that much of a shock.

"So Prue is in danger still?" James finally asked, making Albus frown.

"Not just her," he clarified.

"But Belladonna hasn't anything to do with what happened. She can't even do magic!" Lily insisted, voice at an almost wail.

He would admit to being shocked because he'd met both children and could feel their magic easily each time. "Are you certain? I can feel their magic from here. Perhaps she merely does it when you don't look," he suggested.

Neither would hear anything of it. He was treated to long spiels about how Belladonna had an attitude and how she bullied her sister because she couldn't do any magic and was jealous. How they had to constantly punish her for her tantrums. Albus was… confused to say the least.

He knew new parents weren't always the best since they'd taken on a new duty never before given to them, but surely they couldn't believe a baby was capable of that much?

Either way, they were properly warned ahead of time and he tried to advise them accordingly. "I would suggest keeping them out of the spotlight. Word has already gotten around that Tom has perished when he went to your home and his followers are still at large."

"But…" James began, looking like he was thinking hard. "If we spread the word that Prue, the Prophecy Child, managed to kill Voldemort, then everyone will celebrate and we can finally come out of hiding officially! And then everyone will feel bolstered and will begin to stand up for themselves and maybe the Ministry might finally take some actual action in putting those Dark bastards behind bars!"

Lily was nodding along with him. "Yes. It's the best we can do."

Albus did not favour that idea. In fact he felt it a bit too much to put on a child's shoulders. He could see it now. People would worship her for doing what they never had the courage to do. People everywhere would know her name, and being faced with all of that from such a young age would surely change her temperament.

When the young couple left with their children, Albus turned his attention to Fawkes, who looked morose. "Do you feel as unsettled as me, dear friend?" the old wizard asked.

Fawkes crooned his agreement and nodded.

He had a bad feeling.

"What are we going to do about Belladonna?" Lily asked that evening as the family sat by the fireplace. The children were on the floor. Prue was playing with her wooden lorry while Belladonna fiddled with the mini her that Sirius had made for her birthday.

"What do you mean?" asked James, sending her a confused look.

"Belladonna is jealous of her sister's magic. Imagine how she'll act when she realises why everyone loves her so much."

They had gone straight to the Aurors after visiting the Headmaster, and informed them of what happened. A team with Sirius as the leader, was dispatched immediately and they collected the wand, the robes, and even the ashes. By that evening, the Daily Prophet had announced that the Dark Lord had fallen at that the Ministry was on high alert for Death Eaters and their sympathisers.

People were already whispering Prue's name. They'd gotten about a dozen letters so far from people who were thanking their family and praising their youngest.

If Belladonna was this jealous now, it would only get worse in the future. And they didn't want her negativity to ruin Prue's childhood. So what could they do?

"She has no magic," said Lily. "Perhaps Petunia would take her since they're so much alike. And if she gets a Hogwarts letter, we'll just bring her back home."

He was nodding. It seemed like a sound idea. Best for the child to be raised among like-minded people. And surely Petunia would prefer her if she didn't have magic.

"We can lie to everyone and say she prefers to stay home and study than to go out and socialise."

Both came to an agreement. It was the best decision in order to ensure that Prue had a happy childhood that she deserved. Especially after saving them all from Voldemort. Belladonna wouldn't be missing anything anyway. And Petunia had a son who Belladonna could play with, so she wouldn't be alone.

It was all for the greater good of their family. It was better this way.

Petunia Dahlia Dursley née Evans gaped in mute horror as her sister and her unfortunate brother-in-law, sat on her pristine sofa, contaminating it with their filthy freakishness. And the reason for this unexpected and uncalled for visit, was the girl.

A little girl was in her sister's arms, with eyes like no colour she had ever seen before. They were unnatural. And the child was nothing like her precious Dudders who would be screaming and crying. Instead, the child was eerily silent and she simply watched.

She had known thanks to Lily's letters that her sister had twins. She knew objectively what they looked like. The other, which wasn't with them, was like a carbon copy of Lily. This one didn't look like either parents though she was a twin.

And why was her perfectly normal life being bothered? Because apparently the eldest spawn of her sister wasn't as freakish as they'd wanted her to be. She couldn't do any… magic. And as such, they decided to bother Petunia's new family, and foist the brat onto her unwilling shoulders, because they didn't want her living with them.

She'd ceased listening after Lily said Petunia would be taking the girl in. All she could hear in her head was the Snape boy from their childhood telling her she wouldn't be welcomed in the magical world for having no magic. And it seemed that her darling sister had fallen into the same line of thought, which not even Petunia had expected of her.

Lily didn't want her child because she had no... magic.

So apparently they just expected Petunia to open up her home to the girl. Despite the fact that she had a godfather who could take her in at any time. Despite the fact that they were wealthy and could hire someone to rear her properly.

"I am not taking in another child," Petunia tried to insist. "Vernon has only just started his new job and he is at the very bottom right now. We're barely making ends meet as it is and everything in this house was formerly our parents' possessions. Vernon has to use a company vehicle in order to commute!"

