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"It has to be a joke?!"

Harry James Potter could only sit there in his tiny room in his relative's house in number 4 Privat Drive, and re read the letter that had arrived for him.

My dearest Harry.

Oh, my little baby boy, how I wish I could be there for you to tell you this in person, and if the gods are willing I will be and I will have written this letter for no reason. But if you are reading this then that means your father and I died. Harry, I know that this will be difficult to understand but I swear to you that it is the truth, and I also swear to you that I still love you as my own child. The truth is that James and I are not your real parents, and that you aren't truly human. You see Harry during the war I was struck by a curse by an unknown assailant one day while I was in Diagon Alley, this curse rendered me unable to conceive. One day your father, Sirius Remus and I were checking out an old castle out in the Scottish Highlands for death eaters having heard reports that some had been seen in the area. Inside the castle we found no Death Eaters but deep in a cavern beneath the castle we found a large dark purple egg with white spots about the size of a watermelon.

Not knowing what the egg was exactly we took it back home, we ran some scanning charms and were able to tell that whatever was in the egg was in some kind of stasis so we left it alone. Until a week later when much to our surprise the egg hatched. And out came an infant, humanoid in appearance but with claws and talons instead of fingers and toes, digitigrade legs and wings on his back. The child had dark purple skin and white hair and when I held him I knew that despite the fact that we were two obviously two different species, that this little guy needed me. In case you haven't realised it yet, you were that child. Your father and I took you in and raised you, it was quite a shock the first day after you hatched as you turned to stone when the sun rose, I remember screaming as you turned to stone in my arms, James came running in wand drawn with Remus and Sirius right behind him, we all panicked and spent all day trying to turn you back, but just before sunset we gave up. We were so distraught, and then once the sun set you began to crack, I remember screaming as you appeared to shatter, but you didn't, it was like you were sleeping inside a cocoon of stone. After that day we set about discovering what we could about what you were.

Eventually we learn the truth from the goblins, you are what's technically known as a Gargate, or Gargoyle as they are known, they are considered the oldest species on the planet. The goblins explained what they could and offered to help us because they hadn't seen a Gargoyle in over a thousand years. They believed they had become extinct. They got us in touch with the Fae, and not just any Fae but Titania, the Fae Queen herself.

With her help we learned what we needed to know, that you are one of the last survivors of the Wyvern Clan of Wyvern hill, the castle in which we found you. She offered her help in disguising you as a human with her magic. We agreed and she turned you into a human. She can undo this and will if you ask her, below is the details on how to get in touch with her. We asked her why she was willing to help us and she just smiled at us and said that she wasn't doing this for us, but for you. We asked if she knew who your Gargoyle parents where, she told us she suspected your father was the head of the Wyvern Clan, his name was Goliath and he was a brave and honourable warrior. Your mother was his second, Titania never told us her name because apparently Gargoyles don't have names.

Titania looked into your eyes and I always suspected that she was seeing something that we couldn't but I never brought it up to her. I truly wish that I could have told you this in person but sometimes life isn't fair. I don't know what your life has been like if you are reading this, but know that even though I didn't conceive you, carry you and give birth to you, you ARE my son and nothing will change that. I also want you to know that I love you and would support you no matter what you do with your life.

There is so much more that I want to say to you but not enough time or parchment in the world to do so. So, I will just end this letter by telling you again how much your father and I love you.

Love mom.

Harry put the letter down again and picked up what looked like a large runic circle drawn onto a large sheet of paper 'can this be real?'

Harry looked down at his hand, his regular looking human hand and tried to imagine a purple skinned hand with talons instead of fingers but it was difficult. He spent the next couple of days re-reading the letter and looking at the runic circle before he decided to take a chance. So that night he laid out the sheet of paper on the floor of his room and following the instructions he cut his finger with a knife he took from the kitchen and placed a drop of blood at the cardinal points and then sat back and waited.

He sat there for almost half an hour before he sighed "I knew it wasn't real. Why did I believe this stupid letter!? Someone out there is probably getting a good laugh about this!"

"Oh, I don't know about that. You were just expecting flashing lights and flames as I appeared in a dramatic flash of power!"

