They were all packed into the family car... Ellen was driving, and Quint had the front passenger seat, thanks to the severity of his injury. Brody, Hooper, and the two children were piled into the back seat. Sean was sitting on Hooper's lap, and neither of them looked particularly happy about it.

It was easier to get to the hospital than to leave town. But everyone off-duty was standing in the parking lot, gaping at the large form of the sea monster. Ellen parked illegally in front of the Emergency Room entrance and ran to open the back door and help her husband out. Quint, growling and cursing all the way (to Michael's obvious delight) got out of the car unaided and staggered to the doors. He stopped growling, however, when a young blonde nurse walked swiftly over to him, offering assistance.

Someone brought Brody some gauze for his forehead while their paperwork was taken. Hooper hovered awkwardly in the background with Sean on his shoulders and Michael looking bored next to him.

A resident with long hair that flipped up at his shoulders appeared to take Quint away for vitals and X-rays, and the blonde nurse offered to take the Chief to one of the waiting curtained beds to wait for the doctor.

Someone yelled, "It's getting closer!"

"I should call the mayor," Brody said.

"Don't have to," drawled the head nurse as she slipped a clipboard into the front of his bed. "He's just down the hall. Came in with chest pain fifteen minutes ahead of you."

Ellen's reply was cut off by Hooper thrusting her young son back into her arms. "If it's coming closer, I need to be out there. Good luck, Martin."

And he ran.

"Is that blood, Daddy?" Sean asked, looking interested.

Michael sighed.

Outside, Hooper noted that it was much darker than it had been when they'd entered the hospital. It took him just two seconds to realize why. And then the ground began to shake.

Godzilla took his first two steps onto the closed beach of Amity Island. His beady eye surveyed the small island, and the panicking people with disinterest. Clearing the beach, he paused to take an experimental bite out of the radio tower. Sparks showered all over his gray front, and scraps of metal crashed to the ground. Evidently not liking the taste, the giant monster walked away, his tail idly knocking the remnants of the tower over.

Hooper reached for his camera, then realized it was still aboard the wrecked Orca. "Shit! Goddamn it!"

Godzilla took another shambling step forward and stopped. His nose worked for a moment, and then he leaned forward, prying the roof off of Fierro's Fish'n'Chips and took a bite. Debris rained down, causing a few injuries. Evidently disappointed, the giant monster threw the remains of the roof aside.

The roof flew past Brody's deputy, making his hat blow off, and giving him a rather nasty windburn on the left side of his face. He shrieked in horror, but it was drowned out by the resounding crash made by the mayor's beloved billboard catching the flying wood and metal.

The sea creature's disinterested rampage claimed two houses and several cars, before he disappeared into the sea. The Coast Guard appeared half an hour later, helping provide assistance to the people injured and displaced. They extensively photographed and even made a cast of one of the monster's footprints, but remained very skeptical of the descriptions of Godzilla's appearance and actions.

"Why doesn't anyone listen to me?" Hooper demanded, after a lieutenant shrugged off his account.

Brody kept his temper, but felt much the same, as he left the hospital, speaking to another officer in the hospital parking lot.

Quint, being prepped for surgery on his broken arm, was unable to provide a statement, and as Hooper noted, "he wouldn't make that great a witness, anyway."

"It was a sea monster!" Michael Brody said for the fiftieth time. "It was awesome!"

Sean was overdue for a nap and crying, and Ellen didn't have the energy to tell him to be quiet.

The Coast Guard departed, refusing to acknowledge that a giant sea monster had smashed up the island community, but admitting in their official report, "We are not able to even make a good guess as to what happened."

On his release from the hospital, Mayor Vaughn lamented the city's losses and nearly gave himself a second heart attack on surveying the damage, but he was shocked, when, during rebuilding, several hundred people came, only interested in hearing what happened, seeing the footprints, and sitting under Fierro's new roof.

The trend continued. Although nowhere near as many people came to swim in the summer, the monster-curious made up the difference throughout the rest of the year. The numbers increased when one bought one of the lots, recently emptied by Godzilla's footsteps, and made it into a museum dedicated to monsters and the summer's strange encounters.

"At least it's not Shark City anymore," Brody said.

Quint, as he recovered, eyed the island monster mania with a good deal of distaste.

"Goddamn idiots," he told his dogs one evening as a group of amateur sea monster hunters in an overloaded boat floated out to sea.

A small, plastic, and for some reason, green version of the creature appeared in the surf, having evidently been dropped by some child earlier in the day. He spat into the ocean and idly patted the black dog's wooly head.

"Almost wish the damn shark got me than see this."