"We'll pay you to house her," Potter insisted almost desperately. "And if she does manage to have magic somehow and gets a Hogwarts letter, we'll take her back and you won't have to deal with her ever again."

Petunia was very greedy despite how she didn't show it often. She liked having nice things and being unable to purchase everything she wanted had been a big boulder on her shoulders. But at the prospect of getting money for housing her sister's spawn, sounded lovely.

The basics would be given. Food at each meal. Access to a loo. An outfit or two. A roof over her head. Petunia was not required by any means to provide toys or comfort to a child not her own. One she didn't even want in her house. One she never asked to be burdened with all because her sister felt the lack of magic was stain on her name or whatever.

"Fine. But it better be decent. My poor Dudders is barely getting enough as it is."

Lily's smile of relief was disgusting. Petunia was only doing this for the money and no other reason. She cared not for the child and she knew exactly where to put it too.

When Sirius Black stopped by Godric's Hollow that morning, it was after three days of nonstop hunting down his former friend Peter. He'd finally caught up to Peter, and he managed to escape by transforming into a rat and fleeing down a sewer drain.

Sirius proceeded to go the Ministry and report that Peter was an Animagus, providing his memory of the encounter as further proof. And anyone who thought he was the Potter Secret Keeper, was put in their place immediately as James and Lily had come in to report the attack on their family and then he'd had to collect the remains from the nursery.

He had only just been released and he was tired. He wanted to see his best friend and his godchildren and make sure the family was alright. What he found however, was a disturbing lack of his darling Panda.

"Where's my little Panda?" he demanded after a moment of standing in the lounge and seeing only one child.

Prue was busy with her blocks and didn't pay him any mind. James and Lily however, gasped and stared at one another in obvious shock.

"We didn't tell you. She's a Squib, and she's jealous of Prue doing magic so we figured it wouldn't be good for her to grow up with her sister since her jealousy will grow with her once Prue begins gaining even more fame for defeating Snake Face," was James' reply.

Sirius shoved his fingers in his ears, twisted them a bit to make sure they were cleared out, and asked, "What was that?"

"Belladonna is living with my sister from now on," Lily said quietly with not an ounce of regret on her face.

"You- you gave up your eldest daughter to your magic-hating, xenophobic sister?" Sirius asked, appalled by the reasoning given.

"Petunia accepted her just fine. She has no magic so there won't be any friction there," said Lily with a shrug.

"She has magic!" exploded from him like a tidal wave. "I've watched the twins many times and I have seen Bella summon toys from across the room. I've watched her entertain Prue by levitating her stuffed animals. She healed a cut on her own lip once. Where did you get the ridiculous notion that she had no magic?"

He knew James had a habit of being thick, but this was ridiculous!

"She never proved it to either of us," James swore. "If she does have magic, she'll get a Hogwarts letter and we'll pick her up on her eleventh birthday. Even if she's magic, she has an attitude toward her sister that we don't want affecting poor Prue. She's been through enough because of Belladonna."

What the hell were they even talking about?

"Everyone knows you have another child though. You can't pretend she died since you've been seen with her in the Ministry already," Sirius pointed out, finding flaws in their supposed logic.

"We've got that covered. We'll just say she's more Ravenclaw than we anticipated and doesn't like going outside much and we have an Elf watching her. Not that people would care since we'll have Prue out and about."

Did James even hear himself speak? Sirius felt the intense urge to do more than cuff him upside the head.

"Fine. If you don't want her, I'll raise her with Remus' help. Where does the bitch have her held?"

"Sirius!/Padfoot!" the two wailed in offense, eyeing their youngest up worriedly. She gave no reaction to anything going on.

"I don't want such a hateful person influencing my goddaughter! I did the damn ritual to officially adopt them both! I am a third parent on every record! I have a say in what happens to them and if you do not tell me where she is, we're going to have problems, James," he threatened. As eldest, Bella was also his Heiress. The fact that they would do this at all was terrible, but to remove someone's Heir from their purview was enough to cause political problems. Even if he was estranged from his family.

James appeared worried then. "Padfoot, you're making a big deal out of nothing."

"James, you either tell me, or unpleasant things will happen to you."

A moment of silence passed between them, before James answered with a firm, "No."

Sirius turned around and stomped from the cottage, disgusted with the both of them. He had to find Remus and tell him before the other two could infect him with whatever stupidity they had dreamed up on their own.

"They did what?!" was Remus' enraged response when Sirius finally managed to track him down.

"Yeah. And they aren't going through official channels so the payments aren't being tracked by the Goblins. Basically, I have no idea where they put her and I have no way of finding her either."

His werewolf lover was seething, his hands forming fists that he knew very well could put a hole in a tree if he tried hard enough.

"We won't be able to prove anything. Lily is great at Potions and they no doubt kept her brush which will still have hair in it. If an inquiry is made, they can easily disprove it," said Remus, regaining control over his emotions slowly but surely.

"Yeah, so we need to make their lives hell in some other way. No one takes our goddaughter from us without a fight!"

The two men proceeded with the planning. James and Lily had both made a grave error, which was entirely obvious to them. If only they knew to the extent such error stretched to.


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