Harry spun around and saw a green skinned woman wearing a slight revealing dress, but she was simply radiating power "Are you her?"

Even as he asked that he felt like kicking himself for asking such a stupid question. The queen of the Fae simply laughed and placed a hand on his cheek looking him in the eyes "Indeed I am. And it has been a long time since I saw you last little one. My how you have grown."

Harry sat there in shock before he held out the letter "So this is all true then?"

Titania took the letter and quickly read it before she looked back at the young man before her "It is indeed true. You are one of the last of the Wyvern Clan. And you are indeed a gargoyle. I changed you into a human myself. I can reverse it if that is your desire?"

Harry just sat down across from her against the wall as she sat down on his bed "I don't know what I want anymore, this is all just too much."

Titania could sense that there was more bothering this young man, child of two people she could honestly call her friends so she pats the bed besides her and motioned for him to sit next to her "Come, tell me what bothers you my dear child."

Eying her warily Harry got up and sat on the bed next to her only to stiffen in fear as she pulled him into a loving hug "My friends have all abandoned me. I needed them, Sirius died, and they got hurt, I told them not to come with me but they insisted and came anyway, then they got hurt fighting the death eaters. They blamed me for getting hurt, they blamed me for Sirius's death. And they're right, if I hadn't have rushed in like a fool he wouldn't be dead!"

"Sirius was a brave man who loved you like a son, do you honestly believe that Sirius would blame you for his death?"

It took a moment but Harry shook his head "No I guess not. But it doesn't change the fact that it was my fault, if I had had remembered the enchanted mirrors to get in contact with him he wouldn't have died trying to save me from an ambush!"

Titania shook her head "I believe that Sirius died one of the two ways he would have wanted to, to die saving a loved one, or die in a bed surrounded by beautiful women."

Harry could help it and began to laugh. Titania smiled and wiped away some tears from his face "Much better, Sirius, James and Lily wouldn't want you to be sad, they would want you to live your life to the fullest."

Harry nodded "I can't do that with Voldemort hovering over my shoulder waiting to strike."

Titania nodded in understanding "The why not let Harry Potter disappear for a while."

Harry looked at her "You mean become a Gargoyle and disappear from the magical world?"

Titania nodded "Yes, let me change you back, and then we can go and meet your father."

"My father? You mean this Goliath?"

Titania nodded and then explained about the fall of the Wyvern clan and the spell cast by the Magus on his father and the survivors of the destruction of the clan. And the enchanted sleep they were put into. She explained that a man in America was currently having the Wyvern Castle pulled down stone by stone and moved to America where he hoped to break the spell placed on them.

Harry sat there thinking about it for several minutes before Titania decided to give him a few days to think it over and left telling him that she would return in two days.

Two days later, as promised Titania returned only to find a sight she was not anticipating. She teleported into Harry's bedroom and didn't find him there, so she went downstairs only to find him sitting on the couch in the living room, his cousin was unconscious on the floor, his aunt was cowering in the kitchen and his uncle had been half stuffed into the cupboard under the stairs. Also strewn about the house where several wizards their wands sitting on the table in front of the young man.

She noticed that one of the unconscious wizards was Remus Lupin, this made her sigh "What happened here I wonder?"

Harry looked up at her and just shrugged "Vernon and Dudley wouldn't get out of my face about stupid chores that Petunia wanted me to do, so I knocked them out. Petunia screamed and shortly later these wizards all showed up. They said they're apart of the Order of the Phoenix and that I should come with them. I refused, they refused my refusal so I knocked them all out to."

Titania listened as he spoke and noticed that his eyes had begun to glow a bright white "Well it seems that your Gargoyle instincts are beginning to surface. Am I to assume that your refusal to leave means that you were waiting for me to return and undo the spell?"

Harry nodded and stood up "I was, and now you're here. So please undo it."

Titania nodded and her eyes began to glow green with power and green electricity sparked around her form as she began to rhyme

A child of stone thou used to be

Till a child of man, I turned you right

Now to escape thy fame you must flee

And become a child of the night

Harry groaned as green beams of magic shot from her eyes striking the young man, harry lifted his hands to his face and watched as his skin darked to a deep purple, his fingers turned into long talons, he looked down in time to see his pants and shirt tear as his body changed, his human legs became digitigrade and his toes became three large talons, he turned his head to try and look behind him when he felt an extra weight on his back and sure enough he had two large wings emerging from his shoulder blades.

He moved over to the large picture frame above the fireplace and looked at his reflection in the glass, his facial features had changed greatly and his once black hair was now snow white. He removed the glasses from his face and removed the remains of his ripped shirt. He flexed his arms and looked back behind him again and saw a long tail behind him that somehow, he just knew how to work.

"I feel amazing!"

Titania smiled as she watched the young gargoyle examine himself "Thailog."

Harry turned to face the Queen of the Fae with a puzzled look on his face "Thailog?"

"That is your name my child. Let me explain, what do you know about alternate worlds?"

"Not much, just that they are worlds where different events have happened, some events are minor while others are massive world and history events. Right?"

Titania nodded "Do you recall the part of your mothers letter when she wrote that I looked into your eyes and saw something?" seeing the young gargoyle nod she continued "What I saw where memories, of a life lived in a world similar to this one, you were a Gargoyle, specifically you were a clone of your father, and your name was Thailog. I removed these memories because to be honest with you, the Thailog of the other world was a terrible person. It wasn't all his fault as the person who created him modelled his mind after his own. But I didn't want the new you to be influenced by the memories of a past life. I gave Thailog a fresh start. So Thailog is your name."

The now named Thailog took several moments to digest this new information seeing him struggling Titania spoke up again "Think on it this way, nothing I have done or told you changes anything, despite the physical changes you have just undergone you are still the same person you were before."

Thailog nodded in understanding before he heard a groan to his left, the now six-foot-tall Gargoyle looked to see his cousin regain consciousness, Dudley sat up and took one look at the now changed harry before he pissed himself in fear and feinted. Thailog chuckled before he looked down as he felt his wings unconsciously drape themselves around his shoulders like a cloak.

Titania laughed to herself as she studied the young gargoyle in front of her, he wasn't as largely built as Goliath, he had a slim build similar to his mother, but he was by no means weak or feminine. he also wasn't quite as all as he father but he might get there, he was still young after all, he still had more growing to do. A quick application of magic and his tattered pants were now form fitting leather pants that stopped just below his knees held up aby a white leather belt.

"Harry?" Thailog turned to see Remus Lupin wake up, he was staring at him recognition "Jeez I haven't seen you like this in fifteen years. How?"


Remus looked further into the loungeroom and saw Titania staring at him and he quickly bowed "Your Majesty, I'm so sorry I didn't see you there." Titania merely waved him of "Can I assume that you turned him back?"

Titania nodded "I did, now Remus I will be taking Thailog away from here to meet his father and the others when they awake. In the meantime, I want you to take him into see the goblins, tell them I sent you, he needs some armour, lightweight but strong, arms legs and chest."

Thailog watched amazed as Remus immediately agreed, he didn't even argue about him leaving, deciding to voice his thoughts Remus' answer surprised him "Don't get me wrong pup, I wish you didn't have to leave but I'm not strong enough or stupid enough to fight the Queen of the Fae. Besides ultimately it is your choice and I know just how stubborn you can be. And how curious you must be about you real parents."

Thailog shook his head "Biological parents, Lily and James are my human parents, they loved me and died for me, I won't just cast them aside Remus."

Remus looked visibly relieved to hear this "I'm relieved to hear that pup. So, Your Majesty, when do you plan to leave?"

"As soon as the goblins have finished his armour. I won't tell you where I will be taking him."

Remus nodded "I wasn't going to ask, my mental shields may be quite formidable thanks to my curse, but they are by no means impregnable. It's better that I not know where he is going. I just hope you aren't disappointed by what you find pup."

Thailog just shrugged and hid his unease at the older man's words "It's not like I'm obligated to stay there, if I don't like what I find I'll leave."

Remus nodded before with a wave of his wand he conjured a large cloak and tossed it to the young gargoyle "Hear, put this on and let's get going, we'll rent a room in the leaky cauldron for the next few days and summon you when we are done."

The young Gargoyle nodded and threw the cloak over his shoulders with his wings still cloaked around his shoulders as well. Titania watched as Remus grabbed the young Gargoyles shoulder and vanished with a soft pop of displaced air.

Thailog grimaced and almost threw up and screamed at the now much higher level of discomfort disapperating caused him but managed to keep his displeasure to just a deep rumbling growl from deep in his chest. Remus chuckled "I haven't heard a growl like that since you were a baby, I remember Lily tried to feed you some vegetables one night, but you were being stubborn and refused to eat them like all children do, you growled at her just like that."

Thailog shook his head to rid himself of the feeling of nausea before turning to Remus "Never again."

Remus just chuckled again and motioned for Thailog to follow him, the young gargoyle looked around and found himself in a deserted alleyway "Why is it so deserted?"

"Since word spread that You-Know-Who has returned people have stop coming here as much."

Thailog nodded, slightly annoyed that Remus refused to simply call him Voldemort but pushed it aside and followed the man into Gringotts. It was early in the evening so there were only two wizards in the bank at this hour, the two quickly approached a teller "Excuse me, we need to speak with Ambassador Ironfang and Account manager Axegrinder."

The teller simply nodded and left after muttering a quick "wait here" the two waited in silence for a few minutes before the goblin teller return and led them into the banks interior. After a minute of walked they were led into a large office with various weapons decorating the wall and a large solid oak desk behind which sat an older goblin who took a look at Remus and Thailog before motioning for them to sit "Good evening Mr Lupin, Mr Potter, Ironfang will be with us shortly. Shall we deal with any banking business before he arrives."

Remus nodded and motioned for Thailog to remove his hood, hesitating for only a moment he did as he was asked was greeted to the sight of a surprised goblin for a moment "Ahh, I see the Lady Titania has returned Mr Potter to his original Gargate form."

Remus nodded "She has, he will be leaving so with her Majesty, I was wondering if Harry, sorry I mean Thailog here was still the Potter heir?"

Axegrinder nodded in confirmation "Indeed he is, he may not be human, but that has never been a regulation of being the heir to a Noble house, Mr Potter here may be adopted but he was blood adopted and since Mrs Potter was unable to bear children herself due to the curse she was struck with, Mr Potter here was named their heir to the Potter family, I must also add that Sirius Black did the same thing, he made Mr Potter his heir before he was sent to Azkaban, with his passing you and now the Lord of both the Potter and Black families."

Thailog looked dazed "Are there anything obligations I need to be aware of?"

Axegrinder nodded "Indeed, as the Lord of a Noble house you are obligated to attend the Wizengamott meetings. However, you may assign a proxy to go in your place."

"Can you suggest someone?"

"You should let Professor Dumbledore handle these things Har-Thailog."

Axegrinder stroked his beard for a moment in thought "I would not recommend Albus Dumbledore for many reasons the main one being that he has been the proxy for the Potter seat since your parent's death and has quite obviously been using the extra vote for his own goals. I would recommend Amelia Bones or the Dowager Longbottom, both women are known for being strong willed women who will not bow down to anyone be they a dark lord or meddlesome old man with too many titles. Shall I contact them and make the offer?"

Thailog just nodded "Sure, send the offer to Madam Bones first, if she rejects for whatever reason then send the offer to Neville's grandmother."

Axegrinder nodded and made several notes before another goblin entered the office, he took one look at Thailog and a look of understanding came across his face "Greetings, what can I do for lady Titania today?"

Remus gave the elderly goblin a bow "Greeting Ambassador, Her Majesty has asked that some Armor be forged for Thailog here, greaves, bracers and a breastplate."

The ambassador nodded and after casting a measurement spell at Thailog he left and with their banking business finished Thailog and Remus left the bank and made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron. They entered their room just before dawn and Remus noticed that Harry was getting nervous and realised that the young Gargoyle must be nervous about entering stone sleep.

Before he could say anything to comfort the young man the first rays of dawn shone through the open window and Thailog gasp as he began to turn to stone, within a few seconds Thailog was now a stone statue sitting in the middle of the room. Deciding to get some sleep himself Remus laid down on the bed and slept.

Several days later they got a letter from the Ambassador telling them that Thailog's armour was ready. So that night they returned to Gringotts and where taken straight to Ambassador Ironfang's office, upon entering they saw a set of shining goblin forged armour on an armour rack.

"Impressive is it not. It is perfectly sized and enchanted to grow as you do."

Thailog looked away from the armour to address the elderly goblin "How is that possible?"

The goblin just grinned "I'm afraid Mr Potter that that is a goblin secret."

Thailog just nodded and began to put the armour on, within a minute he was wearing the greaves and bracers and was buckling up the breastplate when Axegrinder entered the office "Pardon my intrusion, however a situation has sprung up that requires Mr Potter's attention."

Ironfang waved of the younger goblins worries "Not a problem, we are done here anyway, Mr Potter please send my regards to Her Majesty and should you need any work done on your armour please return and ask for me."

Thailog nodded and shook the elderly goblins hand before Axegrinder led him and Remus to his office, once they were seated Axegrinder began to speak "The situation I mentioned concerns Madam Bones, she has accepted your request to be you proxy, and came to speak with me about the offer, in doing so we saved her life."

Thailog raised one of his brow ridges which Axegrinder took to be the Gargoyle equivalent of a raised eyebrow "How so?"

"The day she and her niece Susan Bones came to speak with me the Dark Lord Voldemort attacked their home intending to kill Madam Bones. She was naturally upset and wished to thank you for inadvertently saving their lives. I told her that I would mention that she wished to speak with you in person but might not be willing to meet in person due to personal issues."

Remus nodded "Nicely done, no offense Har-Thailog but you shouldn't be seen like this."

Remus involuntarily took a step back as Thailog let out a deep menacing growl "Your speaking like what I am is unnatural!"

Remus quickly understood how his words had sounded and tried to apologise but Harry had stopped listening to the man "I'll meet with Madam Bones, I'm not ashamed of being a Gargoyle. You said she was trustworthy and if she's going to be my proxy in the Wizengamott she should know why."

"Harry this is a mistake! You should speak with Professor Dumbledore about this!"

Thailog spun about to face his humans parents friends, growling from deep in his chest and his eyes glowing a bright white "No, the mistake was bringing you here, it's become more and more obvious over the past few days, you've been trying to get me to speak with Professor Dumbledore, subtly bringing up that he could help me or that he won't like that I've left my relatives. You're Dumbledore's man through and through, in fact I'm willing to bet that the only reason you haven't told him what is going on is because your scared of what Titania would do to you!"

"That's not true Harry!"

Thailog unfurled his wings so they were spread behind him as he roared in anger "MY NAME IS THAILOG! I've always suspected that you didn't care, otherwise I would have seen you as a child! But nothing, not even a lousy letter telling me that you were a friend of my parents and wanting to see how I was! No, you listened to Dumbledore and ignored me. Treated me like I didn't exist! My parents would be ashamed of you!"

With that said two-armed goblins and a goblin carrying an ornate staff entered the office and dragged a struggling Remus away. Thailog turned to Axegrinder and saw he was unsurprised by the sudden appearance of the armed goblins "Not to worry, he won't be harmed, the Shaman with them will remove any memories that pose a threat to you and your newfound freedom. I have honestly been expecting this, I suspected that Mr Lupin was trying to lead you towards seeking out Dumbledore, he most likely hasn't told the old man, yet, most likely out of fear that her Majesty would have turned him inside out or something else quite nasty."

"Why did Titania trust him, she had to suspect something?"

Axegrinder nodded "Indeed, I believe she was giving him a chance due to his friendship with your human parents, Titania was quite fond of them. Now shall I contact Madam Bones?"

Thailog nodded his head "Sure, due you mind if I stay here in Gringotts for a day or so. I don't think heading back to the Leaky Cauldron is a good idea."

Axegrinder nodded and summoned a young Goblin "Of course, this young one will show you to a guest quarters, and so you are aware sunrise is almost upon us, I shall have Madam bones here when you wake. With your permission I shall bring her to your quarters to witness your waking, it is quite a spectacle I hear."

Thailog nodded he agreement before following the young goblin out.

The next day just before sunset Madam Bones and her niece Amelia where escorted to the guest quarters where Axegrinder was waiting for them "Ah Madam Bones, greetings."

Madam Bones bowed slightly in greeting "Greetings Axegrinder, I thought we where going to be meeting with Mr Potter?"

Axegrinder nodded as he watched the niece Susan approach the stone Gargoyle and examine it "Indeed, but Mr Potter has not yet woken up, but he should awake any minute now."

Amelia looked slightly suspicious but nodded her head before he niece spoke up "This is nice. The detail is amazing and the figure is quite attractive."

Amelia raised an eyebrow as Axegrinder chuckled "I'm sure Mr Potter will be pleased to hear you speak so well of him."

Both women looked confused before the stone gargoyle began to crack, before it exploded with a loud roar that shook the room, Amelia pushed her niece behind her with her wand drawn and aimed at the now very much alive gargoyle "What the hell is going on here?!"

Thailog looked to see them and noticed Susan behind her aunt as he cloaked himself with his wings "Hello Susan."

Susan carefully stepped out from behind her aunt despite her protest and examined the gargoyle in front of her "Harry?"

Thailog nodded his head "Yes, but my true name is Thailog, Harry Potter is my human name."

Susan noticed that he wasn't looking at her but behind her and realised that her aunt hadn't lowered her wand just yet "It's okay auntie."

"Indeed, could you please lower your wand Madam Bones, this is indeed Mr Potter, please, let us speak and we shall explain."

Madam Bones looked to see the goblin was not at all concerned by the living Gargoyle in the room so she carefully lowered her wand but didn't put it away "Okay, explain."

After an hour both Amelia and Susan where stunned before the young Hufflepuff spoke up "Wow, that's amazing. You met The Titania! So, do you know where she will be taking you?"

Thailog shook his head "No, just that where she will be taking me my clan will be."

Susan nodded "Well I hope that everything goes well. But what are you going to do about You-Know-Who? From what I know he's going to be searching for you."

Thailog nodded "Well first thing I'll do is tell your aunt what I know about Voldemort, stuff that I learnt over the years and tell her about the prophecy."

"I don't care for prophecies Mr Potter, if something is meant to happen it will and nothing will change that, but any information you have on the dark lord would be appreciated."

The purple skinned Gargoyle nodded and began to tell her about Tom Riddle, he also named as many death eaters he knew of from the Graveyard and the Department of Mysteries.

"Well thank you for the information Mr Potter, but it is well past midnight. You may now be a creature of the night but I am not."

Thailog nodded in understanding "I understand, thank you for agreeing to be my proxy in the Wizengamott, I hope you can use the extra votes to make things better."

"So, do I Mr Potter, good luck wherever you travels take you."

Thailog nodded and turned to say goodbye to Susan when she hugged him "Be careful out there Harry."

Susan giggled as she felt the growl as it started in his chest "Are you ever going to stop calling me that?"

Susan just shook her head "Not anytime soon."

Thailog just sighed but gave her a smile before the two Bones women left leaving the Gargoyle and Goblin alone.

Two days later Thailog awoke from his stone sleep with a mix between a yawn and a roar. He was startled to see Titania sitting on the bed in the guest quarters waiting for him "Your Majesty."

"Hello Thailog, so where is Remus?"

Thailog just shrugged "Probably kissing Dumbledore's ass."

Titania just sighed "I was concerned this might happen. I gave him a chance for Lily and James' sake, but that man is just unable to see just what kind of man Albus Dumbledore really is."

Thailog looked at her for a moment "What kind of man is he?"

"He isn't an evil man, he truly believes that what he is doing is for the greater good, but he is so focused on the big picture that he ignores the individuals that make up that picture. At this point in time, he is a chess master. Now enough about that insufferable man, are you ready to meet your father?"

"Is he awake yet?"

"Not yet child, a few days to month at the most before they wake."

Thailog just nodded in understanding "So where are we going?"

Titania just smiled and held out her hand for the young Gargate to take, which he did without a moments hesitation. He had to close his eyes as he was momentarily blinded by a green flash of magic. He opened them when he felt a breeze of his face and was shocked at what he saw "Is that the Empire State Building?"

Titania just nodded and made a sweeping motion with her arms "Welcome to New York City!"